RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, page 113.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

A talk about modern East.

The wind that caused sandy storm stopped as unexpectedly as it had started. For several days we were hiding ourselves in a small cave from biting sand covering the firmament. I was watching such a picture for the first time in my life. The sky and the earth merged in a single dance of billions of sand grains. The moon, the sun and the whole unbounded Cosmos ceased existing at that moment. In spite of all our efforts the entrance into the cave was covered, and we had to take a lot of pains before the first sun rays dazzled our eyes which had grown unaccustomed to bright light. Its difficult to imagine how this story could have ended, if the Master hadnt found himself nearby and managed to oppose himself against the storm and save us from sandy prison in spite of irresponsibility and incapability of some of us. During the first minutes, to be more precise the first hours we all remained in great confusion. The totally penetrating sand seemed to fill in the lungs, limiting the oxygen access more and more. Some of us having yielded to fear and being not able to make a single step snatched at the throats and rubbed the eyes choked with sand and implored for help. Joining tightly our hands we slowly surmounted meter after meter, trying to force our way through the sandy squall growing stronger with every minute. I think that none of us will be able to tell how it happened so that the group had found itself in a cave where we spent a little more than seventy three hours. Its appearance, as well as much of what happened in those days will be described by me later and it is going to be a separate chapter in the future trilogy of Milestones of Fiery Achievements. One thing is evident: Rikla knew and anticipated everything that was going to happen to us on this dangerous section of our path. How did the Master find the way to the cave in absolute absence of vision and how could he have known about it at all? These questions, as well as many others, arose only many days afterwards, but at that moment I was sitting on a cold stone floor and quiet different thoughts were destroying the vague boundaries of my consciousness. During these hours of absolute uncertainty the Master revealed to us some new aspects in understanding of many spiritual phenomena of today rapidly developing in modern human society. Rikla gave us a number of talks the extraordinary importance of which will be realized today only by a few and by the whole mankind only in future generations of evolution. The Master asked me to prepare one of them for publication in the final tenth book of The Fire of Unified Cosmos.

When cold had frozen my whole body and time had exhausted itself in that bottomless emptiness, I rose off the stone plate and came up to the Father, who by gesture invited me. He went on speaking and seemed to take no notice that all our companions had been sleeping since long. For the Master it wasnt already significant. From an underground cave covered with sandy storm Rikl appealed to the whole mankind, pouring into the forms of the Earth the Knowledge of the Unified Cosmos. Then I asked the Teacher a question, which set a beginning to a long-lasting talk.

- Father, what does the News mean, received by us from the Great Lord the previous day that the East didnt acknowledge Rikla and didnt recognize him to be one of the Brothers of the Light Brotherhood? Where is that very East the Abode of the Earth Wisdom that we used to know and kept?

- I found myself between two fires: the Ancient East, the preserver of the Foundations of the Teaching and the contemporary East, being orientated in its aspiration on the west. Modern spiritual sects and orders of the East have nothing in common with the East that you know and bear in your heart. The only thing that connects them is the territory of the countries, the preserved monasteries and places of power where once Masters used to Create and where today their followers bring destruction to the forms of the Earth. Separate and being at enmity with each other they try to preserve and intensify the illusion of their own significance in spiritual world of the Planet. For this purpose the newly-made masters, fakirs and jugglers strengthen their authority in every possible way as a rule not in the East where they are well-known, but in the West, in European countries and Russia, where their talents are still unusual. For obtaining a more astounding effect they make accent on the revival of ancient traditions, spiritual practices and rituals, i. e. on everything, that can attract the attention of a western listener not versed in the sphere of spiritual knowledge or of a trustful Slavonic who has already opened his eyes, but hasnt yet learned to discern the Grain of Truth in the diversity of spiritual trends in our Times of Troubles. Modern followers of Buddhism keep to the same tactics. The building of datsans, monasteries, suburgans, the opening of new schools in all places on the territory of Buryatia and Mongolia do not indicate to peoples spiritual growth. Its just an empty form a hollow sphere without any inner content. Everything seems to be so decent. The variety of attributes made in accordance with ancient traditions, long rows of gods of the great Buddhist pantheon, monks spasmodically looking at their watches during praying. In all this one main thing is absent the Energy.

- Tsefeya, what happens when Spirit quits its physical form?

- A human being leaves for reincarnation and his body is buried.

- What happens to a body in the long run?

- It decomposes.

- Thats right. If spirit the energy quits the body, nothing will save it from decay. Only by means of maintaining the form artificially its existence can be prolonged for some time. The same happened to the East an inexhaustible Source of wisdom and also to the Teaching having been synthesized by Buddha according to the dictates of the time. The consciousness of ancient East is sleeping. It has passed into the state of anabiosis and will remain in it one more millennium before its awakening happens. For the sake of its preservation it abandoned this perishable human world. Only within the period of 100-120 years the first transformational processes in spiritual sphere of consciousness of the East will begin to occur. One more time through blood Tibet will set itself free from the heel of Chineese government having corrupt influence on human spirit. Todays China is far from being the country famous all over the world in the times of Ancient Masters of TAO. Wise East and great Asia had perished not from the warriors sword, but from the longstanding lie in inner relationships of supreme spiritual power with its people. The spiritual revolution in Tibet will predetermine the origin of new spiritual relations. After which the institute of Dalai-lamas will cease its existence, as having become an outdated form of spiritual development of a human being. Nothing will ever return into its own place. A man trying to save what requires no saving is either blind or is pursuing his mercenary aims. The second case is quite right for modern sects and orders of the East, which by all means are trying to take the leading positions in spiritual world of our society. Their outstanding characteristic is composure and a perfect skill of hypnosis based on sheer calculation. It testifies to the fact that for the sake of achieving their goal they will not stop to commit the gravest acts in relation to people or circumstances that put obstacles on their way. By his revelation Rikl has blocked their ways to dull the consciousness of millions of people. Where did our interests intersect? It is not India, not Tibet, not Mongolia, not the East. It is Russia, a country with a fire burning in her heart, capable of warming up all the multimillion mankind. Their intention was discerned and disclosed by Rikla. Using the authority of the Great Masters of the East they penetrate into all spheres of being of a trustful by his nature Russian man, who is so easy to be made a full of and to be misled. All the accents are placed quite correctly. The Masters aspire to work with children setting up specialized centers and schools for especially gifted ones. Not ordinary children, but especially gifted! Just Think, Daughter, what is the implication of this phrase, quite innocent at first glance? Through subjects being taught at such schools a purposeful work with children on changing orientation of their consciousness in the way they want is carried out there. They are trying to establish a micro society with different way of thinking and outlook inside the society. The collision of their interests will inevitably lead to the revolution inside the country. Thats why they catch on everything that can be used for influencing human consciousness, denying the old forms brought to the world by the masters, having been incarnated into the forms of the Earth.

- Father, some spiritual trends are trying to return into everyday communication some Ancient Words, verbal phrases, and turns of speech uncharacteristic of modern days. I have nothing against, it sounds beautiful, but unnatural and cant be applied to modern environment of a human being.

- You are right, Daughter. Why to speak today with people the language of Boddhidharma from the fifth century A. D. and keep to the methods of the passed years? Hadnt human consciousness gone through colossal changes in the course of the years separating us from the epoch of ancient Masters? This is not the preservation of the heritage of the Ancestors, but is the backwardness of consciousness of a modern man an obstacle on evolutionary paths. Isnt it better to give to the Knowledge the new forms acceptable for a modern mans perception? Peoples mistake is in their hastiness to cognize the Truth, hastiness to become enlightened, to reach the state of nirvana, thats why in Masters eyes they look like fools trying to prove their rightness and using the terms, the meaning of which they dont understand. Calling Rikla and Aiins a sect, people openly prove their ignorance. Remember, a sect is a group of people united by a single aspiration, which gains and concentrates the energy directing it inside itself. Aiins are not a sect as they give the energy outside. The activity of the Aiins Family is directed to interaction with all conscious forms of the Earth be it a human being, an animal, a plant or a stone

At these words Rikla stopped and glanced over the companions who had imperceptibly joined us. In impenetrable darkness I saw the shining eyes of my fellows. They were expressing the greatest feeling of veneration to the Master who is always persecuted and not acknowledged, but who has become for us a Light of the Truth. The thirty-third hour of our being in the cave was going on