RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 483

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 61 

Desert Storm 

Hello, Laark. This evening and the following night and morning, and another evening will be devoted to more than just practice of Creativity of the energies of Cosmos. Todays talk will be oriented toward the Earth and people of its current civilization. Our discussion focuses on a specific community of people living in a particular point of the Earth, and the syndrome that struck this community. This syndrome cannot be called a disease or epidemic. Modern medicine is able to deal with it and makes progress in it. Well talk about a phenomenon that happened with one of the nations, as a result of which thousands of lives of Earths children depart this life in spite of their destined missions on this planet. Now, Laark, nothing is significant with regard to characteristics of individuals, who will carry out this action into effect, for the question is how to stop the stream of useless deaths and destruction of the integrity of the nation of humanity.

One wrong step of a shortsighted politician marked the beginning of his people downfall, brought a syndrome into the Heart of the nation, against which knowledge and experience of modern science are powerless. Those who are destined to receive the Knowledge of the Cosmos and to take this nation away from the verge of the precipice are ready today to Fulfill the inscription. For these people, there is no question of distrusting this energy and taking action in it, because they see it and know it.

Our Creativity with you, Son, is intended for those who are capable of unlocking the social conventions. Through these people there will flow the Creativity of establishing the conditions, that is, the corridor, along which the bearers of Knowledge could get into the right point on the Earth and act there in Light of this Knowledge. At its core it is a unique and so far, one-of-a-kind Creativity of the Earths people and the pure energy of the Cosmos. It can occur only in an absolute Unity of the Earth-world and the Heaven-world, that is, man and Cosmos. The Key to the Gates of this Creativity lies in the accuracy of the flow of Cosmos energies through the forms of the Earth.

It is necessary to establish a laboratory at a certain point of the Earths space, executed with absolute precision in form and content now already indicated. For a handful of peoplethe Creators and bearers of Knowledgeit is beyond their power even at the cost of their lives. But for the government in need of such Knowledge, it is not difficult. Efforts and resources put in today to find solutions to a national problem are incommensurable with those needed for establishing such a Creative laboratory and ensuring its existence. This paradoxical situation arose as a result of a lack of necessary direction and a lack of awareness of unity with the Cosmos in the actions of the seekers.

The truth is that none of the supercomputers can substitute for a pure Heart of manan Inspired Creator, a Heart being open to the energy of the Cosmos.

And if there is no Stradivari Inspired Violin, none of the synthesizers could imitate its sound, no matter how much effort was expended on its invention.

This country is called the United States of America. Today the American nation pays by thousands of lives of its people for one wrong step, for a serious blunder of politicians. There is no need to look for the guilty, especially for you and me. It is a matter of society and its laws. We are to show where, at what point in the Course of movement on the Earth the governing circles of this country had made a mistake, which put the American people before the lethal syndrome of unknown origin.

The reason that has led us to give the forms of this Creativity is only an insight into this phenomenon and understanding of the processes of its development. The progression towards the development of the phenomenon leads to the destruction of the integrity of the people, the nationas a creator, the nation, which is the living and life-giving part of the planet. The possibility to stop the destructive progression has emerged, and there is no reason for those people on whom to some extent it depends, not to know that such possibility exists.

Our word is about the military operation called Desert Storm. We will discuss about what happened while it was being carried out. The main point is that the operation itself was successful in terms of loss of human life for American troops.

But what happens to participants of this operation now, years later, has become a problem of the nation. People are deprived of the opportunity to live. Their life force becomes exhausted rapidly and irrevocably. People are wilting like flowers, in the prime of life. The essence of the disease is not amenable to study or any treatment whatsoever. Moreover, the integrity of the so-called genetic code of the nation has been broken. The consequences of this disorder are unpredictable, because uninherent energies gained access to the code of the nation. Desert Storm was that last tension, which resulted in the formation of a crack, because the break occurred at the thinnest point.

The nations aura received a powerful blow as a consequence of the atomic bombing of Japan in August 1945. Next was the escalation of the Vietnam War. And now the Desert Storm struck in the same place. It was really a storm in the Arabian Desert to American troops. The situation that happened to people in the swampy jungles of Vietnam was exactly repeated in the Arabian sands. Desert sands, as well as jungles and swamps, are powerful energy vortexes, Space energy receivers which are unique in its kind. For people who do not have roots in these points on the Earth, these places are dangerous. And as for the people who have visited those points in a state of heightened emotionality, such, for example, as occurs during the hostilities, it threatens with a total loss of vital power, vital energy. The release and exhaustion take place. The energy that was intended to last a lifetime splashes out instantly, and a man is wilting like a plucked flower. This condition cannot be called an illness. It is a process of instantaneous loss of vital energy.

What impact did this have on the Aura of the Nation, its genetic code? Its all quite simple. If a child falls ill, it can inevitably impact on his parents. The illness of their child will provoke compassion or sympathy in the strangers. But the parents will suffer not less than the child in fear for his life, worry about his future, because they are linked with their child by a genetic code and a joint, or more precisely, mutual energy of their family an aura. The first occurrence of their childs disorder causes them anxiety; the recurrence provokes fear, while the repeated recurrence creates a breach in their aura and the family becomes unwholesome, i.e., susceptible to energies uninherent in the family and influences of other people. Parents poke around in search of their childs liberation from an illness, and this becomes the sense of their life. This is the disorder of the familys genetic code. Parents start loosing their life potential in search of the cause of their childs illness and even if they succeed in finding it, there isnt enough time to restore the strength and integrity of the family. This occurs because their efforts had long been aimed at treating the effect. And only after many failures their efforts were directed toward identification and elimination of the cause.

Approximately the same situation happened to the United States and people of this country. In order to avoid the decoding problem that has emerged and take many people away from the brink of destruction, it is necessary to redirect efforts towards the cause, namely, to return to a point in space, which is known to many people as the Desert Storm.

The resistance to syndrome, which became a national problem for Americans, is there in the sands of the Arabian Desert.

In one of the epicenters, now having been indicated, it is necessary to establish a laboratory, where certain energy conditions can be created. And people who suffer from syndrome unknown to science after being there again, and not as soldiers, but as people, who need help, will get back what they lostthe possibility of life and constructive Creativity on this planet currently in desperate need of hearts full of love and power to live. There should be no experiments permitted. Either this laboratory, or rather Creative workshop, is established with absolute precision and it functions or it does not. There is no sense in experiments. This Creativity is wholesome and inspirational. The main problem exists in overcoming social barriers. Our island is so far away from the place of Creativity in the Arabian sands that we cannot afford to overcome this distance. And even if we assume that we have succeeded, then, after arriving at the site, we can turn around and head back because, Laark, if we are uninvited guests, I will not make any step toward bringing the Knowledge into action.

People must be prepared to accept this Creativity and call it into action. Then anything can happen. Without an open heart and absolute trust in what is happening this Creativity will not occur. Perhaps the government of this country is seeing the manifestation of humanism and concern for people in other forms and preference will still be given to efforts to eliminate the consequences? And what right do we have to intervene or say anything about the actions and decisions taken by the Government of the United States? We can only say that the possibility of solving their problems exists. And to accept it or not, to make use of it or notis unfortunately none of our business. It is none of your business nor mine, Laark.

Teacher, does it mean that our talk is such a message?

Yes, it does, Laark, and Rikla in mutual Creativity with his disciples and close collaboration with people interested in this Creativity, is ready to bring and impart his Knowledge as an effective force to the people who got into trouble due to their ignorance. Be it the United States or a small, obscure tribe living in an impenetrable jungle.

Thank You, Teacher. This talk will be a good lesson for me in trust and conformity to the Knowledge of the Earth and Heaven.