RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 26 p.152

Rodaina, Kiev, 2006

- What is happening, Teacher? I can see someone elses energy beside you

- Whose?

- The energy of the Teacher Micao Usui?

- Why are you shievering like a small scared lamb, instead of welcoming the quietest quest?

- I see You for the first time, beloved Micao, and my heart is being filled with a new unknown to me beauty and quietness, my body is trembling and my eyes are full of blessed tears Please, take it as my greeting and Blessing to You

- Hello, Laark. Your state of bliss is better of any greeting and subtler of any Blessing. The tears of the Blissful are the flowers of the Heavens. Please, accept the warmth of my gratitude And if Master Rikla is not against, Im ready on hearing your call to take you by the Paths of Creativity having been opened to me

- Micao, a pure soul and you, Laark. I grant you my Temple and everything you find there I place at the disposal of your Creativity and I give you my Blessing. Laark, take away any hint of worry. Our talks about vision are sure to receive invaluable experience owing to the will of Micao who has kindly answered your Call. And as for the theory and Creativity of the forms of the Earth we have Eternity ahead.

- To begin with, Laark, stop calling me You. Once on the Earth there was a certain man called Micao Usui. He could be called in any way. It doesnt matter. But we would have also tried to throw away all conventions of the forms of the Earth, if we had been destined to meet at that time. Here in Master Riklas Temple in the Light of His Fire we will remain as a Master, seeing the Light and a Master, creating its forms. Now Micao and Laark are a whole. I have no form, my body, and you have it, so we have become equal, integral. Riklas Light, i.e. Cosmos, has inscribed to us to Create in one impulse, one channel. This is called Unity. I will not burn you, for you are integral. And you wont see me by parts, as seeing a part, you will see a whole. Everything begins with integrity. Acquiring integrity mans Heart starts losing limits, the boundaries disappear. Cosmos, Eternity start flowing through it. We have become a whole and only in this state something may become possible. Two integrities, or three, or ten having merged into one are called Unity. This is a new Creativity for the Earth and its inhabitants. Look, if Micao had not been integral, the Fire of his Teacher would not have touched his Heart. I would not have become a channel of the Earth being able to conduct the energy of the Heavens.

Yes, Laark, it is so. It was the Fire of the Teacher that created that channel in me. All the stories about my theosophical search are only parables about me. The Teacher led me till the last sigh of my lungs, the last stroke of my Heart and even, further Today Im still a blessed disciple of His, Ive simply become nearer to him than at that time on the Earth. When you or somebody else receive His Wisdom being preserved in my Heart, I will go away to His Hall and get dissolved There. The first thing to do is to remove two words that dont matter anything Micao, Usui. What had happened to the one who was behind those words could have happened to any man, to a priest the more so. When a Teacher comes, it becomes a natural calamity for the one to whom he has come, if a man is trying to keep his True Heart locked. Thats what exactly happened to me! My mind made me run all over the world. There must have been no other way to get empty. But that also proved to be insufficient, because I was extremely heavy and dull. I heard the Teacher, but my great mind made me search a black cat in a dark room and, in addition to that, it was not there! Seeing all this the Teacher took away from me my last chance. He said, that if I was so stubborn, I had nothing to do any more on the Earth, for I was hopeless. He ordered me to leave for the mountains and die there. He also prolonged this enjoyment for twenty days and nights, having promised to be nearby all the time, if I gave up eating and didnt commit a suicide I prayed and only asked Him to keep His promise. I didnt expect anything and on the fifth day of hermits life I didnt want anything. On the eleventh day I saw Him. Till that moment I only heard His voice inside myself. But at that moment I saw Him. It was the shining of Light. Laughter and tears, music and cries came out of my centre. I went on laughing and tears of inexpressible joy were pouring out of my eyes. I knew it was Him. After my shock had exhausted itself and the last signs of human ego i.e. emotions and outbursts of euphoria had left my Heart, the next moment the shining fluently flew in through the center of my body and pierced with Light not only my whole being, but all the World around me as well. The colors became tender and brighter, the sounds subtler and clearer, there was such a plenty of them that I got lost in that symphony of sounds. I could hear all the harmony simultaneously with every sound. The scents made my breathing turn into a subtlest cloth, letting through its pores a unique boundless river. You cant call it air. It sounds roughly. My whole body became like a sponge impregnated with indescribable tints and hues of the Space surrounding me. I got dissolved in it. I became it I dont know even now for how long I remained in the state of non- being and at the same time being absolutely present in everything around me. There was a moment when I heard His voice. It was a phrase or a blow of wind, a silence and words being born out of it

I am you These were the first Words of Wisdom of the Teacher during my whole Path in His energy. He didnt say to me anything else, but since that moment the river of the energy of Wisdom began flowing through my center. I knew everything about everything. I became dissolved in the Being again, but this time I was aware of this dissolution. I was able to see the energies, knew and could become any of them simultaneously and separately. I was integral in the Whole. In my integrity I was in Unity with Cosmos. I saw and realized what my awareness was, the awareness of a human being. I saw and knew why a human being was a human being and what he was on this planet for Not a single question or something of the kind was asked. I just was in absolute quietness. I was shining from inside and everything was shining outside me with Teachers Light and through my center a river of the energy was flowing It was Wisdom

At a certain moment in my centre somewhere in the very Core of my awareness some little forms, little crystals of this continuous flow of energy began to fall out, speaking more exactly they began remaining like small drops of dew on the leaves. I only noted their presence. I realized them each separately and all simultaneously. I saw their likeness and similarity, though each of them represented a whole. An instant and they all merged into a thread having formed a spiral surrounding something like a core inside me and with one of its tails going into a general flow of energy, which at that moment had become my whole being. When my attention reached this spiral I saw it shining with white-golden Light and begin vibrating, as if it had become alive. Nothing existed at that moment except that spiral.

Laark, summon up all your mastership, all inspiration and direct into your centre. Youll be able to go on with the description

So, I saw a certain thread of energy in the form of the spiral, living now in me. I had become it. Its one end as if pierced my main centre, the other stretched far into Space. This stretched thread was all the time being filled and saturated with the same shining. Finally if flashed up like the brightest and most powerful ray. The Sun became this ray and penetrated my centre, thats how I can describe this state

Eternity passed, but may be just an instant. Now I knew this energy. It was getting more and more earthly. I knew its essence, its content. Now at a certain moment it gave birth in my awareness to the forms in the shape of symbols, sounds and knowledge that I hadnt known before. I was being filled with all this like a jug being filled with the water of a mountain spring. One of the last points of my being in that place of Space became an impulse, carrying an instruction for action. I saw my further Path on the Earth to the end. I knew that it was my last path in the forms of this planet. I knew that the Knowledge having been brought by Cosmos a Teacher must be sewn on the Earth. The Seeds could be thrown into any soil, any Heart. I realized that I was extremely short of time in my earthly being and I wouldnt be able to transmit to humankind even a tenth part of what I was due to, for I saw what I was to come back into the human world with.

To return was easy and simple, as if a mountain spring falling down from the top into a green valley. The Teachers Fire was burning in my Heart and I was dissolved in it. There was nothing left inside me that I couldnt see by my awareness. The world around was definite and clear and I myself was this world

Laark A pause in your notes is but a result of your worry and hastiness. Anxiety cant be of any help to us, it can only lead to impossibility of going on with our Creativity even if your worry has a good motive. Leave all motives within the circle and go beyond it. Any goals, people and everything thinkable and unthinkable must remain in the circle.

Truth doesnt need anything, for it simply does exist. The True Creativity is not born out of whatever aspiration and goals. It just happens, as at this moment it cant but happen! It is life itself. Dont interfere trying to involve in this process somebody or something. Just be quiet and let the body freely perform its function, including writing down

Micao had died. To say that somebody was returning back into human world meant that there was no one who was returning. There was only a body bearing awareness having no boundaries. An only force keeping awareness in the body, the point where awareness came in touch with the body was attention. Attention was the power that enabled free awareness to act in the forms of the Earth. An enlightened man will become a Master on the Earth only in case if the impulse of the energy of attention at the point of awareness getting free is directed towards the centre of the Earth Aura and not from it.

- Is it possible to create a Master?

- Yes, but it is only in the power of a Teacher or His mediator. And the mediator is a Master and his Creativity carries exactly this function. He is a fire, but He is a Master in it. It was inscribed to me to go the rest of my Path in the forms of the Earth in the form of such a fire. A little sparkle of the Fire of Unified Cosmos had been enkindled in my Heart, a sparkle of a Single Creator or the One God.

The form having been received in the times immemorial and laid into awareness of the Earth has remained invariable. A symbol and a sound are still the preserving and conducting crystals of this energy, as they have always been. In different traditions of human Paths into the Halls of Wisdom the essence of this Creativity is called differently, but the content is the same the Energy of the Fire of Unified Cosmos. Thats all that we can say about it. You, Laark, got acquainted with this Creativity as the energy issuing from the centre into the hands Reiki so, we are going to use this name.

At this point of our talk we will leave the description of some moments of Micaos history and go on with it in our next talk. This description is important for the further Creativity of people on the Path of Reiki, but now you are ready to write down what makes up the nucleus of this Creativity. So, if Rikla gives His Blessing, well start