RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, p.125

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

From the History of Channeling.

The date of the eleventh of August is often called sacral. In this way it retained in the memory according to the information of channeling of 80s 90s. The date was called the gate of convergence. Those were the impulses of intensified cosmic currents, having answered the Earths call. But those impulses were not coordinated, firstly, with the Intention of God, and, secondly, with the plans of earthly Hierarchy, which means with the evolutionary plan of the Planet. This happened by reason of the Earth being isolated from the Planetary United Cosmic Civilizations. When this group of Creatures invaded Solar System, if its possible to say so, the Earth was on the verge of catastrophe. The forces of the Hierarchy were strained to the limit, therefore the Newcomers help was taken positively. But very soon the activity of this group began to show some negative aspects. They were manifested in the following, the seeking and aspired part of mankind, believing in a quick granted ascension, left the evolutionary path, having forgotten about its own Karma and necessity of settling it on the Earth. Cosmic invaders, devoid of their own planetary homes, joined the above mentioned group of Creatures. They were who intensely bombarded earthmens consciousness, using the names of the Great Teachers as a cover.

The timely coming of the Lord of the Cosmic Fire has stopped the activity of this army of creatures having come from the beyond Cosmos. Today all the energetic activity connected with focusing and distribution of beaming Cosmic energies approaching the Earth is controlled and directed by Rikla an incarnate Lord of the Eighth and Ninth Rays. This work is strictly coordinated with the Intention of God and the Plan of the Planetary Logos. That means that Rikla is in close cooperation with the Hierarchy of Light. Humankind should get rid of the imposed stereotypes of thinking as soon as possible, if it doesnt want to stay behind the unavoidable turn of the Wheel of Sansara towards cutting off the material useless for evolution.

In the Ray of the Lord Hillarion


From Riklas Talk with a Diciple.

Ashtar and all the other scum are thrown away by Riklas Fire beyond the Earth Aura and now they are haunting threshholds of the United Cosmic Planets looking for the material suitable for penetration into Consciousness of the forms inhabiting Auras of the Living Planets. The invasion of Cosmic Creatures has been lasting for several centuries on a plausible pretext of saving earthmen and preparing them for the Transition. Rikla has destroyed the Intention of a successfully disguised Enemy, having disclosed the true intentions of the stray army. Unfortunately earthmen themselves rendered the greatest assistance to Ashtar in Penetration, thus throwing off their evolution for centuries. Now this period of time has been entered by Rikla and Earth Hierarchy into the calendar of the evolution of the forms inhabiting the Planet with the aim of correcting the mistakes. Everything will happen in the way the Master has told. Many of you will be able to make sure of it in the nearest century. See you soon, my dear earthmen. It will happen sooner than you think!