RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 41

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 4


Chapter Three


Watcher of the Light


The glow on the screen was gradually changing its color and from white and blue it was becoming rich violet. Rikl felt in the middle part of his new body some changes. This was a barely noticeable movement caused by something outside.

We started moving in the Cosmic Space, and You felt it for yourself. Otilla moves due to the directional Ray of Awareness located within the limits of its energy, and due to the energy of its own Awareness. Otilla is a Spaceship that consists entirely of energy, and its boundary can be called an Aura.

We are moving toward one of the points in the limit of the Aura of the Sun. This point, or rather, formation will be named ProserpineCommonwealth of fluid forms.

What do you mean by will be named?

Cosmos is unconditional, Rikl. It is beyond the concepts of times and boundaries. You question pertains to the energy of the Abode of your Mission, and since this energy has already manifested itself, I dare not delay it any further. You are swift in your strive for knowledge, and your swiftness became the talk of Fierce Rikl on Otilla. Our meeting will now be short, for after the Initiation into the Mission, your swiftness will lead You into a Journey. But the energy has already manifested itself.

Somewhere, in one of the points of the Cosmic Space, on Earth, a man will describe what is happening now and will happen to Rikl, and the energies associated with him. The names, forms and energies of these events will correspond to the point where lies a form of energy, being seen by this person. This is the answer to your question. And it is precisely this question that invited the Mission of Rikl. Be very attentive and try not to miss a single impulse, for this is a Path.

Having absorbed the necessary experience of the Cosmic Worlds, absorbing Love and the Power of the Unified Creative Fire into the Awareness, the Watcher for Assembly of Light will be revealed to the Earth. Having gone through the Path of earthly incarnations, He will become the Unified Fire and will Create a new Path by the Light of the Teacher on Earth.

There is also another direction, not toward the Earth, but into another point and sphere of Life in the Cosmos. But before You inform me of your Choice, knowing your intentions, I, the Lord of Otilla, will show You the landmarks of the Earths Path.

Before heading to Earth, You will be incarnated on Proserpine. Proserpine is a formation of fluid forms, consisting of three absolutely equivalent planets. Each planet has its own Aura and a Common Aura. This is a magnificent Formation of Unification in a Single Whole. Proserpine contains in its Aura twenty-one coexisting Worlds, and all of them are connected by their forms and interconnected by the strands of consciousness of their inhabitants. Exchange of experience and information allows Proserpine to delve into the Cosmic Creativity far beyond the limits of its own Galaxy. It is the highest level of existence of forms and the rapid process of energy exchange and Creativity.

At this point of Cosmic Space You will accept the Creativity of the Watcher of the Light.

What does the Watcher of the Light mean in the Cosmos?

It is a Ray of the energy of the Unified Fire. This Ray is not the Fire itself, but nevertheless, it is the energy of the Fire and this is why. Having penetrated the Awareness, this Ray burns it. Awareness becomes Empty. This is a Great Emptiness in the Cosmos. The Emptiness of Awareness gives rise to a Watcher of the Light. Only Light can create a True Watcher, since only the Unified Fire is capable of creating Emptiness in Awareness, without violating its Integrity.

What is the Mission of the Watcher of the Light in the forms of the Cosmos?

In the Course of the Watchers Mission the transformation of the walls of the sphere of Awareness occurs, and at some point the walls disappear, they simply dissolve. But before it is dissolved, the sheath of Empty Awareness becomes a thin thread of Fire. At this point of the Path, the Watcher becomes not only the Bearer of Knowledge and Light, but He also becomes an Effective Unit of the Cosmos, the Momentum of the Fiery World in its Creativity of forms. At each point of formation of the Cosmic Space where the Watcher is revealed, his Mission, that is, his Creative Path, proceeds differently. Somewhere it will be a rapid flash. Elsewhere the Path will lie through several incarnations. It all depends on the degree of information, i.e. the energy passing through the Watcher.

Your Path of the Watcher of the Light will pass through two points of formationsthe planets Proserpine and Earth. Your earthly Journey is over. You came out of the channel of the earths energy flow. You will be born on Proserpine and from there again, but for the First time You will go to the Earth. The main Creativity of the Watcher of the Light You will reveal to the Cosmos, being in the forms of the inhabitants of Proserpine. There You will be reincarnated in the Priests Core of the Planet and for three turns You will walk your Path through the Knowledge and Experience of the Priests of Proserpine. Then You will be presented with a choice again: it is either stay in the levels of high and super-refined subtle energies, and hence reveal the Pure Fire of the Cosmos by dissolving the sheath of Awareness, or go to the Earth in order to absorb the Experience of the Virus that struck it, and through this Experience manifest the Teacher to the Earth, bringing it the Fiery Path.

Now, after revealing the Inscription, I, the Lord of the spaceship laboratory of the Galactic Axis of Awareness, by the Will given to me by the Light of the Unified Fire, am ready to accept your Choice of the Course of your Mission.

And further It is Unknown