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RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

Volume One, page 45

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 5


Chapter Four


A Digression


 According to the plan of the Creator a number of priestly incarnations of Rikl on Proserpine and one on Earth have been omitted in the description of his life Path. Their logical conclusion was the adoption of the energy of the High Priest of planetary commonwealth of Proserpine and the transition to a new level of the Watcher of the Light in the earthly incarnation, which lasted nearly a century. This fragmentary presence on Earth is highlighted in his biography by a single episode as the beginning of his preparation for the subsequent incarnation on this planet, which is going to be the last one. Eight thousand year long interval between this incarnation and the departure of a Family of Aiins had an adverse effect on the planet’s development. Having attested this fact, like many other things within the scope of his activities, after disincarnation Rikl accepted the Mission of the Watcher of the Light, which meant that the energy of his work extended to the farthest corners of the Cosmos. The chain of incarnations was interrupted for thousands of years; Otilla became his home where Rikl kept coming back after a long absence usually alone, or in Communion with other entities—Watchers, if it was required by the task. The Intergalactic Laboratory, where many discarnate entities that reached the highest level worked, was transferred from one planetary commonwealth to another by psychic energy. Rikl liked to work more in the Beyond the Cosmos, where He sought more and more frequently, since the Unknown always attracted him. In one of these “trips,” which lasted for centuries in the chronology of the Earth, Rikl was fulfilling the Will of the Light together with the entity that was incarnated in the forms of the Earth under the name of Alexander of Macedon. Further, they parted ways, until that which was supposed to happen happened. In 1996, already being incarnated on the planet Earth, while fulfilling the Inscription, Rikl visited together with his disciples the Shambhala of the Moon, where they all received their personal Initiations in the Light of their Missions. When the work was well done, only then the Lord of the Moon Shambhala Chriss—Alexander of Macedon and Rikl, having recognized each other long ago, recalled that even the energy sheath (body) could express feelings through color changes and Aura fluctuations. For the collaborators of Shambhala and the disciples of Rikl that meeting left an indelible mark in their joint Creativity. Since then this place in the Cosmos became a permanent Academy where Aiins get their knowledge. Rikl showed this special episode of the Aiin Family’s life, since the people of Earth have long known that there is life on the Moon, but the form of this life is unknown to them.

 And here is something more to this issue. Do not look for specific manifestations of this life on the lunar surface, since it is all hidden in the bowels of the planet at great depths. It is virtually impossible to get there even for an experienced astralist. Everything in the Universe has a strict structure, and curiosity as one of the manifestations of the ego simply gets burned up, so watch out for your health.

 And here are four “incidentally”: 

 1. The Moon is one of the fundamental factors of the formation of the population of planet Earth, in the most literal sense. Disembodied Earthmen (or rather a part of them) are being trained in its countless laboratories. Your well-being, people, depends largely on the amount and degree of acquired knowledge, since we are talking about you.

 2. Energy Thais(s), called Thais of Athens, well known in the Earth’s history of embodiments, is working in the Abode of the Lord of the Moon Shambhala, Chriss, as his closest collaborator. Thousands of years have passed, but it had no effect on her style and grace, she is beautiful as ever. 

 3. Having taken the form of dense ether, Chriss incessantly accompanied and partly directed the activities of the American astronauts from the very moment of their lunar landing until their departure. At some moments the astronauts could see him, or at least they could strongly sense his presence. Part of the sacred knowledge of Earth’s Places of Power was transmitted to one of them as to a pure and impervious Seed. He must have felt more than anyone else the energy influence on his physical bearer. 

 4. There is a person in the St. Petersburg region that moves along the path of spiritual evolution. He has an invitation to visit the Moon Shambhala, though he is not aware of it yet. Rikl will guide him in this invitation. Do you hear me, Swami Bodhi Talib? It is all quite simple. You will arrive into the limit of the Aura of the Moon and declare yourself, where the Entity will meet you, and then… Perhaps someday you can tell yourself if your mission requires it. Good luck. You are being awaited. Our meeting in the Cosmos has not yet been arranged, and therefore I transmit the Inscription in such a way.


 The energy of this episode on the infinite canvas of our Creativity came to its logical conclusion, therefore, we appeal to You. 

 People of the Earth! Protect the Moon, its integrity. It is the second harbor in the course of your incarnations required by your karma. Forget about the bases with nuclear weapons on its surface, the placement of radioactive wastes, deep invasion (drilling) into its interior. The Moon will not forgive you. It possesses a huge potential of energy that can influence the brain apparatus of many forms in the Cosmos, including man. A number of planets in the solar system have the same ability. It is caused by the course of their development and…

 People! Love the Earth and love the Moon. Love and protect your human form.

 So, it is the Unknown.

 Many times, Rikl’s Missions were changed, and if He had the right to Choose…

 It was Unknown, Unknown, and Unknown.

 It was attracting him and pulling forward to where there was nothing but blackness. Where there wasn’t even any starlight but in the vast whirlpool of the Cosmos its own life was in full swing. It was calling and drawing in like an alien energy being pulled into a black hole and then spat out somewhere in a completely different point in space as the warped mass, unsuitable or of little use for original entity. Rikl’s dream became reality suddenly and not where He expected. He broke the chain of incarnations and passed severe tests as a disembodied collaborator of Heaven in its various Abodes. However, his Mission had once again been changed. 

 The Fire of the Unified Cosmos engulfed his past, burned without a trace all the acquired experience. He started all over again from scratch. Rikl was a discarnate Warrior of the Light in the Fiery Abodes. Then He began his training—learning and acting in the energies of the virus—the forms of reverse polarity, of which, besides Lucifer and his demonic hordes, there are a great many in the Cosmos.

 Many of his dreams were coming true. Working in collaboration with unknown planetary communities, and gaining of a new experience in the energies of the Warrior of the Subtle World. Century after century He was burning in the Fire of the Unified Cosmos, not even assuming where his future Path would take him.

 The Black Hole. Being incarnated in the form of planet Earth and already working there for three years, that is, in 1997, Rikl was invited to become initiated in such a one—which was to acquire knowledge and become its Creator and carrier, however, there was one small caveat: there was a real danger that He would not be able to get out of the black hole. The Fiery Abodes could not give Rikl any recommendations, since this action was to be carried out for the first time in the Cosmos, and they were only intermediaries. After appropriate preparation, the act of Initiation was witnessed in the Book of Chronicles of the Heavenly Abodes of Knowledge. In one of the subsequent volumes, we will talk about this Initiation, as well as about our many other works being performed in the Cosmos and on the other planets in Communion with the forms of energy that inhabit them.

 But it happened much later and at the point is space, where Rikl was not expecting to return. It is not in vain that people say: “Everything is God’s Will.” So it happened again. The final stage of preparation was taking place, and it was already known that it would not be the usual embodiment through the womb of a mother, but the replacement of awareness in the bearer who was being specially prepared for this act. The only thing that Rikl didn’t know was the actual formation. The technique of combining the subtle bodies with the physical body of the bearer had been studied thoroughly, and all possible mismatches were examined. There could be no mistake; the bearer met all the parameters of energy. On the eve of moving into the limits of the Earth’s Aura Rikl learned of his new Mission and the place where He was to be incarnated in the form of the planet, after going through a brief training, that is, becoming acquainted with his future bearer. This stage was determined to be a period of one Earth year. They began their journey together in close contact in early 1994, when Rikl on the subtle plane and the bearer on a physical were improving in their mutual Creativity the awareness, which was to leave the body and ascend to the next stage of life in the Cosmos. There are those who would say that this is violence against the person, where is the goodwill, and such kind of things that would come to their mind. So without further delay, let us answer these questions for you. There was no violence. The life situation of the bearer was coming to its logical conclusion in 1995. That was seen very clearly and there could be no mistake about it. The only task of Heaven was to keep the body from the gross physical intervention in its physiology, that is, preservation of vital organs. The entire 1994 and early 1995 passed quickly in a joint labor, the person perceived the world of energy very well. His opened vision enabled him to begin his acquaintance with the Cosmos in direct contact. In this process, the man and his entourage surprised more than the Heavens and the received knowledge. That which was being revealed in humans, was new, surprising and unknown, although forty-eight past years were giving enough reason to believe that everything had already been learned. What else could it be? That which was given by the Heavens, felt unexpectedly close and familiar. There came the moment, the combination of points in space, and the energy of outburst. And no matter how long we delayed the appearance of Rikl on Earth, it was inevitably bound to happen. 



 Chapter Five


The Incarnation


 The gray asphalt ribbon of this section of the road was making a smooth turn; the corner of the forest plantation overgrown with shrubs was giving a false impression that the road was safe, since immediately after the first few meters of Poplars the road curved steeply to the right. The riders were swiftly rushing down the hill on their broken and unbroken mustangs of both domestic and foreign production. As they entered this section of the road many of them were thrown into the ditch or the wetland, ready to take the restive “pacers” into its soft bed. The speedometer was close to the mark of 160 kilometers per hour, when the burgundy “nine”, which a little earlier overtook the black Volga, entered the winding section of the road. The driver—a tall young athletic guy—and two of his passengers didn’t even show a trace of anxiety when the tires began to emit a screeching sound as the car entered the bend. There was no doubt that the driver had adequate experience, by the nature of his profession he was faced with even more difficult driving situations than this, and both the car and the tires were appropriate for winding-road driving. One of the passengers, a man of about forty-five to fifty years of age, was sitting in the back seat on the right side; he and his two companions were dressed lightly for the weather. A briefcase made with thick, durable Italian leather was lying beside him, on the left side. It kept many secrets of the most remote convolutions of his master’s mind.

 Having read carefully the previous chapter, you already understood that this was the man whom we came to call the “bearer” for some time.

 It was too late to drop the speed when the car started to deviate from its course in a big curve and entered the oncoming lane, and for the experienced driver there was nothing else left to do than to swing the car more sharply than was necessary to the right. Evidently he instinctively pushed the brake while making this maneuver, and the review of the situation showed that he should never have done that. Here it would be appropriate to recall those moments and incidents from the lives of people when they say: “The devil beguiled me” or “the devil seduced me.” 

 What happened next was beyond man’s control for one simple reason—he was not alive. It would be understood by all if we said so. He didn’t have time to feel anything, not to mention the fact that he could control his body in full consciousness, as did his companions who were sitting in the front seats. But on the other hand, he gained an important advantage: the “bearer” saw it all happening from above and slightly from the side. He was not surprised either by the fact that the car was somersaulting or by the complete absence of fear. The car with three passengers was rolling over for the second time on the wrong side of the highway, when several vehicles appeared at once in some distance. The cars began to slow down and the passengers witnessed the third and the fourth somersaults. The restive “pacer” was never thrown off the ribbon of the road into a soft bed of the swamp. As in slow motion, the driver and front passenger were thrown out of the car onto the asphalt, still warm from the late afternoon sun. They both rose to their feet and looked at each other in disbelief. They were alive and somehow confused by this fact, which gave them no rest. The crowd began to gather. From now on, we should call things by their proper names, since it is the most accessible form of perception for all, living and dead. The cluster of energy (the soul) moved closer to the car. What he saw surprised him more than anything else going on. He saw himself, or rather a part of himself, as the rest was still hidden under a pile of warped metal of the driver’s seat, the left door, and the rear of the car, of which almost nothing was left. His legs and the body up to the waist lay twisted somehow sideways on the back seat, and the chest and head were pressed to the floor of the car by the driver’s seat. For some unknown reason, the patch of asphalt could be seen next to his head. “It’s a corpse”—a calm voice rang out somewhere near, the second voice caught up to it, as if clarifying: “There is a corpse here.” The cluster of energy saw how fear gripped his companions; it was easy for him to read their minds—a kaleidoscope, a farrago of thoughts—they were worse than the warped car. But at this point the third force, as people say, an otherworldly force, which was not visible to anyone, interfered with what was happening. The scene was beyond the scope of anyone’s understanding.

 There was a rustle heard from above, being barely audible at first and coming with some sort of slight whistle, and then the two milky white Entities with bulky suitcases flew by. Another moment, and they were already fussing around the body; they had tools very similar to the surgical instruments in their rapidly flashing hands. Although the way these instruments were used would overshadow scalpels, clamps, forceps that did not fit into the usual framework. People would call this a craniotomy. Yes, it’s true. However, what about the fusion of the spine in the cervical and thoracic regions? But that’s not even all. Cobweb of cracks on the right scapula disappeared right before his eyes, and the four ribs near the heart were fused to take their usual place. The thing that impressed the more was not how the Entities worked but something else. There were no visible traces of the performed surgeries, except for bruises and blurred huge blue spots on the body. The Entities were still busy, when the cluster of energy felt that he was being attracted—like by a magnet—by a pillar of light, so bright that it was painful to look at. It slowly drew him, or rather, called into the inexplicable distance, into the vast expanse of the Universe. The last thing he saw while moving away from the Earth was a ball of fire flying rapidly toward him, a sheaf of sparkling energy, which…

 Further, there was no opportunity to observe what was happening, the light enveloped him from all sides, and only somewhere far ahead there could be seen the window to the boundless Cosmos. We would wish bon voyage to the awareness of the bearer that departed for reincarnation, as for us, we should try to find out what was going on logically. After suspending itself over the dead body, the fireball slowly began to change its structure and configuration. This lasted until the form of the created cocoon and the form of the body acquired the same shape. A slight crackle began to emerge.