RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 34

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 3


Chapter Two


A New Mission


Rikl always knew the first part of the Mission. He devoted his entire life to Creativity of the Fire. This was the Family, which He led, many Seeds of Knowledge stored in the Hearts of peopleCreators, and the Priests who did not belong to the Fire of Aiins, but joined the Fire during the last three generations, for it was then, three generations ago, along the incarnation line of the High Priest, that the Inscription of the Mission was revealed. Rikl knew, that He, and anyone who would carry at least one spark of the Knowledge of Creativity of Light, was to leave his home, his planet. Only the Creator knew what was going to happen to them in the Cosmos. The path of the Family and those who were with Him on Earth, ended here, at this ancient stone, which was once the edge of the volcano crater.

Rikl accompanied everyone, to the last man, and now He was himself ready to go, having fulfilled in purity the Inscription to the end.

What happened? What was it, or who was the One who came at the last moment to change everything? Why is there still no hint of what happened to those whom He led to the Gates of Oblivion? They made this step, but He was stopped. These were not questions and answers, but the silent gaze turned to the Creator. It is precisely to the Creator, because this Light that swaddled him, could not be perceived any other way.

As if hearing his prayer, or simply sensing the momentum of the energy sent to Him, the One whom Rikl called the Creator answered him, not holding His energy even for a moment, and Rikl became aware of the blissful movement at his center again. This was not the answer, but rather a suggestion, requiring him to make a Choice. Two Paths were revealed to Rikl. They were equal, and yet He had to make a Choice.

One of the Paths indicated that He could follow his fellow kinsmen and continue Implementing the Inscription at the point of the Cosmic Space, where the energy of awareness of his fellow brothers went. This point was not nothingness, but only a change of the forms of existence in the Cosmos. Now saying yes to this Path, he would say yes to the vision and knowledge of the flow of the links and channels of his energys movement in the Cosmos and would be able to move along them immediately.

The second path was absolutely different from the first. It was equally difficult by the degree of the unknown, since the Creativity of the Cosmos had no boundaries. But its main difference was in a change of Rikls Mission. A new energy of the Beyond the Cosmos not inherent in the awareness of maneven if this person was the High Priest, that is, the highest manifestation of human awarenesswas flowing into the energy channel of this Creativity. This action was changing everything, including Rikls Mission in the Cosmos.

Rikl already knew a lot and was very familiar with the energies of the Beyond the Limits of the Cosmos, that is, the Space located outside Earths Aura. In the course of the interaction with many extraterrestrial creatures visiting the Earth, Rikl received knowledge that was unique to the Planet. The alien creatures, in turn, carried with them the Wisdom and the Fragrance of the planet Earth. Rikl knew that the Laws and the channel of movement of this Planetary Exchange lay in a particular Creators Abode. But He did not know in which one. What was this Abode like and what was happening therethis Creativity was unknown to Rikl. The Mission of Rikl was changing not in the direction of earthly awareness, but somewhere far beyond the limit of the Earth.

Both paths were revealed to Rikl simultaneously by one impulse of the energy called by him the energy of the Creator. At some point, thousands of threads of his fellow kinsmens energies swept through his awareness. And the next moment something happened From his Heart like a thunder from the Sky there burst out yes. It was yes to an unknown distant Path, changing his Mission in the direction opposite to the Earth Awareness. Along with this powerful impulse, having burst out from his Heart, a thread of energy, binding the awareness to heart, to the body, separated from the body and became the part of the awareness, being separated now from the Heart. From the physical body, from its center, a barely noticeable pink spotbundle of energy came out. It began to expand until it became transparent, and the next moment it dissolved in Space. It was the energy of the Threefold Flame, burning within mans Heart, until recently known as Rikl.

As for his awareness, nothing changed. Rikl remained Rikl. The only distinguishing feature that occurred after the separation from the Heart, was lightness or rather, lack of what might be light or heavy. His awareness, as if wrapped in the same luminosity, was leaving the space of this planet and was rushing into the depths of the Universe, moving from center to center of some vortices and energy formations. The centers of these eddies created a seemingly never-ending tunnel in which his awareness was rushing. Rikl accepted Cosmos in all its glory, in all its Infinite greatness as Cosmos took him into its embrace, being absolute in his nakedness, purity and vulnerability. Thus Rikl Plunged into Eternity.

Light ceased being only Light. Now the Space began to take shape. Rikl could now distinguish around him a circular wall of a dense transparent vessel in which He was placed. There was an extraordinary ease and simplicity in his entire being. He felt that he was a rich glow of energy, wrapped in a light weightless blanket. The further He got acquainted with himself, the more clearly he realized who He was. This Creature had a definite structure. In the core of the body there were intense energy channels. They were arranged in approximately the same way as the bones in the human body. But there were far fewer of them, and they were totally flexible and mobile. These channels were not more than ten-fifteen millimeters in diameter. Their arrangement in the body was approximately similar to the arrangement of bones in the human skeleton. There was one common channel and there were two branches in the upper part (conditionallythe hands) and two branches in the lower part (the legs). The core of the same rich deep violet-white energy was situated at the place where the human head would be. The core was about one hundred millimeters in diameter and it was stretched out a bit from the bottom to the top. The core differed from the other channels in its content. It was woven from thousands of fibers in the form of white delicate filaments, which were all the time as if in an orderly movement. This movement changed its direction depending on the forms of Space perception. And this whole structure was as if wrapped in a very thin cloudthe veil of Light which He had seen on Earth at the moment of his transition. An unusual feature of the body structure attracted his attention. What appeared to be his hands and legs had the ability to be pulled into the central pillar of energy, and the body would become a glowing ball with a central vertical core of dense energy inside. The center channel also had the opportunity to flow into the core of the same energy, located in its upper part. Thus, the body would become a ball of energy with a richer core inside. This ball had a chance to change both the shape and size. It could become a size of no more than a medallion or could acquire a size of a small planet such as the Earth.

Rikl simply knew everything about this, as this energy creature was his own body. It could hardly be called a formexcept for energy, light and mobile, there was nothing in the body, and yet it was a form, created by the Cosmos, having its own purpose.

The sphere, in which Rikl remained in his new state, started to dissolve, until it disappeared completely. The light became more intense and seemingly more stable. Rikl saw now that He was in a small room with glowing walls and ceiling. The soft light that Rikl saw at the first moment was issuing precisely from the walls and ceiling. In the middle of the room there was an elongated oval pedestal with a sphere on it. The sphere had already dissolved by the time, when Rikl stood up, or rather, took a vertical position, which was more familiar to him. In the wall located directly in front of him, He saw something similar to an arched door. As soon as Rikl noticed it, the door silently merged into the wall, and two figures appeared in the resulting opening. They were like himself, and faintly reminiscent of the human body, but were only slightly above the usual height of a man. The outlines of their bodies were more rounded and smoothed and enclosed in a saturated glow, changing its shape, size and color. Speechthe exchange of information through words familiar to Riklwas absent. But, nevertheless, the communion took place. It was a pure energy exchange, which was now the essence of communication with those like Rikl himself. The only thing He noted in this first ever experience was how easily and accurately it was possible to express what was to be expressed to the other party. He saw how the true energy communication was carried out through the exchange of subtle impulses emanating from the Auras of his companions.

Welcoming Rikl, they offered to accompany him to the Abode of the Lord, where Rikl was being anticipated, since He was ready to face the Unknown. Passing something like a spherical corridor, Rikl and his escort approached the high-arched door glowing with a bright white light. The glow acquired a violet-green tint, and the door silently moved aside. Rikl found himself in a room with a high, doomed ceiling. The Lord of the Cosmic Space, where Rikl now was, met him in the middle of the room. Welcome momentum issuing from the Lord, enveloped Rikl with warmth, joy and absolute trust.

The room was connected with arches to several other chambers, into one of which Rikl followed after the hospitable host.

The room was slightly smaller than the ones that Rikl already visited. Most of the room was occupied by an oval-shaped flat screen, in front of which there stood two objects resembling the armchairs with high backs. The Lord took his place on the left and Rikl on the right. The chairs were very comfortable and equipped with a ball-shaped control panel, coming out from the right armrest. The Lord put his hand on the panel, and the screen lit up with white and blue glow.

We are now starting our Journey, Rikl. We will journey into the depths of the Cosmos, far beyond the Aura of the planet Earth.

Where are we now, Lord, and how long will our Journey last?

Our Journey is as long as Eternity, and You are setting out on this Journey in the spaceship laboratory of the Galactic Axis of Awareness. Your new home is called Otilla. This is a spaceship laboratory, the essence of which is to provide the energy exchange of different formations of the Cosmos. This Creativity is boundless. The birth of new forms is constantly taking place somewhere in the Universe. Somewhere the formations enter a new roundthe next higher and subtler level of their Existence in Space, while somewhere else the creativity of the forms is in distress and is on the verge of destruction. Rushing to the newborns, we carry them the Seeds of Awareness and Wisdom of the Cosmos. Exposure to a higher level of existence of Awareness and to more subtle forms fills the Heart of Otilla with new energy, so that it can pour its Creativity at the point in the Cosmos where the life of the forms is threatened with destruction and oblivion. And if the destruction of forms, with at least one spark of Awareness is inevitable, we accept that spark, so that it could again find its Heart in the Universe, and we help it achieve its aim. Rikl, your Mission is new to you, and it will take place here on Otilla, in Union with it. You Path lies in a rigorous Creative Labor and learning. You will receive a unique experience in the Life of Cosmic Creativity and enrich it with Earths experience.

Lord, what will happen to Earth? And at what point in the Space of the Cosmos are my brother Aiins?

Everything that was predestined to happen to the Earth has already happened. This time the planet managed to escape the deadly vortex, while keeping its integrity. But the vitality, the energy of its Awareness, is almost exhausted by what has happened. Now the Earth is able to move and breathe owing to the energy being given by a powerful point in Space, which is the nearest and most similar to the Earth in the quality of energies. You will get an opportunity to have a very close acquaintance and Unified Creativity with this point in space. So far, this is all we can give to your request for Earth, for its further Path will be one of the facets of Knowledge and experience that you will gain.

On a Family of Aiins, which was inscribed to leave its planet, keeping its Awareness in purity and integrity, we can say only one thing. The High Priest of the Family of AiinsCreators will be revealed to the planet Earth then and only then, when one of the Aiins, being incarnated in the form of this planetin the human form, calls Rikla Human Beingthe High Priest and his Teacher. Thus the Beginning will be established and the Inscription will be fulfilled