RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, page 105.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

Dalai Lama

To Buddha
The grey Tibet will send a bow
To a valley of illusory times
And the Day will awake
Having the shades of night dissolved

Lamaism of Tibet, using the name of Buddha as a cover, is deceiving the world by its ceremonial rites that have nothing in common with Buddhas Teaching. And only Masters, being concealed in the shades of racket, continue to carry the Light of the Blessed in the quietness of their monasteries.


The theme of the Talk about a non-existing Dalai-lama, the fourteenth formed immediately after the expedition of 2001.

My deepest inner Essence had a strong intention to give it to my closest followers on Roerich Lakes when it wasnt ready yet, but an external factor restrained my actions.

My external factor My Teacher is an Only One who can Direct, Instruct or Order.

It was someone who was not ready to meet such a complicated theme of a Planetary Scale, to say nothing of its resonance. Probably, it was my being not ready to restrain Powerfulness of Emotions of Tibet, as well as of a certain part of the East on the whole, or my listeners being not ready, who later were to bring its essence to Mankind, that predetermined appearance of the Talk only in July of 2002. The Wisdom of my Beloved Teacher manifested itself exactly at that moment, immediately after My giving a whole cycle of the Talks. During Seven evenings I met with Kami-Dominay, Allizarch, Allana, Taiiya, San-Ria, Richena, Svetlana from Tchelyabinsk, Anastasiya from Rybinsk (today she is Eliiya), Valery from Nizhniy Novgorod, reading them some new themes, including about Lama, but not Dalai and not the fourteenth. My Teachers Intention struck with its simplicity and obviousness and His care of my Path in the forms of the Earth is so Great, that one more time I bent my head where still my silliness lived to the Greatness of Kogan. You may ask: Whats the matter? Rikla and Silliness live in different Chambers and receive energy from different spheres. And still I cant deny the fact, that I wanted to forestall the time of the Talks birth, thus breaking the Teachers Order. Several months of solitude allowed me to make the right choice and today Im very happy about it. What is the gist of the whole thing? Lets trace the history of Aiins family creation. Rikla arrived at the Planet in May 22, 1995. After a period of adaptation in the forms of the Earth a conception occurred. Yes, Rikla laid the Energy of Creation of a Civilization inside the existing one. In other words, he conceived a Child the Family of Aiins. Time passed on the Child grew and then the Moment came. Changing of the Seven-year Cycles of growing up. The Family broke the sphere of misunderstanding of the Appearance of the Fire on the Earth and qualitatively reached the new Level. It was necessary to lay the new energies into the new Spheres of being. Only a powerful energy breakthrough was able to allow the widening of Aiins Consciousness and bringing to light the New Specter of inner and outer Problems of Aiins and those of Mankind. Thats why the Teacher stopped my impulses: they were preliminary. Like in 1995 96 on the lake of Baikal by nights I was giving the Talks to my firstling, in 2002 in Altai I announced about his becoming adult, laying the basis of the further development of the Civilization. The second Seven- year cycle started. Aiins will go through it together with the whole Mankind, but in a certain distance, as in my turn, Im also removed from the Family by Distance and Time. Otherwise, no transmission of Knowledge is possible and the forms inhabiting the Planet may suffer, as well as the Planet itself. Evolution envisages a certain distance between the spheres of the Higher and the Lower in all the instances of Cosmos. Otherwise, No Evolution will happen.

- The Higher and the Lower Beginning are present in all the three Worlds. Im using this term with the aim of showing a Single Model of the Universe.

- A human being, as a form inhabiting the Planet, was Created in the image of the Planet. They have similar Organs and the same functions of these Organs.

- A human being has Aura.

- The Earth has Aura.

- A human being has a Centre.

- The Earth has a Centre.

- A human being has Chakras.

- The Earth has Chakras.

- A human being has a heart, lungs, kidneys, a liver.

- The Earth has the same.

- A human being has lymph, blood.

But all this we can say and must say about the Universe, Cosmos.

Hence it means that the Universe, the Earth (as a Planet, it is a form of the Universe) and a Human Being (as a form of the Planet) are Identical. People, They Are Similar!

A Human Being, the Earth, the Universe were created according to the Image and Likeness of God.

When You, the Rulers, explode bombs on the Face of the Earth, You disfigure the Face of Your Mother. It looks as if crippled by smallpox.

When You, Rulers, blow up missiles in Cosmos, you disfigure your Universe, for you were created in the image of the Universe.

You are the Murderers of your Neighbor! You are the Murderers, the Murderers, the Murderers! No less than the gangster being accused of the evil he has done to the other man. You are doing the same, only on the Universal Scale. Your court is a Karmic Court. Not in vain only women, the daughters of the Mother of the World, are sitting in the Court, for the Earth is one of the Daughters of the Universe. Kama-Loka is waiting for You, where You will agonize in proportion to the power of your deeds, behind which your vile desires stand. None of You has managed to cross the barrier of the fifth chakra. Manas a pure Man as the Highest Essence of Being is not accessible to your understanding, to say nothing of the State. Isnt it given to us by the Creator at the moment of our Birth, i.e. during Incarnation into the forms of the Earth? How Great is the Naivety of the Fools, trying to Stop Force by Force. Its an Extreme Measure, which is applied under the Highest Awareness and Responsibility before Your innerest Essence God.

But the Time will come when Doctors will eliminate all medicines of the Planet and cure people proceeding from the Knowledge of Similarity of the Universe the Planet a Human Being. Cognition and acknowledgement of this firm Law of Cosmos gives new directions in all the Spheres of Human activity, not only medical. The basic factor of merging or uniting the Three Worlds into One, as it is in reality, is primordially Human Cleanness, and as a consequence of it Cleanness of the Planet and, eventually, Cleanness of the Universe.

Exactly to these questions dedicated himself Supreme Lama, whose incarnation Tibet acknowledged to be the fourteenth Incarnation of the Secular Ruler of Tibet, Dalai-lama.

Im not going to prove that it is not so. It is Banal and Ruinous. We never try to prove anything, and if our Chela do so, they break basic Commandments of the Teaching.

The thing is, that Rikla who brought the Fire of Cosmos on to the Earth was inscribed to bring to earthmen the News from the Karmic Board about the loss by Tibet of the Energy of Reincarnation of Dalai-lamas. This Energy had been Lost by the previous Dalai-lama, the thirteenth and it doesnt exist any longer in the forms of the Earth in Lama, a Human Being, as in one of the Forms, inhabiting It. It would be appropriate to remind that Tulkus birth predetermines leaving of the earthly forms of the person, who gave birth to Him (the Mother). Its worth checking.

Moreover, Tibet and Dalai lama himself know, that he is not an Incarnation. But a certain perplexity and a Secular habit didnt allow the Board of supreme Lamas, determining the Essence of reincarnation, to acknowledge the occurred fact. Not accidentally, the Tibet which had lost its Spirituality, once having great power on large territories and having given birth to Great Instructors of Humankind, lost its Originality and Independence exactly at that time. It is rather as it should be.

The Supreme Lama owing to his Upbringing is trying in the best Spiritual Traditions of Tibet to Stop the Wheel of Time, in order to take off some part of negativity of the Incarnation of Dalai-lama, the thirteenth. But the matter is, that even if the Supreme Lama reaches Enlightenment in this incarnation, according to esoteric Teaching of Buddhism it will be His personal effort, His accumulation of Psychic Forces, not having any relation to the Institute of Dalai lamas. Saving the Tradition of Tibet, the Lamas Board and the Supreme Lama himself entered the Wheel of Time, thus having predetermined Collapse of Spirituality of once the flourishing Lotus of the East.

Kalachakra, being carried out by Supreme Lama at different periods of time, is His Personal Labor with the aim of going out of the Wheel of Time, which undoubtedly tells favorably on the Aura of the Planet. Good luck, Lama. The Institute of Dalai lamas will Cease Its Existence when Rikla puts the last dot of his next Talk with Humankind to the Good of all the Forms on the Planet and in Cosmos. Now it is in Akasha and Walks in the Worlds.

Not much Time will pass, when Tibet will acknowledge on the physical plane the Decision of the Karmic Board with the Lord R. at the head.


P. S. Dhian Kogan is a Heavenly Buddha. I call Them the Oldest Teachers. They Had Given Birth to us and went Further to the Dark Realm where We have No Admission. They had gone through All the Essences, including the Fiery and Plasma ones. We are just bathing in these States, unquestionably Obeying the Will of the Wisest. I always Keep my knee Down before Your Will, my Guru!

Rikla, the Chela.