RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, p.430

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

Rikla, Aiins!

Dont wait for the rapid finishing of the earths crust movement, but be ready for continuation of the earth vibrations. Summon up your patience. This is a long-term process. It has touched upon the deepest layers of the Planet, the farthest corners of human consciousness. The started process is irreversible. The smooth transition replacement of races, the humankind will go through in bodies and will become a witness and a coparticipant of the Fiery rebirth of the Planet. And this is the most difficult and painful trial. In the course of many decades the Planet is going to change its Appearance. This external visible process is a consequence of inner transformation of the Planet and its forms. A long process of the Fiery and Plasma bodies formation has started.

Simultaneously several local subterranean nuclei being independent from the Earth centre are roused up. Within the next few years movements of subterranean plates will take place in different parts of the planet, which will lead to heaviest earthquakes and other cataclysms of nature, that will fall upon mankind with the result of unpredictable consequences, bringing colossal destructions of material resources created by man and death of millions of people. Everything is in the power of Nature, a human being is helpless. You will be protected by a Shield of Mine.

The Great Lord.