RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, page 60.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005

A Talk about superiority.

- Father, what made you burst out laughing?

- Your eyes, Daughter, in which I see Fire, enkindling thirst for Cognition.

- Father, last night an elusive energy visited me. It penetrated my heart and at sunrise opened there like a beautiful bud of a flower, not having been ever seen before.

- Im watching you, Daughter, and your daring aspiration makes me glad, the aspiration that takes you beyond the spheres of the visible, making you search, move towards the Source, on the way to which you will cognize the Truth. I see that one mountain brook is not able to satisfy the thirst of your Spirit, my girl. Try a lot of them Clean Sources of Life.

Eliiya, you are becoming grown up physically, you are growing spiritually, soon you will be twenty-two. The second year of your being in my Aura is coming to an end. The potential gained during that time allowed you to make a jump into black abyss of the Ocean, into the Unknown. A new stage of cognition of a deeper and mysterious World manifested in other spheres of Spirits being has begun. Nothing has happened in the visible world of the Earth. You continue remaining in your dense body, which is still partly submitted to selfish aspect of your lower selfhood. What has changed? Youve begun to hear and implement What your Spirit reveals in you. The first independent talk is your first experience. But you are not yet deep in your search. Today you are only a fragment of a mast in the waves of the Great Ocean of Wisdom. Why are you afraid of being drowned in Its waters and strive for the surface for lack of air in your lungs? Forget about conventionalities and try not to think of what is going to happen to you at the moment, when not having left a single chance to yourself for returning, you will go to the bottom like a stone. Your whole being in a single aspiration must submit to the Spirit and follow It. Your life doesnt belong to you. It doesnt exist, neither do you. Do you understand, Eliiya, what Im talking about?

- Yes, I do, Father, Ive surrendered to you totally, having left all my savings behind the gates of Your Temple. In other words, Im absolutely in Your Will.

- Father, You are speaking about Freedom. When the body is not constrained with fear to lose everything, that is illusory taken by a human being as his life support. When consciousness is free from the thoughts of death. When the Spirit is not burdened with carnal desires. How to reach such a state?

- Remember, Daughter. You are Free. Try to find enough strength in yourself to resist your selfish inducements, so that one day you can get an Ancient shell filled with the knowledge of unified Cosmos out of the depth of the Ocean. Dont stop following the Path, even if your Mind starts thinking that you have already reached what you had been seeking for. You must know, that this Ocean has no Bottom. And this is an answer to your question, Daughter. Lets go on.

Youve caught the energy very precisely, but you are not able to give it a form, that corresponds to what you feel. You are ready and I will disclose you one of the facets of the Crystal of your Mission on the Earth. Putting it into the human language, the form to this energy can be given only in one word JUSTICE.

It was Justice, that made you burst and set to writing the talk. You analyzed the works of modern writers from spirit and about spirit, watching what is happening around. The moment came, when you told yourself stop as you couldnt observe what was going on any longer. Youve seen the energy of colossal destructive power standing behind the esoteric thoughts of many authers, and with what velocity it is spreading in peoples consciousness. A blow was struck into the very centre of the formed nucleus. Proceeding with the theme, I will manifest in the space of your vision some important aspects that escaped you.

People run away from the Fire people run away from the Truth. They dress it into different clothes smart, beautiful and rich, or poor and miserable. All depends on what kind of role they have to play in public today. Truth cant be seen behind these clothes. I see It naked, and I will show It naked to a human being.

Using good intentions as a cover, an advanced esoteric breaks the Laws set by Cosmos and perfidiously intrudes into the forbidden sphere the channels of evolutionary movement of the Earth. Making use of capabilities given to him by the Creator, he penetrates into a human being, what is strictly prohibited. He changes the Karma of separate people or even peoples its up to his personal interest to set free and enslave, show mercy to some people and punish the others. The authors you are referring to, Daughter, are making only their first steps on the path of their career. The gist of these steps can be defined in two words No correspondence, Injustice. As a basis of their works they laid the energy of isolation both of separate persons and Russia on the whole, as a single Spiritual Centre, her rise over the countries, once having lost their Spirit. People dealing with such kind of energies upset the energy balance in the Aura of not only a separate state, but of the whole Planet. In such a way prerequisites are created making the karma of the Russian nation heavier.

The perverted perception and understanding by a contemporary man of the Mission of Russia have rooted in consciousness of many thousands of people and, like a tractor ploughing the land, is preparing beneficial soil for a new sowing, far from being creative. The grain sawn into a beneficial soil will grow and give a rich harvest bread. Bread is beneficial. However, in the same soil one can sow the virus of decay. It is pernicious. Lets turn to history and recall, that Russian Spirit is noted not only for Great deeds, but for Great disturbances and destruction, as well. In Megres books it is told by Anastasiya about a Russian nation flourishing in the old days, and its Teaching prevailing all over the Earth. They were the nation of Creators. They lived in absolute harmony with the surrounding world. What happened to this people? How did it become possible, that a worm of decay got under the bark of a mighty Tree of Nations Spirit? It didnt get there from the outside. It was given birth inside the Family by a man himself. Somebody felt to be possessing little, so he desired more, having decided to subordinate what hadnt belonged to him. Envy and malice appeared in people. They began hating each other, seeking for the forms of physical coercion satisfying the needs of their avidity. But this turned out to be not enough, they began to rob and kill So, this is the opposite side of greatness of the Spirit of Russian nation. Nothing is happening outside. Quietness and harmony of the nature are reigning there. A human being is growing noxious seeds of selfish inducements in his thoughts, spreading this energy through the entire surrounding world.

Today modern followers of the Northern Tradition, esoteric leaders of various spiritual trends are trumpeting about Russias Greatness. They are in a hurry not to miss their chances. But the time of the dawn hasnt come yet. Russia hasnt come out to the forward Spiritual positions yet. She hasnt yet become a Spiritual Centre the Keeper of the Fire of Planetary Logos. The Knowledge of Great Masters, Teachers, of Supreme aspects of Spirit Buddhas, Mahatmas, having been manifested in millenniums, is flowing together like brooks and rivers into a single bed of the Ocean of Energy, from where Russia will draw beneficial moisture for raising consciousness of Russian nation to a higher level. Spiritual Dug-out of the Planet is afloat, but the sails are not lifted yet there is no crew, neither is there a captain. Only when all conditions mature, universal wind will fill out the sails of the great Bark of Spirit, carrying the Dug-out to meet cosmic evolutionary Landmarks of the Earth. Only then Russia is sure to become a helmsman.

A human being, forestalling events, hurried to extol himself again. So it happened earlier, so does it happen nowadays. The virus of decay has been launched. Thats the gist. Rikla has come to the Earth, which means, that somewhere in the worlds the energy of AntiRikla is being created. Christ came to the Earth, that means, you are going to wait no long when Antichrist will manifest himself. Light and Darkness. They cant exist one without the other. One is coming out of the other. They werent given birth separately, otherwise, there would be no evolution. Evolution is a constant movement in the space of planetary and hand created forms, utmost intensity of all human strength, search for new opportunities of consciousness widening, since today it still remains at the level of anthropoid ape although being able to walk by feet, a human being hasnt learned to think. Thats the whole story, Daughter. Aspiration to vulgarize everything from the very beginning has always followed human evolution. Russian nation is not an exception. On the contrary, Russia is a country, where the opposition of Light and Darkness forces is vividly manifested in a Single Beginning. Russian soul is open to all universal winds. A Russian man is frank in his search, persistent in his intentions, sincere in his expectations. He does everything with the same force and fervor, both creation and destruction.

The theme has been exhausted, Daughter. Now everything depends on a man himself. Whether he will be able to accept the Fire and direct It inside himself. Or his ambitiousness and gained authoritative egoism will win. This is unknown.

Gorny Altai, 24.04.2004
The form to the talk of the Master was given by Eliiya.