RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, page 72.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005


Father, a lot of people today dream of a quick and painless enlightenment. They are obsessed with this idea and are in search of different ways of achieving their goal. I have an impression that human mind is creating dozens and hundreds of illusory directions taking a man away from a true Path. Can you help me, Father, to understand what Enlightenment is and how to reach this state?

- You Know, Eliiya, there are several ways by which a Master is taking a man to Enlightenment in a proper way according to his individual evolution. It is a journey undertaken by a Teacher together with his disciple lasting not a single incarnation. The number of the paths is innumerable, for every mans path is a MOVEMENT. The form and the circumstances accompanying the movement of one man cant be taken by another man as a constant of a path.

There is a great deal of Buddhas followers in the whole world, but none of them could ever have managed to go through the Path shown by the Master. It is impossible, as every man in the process of tireless search, which is determined by many incarnations, must open his own path and pave his own way. To create artificially the surroundings and conditions of Masters life means to deviate deliberately from the true path of ones own natural development. Being natural in every manifestation of life that is the Masters Path.

All that a man creates within a narrow framework of his consciousness dont mean knowledge of the Laws of Cosmos. It rather means his wish not to work. The most part of his incarnation a man spends, as he believes, on productive methods of his spiritual formation and cant understand that Buddhas and Milarepas times had passed long ago. Day after day a man sits in a Lotus pose and goes on painstakingly with his meditation. Years pass on, but nothing happens to him. Where does the reason lie?

You see, Daughter, firstly, during the last two millenniums the energy transformed by manifold according to the common movement of the evolutionary plan of the Planet. External and internal factors exerted influence on the way of human development, changing the forms of its existence on all levels of human being. Ascetism today as well as meditation in the form which prevailed earlier lost its effective force for the majority of people. Nowadays this formula of the path is suitable only for a few.

Secondly, in order to please his lazy nature a man took away from the history of evolutionary development of the Masters the first, often invisible, part of the path, having been made up of the longest years of the hardest labor, and, having distinguished post factum of this period, formed a convenient concept for himself. Until a man excludes deliberately the significance of this fact in his investigation, the essence of meditation will remain unknown to him.

Just think, Daughter, why for millions years of the Earths evolutionary development only seven Rays out of twenty four inherent to the Planet were manifested in its forms? Why only seven awarenesses out of sixty billions, having ever incarnated on the Earth, were able to attain this state? Mahatma Morya in one of his letters to Sinnet wrote, that he had been working hard in his Teachers Aura for fifteen years to become the one he became in his last incarnation. Valentine, preparing himself to accept Riklas awareness, had been testing himself for fifteen years in severest natural conditions in the North of the Far East, trans-polar Putorany, in Alpine Altai mountains , in western and eastern Sayany. Many times the fate clutched him into severe grips and each time it let him go having given the way to a man, so that he could go on gaining the experience of his incarnation. In the hardest conditions of survival being face to face with nature Valentine was gaining Greatest Patience and Power of Spirit. In eons of years the Lords were trying to attain this state in the process of labor unthinkable for a human consciousness. In the result of innumerable incarnations on the Earth and other planets, imbibing the experience of the farthest and nearest worlds of Cosmos, a Man becomes a Master of his own Creative Work. Enlightenment or as they call it Satori is the Result of thousands of years of search on the paths of human evolution.

Daughter, I will open to you one more side, which hasnt yet manifested itself on the horizon of your vision. None of the Greatest Lords has reached his Perfection for today. None of the Leaders of Mankind has climbed his own mountain. Standing at the foot of the mountain it always seems that the highest point of the ascension is what is seen above. But having reached the visible, you begin realizing that its only the beginning of the path and youve passed much less than you are to.

- And where is the Summit, Father?

- Every man has his own Summit, Daughter. And however high it can be, it will always be only an intermediate stage of the Path. Im frank with a man when I tell him that the worlds where our Teachers had gone are unknown to us

- Dont stop, Father, please. I know that you can go on with this idea.

- Our Teachers havent reached their Perfection, neither have we, for the mountain we turn our eyes towards has no summit. As consciousness releases itself, it moves to an unthinkable distance, giving us an opportunity to move towards our perfection. From the first part of our talk you should understand the main thing: the path to enlightenment is a meditation, being born in the process of painstaking individual mans labor. Understand your labor and you will understand meditation.

In our private talk with Nicholas, a bee-keeper, I said that he would become enlightened through his bees. In the process of several years labor on the apiary he has reached a certain degree of unity with them. Bees are his meditation. He is close, but how many years it will get him to move up the next stage of learning his labor is unknown

- What stages are you speaking about, Father?

- The are several intermediate stages which a man passes through on the way to his enlightenment.

On the first stage a man becomes aware. He begins to see the process of labor and himself in it, to notice and analyze every action of his. But he still continues to divide himself from what he does.

Time passes, and a man notices, that he is an integral constituent of a single process of labor. Its another stage when the seed of labor is germinating in a man, becoming a part of him. He is totally absorbed by his activity. Creativity lives in his thoughts and heart.

The third stage is when a man is in close unity with what he does. He has become the process of labor itself. Emptiness has grown in him and there is no room for any thoughts in it.

In the process of his daily labor invisibly for himself a man becomes enlightened. He doesnt see that gradually he becomes enlightened, as he simply forgets that once it was his aspiration to attain this state. The desire to become enlightened doesnt live in him any more. He is free and is not burdened with this idea. The aim for the sake of which he once started his movement vanishes. A man sees Light in which any forms and notions that have brought him to the Truth are dissolved.

- Father, the other day I read a book brought to us by the last mail. In one of the chapters they tell about the process of artificial attainment of the state of enlightenment

- Dont go on, Daughter. Ive heard your question at the beginning of our talk already. As you have understood mankind is moving towards its enlightenment in two main directions. Ive already told you about the first direction, but there exists also another way an illusory one, when a disciple reaches enlightenment through Masters labor. In the first years on Olkhon I carried out similar experiments with people in the presence of my disciples. A Master always sees the moment when he may strike a blow, so that a man could go beyond the limits of his mind consciousness. For that I use a lot of various methods: from a strike with a stick along ones back to a simple, at first sight unimportunate talk, at the end of which a man becomes enlightened. His countenance, vibrations of his voice got changed before the eyes of those who were present, in the talk he began using expressions and turns of speech absolutely not peculiar to him. A man got burnt instantly, and what penetrated him acquired different forms of thoughts, words and deeds. A certain period of time passed and I took back from a man this state, since my labor lay behind all this. I did this to show a man his possibilities. But there existed another reason, why I drew a man out of the state of enlightenment. Its his non-readiness to be enlightened caused by his individual evolutionary path. There is a possibility of reverse effect the second side of an artificial enlightenment madness. Lets assume that a Master changes his state of being, i.e. he disincarnates and here you must fall to thinking what will happen to a man who has reached the state of Enlightenment artificially? Falling down into the abyss of misunderstanding may cause the most destructive consequences for a man, having been brought by a Master to the state of Satori. To leave him face to face with surrounding inner and outer worlds means to kill him purposefully. In a train of his incarnations a man hasnt gained yet sufficient potential to ascent all by himself and to be able to remain on the peak of the subjugated mountain.

Remember, Daughter, there always exist two ways the right and the left ones. The Lords go along the right way Enlightenment through creative mans labor. This path is an evolution of Consciousness in eons of years caused by natural process of development.

The left way represents untamed ambitions and human wishes. The majority of the people follow them today.

Even in a far-away India, once having been famous for its achievements in widening the limits of mans consciousness, todays Masters count how many people they artificially cloned in their enlightenment. Its difficult to call it otherwise. Exactly to clone enlightenment has become subservience of Nowadays, of todays necessity of a man, having grown utterly spiritually lazy. I refer myself to the Plead of the oldest Masters not acknowledging modern artificial methods of work with human consciousness. Ive always demanded and I will demand from a man his complete selfless surrender to the Master, acknowledging the forms of joint search as being an only true way for a certain man, not for the multitude of catchers of illusory enlightenment with their opened mouths.

Finances open possibilities to meet with the greats, to go to see them to the far and near countries. Meeting the great costs two thousand, the greatest - five thousand dollars. In search of the ways to enlightenment Hindu lost their originality, having changed the sources of the Teaching of indo-aryan race for the momentary material welfare and fame. For the majority money determines the possibility of meeting a man with a master. The prices are known. There are even price-lists, from where you can learn how much the meeting with costs. Not successful in their homeland Hindu make enlightened dull-witted Russians, credulous and trustful, having weakness for magicians and fakirs, ready to pay big money for DECEIT.

- Father! Not so long ago I asked you about Saint Trinity being present in religions of many countries of the world. I see that a single source gave life to dozens of rivers, but behind a multitude of various forms a human being is not able to see the Truth and continues to divide a Single Grain in which the Essence of everything was bequeathed. At that time you said nothing in return and smiled silently going away to the cell, where you are used to spend many hours in private with an imperceptible thought. Answer now, Father, cool my heat with your hot word, otherwise I will get burnt down by the dawn! What is the meaning of the great principle of Trinity to You?

- I will show the aspect, you are interested in, the way your Master Rikla understands it. So: in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit These are the words familiar to all with the help of which the popes throw down on their knees millions of parishioners of christian and catholic temples in front of inner decorations of churches glittering with gold. It doesnt sound so strong, but its O.K., even that is enough. Poor people are praying, kneeling down to tinsel and wooden icons of Saints, inlaid with precious metals, having forgotten that at life-time they (the Saints) were wearing monks cassocks, worn to the holes, patched over and over, sharing the last piece of bread with the poor, for they possessed nothing. They were persecuted by church and popes, who highly ascended in their power of possessing human fates. Its late to bow and bring your riches on the church altar, during many centuries flood with the blood of Ascetics. Your prayer is empty, there is neither Truth nor Faith or Cleanness in it. Monks are hanging in gilt frames and expensive clothes once having been paupers, denying greatness and glitter of gold at life-time. Although many could have, as today some do. But their Light Souls in the hardest tortures remained devoted to the Great Matter of the Lords.

Three of my Sacred Things, being preached to mankind, bear another color and dont have the habitual forms for worship. The Son is a form. The Father is a form. The Holy Spirit is also a form. Its useless to worship my Trinity not for the sake of the Matter. Daughter, lets say once more into the space what your Master tirelessly from year to year is asking mankind to keep to in its daily being.

Cleanness of a Thought (the Father).
Cleanness of a Word (the Son).
Cleanness of a Deed (the Holy Spirit).

These are my formless Spirits of the Fire, bringing a man to Enlightenment. Unfortunately three constituents of the Essence of Enlightenment are not yet in the mans power today. Therefore in one of our previous talks I told you that Ive frozen the so-called Transition for one more century. And for the sake of triumph of Cosmic Law of Justice I will return to the Earth again at the end of this century in order to complete my work, which I began at the end of the last millennium. And only after that I will take the power of the Lord of the Ninth Ray. Laugh, Clowns! Laugh! But it will all happen in the way I tell.

Yes, Tsefeya! Yes, my Daughter! Time has come to change your humble monks clothes of the Initiation into the Aiins Family for the Priestess dress. By your tireless Labor, Loyalty and Faithfulness to the Cause of the Light Brotherhood youve deserved vibrations of this Name. Constellation of Tsefeya will soon begin determining the course of evolutionary development of the Planet and you are the first living in the forms of the Earth who makes up the Energies of this constellation. Bear with Dignity the Fire of Master Rikla in your Enlightenment through the paths of mankind. I am to leave soon the visible forms, but this is only for all. What is going to happen further is known to you from our many hours talks. The Path of the Priestess of the Plasma Ray is opened to you in the service to Humanity. Be Blessed, Tsefeya, in your clean Thought, Clean Word, Clean Deed.

The Center of Tsefeya 08.10.2004

P.S.: I know, Tsefeya, what you are smiling at now. Many months later your Master took up the pen again, though once he said that he would not write anything any more. He will only speak to those who are in his Aura. Let it be so. It means that Rikla has believed in the successful Outcome for the civilization and gives one more chance to imbibe the vibrations of his Talks to the thirsty Consciousness of Mankind.