RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 495

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 63

Absolute Light Is Absolute Darkness

Valentina Vasilevna!


Absolute Light Is Absolute Darkness. If You remember this admonition of our Saviour and Teacher, Sanat Kumara, many horizons can open before the Eyes of the seeking, craving man, who has driven himself into a dead end. The Flow of extraordinary Beauty and Strength will pour through You. This will be a cascade of Waterfalls from the depths of already, at first glance, unliftable. But who knows what You and I are capable of. I need to find the right Chord and strike the strings in time, and You are to write down the Words from the Sacred Book of Antiquity. And if we do not fake, we will be heard. The Guarantee of the Purity of Our Museis the Purity of our Human Nature.


You and I have an understanding of the Black color.

The Black color is not black deeds peculiar to the B.L. or a certain part of humanity. The Source of currents of the Cosmic Magnet is One, but the people receiving these beneficial energies are different. Thoughts, words, deeds. And where a person directs his thoughts, determines their (peoples) belonging; only not to the Light and Color gamut of Waterfalls, but to the thoughts and actions being executed. By Everyone! We wont dwell on it; otherwise well get into a quagmire.

In the first mail, after some interval, there came a request through You to illuminate the American theme. I was not intending to do this, but I took Your Words as the Decree of the Lords. Having lost a lot of energy through contact with a man, I am not perfect, and therefore I must be alert to everything coming to me from any of the manifested forms of the Planet. For You, I would like to expand the horizons of the Tragedy a little bit. But at the same time, realizing that all of this will appear on the pages of the Eighth Volume of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos, I wont be so wordy, but rather laconic, You can guess why.

The United States will now prepare global public opinion for the imposition of a new wave of expansion in the spheres of repartition of the world. The US will steadily expand its sphere of influence horizontally in many directions. America needed Afghanistan with its deserted territories as a dumping ground for the destruction of huge stockpiles of obsolete weapons. It will take years to dismantle and recycle the weapons and a big pile of problems associated with the storage, burial, and ecology. And now, within months America is methodically dumping tens of billions of dollars on foreign land. The destruction and the death of thousands of people are not taken into account by the nation. The terms of the war are dictated not by Bin Laden, but by a certain Madam called depression that has clearly emerged in the US economy. On the other handthere is an excess supply of money. It is necessary to get rid of both of them. And who is the foremost assistant in these matters to America? Its still the same notorious Laden. He cannot be killed. Hes needed only alive. Moreover, the main terrorist must be vigilantly guarded and protected. And this is successfully executed by the aggrieved nation in the person of its President and his aides. The CIA is hunting for the enemy, and the media, analysts, political commentators say with great precision where the object of the hunt of intelligence agencies is taking shelter. Then a large-scale operation to capture the territories indicated is being mounted, whereas He is already elsewhere recording videotapes and pointing to the location of the new base to intelligence agencies. Its a beautiful Game. Bin Laden must live, and America must protect him. There are still huge stockpiles of obsolete munitions; the hated regimes are still in power. But again there is Hussein, bearing a resemblance to Stalin, and therefore being always insidious and dangerous. Of course Americans dont care about the oil reserves of the Near and Middle East countries. They care about cheap and unimpeded flow of oil into their country.

Just think to yourself, Mother, Osama may be hiding in Iran, Iraq, Arabia, where theres still plenty of oil. Actually, there could be many Osamas. They have a tendency to multiply. Where there are geopolitical interests of the United States, there you are sure to find Osama. They say he has his own ranch in every country about the size of a hectare and perhaps somewhere more. Over there, in seclusion with nature and certainly with its full cooperation, Laden nurtures his black thoughts about the new acts of terrorism against humanity, and the living wallthe fence prevents the penetration of destructive thoughts of the High Priest of the Planet into his space.

Do not worry, people, about the fate of the terrorist, he is under safe protection. The CIA on the one hand and a hectare of land on the other will long continue to help America in the Big Game, codenamed The Karma of the Nation.

Once the Great Mixture of Blood occurred on the American continent. This gave rise to the explosion of the Cathedral Nation and if it had used properly the energy obtained, America could have become a new center of flourishing Culture. Lemuria or Atlantis if you like. Lacking roots and having destroyed the old ones, the Nation failed to germinate its Tree of Life. The existing Crown rests on the root system creeping along the surface exposed to hot dry winds, tornadoes, and earthquakes. One day the Tree may collapse like a house of cards built on sand. But there is one trouble: no Rootsno Foundation. The Tree will collapsethe house of Cards will crumble. Nothing lasts Forever. We can predict with absolute certainty what will happen to Britain in the light of its Prime Ministers policy and to a Militant Israel, whose Statehood is preserved only because there is the United States.

The next eight to nine months the World will be standing on stilts. The situation is rather unsteady. August is very tense. In the event that we fail to resolve the accumulated negative energy on the Planet by at least half, War will no longer be with Osama Bin Laden, but between one part of mankind and another. Then the Lords will intervene, and the Earth itself will change the shapes of its continents. In August the Explosive Climax of the Life of Mankind falls on the fifth-thirteenth. I saw much that I cannot describe, because it will accelerate the downfall of humanity. I will not raise the barrier. Terrible things are laid not in what I write to you, Mother. They are much more delicate than human consciousness can grasp. The Etheric Shambhalla of the Lord you know over Arabia cannot undergo any changes, because the entire energetic Framework, which prevents the physical destruction of the forms of the Planet, will be destroyed. Interests of the two main terrorists of the EarthAmerica and Osama Bin Ladenintersect in this Region.


Immense is the Light of the Lords.


Stately is the Step of the Lords.


Great is the Feat of the Lords.


Let us Preserve and Augment.


I am not concealingthe Teacher