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RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

Volume One, page 489

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 62



Tragedy or Retribution!


The Fiery Sword

Smiting the Conceit

 Brings the Spirit Closer

To Higher Knowledge

The Highest Thought

Brings the World to Perfection


Possibly! It is My Smiting Sword that should burn the strata of the lower spheres, which densely blanketed the American continent.

Let us call it the emanations of the Americans themselves, and we will unveil the essence of those very spheres when time comes.

Showing aspects of the theme proposed to me, I am fulfilling the Command of the Lords of the Planetary Hierarchy and linking Together the Chain of Temporal events that occurred in the Aura of the Earth.

So! It’s the year 1995! Setting foot on the Earth, Rikla moves towards the Sole Goal. That is to reveal the Place of Power of the Cosmos on Olkhon Island, to connect the Counter Flows of the Fire: Earth—Cosmos—Earth.

The Key—is Rikla!

Everything happened according to Plan. At nights, in cold and hunger the disciples Heeded to the voice of the speaking Creator.

The above-mentioned talk came first, but we did not publish it. It was sent to many places in accordance with its intended purpose. The answer we received was ridiculous: “Who can help us? We are the only ones who help everyone,”—the Clinton administration official responded. Then we took other measures—the talk was published, they have it in the States, but the States don’t care about us—Creators. They are—the “Only ones.” 

At that time I did not bring to you notice that the Etheric Retreat (Abode) of one of the Lords of the Seven Rays is situated over the Arabian Desert. Today, I speak openly about it.

I gave so much information in only one Talk that the Mission can be considered fulfilled. But!

Retribution was Approaching. 


For the second time I warned America in the Fourth Volume of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos.




Volume Four, page 250:

“The Falkland Islands, or rather, one of them is the strongest Place of Power of the Cosmos in the forms of the Earth. It is an explosive focus in the bowels of the Earth and the depths of the ocean. Its power is known. It is not in vein that Britain clings to this group of islands, which it never owned.

The combat spin up in this area at first glance is safe for Britain itself, but extremely dangerous for the entire American continent.

If this had been heard by someone, especially in the US, then it would have been possible to talk about reducing the threat of disappearance of a part of the American continent into the abyss of the ocean, including within the boundaries of the US, supporting an ally in NATO military alliance with guns and missiles.”  


The karma of the nation has been forgotten once again. Reciting the rosaries, the violet flame decrees. Already at that time Rikla said—it was pointless to recite. The Teachings without Action are Dead! But isn’t E. C. Prophet the “amanuensis” of Saint Germain? And karma meanwhile was ringing like a pulled arrow. More! More! And More! 

I said it all again and could forget about it. However, how can one forget the acts of the Lords—Saint Germain, Washington? Their labor for the sake of Unity of an egregor of the Cathedral Souls!

The dullness has taken over the minds of the nation!


I have warned for the last time! Volume Five of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos!



Volume Five, page 156:

“The military actions being carried out by NATO, but rather, the direct aggression on Yugoslavia aggravated primarily the karma of America and Britain.


Milosevic was elected by his people on their territory, and it is up to the people who elected him to decide the fate of the nation.

Bill Clinton through this war solves his personal problems, related to his presidency. And the BLIND NATION, having forgotten about the “childish pranks” of the first gentleman of America sends its sons to exterminate innocent people in the Balkans. Now the whole World is untangling the sexual situation of a “big Bill,” helping the forces of the anti-world to save the seat of the Aggressor—Destroyer number one on the Planet. Russia, too, fastened one of the buttons on the pants of the American President in the person of Mr. Chernomyrdin—personal envoy of the Russian President B. Yeltsin.

I do not see any other motive for unleashing the Third World War. Monica Lewinski—an Anti-world collaborator—through lust and lechery of the President of America untied the hands of an escalation of tension in Europe, marking the Beginning of the War. 


Europe—is a detonator. Remember this.

The bomb has been laid elsewhere. 


Rikla has already written in the Fourth Volume of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos that up to 30 percent of the total negativity of the lower etheric plane of the planet Earth is concentrated over the European continent. Anti-world devours the creative energy with an incredible rapidity. One such small, on top of that, neutral country as Switzerland is the possessor of 10 percent of the destructive poison of the continent.

Today, it is still too early to continue talking about all these facts more widely. There was no such energy—Word from the Father. If I am destined to do this—I will. In other words—I will fulfill the Inscription.

And once again we are going to talk about Karma of America and Britain. 

Briefly but precisely I inform people of Yugoslavia as a detonator, and point to a “Bomb” (energy), planted elsewhere. What is sure is that there are few places left on Earth where the tentacles of America haven’t reached. 

Russia started to flirt. Russia needed to gain Time. Yeltsin didn’t know it. But the one, who was already being led, knew it. He was influencing in any way he could, but very cautiously. Russia was not yet ready for him.

Boris handed over the Reigns of Government not by himself. Thought—the Primary Instrument of the Lords sounded from the Purity of Consciousness (Universe).


September of the year 2001 happened, the eleventh day. And the chain of other events took place on the Planet.


 America—as a nation is paying its Karmic Debts. 


Now we will change the title of our Talk:




There are no longer any dark spots on the skylines of Washington.

Today Bush’s tokens fall into the slot of the War. Perhaps it is not possible to stop with the measures of the Earth.

Words of the Lords will remain in darkness. But the Conductor runs the show. He is able to change! Although after the Great Flood the Voice of God sounded from Heaven:

“Noah! I will no longer interfere in the affairs of the Earth. You will ruin yourselves, then I will change everything.”

It happened so! I am still on Earth! While I am here I will reveal a certain mechanism, a man-made creation.

Hark! A Fiery Hell, Purgatory—everything that you terrify yourselves with, and the church intimidates you with, distorting the concepts to suit its own purpose. Let us interpret the Teachings of the Lords into our Cosmic language! Let us replace the Purgatory with Transmutation, dress the Fiery Hell into the Mantle of a Judge and call all of this Karma. 

Now it is the priests that shall boil in Fiery Gehenna.

And as for us, human beings, we must kneel to Karma and Give an Answer.

While everyone’s prostrated themselves before their Conscience, I will show you how your thoughts and deeds have shrouded the Planet. We have created three spheres, shutting ourselves off from Gods!

The largest of which is called CONCEIT! 

A slightly smaller one sounds as ENVY!

And the third speaks of SELF-IMPORTANCE! 


Here comes a time to revert to American theme. But not for long in order not to suffocate in the sense of self-importance along with the nation. So dense is the veil of the Spheres, the man-made creation of the wickedness of men. Everyone has his own one, so do the Nations.

Russia should be left alone; the veil is not so dense here—I would rather say—it is fine. It is Solvable with a Ray from the Earth or the Heaven. 

America! Cathedral country! It is time to come to one’s senses! “We cannot see each other face-to-face!” One can dangerously stumble in this way!

You have to give an account to Gods for your thoughts and actions. 

In such a powerful Veil of Spheres disastrous for the nation it is difficult to break through from above. And there is no one in America today to break through from below.

It is beyond the power of arrogance to destroy the Spheres. The insight has yet to be gained. So long as the aura is sealed in a threefold vessel, there won’t be a fresh influx of Cosmic Currents.

I ask Russia to help America by giving an Uncompromising evaluation of the global American terrorism. I ask everyone to understand only one thing.

 Karmically, America has been exhausted.

The Karmic agony of a snobbish nation is terrible for the entire Earth with the exception of certain areas, being under Our protection.

People of the World, stand in the Way of Conflagration as a Power of the Light!

The crack in the karma of American nation is immense. The flows of universal dirt, produced by humans over the last 25 000-year period of confrontation with the Creator, gushed there.

The conjunction of the subtle cosmic and physical terrestrial planes has taken place. This is a Catastrophe!

People of the countries and the continents!


 In creating a Thought for Preserving your Home—the Earth.