RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 54

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 6


Chapter Six


22 May 1995


The Adaptation


The first sensation of the abandoned body was a slight tingling that felt like thousands of needles pricking the fingertips of the left hand, loosely lying on the still lifeless form. A series of small cramps coming in waves was accompanied by a faint crackling around the head. It seemed that right there in the hair was a source of energy, transmitting impulses one after another. Peoples voices and distant, peculiar hum of the city were not only heard in the background, but also were coming as if from the underworld. Dawning awareness noted the absence of pain, it was strange but there was really no pain. Feelings of discomfort appeared in the body due to the unnatural lying position, the sense of smell began to return, and the sound of birds singing could be heard directly overhead. A wave of uneasiness ran through the entire body, and responded somewhere far away, as if beyond being. You, our readers, clever and quick-witted people already realized that everything happened vise versa. Alarm signals being sent from beyond being were spreading over the entire body and transforming into energy of actionits time to go. Having regained the ability to see, the eyes were looking for the exit and there was only one way outfeet first in the supine position. If you would recall the famous rituals created by you, then you would have the impression that everything happened to me the other way around. This still continues to this day. People gain life after death or, in other words, they depart for reincarnation feet first, and when they come back again, they come head first. Is it clear now?

Someone was helping, though there was no physical human presence in the radius of three meters around the car. It was quite a strange situation, whichuntil nowis not peculiar to me. I saw people and the accumulation of cars, but at the same time I could not see all these because my head was still under the drivers seat

For the convenience of our communication, we should introduce a new word in the textsuch as I and its derivatives. You indeed already know this, so there should be no reason to hide the fact that he is not he, and I know that I am not I. The question then arises. Who am I? Its a sheer play of words for Odessa humorists and Hollywood directors. I would have to answer this question; otherwise the first and subsequent volumes of Rikls book The Fire of the Unified Cosmos would not happen without the answer.

So, the body was already moving toward the exit, first legs, next torso and finally the head. I could see people with my peripheral vision; it would be virtually impossible to convey their reaction. As the saying goes, as if struck down by a thunderbolt from heaven. They were in complete shock. They knew for sure there was indeed a dead body in the car. Anyway, after all, whoever wanted to be sure, he could touch me, but not now, maybe later, for the time being, I had to go in the opposite direction of them. My feet carried the body along the roadside; I had just enough strength to walk about thirty meters, which was quite good already. There was a terrible squeaking coming from the body, but where did it come from? It seemed that everyone heard it. I sat on my haunches by the roadside. Again there was a feeling of presence near me, but there was no time to investigate. I needed some information, but what kind? And what for? What a nonsense. Suddenly there came to me the knowledgeenergy that I should leave this place immediately, the arrival of the traffic police and the ambulance was not in the drivers plans. On the contrary, this completely coincided with my intentions. I got up as fast as I could and went up to the guys asking them to take me away from this place. They had a full understanding of the situation, and in a couple of minutes we were already far away from the place of the incident. I tried to concentrate and gather some information while in the car, and the space responded with rumble, chaos of thoughts and emotionsit was difficult to isolate the most important facts. There was nothing that could astonish me. Why was I doing this? How did I know about this? This strange feeling did not leave me for another few months until everything was in its place, as the saying goes, until it all knitted together. It was this feeling that surprised me more than all the preceding events. But we should not get ahead of ourselves. There is a time for everything.

I could not go home. Why? I didnt know. The second passenger, who suffered minor bruises, was my colleague at work that lived on a floor above me, so we decided to go to his place. My whole body was trembling and creaking, and it seemed to me everyone in the car heard it. The physical and subtle bodies did not fully align with each other, the cause was unknown, but I still didnt quite understand it. Of the hundreds of thousands of waves, I could hardly catch the ones that were sent to me, but all of this was still grasped at the level of intuition with the help of knowledge that came to me out of nowhere. What doctor would allow me to get a massage, and on top of that, deep tissue and prolonged? But I invited a few people that I carefully picked, and they massaged and pressed me for a long time.

There were seemingly endless numbers of needles, but how many of them were therethousands, millions? They dug into me, burned me. One of the invited ladies said that massage should not be done in such a situation, but I insisted. Wild laughter tore through my whole being and shook my physical body, but I couldnt control it. I watched the guys, they knew their work well enough, and did it professionally, but there was something else in their actions that caught my attention and alarmed me. They were so close to me, yet so strange. It was a new sensation. I saw them very differently, and I had to get used to it. I had to be careful and cautious with them, with all of them. There was a sensation of strong discomfort within me, with complete absence of pain. A small failure occurred somewhere in the process of adaptation, and now it was necessary to find this screw, adjust it, so that all points in space could then be aligned with each other.

Massage lasted exactly as long as I needed to read the information from guys in order to be aware of my actions. Later on that evening, in the process of further communication with the son, spouse, and the friends of the departed awareness, I found for myself that many events of his life had been erased from my memory and disappeared completely. There was a file and now there is no file.

I immediately increased tenfold the energy of attention, literally the animal caution and a careful viewing of the aura of my interlocutors allowed me to live another night in terrible suspense. Further, there was a possibility of having a breakdown, since my memory did not come back. Much later, I received the knowledge that all dross and debris were removed, which could at some point in the future path become an insurmountable obstacle. It was precisely this factor that became such an obstacle today. I was surrounded by relatives, friends, but I was afraid to meet them. I saw and knew the person, but feared that he might speak on a topic familiar to both of us, and that two or three such conversations, and I would be declared schizophrenic. And although much later it happened anyway, now it was obviously too early for this. I decided to go to the hospital on the heels of the accident until everything within me was in its right place. It was the third day after the accidenta dirty hospital room for six people, visitors, injections, and a plaster cast. My relationship with the wife of the departed came to its logical conclusion. Ever since the preparation of the bearer for a meeting with the awareness and during the joint training period, marital contacts were stopped at almost all levels. My son, being a graduate of Moscow State University and Russian Academy of Astrology, was quite independent, if not more. He had been through a great deal of real-world experience before.

The apartment and all the marital property were officially re-registered to the wife of the departed, while I was still in the hospital. There was nothing there that belonged to me. One day in late May I went back to the apartment, the energy of departure began to emerge, and I had to spend some time in meditation. After receiving the relevant information, I unexpectedly found myself packing my bag. I was able to fit only the most important things I would need for a start, as for the future, life would arrange itself accordingly. I knew I was not coming back here again, except as a guest.

My friends, Valya and Ilya, arrived on the same day; they became the Masters of the Reiki spiritual tradition in February. Their current tour through Russia ended, and a number of groups were waiting for them in Moscow and its region. They worked on my body for about an hour, but a state of discomfort never left me and seemed to have increased even more after receiving energy. I spent the night in the hospital. In the morning, I unexpectedly found myself asking for a discharge summary from the head of the department to be transferred to the central hospital, where I supposedly had great contacts. Thus, the smart document appeared on my hands, where it was noted that this action was carried out on the initiative of the patient itself.

My friends and acquaintances visited me during my one-week stay in the hospital. I was starting to get the impression that I was saying goodbye to something old that did not belong to me, and was going into another world as-yet unknown to me. In the evening I was back at the apartment, Valya and Ilya offered a session and I did not refuse. The energy of dirty-green color began to flow during the session, and with it came the informationthe guys were tired, I was looking through their work and saw it in the subtle plane. They should not carry out such mass healing sessions, and if this happened, it was necessary to visit the places of power to restore their energy after each such session. Then I received precise concrete information about me: today and immediately.

The discomfort from the received energy was increasing, and I asked to interrupt the session, without explaining anything. It was hard to understand what was happening, I was just being thrown out of this place by some unexplained force. A number of telephone calls related to my departure brought all things in order. Someone would pick me up in twenty-three hours. Valya would take me away to a different city to her student, and five days later I would go to Kiev with Valya and Ilya.

Farewell was brief. At exactly twenty-four oclock the car was passing a church on the outskirts of the city, when the bells began to ring unexpectedly. It marked the beginning of some kind of religious holiday, and my unplanned departure coincided with the event planned by God. Valya was the medium in receiving my new name.

So, my name is George. Four days of meditation and hard work with some literary sources in the hospitable house brought unexpected results. I knew what I had to do next. On the fifth day in the evening, the train was rumbling over the rail joints, and was taking me farther and farther away from Moscow. Four energy massages received from my amiable hostess, significantly reduced creaking of my body. And now, sitting in one compartment with Valya, Ilya and Victor, I was listening to the nature of this noise, and was thinking about the upcoming night on wheels. What was waiting for me ahead?

It was Unknown