RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 10, p.65

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005


Talk about Unity.

- Father, what is Unity? Today more and more people write and talk about immutable necessity of Unity. But behind the words of many people I see a deceptive false conception in stating the Essence of spiritual Unity. It is based on selfish human inducements and reflects conventions of human illusory attitude. The other day a letter from a man known to you was brought to the laboratory. He persistently calls Rikla for unity with Masters creating today in the forms of the Earth. Why does a man go on accentuating his attention on the visible and doesnt want to understand, that reality apparent in the forms is not the final instance, representing the cause and consequence mechanism of the arrangement of the worlds?

- Eliiya, youve already answered your question. People understand the essence of Unity differently. Ninety nine percent of mankind is aimed at physical unity which means the deepest delusion a stone on the ways of movement of Spirit. A human being transfers the physical world of his being into the subtle one thus creating an illusionary concept of harmony. In this way people will never reach unity. Orientations in ones spiritual search to the factors of physical phenomena means the way of enslavement of ones highest Me and His submission to the vile desires of ego. It seems to people that coming closer to a man physically they become closer to him spiritually. Its an illusion. Unity in Spirit does not always envisage physical Unity. There are people who go from year to year in my Aura, but they are ineffably far from me. You must understand, Daughter, that any factors of the physical world, determining the main criteria of human relationship, are nothing in the world of Spirit. Ill tell more, and probably perplex you. The presence of Masters in one space of creativity is practically hardly possible. Each one must work in his spheres on his own place, in accordance with the received Inscription. Every Master brings to the Earth his individual Creative Work, which he synthesizes in a Single channel of the Teaching. That Energy which is radiated into the space of Earth Aura by Masters and their followers is concentrated by the Planetary Logos, which is a teraphim an accumulator of creative energy. After that it will be demanded in all the worlds and parallel spaces of the Earth. This is exactly the Essence of Unity in Spirit.

Youve become quiet, Daughter. I see that the energy has penetrated your heart and you are quite far from the point where Eliiya asked her question. Go to the cell, the Master has fulfilled his work. Now youll be able to hear more than it was told in the talk.

The fragment of the talk of the Master about the ways of Unity in Spirit.
Written down by Eliiya