RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, p.45

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

A Revelation.

- Teacher! Lots of People on the Earth are obssessed with an idea that humankind is living through its last incarnation, that earthmens Souls will go further to different planets according to their vibrations, as for the Earth, pralaya is waiting for this planet in the nearest future.

- Anastasiya! Im not going to argue with such a high and authoritative opinion, within the frames of which many predictors place themselves, but I affirm this incarnation is not the last one for the human beings on the Earth. The terms of humankinds leaving for the farthest worlds according to the degree of preparation of consciousness are designated in the following way: Rikla must undoubtedly fulfill the Inscription of the Forces of Light and prepare a man, i. e. kick him out of a narrow chink of his consciousness to boundless Cosmos spaces. And only when Rikla becomes absolutely sure, that it has happened and the process is irreversible, He will leave the Earth. This moment was already described, thats why, theres no sense in repeating it. But on the expiry of seventy eighty years Rikla will return to the Earth to complete the preparation of a man to the so-called Transition. And only when the Fire birns out entirely the consciousness of human mind and captivates human hearts with its flashes, only then we will speak, what everybody is speaking about today. Lords Thoughts and Deeds will lead to implementation of what was laid by the Earth Evolution the Transition. Many known esoteric leaders of today prefer to claim the well-known knowledge as their own, pretending to have obtained it from some inner or outer sources. This time we wont call it bluff or delirium. Well simply note: showing off in ones own Significance is the last lot of the Epoch of the leaving civilization. The Transition is sure to take place, for there was an Inscription and a Good will of the Unity of all the Light Forces. Rikla is the bail to it. The Newcomer, as they call me. I affirm the Blessed News and one more time I stop the flow of ignorance, lie and hypocrisy in peoples auras, so that they are not able to spread in the Earth Aura spaces, stifling with lethal gas an already obscured human consciousness.

The Transition will not happen in the first century of the third millennium. Rikla has frozen It.
You will have an opportunity to check and compare all this, for the margin of your leaving with the proper attitude to your incarnation is observed in the middle of this century. And a new incarnation is supposed to take place on the eve of the next. I set a task to you for the next incarnation to carry out a thorough analysis of Riklas first Coming to the Earth and of the Paths of His movement in the light of the Mission being fulfilled, an invisible for human eyes Leaving and Returning Back at the beginning of the Second Century of the Era of the Coming of Fire on the Earth. Speaking human language it means one thing: I myself started it, and I myself will complete it. I will Call the best Seeds, the clean Hearts, the Light thoughts and the breadth of perception of the Worlds by awarenesses of My True Disciples and Followers. That will be more than enough, as the time break is not big, and the Fire Procession on the Earth will only intensify.

So, my girl, thats the talk weve had. Our meeting in the next century has been predicted in March 3, 2004.