RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 25

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 1


Foreword by the Cosmos


The sun, after weakening its afternoon power, was hanging like a red ball over the western line of the city of the Main Abode. The Pharaohs immovable gaze had been fixed on the East for many hours already. It was an inquiring gaze not expecting an answer, a gaze of hope not knowing its master, a gaze into infinity, into Eternity, a gazePrayer. A deep furrow lay down between the eyebrows on his face being quite recently smooth like a polished surface of a stone in the palace.

For three Moons already he had been hearing a Call from the Abode of the High Priest, but for the first time since the moment of his incarnation his Heart was seized by some unknown force not permitting his body to make a single movement in the direction of the Temple of his Familythe Family of the Pharaoh. For three times already the Sun had risen over the city living without its Pharaoh and only Heneya, silent like a Moon itself, a faithful loving Priestess of the Temple of the Fire was giving life to the city.

A flow of people seemed to have been streaming from all over the world towards the palace, seeking for protection against the Earth and the Heavens that became rage. And every morning Heneya would appear at the upper arch of the palace so that all this human sea could see her and the Fire blazing brightly in her hand. This Fire of her Temple was carrying now Peace and tranquility to people. Soft was her touch on Pharaohs shoulder and he heard the voice of her Heart penetrating from within, as if wrapping his whole being

Awake, Sunny! Lift the veil that shrouded your Heart. Everything and everyone is waiting for you and only you, for your omnipotent and effective Power of a Creator. The Priests are ready to implement the Inscription. Rikl is calling you

The scene of unprecedented beauty appeared before his sight at the foot of the Main Temple. The staircase leading to the Temple was shining in the light of the setting Sun with all the seven rays. It was the Priests who covered the stairs with their veils, creating this living miracle from colorful silk veils and their love. As usual, he saw the Light burning at the top of the stairs and felt the same Light in the center of his bodythe key for entry into the Temple. But this time everything seemed to be different. The Light seemed brighter to the Pharaoh, so did the living colorful river, which had taken him into its stream, softly washing his feet and carrying him upwards

On the upper step Riklthe High Priest of the sacred Temple of the Family was meeting him. Bowing down to the Pharaoh He said:

Brother of Mine, if you didnt come with the sunset today, you would be meeting all the Priests and Me on the steps of your palace at sunrise tomorrow.

Calmness and the power of Joy spilled through His words and embracing each other, the Lords walked into the Altar room. In the middle of the room stood a tall chalice carved from golden-green transparent stone in the bosom of which shone a bright violet-white Living Fire of the Family. The Priests were standing around the Altar, forming a circle with a small passage in front of it. All were silent and only the sounds of unknown music were quietly streaming from some place deep in the interior of the Temple, as if accompanying the shining of the Fire. The Lords walked into the center and came up to the chalice and stood on both sides of it. The High Priest raised his hand and placed it on Fire At this moment everything began shining and sparkling in the rays of colorful lights Light started issuing from the Priests. Seven Priests began shining with colors of seven rays, and the restwith their shades of rich white light. The Pharaoh himself began issuing golden-green fire; a violet-white crown lit up on his head, a dazzling white Ray pierced the center of his body. A large luminous animal with long sparkling white hair and two large and strong curved horns in the form of a horseshoe, appeared above the Altar

The first rays of the rising Sun lit up the upper arch of the Pharaohs palace. Next to the arch on a large coat of arms of the Family hewn from the golden stone the Pharaoh was standing.

He was the Lord of a Light Family of peopleCreators, who had been carrying their Creative Work to the Earth for many incarnations, the Lord, having always knowing the Inscription and bearing it in his Heart, but not yet knowing at sunset that he was the one, who would implement this Inscription. And now looking at the city and the people coming here he was calm and stronger even more than before. He raised his arm above his head and a Living Fire began shining in his hand.

For the first time in their lives all people without exception were seeing their Lord, shining with the Fire of the Deity. As if from the Heavens sounded his voice, resounding in the Heart of everyone who had come to the Main Palace, who had reached It alive

Brothers, we are to implement the Inscription. I will lead you by the final Path to Eternity. Let the Fire, which used to give you strength in your Creativity, make you strong enough to go through this path and cross the Gate of Eternity in joy and calmness. I will be the first to go, but Ill leave you my voice. It will give strength to everyone until the very last moment of his life

Everything became silent and the next moment the sound of music was heard above the city. It was the sound of His Voice; it was a Callhis Prayer to Eternity

An endless stream of people having merged with the waters falling continuously from the sky onto the Earth set out to the North towards rising peaks of the mountains. Not a single teardrop fell down from peoples eyes on the already flooded Earth. There was no Lord any more, neither was there Heneya so loved by people, no High Priest with all His Palace nor were there the last bearers of the Knowledge of the Family, but there was still a steady stream of people arriving And there were neither mothers or fathers, nor children among them there were only brothers helping each other to move along washed away mountain slopes. And only the voice of their beloved Lord and Teacher was sounding all over the land and in the Heart of everyone

On the night of a solemn performance in the Temple of the High Priest of the Family the observers saw a little star appear above one of the ravines of the nearest mountains. Through this star as if through a transparent stone a Ray poured towards the Earth and the similar Ray poured from the Earth in the direction of the star. At some point, these two Rays joined forming a corridor of Light and an instant later it was being filled with tiny sparkles until it began to sparkle. When after some time the sparkling stopped, the Ray lessened its luminescence becoming almost transparent and moved into another point of the Earth, brightly lit up for an instance and disappeared.

People kept moving towards one of the low mountain peaks. In the center of it they saw a big crater. The land was dry at the foot of the mountain and it was getting hot, though the Sun wasnt seen. The day and the night stopped existing. The newly arrived saw huge fires where everybody was throwing their clothes and moved further naked. It wasnt already ascension but a sloping movement to the center of the peak. On coming closer to the crater people were seized by a slight shivering from within

Approaching the edge of the precipice everyone heard the same voice accompanying him, but now this voice sounded gently, as if the Lord was singing a lullaby solely to him. A man would stop, raise his head and begin listening. At some point, the voice grew increasingly quieter and thinner and at last died down. In this silence a man was feeling as if some vast, unknown force was being poured into him and he would begin seeing the Light. The Light would grow brighter and brighter and finally it would begin shining right in front of him and he would make a step forward toward this shining

Thus left the face of the Earth one of the last Pure Families of Light of the last Great human civilization on this planet.

It did happen