RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 24 p.147

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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-        Master, today Ive looked through some of the so-called esoterical publications of modern leaders and a question arose inside me. To be more precise it isnt even a question. Its rather like I interviewed myself, but I couldnt get answers to many questions.

-        Stop, son, dont bother yourself by repeating them to me. I can see them since the moment you came. The first words you uttered confirmed it.

Youve got into the lechery of philosophizing together with these leaders and couldnt get out of it. It was wise of you when having heard your Heart you saved yourself by escaping from this realm of verbiage. That is the only way to follow for those who set out in search of the Light of the Truth, in other words, who took the Path of setting his own Heart free.

Any interview is a ping pong of two egos, a limbering up of mind. Those who take part in this process are not Wayfarers, they are sportsmen, running and jumping.

Something absolutely different lies behind what had happened to you Youve seen the falsehood of this spiritual or esoterical World. Youve seen the absence of spirit in what is called spiritual. Thats what is essential for you.

Dont be searching for an answer in yourself, neither do require it from anybody else. Just have a look around you. Will you see a single Master out of this constellation of leaders of spiritual practices, left as a heritage by the Masters? You are sure not to see even a single one out of thousands calling themselves leaders. Only a few managed to come to the sources of apprenticeship, only a few, may be, two or three. But these two will never become the so-called clergy elite. They see this esoterical slough and they are running away from it.

Ill show you the roads of this lechery for you to be able to see them clearly yourself and to show them, to be able to lead out of this labyrinth those who need it.

Where from did these names a spiritual Master, a spiritual leader, a spiritual man come? What does this prefix spiritual mean? And what kind of word is it esoterics?

These expressions were used by the Masters, but they knew what they were talking about. I wonder if the leaders, writing and speaking, have any idea of it.

I want you to know, before you start using this notion. Spirit is a pure energy of Cosmos, not embodied in flesh, having no material forms of Earth (for on the other planet everything will be a different way).

Just add the word energy, what will you have? The Master of energy, the leader of energy, the practice of energy, the man of energy and so on. Isnt it delirium? A Master uses this word because it corresponds to what is happening at the moment of using it. Energy is flouring from his Heart. And people come to him to hear the Word. The Master creating spiritual music is pouring the energy of Cosmos and people like an endless stream come to him to listen to this energy. The Master is pouring the energy of Cosmos from the canvas with oil-colors on it and people dream of seeing it.

And what about the leaders of spiritual Paths? What are they actually doing? They are in search for their listeners, spectators, who need their creativity. They are looking for them all over the world. All right, it is labor, but it is not Mastership. It is a hack-work, needing advertising and sale. Why? What is the difference? The same words, the same sounds, the same paints lacking but one nuance, a little, invisible one energy. And without it any action will remain a hack-work, no matter how many efforts and labor were expended on it.

A leader and a Master are two notions being very far away from each other. Practice has never been and will never be spiritual. A painters brush has nothing spiritual in itself.

And what are present-day leaders doing? They stay behind the counter, to be more precise, they carry it all over the world, selling those brushes to everybody. The choice is great, advertising promotes it quite successfully. When a man buys such a brush he is sure to try it. He does, but to his regret neither to him nor to anybody else his pictures add more strength. A Master wouldnt allow an apprentice to wash his brushes for decades, so the apprentice is learning to wash the floor in his studio. And only when the Master sees that he does it skillfully, he puts a brush into his hand and teaches him to Master the art. As for the artist, he had already been living in an apprentice since the moment he saw and realized the energy in washing the floor of the studio.

Osho gave his practices to seriously ill, to those who dont see them in their everyday labor. His practices are of no significance for a healthy man. Osho as well as Jesus Christ and other Masters of Light came first of all to seriously ill and gave them what they were not able to take themselves.

Neither Osho, nor Buddha or any other Master taught their Mastership, nor did they leave their heritage. They brought the energy of Cosmos into the aura of Earth for the Masters to be born out of it, each being absolutely unique.

Group sex lies behind the group work of group-leaders, nothing but lechery characterizes present-day esoterics. A Master lives in every leader, and there are thousands of them today, as well as in every man. But leaders have less chances to let a Master be born in themselves than in those, who buy goods from them. An architect, a builder, a bricklayer, a carpenter, if he isnt a group-leader at the same time, is much closer to a true Creativity of Cosmos energy. A leader must be a leader. All true sides of his Creativity are hidden behind his work trading in esoterical practices. If Micao Usui had been able to get into the body again, he would have gone for twenty one days to the junction of the worlds and would have pleaded Cosmos if not to take away Reiki from Earth, at least to make it accessible to a handful of monks in a place on Earth known only to them.

Present-day masters have mixed up Reiki with the energy of finances. The degree of Mastership is estimated by the amount of banknotes, not even gold and silver coins.

I know only one person today who has refused to become a Reiki master. And I know two people, who will go to the junction of the Worlds and will become Masters of Reiki in an only way, in the way a refined philosopher Micao Usui had become. This will mean the end of the era of hachworkers in Reiki, distributing consciousness of energy at a set price. This will become the Beginning of the Era of Masters bringing Integrity to people and Creativity of Reiki on Earth.

For those who having paid a certain sum of money would like to receive symbols instruments, they do exist. But for those who want to become a true Reiki Master and Create its forms on this and not only this planet, a Path full of unknown is awaiting for. A Path through ones own death and aloofness, through Fire and pain, when ego bursts into flame, through a clean and inaccessible for dirty thoughts Heart.

Reiki is Light. And Micao saw it. There is no other possibility to become a Master. Energies are different, but a man has only one heart and a Master of his own lives there.

I dont in the slightest belittle labor and the necessity of artisans of any directions for Earth. I only separate it from the true Creativity of a Master, for you, Laark, to be able to move in this labyrinth like on the golf playground, walking and talking with your friends about what youve heard today, and not only about it.

-        Thank you, Master. Tomorrow I shall start learning the ABC of playing golf.

-        Be very careful and hardworking, as its a very subtle game