RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 29

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 2


Chapter One





It happened. The Human Race left the Earth. The Earth gaped open and closed, the Heavens quieted down. The city of the Main Abode, with its Palaces and Temples disappeared in the waters of the sea overflowing over its edge. The souls of the people, not so long ago being called AiinsCreators, merging in the radiance of the Ray which came from the Abodes of Eternity, were carried away into the Cosmic Nothingness.

He remained alone. He was dissolved in what had happened, but still continued to be the High Priest of the Family of Earths people not existing on it already.

From the very beginning, as if beforehand, the latest incarnation of Rikl trained Him to the solitude. People who accepted the baby on Earth, following the Inscription of the Priests, from the very first hour of his life gave the Child into the bosom of his Master Teacher. He was the Teacher, whose last Mission on Earth was to prepare the body of the next bearer of energy of the High Priest of the Family. Until a certain time the Child went through the schooling and training in the triple alliance: He himself, the Teacher and the Cosmos. With the birth of the future Lord of the Family Aiintheir educational paths intersected from time to time. There werent any other contacts with people. After the Initiation the situation didnt change much. The Temple of the High Priest was accessible to very few people. The majority of people, for whom He lived and worked, didnt even know about his existence for the reason that the Knowledge, pure energy of the Cosmos, and their Keeper could stay in Absolute Purity. The Priest went into the city only in the presence of his fellow brotherthe Heart of the Familythe Lord Aiin. He was the only person from the outside world, with whom the Priest spent many hours in the Common Creativity. The Priests of the Family were an integral part of Rikl, as He was a part of them. Their silence and detachment could not disturb his seclusion, for they could only merge with it. Walks in the labyrinth of palace with enormous cats, communication with non-human inhabitants in the vast mountains and night flights over the citywere his favorite interests and workouts for the body. Flying was of particular interest to him. Accompanied by Priests or alone He used to soar long over the city, listening to its song of the night


But now He was alone. It was another kind of solitude, unknown to him. There was no city; neither was there a Temple or people or animals. There wasnt any more his brotherAiin, who gave power to the Family in its Final Path to Eternity by the outburst of his Heart.

There was only muddy waterfrom the slurry of rock debriswashing the remnants of a vanished land

He was standing on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea that appeared. Everywhere around where his eyes could reach there was only water merging with the sky of the same gray color. He was standing there, listening attentively to the sounds not intrinsic to this planet and gazing so intently into these extrinsic colors, as if trying to comprehend the essence of his own present state. And for the first time of his sojourn on Earth, the familiar emptiness and silence inside told him that Hewas a Human Being. He felt the warmth of his breath, the beat of his Heart. It was now pulsating in every cell of his body, pushing the pulsating stream of blood into every minute blood vessel. Hewas a Human Being. Only now did He realize that He, Rikl, had been inscribed by the Creator to go together with the planet through some indescribable transformation.

What is in store for the Planet Death? Is it dissolution in the whirlwind of the Universe? Or is it a New Birth, its new mysterious essence? It is Unknownthese were the only words coming from everywhere and enveloping His whole being.

He felt that the first signs of certain energy began emerging in his Heart. He was well aware of that energy. It was the energy of the Outburst, allowing dissolution of the Heart and release of the Awareness into Eternity forever. Now He was contemplating his body, as if it was the last piece of land, before setting out on an unknown Journey in the boundless Ocean of Heavens. He could not miss a single fleeting moment of this experience. Many times He paid last tribute to the Souls of the Priests leaving the Earth. Quite recently Rikl accompanied his Family in this last Journey. And now, having remained a faithful servant of a solemn Truththe Experience, He was living through every moment, knowing the preceding and anticipating the emerging ones. He remained the High Priest on Earth, absorbing the experience of burning in the Fire of Eternity himself and his civilization.

The body was seized by cold and wind that appeared from nowhere. Waves of shivering rolled through his whole body, whose life was about to leave the earthly form. Rikl discovered that He was now lying on the stone, merging with the weight and density of its structure. It was as if the stone was gradually taking possession of his body, making it its integral part. The cold ceased to exist, and all bodily sensations merged into one feeling of presence. It seemed that the body acquired the calmness of the stone. Breathing which lost its cyclicity became one continuous, barely noticeable motion. There was now no interval between inhalation and exhalation. Rikl once learned this art. Now, any other way of breathing simply did not exist for him. The body continued to live now according to the laws of energy, rather than its form.

For the first time, Rikl became the absolute Witness of the transition point from matter to energy. It seemed that He was not involved in this mystery, but just observed it from the side, out of his awareness. He saw his body sprawled on the stone. He saw the veil of the bodyits Aura, melting and thickening outside his body. He saw the thread of life connecting the center of his body with a cloud of luminous energy of the Aura. He was this cloud and this body.

The connecting thread was getting thinner and thinner The next moment it would detach from the body, and Rikl would part with it forever But it was precisely this moment that became for Rikl the unknown beginning of a New Path, New Existence in Eternity

The Light. Powerful and very soft. His eyes were open, however his body was still preserving its heaviness and immobility. Overall it was a new and unfamiliar state. The physical body with all its feebleness experienced bliss and absolute comfort. Rikl sensed some presence. He immediately noticed that it had strange vibrations. And as soon as He noticed this He felt the movement of this energy by his center. So the communication between Rikls awareness and this strange energy presence began. It was a monologue and it required only one thing from Rikl: the awareness of what He heard. The energy flowing into his center was so light and subtle that for himthe Priest of the Earthit was a real pleasure to communicate with this energy.

From this monologue Rikl learned what had happened to him and to the planet after the last moment of his life in the forms of the Earth had exhausted itself. And so much of what had already happened and what had yet to happen.

The bearers of Knowledge, who could freely and easily Create forms of any energy of the Aura of the Earth and so many other forms of energy of the Outer Limits of the Cosmos, left the Earth.

There was a transformation, a change of civilizations on Earth. However, this change was not in the direction of progression from lower to higher form of life but vice versa. The Virus of energy, with tremendous destructive force, penetrated the planets Aura and peoples consciousness. People became its creators. The epidemic grew and multiplied rapidly in the hearts of men. People began dividing the World and everything they created on it among themselves. The Lords of the Earth Families proved unable to resist the virus of destruction and preserve the purity and innocence of the people. The Knowledge gained by civilization, and the energy channels that carried this Knowledge of the Cosmic Creativity to people, became dangerous for the planet and its inhabitants. For, having mingled with the energy of destruction, this force could, in a few decades or less, transform this planet into a pile of stones, dust, and nothingness. And for the laboratory to create and carry out this monstrous reaction there were no better conditions than the Heart and consciousness of man.

The Family of Aiins became a kind of sponge that absorbed the energy of the constructive Creativity of the Earth. Aiins concentrated all the Wisdom of their civilization in their Hearts, and the Priests of the Family were committed to the Mission of Absolute Keepers of the Energy Channels of the Wisdom of Heaven. By the time of Planetary Storms that swept the Earth, the Family of Aiins and the Priests of some other Families virtually drained their civilization and carried along with their lives the Knowledge of the True, Pure Creativity of the energies of the Cosmos and the forms of the Planet. At the cost of their lives, the Earth and the life on it continued the flight in the Universe. But this was only a part of their Mission. The Inscription reads that somewhere at some point in the Cosmic Space, the energy that had once been carried away from the Earth was predestined to return to this planet again. The High Priest of the Family of Aiinsthe Family that had just left its planet consciouslycould become one of the Creators of this Inscription, thus accomplishing the first part of the Inscription.