RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, page 83.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

A Talk about the impossible.


Thank you for the warmth of your Words. Sometimes I need them so much. Im sorry, but certain circumstances of last summer didnt allow our meeting to happen yesterday. These circumstances are hidden in your mother. Probably, some time later I will reveal to you the gist of contradictions of inner worlds of a human being, your mother, who didnt let her children and her grandchildren go to the Teacher, as you call me. The shock, aroused by her No in relation to your coming together with your son, is still hanging like a dreadful reproach to relationship of parents and their children. They are following their own Path, and I have my own One, this cut the space into two pieces. A single space of a mother, a daughter and grandchildren has assumed the ugly forms of hypocrisy of external, sometimes very effective, social forms. For the first time of his nine-years existence in the forms of the Earth Rikla resolved himself upon such an extraordinary for him experiment, having invited into his Aura a mother, a daughter and grandchildren, i.e. three generations, three epochs, three branches of your Family. The mother denied her daughter and grandchildren, having forgotten, how she herself had come into the Aura of Aiins Family. She denied them in everything: in meeting the Teacher, the world of pure thoughts, words and deeds, the new world outlook and perception of the forms of the Earth. As you see, in this situation not everything depended on you. I realize quite clearly that by this revelation of mine I will incur your mothers anger. I realize as well, that I may lose what I had been creating for five years the centre of Tsefeya. But is there anything that can stop me, and is there a more large scale tragedy than refusal of the mother, being present in the Centre beside the Master, to her Children in the arrival.

The loss of Tsefeya seems to be a mere trifle against the background of manifested contradictions of a human being, a grain of sand in the ocean of passions, hidden behind outer meekness and virtue, growing into worshipping. But these are only visible forms, on the basis of which a human being is building his external conception of social world. Scrupulously hiding his heavy thoughts and inner contradictions with the outer world, a man slips in to the chink between the two worlds Visible and Invisible, and sometimes it even seems to him, that he succeeded. But this is possible only till the moment of meeting the Master. So, the meeting has occurred. The illusion of outer well-being is ruined like a house of cards. Now your mother can better understand Diliitiy Seryozha Fadyeev, Aiiya Ludmila Baranova and all those having been eaten up by an insatiable Master.

Why could this happen only nine years after our meeting? The answer is simple. Earlier we met there, in your world of illusions. In the world where Rikla becomes a commonplace, always smiling, quiet and inconspicuous old chap. If you happen to pass by, you may not even know, that it is the main Black Sorcerer of all times on the Planet. Im not lying. Im called in such a way by my American friends and admirers, who anathematized Rikla. They also claim, that the energy of Rikla has come to the Earth from Lucifers chamber and it is the personification of all evil forces combined in one person. Notice, that to have at life time such a fame is equal to voluntary surrender to inquisition in gloomy times of witches persecution.

But forget about the Americans. Their Karma is so seriously burdened, that the nations tragedy is Inevitable. Strictly speaking, everything is already happening before our eyes, but with an essential for an Everyman difference in understanding of physical processes, befalling on the North American continent. He, who still continues to consider an unceasing train of Nature cataclysms falling upon the United States one after another as an accidental concurrence of circumstances, is lacking in the smallest degree the analytical thinking. Americans apparently dont like Master Rikla. He has disclosed the gist of a new phenomenon, having rooted in the barren soil of nations consciousness. The phenomenon of formation of the fourth destructive sphere in the Aura of the Earth, called by Rikla Hatred towards a human being is progressing with an unusual for the forms of the Planet velocity. Thus, the Master has penetrated into consciousness of the nation, considering itself to be the ruler of destinies of almost all the states of the World. In reality shamelessly interfering into home affairs of the countries, destroying foundations of life activity of territories, demoralizing the established relationship of the worlds having different religious way of life. And merely for the reason that Arabs, Afghans, Yugoslavians, Georgians, as well as our brothers Slavonic dont follow American life style. Democracy according to Yankee it is violence, destruction, death of children, women, old men from missile bombing raids. In this way Rikla will leave his trace in antagonistic relations of extremely narrow consciousness of Americans with the Clean Thought of a Master, who have warned the nation not once of the most dangerous catastrophic consequences caused by inner contradictions of the state, which had been taken to the outer plane.

The outer plane means military presence of Americans almost in all parts of the planet, interference into the life of many countries, if not to say more precisely, all countries of the World. The reason is simple: in case of removing the outer plane, inner (spiritual) contradictions of the nation are sure to take the first place. What can it mean? The WAR! This time not on the other continents, but on their own, American. And not with an Arab, Afghan or a Chinese, but with its own American people. It means the war inside the country a spiritual one. That is what American government is afraid of most of all. Exactly for that reason every American president prefers to wage wars beyond the frontiers of their continent. For if he doesnt do that, the conflagration of the war will inevitably break out inside his own country and destroy the OLD foundations of the great unshakably-democratic nation, once having founded the Unified states of America.

You may ask, Alyona, why I am writing all this to you? Your mother doesnt have any relation to these Americans adventurers. But the trouble is, that analysis shows that she does, and in the most direct may. She denied her children and her grandchildren in the presence in the Ray of the Master, in becoming His disciples, she made the choice for you. But having denied to you, she displayed the energy of that very fourth sphere, being already present in the Earth Aura, the sphere of hatred towards a human being. In this way, according to identity to Magnetic currents of their Creator, the energy is spreading in the forms of the Earth. In the given case Im showing only one side of your mothers two-months staying in Tsefeya. Many aspects of inner contradictions between your mother and Rikla are exceptionally personal relationship between a chela and a Master and in no way can be published in this talk. So that people, with whom your mother keep being in social contacts, cant use it for mercenary ends.
For Americans I have become a Black Prince, your mother has put me in the same row. Her mission in Tsefeya began displaying such a destructive character, that being thousands of kilometers away from the Centre, I demanded to leave its walls within twelve hours. As you see, not even twenty-four. Does it tell you anything about? For all that, the destruction coming from your mother didnt bear any evident forms of counteraction, quite on the contrary. But her thoughts and, as it turned out to be later, her words were bearing the energy of typhoon Ivan the Terrible, having befallen on the American continent today, carrying away lives of dozens of people, devastating the towns and presenting to the government of the USA a huge bill amounting to dozens of billions of dollars.

The Master managed to hear human thoughts being thousands kilometers away and undertook the measures. Otherwise, destruction threatened his creation or even death of people being present at that time in the Centre. Americans paid no heed to the energy of my Talks and now they are paying by many lives and colossal destructions, occurring on the continent. The Cosmic Law of Harmony and Justice is in Action. This Law is spreading both on a single person, in the given case your mother, and on the whole state consisting of hundreds of millions of such persons bearers of their own individual karma. Nobody from above has ever abolished such notions as the Karma of a Person, the Karma of a Nation, the Karma of the Planet. Everybody and everything is liable to the Law of Participation.

For the American nation I turned out to be a Black Prince, that is more horrible than the fallen Angel, and for a separate person, your mother, I changed my color. Why did it happen? The Master struck a Blow and directly hit the aim. The Lightnings of his Thoughts, Words and Deeds didnt leave any chances both to the nation and the person existing on different continents to justify their ruinous essence. Rikla didnt make a compromise with a dear for him person, your mother, as well as with american people who had taken no heed of the voice, warning of the gravest consequences for violation of the Law of Justice. Now another Cosmic Law has come into force Retribution. It is also spread on any Action, Word or Thought of ours.

The analysis of my Talk will show to you, Alyona, some horrible sides of a dear to you person. I know that Im going to make Enemies, manifesting the very Gist, asserting Justice, sending Lightnings into the core of the persons destruction. But there was some reason, for which Rikla had invited your mother into the very Centre of the Family. May be, for what had happened and about what the Master dared to write in his Talk again.