RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, page 119.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

Once again about Dalai - lama.

A letter was delivered to Tsefeya the other day, which mysteriously found itself on the threshold of the Centre. We recognized the handwriting of a Mongolian monk, who informed Rikla about some secret intentions of Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth and warned against the danger, radiating from surrounding His Holiness persons, who are ready to go for a lot in the name of preservation of their positions in the spiritual world of Buddhism. Lamas revelation wasnt new. Many facts from the history of Buddhism development in Tibet he appealed to in his message were elucidated by Rikla in an individual talk with a chela after reading the letter. In a filigree manner the Master has disclosed the secret plans of the former Secular ruler of Tibet Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth, which failed to have been realized by his predecessor Dalai-lama, the thirteenth.

Tsefeya, for you to become aware of the causes of the present-day situation of Buddhism in Tibet, Im going to show you some aspects of the invisible life and escaping a common Everyman thoughts of the two last secular rulers of the country. In my talk Ill combine two episodes having occurred at different periods of time from the life of the folk, who had given to the world the Plead of Great Masters on the one hand and perverted the essence of Buddhas Teaching on the other. The main accent will be made on inner relationship of spiritual and secular powers of Tibet during the ruling of Dalai-lamas the Thirteenth and the Fourteenth, for much of what had happened at that time find its reflection nowadays.

Dalai-lama, the Thirteenth aspired to discredit the actions of Tashi-lama a supreme spiritual person of Tibet, eliminate him physically as presenting a main threat to his authoritarian ruling in Tibet. By such actions the secular ruler was striving to usurp the spiritual power and become an only hierarch over the entire Buddhist world, having extended his influence on all the spheres of being of Tibets people. That would have happened, if the Lords hadnt opened to Rinpoche the sacred borders of Shambala, behind which he hid himself together with his companions. In 1923 Tashi-lama left Tibet being persecuted by military units of the secular ruler. There exists a lot of versions of his leaving, but they all have the same root he extremely impeded Dalai-lama, for he not only did not support, but on the contrary, protested with fervor against the bloody policy of Lhasa concerning Tibetan people. It was known to Tashi-lama about the prophesy of the last reincarnation of the Great Spirit into the body of Dalai-lama, the Thirteenth, which was vigorously rejected by Lhasa. His word was weighty and significant for the impregnated with the spirit of faith Tibetans, and the government was afraid that Tashi-lama will begin speaking. A spiritual revolution was about to happen in the country, which could have changed many things, but it was too early. Tashi-lama was, indeed, a Spiritual bar of the country and thousands of believers stood solidly behind him, but they were unspeakably weak in the face of the military force which was entirely submitted to the ruler. In case of Dalai-lamas victory in this unequal fight, Tibet would have been thrown away in its evolution for many, many centuries back. The Spirit of the Teaching artificially maintained by the true followers of Buddhism left the country simultaneously with the leaving of Rinpoche and thousands of devoted to him Tibetan lamas. The events of those times only anticipated the coming events. With the birth of Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth, who against all energy canons was acknowledged to be the incarnation of tulku only for the sake of preservation of the power by the supreme spiritual persons of Tibet over the oppressed folk, we can observe an absolute identity in his aspirations and the actions of the predecessor Dalai-lama, the Thirteenth. The only difference was that Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth ran away from Tibet with the coming of the communist regime of Mao Dze Dun, shortly before having taken upon himself the duties of vice-president of the Constant committee of the Chinese Peoples Republic on Tibet, having nearly joined voluntarily the chinese communist party. It testifies to only one thing absence of vision as a basic factor present in High spirit.

- Father, speaking with our Mongolian friends, I was trying to disclose to them some obviously negative aspects of the incarnations of Dalai-lamas, the Thirteenth and the Fourteenth, but then I stopped, for I met an absolute lack of understanding of my judgments. Like children they believe in infallibility and righteousness of actions of supreme spiritual high officials of Buddhism. Contemporary Mongolians, coming in touch with the system of Buddhism existing in Tibet today, in their notions differ from those few Tibetans who began to see clearly, who claim that the Teaching left the country long ago.

- Exactly for that reason, Tsefeya, in one of our talks I told you, that it would take the Lords and Devotees of the White Brotherhood many years of intensive labor in order human consciousness leave the old forms of backward thinking. And when next time you meet Erden and his family, please, ask a question from the sphere of their everyday life. What will happen to a flock of sheep, if a herdsman goes behind a neighboring hill and grazes his pasture cattle from there?

- The sheep will inevitably fall a prey to a pack of wolves, there are a lot of them in Mongolian steppes.

- Thats right. I will give you one more example from the life of the people which has a direct relation to the events weve touched upon in our talk. Who is the first in the ranks of the enemy to be killed or to be captured? The leader! When it happens a strong army instantaneously turns into a formless mass chaotically rushing about the battle field. It happened so in old times. So did Dalai-lama act in relation to his motherland. A leader of Tibet, he took to flight from the battle field, having betrayed his people.

- Father, all this reminds me one episode from the history of Kievan Russia. Dalai-lamas actions resemble the actions of Russian princes when escaping a mighty hand of Batu-khan they meanly took to flight from their ancestral lands, leaving their wives and children to Tatars to be lacerated, who till their last moments piously believed in good intentions of their husbands and prayed for saving their souls.

- You are right, Daughter, Truth is being told by you, but you are too young to imagine what consequences may be caused by your words. Contemporary followers of Dalai-lamas institute will tear you to pieces, for every True word inevitably hastens their unavoidable end. Today a Mongolian from the encirclement of Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth writes to us, yesterday we had a talk with a Tibetan who began to see clearly, tomorrow in different parts of the planet people who can no longer live in deceit and hypocrisy will start speaking. There will be thousands of them. In the worlds of Cosmos the institute has ceased its existence as a citadel of Buddhas Teaching. Little depends today on Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth himself. He is an executor of the will of those, who hiding themselves in the shade of His Holiness carry on their insidious game for the power over human souls. Certain state structures of the countries, looking at Tibet first of all as at a perspective source of profit, are involved in this fraud. Dalai-lamas mistake lies in his compromise with much promising representatives of foreign countries. To go out of this circle, i.e. to save the country and its people from new western conquerors is possible only in case of revealing the Truth of the present-day position of Buddhism not only in Tibet, but in the world, too. Public acknowledgment by Lhasa and Dalai-lama, the Fourteenth himself of the fact of completion of Dalai-lamas reincarnation cycle with the disincarnating of Dalai-lama, the Thirteenth is the first step on the way of cleaning the Teaching. Unfortunately we can observe a reverse process. Today Dalai-lama is striving for returning and multiplying his influence on all Buddhist communities and monasteries not only in Tibet, but also in China, Mongolia, Buryatia. One of his main demands at the talks with Chinese government is transmission to him Alone of all the authorities of incarnated tulku, boddhisatvas and all significant incarnations of high spiritual persons of Tibet. What does it tell about? The follower of Dalai-lama, the Thirteenth successfully continues to fulfil what his predecessor failed to do, trying by all means to take upon himself the functions of a supreme spiritual person of Tibet. Thus, having concentrated in his hands spiritual power, with the secular power having been lost, he will become inviolable and inaccessible for his opponents, as from now on all supreme spiritual ranks will be occupied only by persons pleasing His Holiness, i.e. supporting the policy of Dalai-lama and those, who are behind his back. But this intention is not destined to come true. Ive unraveled it, and you are to deliver my words, Tsefeya, to people having imprinted our talk in your consciousness.

Only now, Rikla having disclosed to the world some sides of incarnations of Dalai-lamas, the Thirteenth and the Fourteenth, the first preconditions, the first changes for the better in consciousness of spiritual world of Buddhism will start. How many dozens of years separate us from the day when awakening of Tibet will come? It is unknown! One thing is known, that a Great Spirit in the body of a young warrior has come already, in order to destroy the created by a perverted human thought forms of the Teaching, once having been brought in cleanness to the world by Gautama Buddha, and open a new Path of the formation of Spirit in eons of years of its evolution. Rikla knows the Chosen one, the time and the place, where on the crossings of eartly roads their Paths are to intersect. Thus, ancient prophecy about coming from Shambala of the Earth of a new ruler with numerous warriors, who is to awaken the hearts in Lhasa and establish Justice, setting the beginning of a new world, will come true. During nine-eleven years after his birth he will remain within a narrow circle of Loyal and Devoted people, who will keep the incarnation of a future spiritual Reviver of Tibet secret till the moment of his meeting with the Master. The boy will spend the period of formation and becoming adult in Riklas Aura and his closest assistants, where he will be shown the mission of his incarnation and the path to Primary sources of the Teaching of Blessed Buddha. When a young man, he will leave the Abode of the Master in order to announce one day to the world about his existence.

From Riklas talk with a disciple (a Chela)