RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, p.102

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

The Bearer of Light.

- Father, what is a Source of Light and how is Light born in Cosmos?

- The energy of Light in Cosmos rests on the mechanism of movement of two spirals. One spiral is twisting clock-wise, the other one counter-clockwise. I will explain to you the principles of their movement and interaction on the example of the Universe, the Galaxy, the Planet and a human being, for you must remember one of the basic Commandments of the Teaching: a Human Being, a Planet, and a Universe were created in the same image and likeness.

First I will tell you about the essence of the spiral movement, twisting clock-wise. The spiral is the energy of Light. There exists a single Universal spiral, generating the lightbearing energy, directing it inside itself so that to provide its existence in Cosmos. The energy is purposefully spreading around the Universe, supporting life of Galaxies inhabiting it. Following the Law known to you I affirm, that life of Galaxies, Planets, a Human Being and any other conscious forms of Cosmos having its own Aura, is based on the same principle of a twisting spiral. Galaxy spirals, as well as Planetary ones, work in the analogical manner. In a human being, as in one of the forms of Cosmos, a spiral is also twisted moving clock-wise. The movement along the spiral starts from the first day of human beings life. Initially the radius of spiral rotation is restricted by the form of a physical body. With gaining of a positive experience of the incarnation, promoting the widening of consciousness and inflaming of spiritual centers, its radius first grows to the dimensions of ether and then of mans aura. The spirals rotation speed starts growing proportionally to opening the spiritual possibilities of the forms, producing more energy, which is distributing inside aura. From the very beginning the energy is used to provide life activity of a certain human being. But then the moment comes conditioned by the evolutionary development of a man, when he is ready to make his next step on the paths of movement to his enlightenment. Using his gained potential, a man begins twisting his inner energy mechanism, the second spiral, backwards, that is counter-clockwise. Under interaction of two spirals, rotating in one channel of mans life activity but in different directions, on counter streams Light is born. Energy charges go out to outer space of the Planet Aura and beyond it through the seventh chakra, which is an only open channel connecting a man with Cosmos. A ray is being born. It provides life activity of his bearer and radiates into the Earth Aura the energy being produced in such a way. The Bearer of Light or a Master has declared about his existence in the spaces of the Universe.

- Father, youve started speaking about chakras not accidentally. You know that Ive been interested in this question since long.

- You are right, Tsefeya. The law of chakras movement and development is absolutely identical to interaction of two spirals. What is a chakra? It is an energy funnel (a spiral), which is in the physical human body and rotates clock-wise. It can increase in size, enlarge and rise, going beyond the physical body. This process is absolutely identical to spiral movement. When chakra reaches the limits of mans aura, a man begins to twist it backwards, creating a channel where in counter streams of chakras movement Light is being born, radiated by a Master. A man became a Master, he went beyond the limits of his own universe and opposed himself to the Creator. This had also been envisaged by the evolution. The Creator can only welcome such daring actions, because from that moment the form stops being a human being and becomes a Universal Spirit.

Just think, Daughter, why thoughts, words and deeds of Masters differ from usual human forms of being? Because a Master in his evolution is moving reverse to time movement, which all humankind traditionally follows. In his search he walked far beyond the notorious limits of human consciousness. Having destroyed the Law of the Universe he became a part of the Creator in the forms of the Planet, merging with him in counter streams of Light.

Riklas talk from the spring of 2004
The form to the talk was given by Tsefeya in September 28, 2004