RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Volume One, page 499

"Rodaina", Kiev, 2010


Talk 64

Lords of Prana


Bush declared the end of the War in Iraq on one of the United States Navys aircraft carriers. His face Expressed an apparent satisfaction from the death of thousands and thousands of innocent people from different countries and the enormous destruction inflicted by the air force and artillery of the winners. To look at the first faces of the planetB. from America and B. from Britainis a Disgusting phenomenon. They glow with joy from the derived satisfaction. President and the Premier are fed on Energy of Chaos and Destruction inherent within the Forces of Evil. They have forgotten the Age-old Formula of Existence Evil Will devours and destroys Its own Bearer or Evil consumes itself. These are the Fundamentals of the Teachings of Sacred Knowledge, the Heritage of the Lords on the Principles of the Universe, without which our existence is impossible. Politicians, scientists, philosophers, and reporters convey to you the physical aspect of the ongoing developments in Iraq, in the World, on the Planet. I will show the energy aspects of the Whole under the title The War in Iraq. Continents, countries, and states can be divided on a territorial basis, to justify their geographic location, social attitudes. But the Trouble is, what to do with such Energy Aspects of Planetary Existence of the Unified Civilization of the Two-Leggeds, as the Aura of the Planet, the Karma of the Nation, Prana, without which the life of conscious physical forms is impossible. Let us start with the Aura. What is the Aura of the Planet? The layers of the Atmosphere, Surrounding the Planet Earth, as scientific folks describe it, are the Essence of Its Aura.

Aurathe Electromagnetic Field, resulting from the emissions of Atoms, consisting of a certain number of positive and negative particles, protons and electrons, and the fiery substance, which is the Psycho-life of forms inhabiting the Planet, from Atom to Man. A decrease in the glow of aura of the form (Man, Planet, Universe) weakens the protective sheath, allowing a deadly Virus (Poison) to penetrate the Nucleus of the Form. Poisoning takes place. The air of the atmosphere is the accumulator and the bearer of PranaLife Force. Cosmic Fire cannot exist separately from the Air. During the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, B. and B. Knowingly used heavy weapons with the aim of destroying the countrys economy and demoralizing the Enemy. In this case, the Air of the atmosphere was poisoned by the Explosions of missiles, bombs, and shells. In other words, the Aura of the Planet was being destroyed and polluted; the biological rhythm (Vibration) of the foundations of the Universe was being disrupted. Without Vibration there is no Life. Everything Vibrates: from Stone to Higher Forms. The Code of Vibration having been laid down by the Cosmic Mind for the existence of the Planet Earth, HAS BEEN CHANGED by the Will of the Destroyers. Prana was Consumed by the scorching fires by the Blasts of missiles and bombs in the vast expanses of the Atmospherethe Aura of the Earth. The poisonous brown gas fills the ragged Holes of Common External Mantle, if you will, the Garments of the Planet. Be aware! These are the new centers of Epidemics. The Code of New Virus for the purpose of annihilating a human being has been laid. In areas where there is insufficient Pranayou can expect the Epidemic. The main danger lies in the destruction of the Atmospheres layers. The implication of this factoris the emergence of new Viruses, peculiar epidemics, which cannot be Analyzed. Humanity has not yet realized that it is living in One House (Planet), protected by a Single Garment (Aura), if it still continues to DIVIDE the Indivisible! Divide It! No Gold and Currency Reserves of Russia, President Putin, in the monetary Unit of the United States, will affect the Law of Justice. It Acts not according to the measures of the narrowness or deep-rootedness of our Thoughts, but in correspondence or nonconformity with the course of Cosmic Evolution or Universal Harmony.

Today the World Community didnt want to stop the spread of Evil on the Planet. Tomorrow, the Evil will attract its likeness and strike a new Blow to Creativity. That Australian Pilot who returned to his aircraft carrier with a full load of munitions, refusing to drop bombs on civilians, on his own kind, has gone beyond the limits of Your Morality, Two-Leggeds. There is no Hero Equal to Him among the winners of this War. He is from Another Worldthe World of Creators. He is the Only Creator of his True Self who has made Progress in Life and Spirit and has provided Proof of Their Indivisibility.


This Guy from Australia has Found His Philosophers Stone. All othersPremiers, Presidents, and Parliamentarians, who joined the two Bs in acting or non-acting, in preserving or expecting immediate Benefits, in an effort to strengthen their Power, PRESENTED the MANDATE of the complete lack of Human Appearance, Pure Thought. This, Gentlemen Mackintoshes, is a complete loss of Culture and Mind. IGNORANCE! Henceforth You have No Face, no matter what You say and how nice You make it sound.


Viva the Australian!


SHAME on All Those who Actively or Passively supported Another War of the two Predators.

One can restore the War-ravaged economy, one can give birth to the slain again.




                 Who will stop Epidemics?


                 Who will stop Earthquakes?


                 Who will stop Floods?


                 Who will stop Catastrophes?


                 Who will stop Typhoons?


                 Who will Restore the Aura of the Earth?


                 Who will Restore the Heartbeat of the Planet, Its Rhythm and Vibration?


Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?