RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 27 p.158

Rodaina, Kiev, 2006

...-Mikao, what are the symbols and what do they sound like? What is their meaning? A Master of Reiki, what does it mean?

-These two phenomena, Laark, are one and the same, for one arises from the other. Symbols are the crystallized energy of the Teacher's Fire The Unified Cosmos and a Master is the one whose Heart becomes a bearer of these crystals.

Symbols, as they are, don't matter at all, for they represent a form without a content. But they are splendid as the form of transmitting this energy. Exactly transmitting, Laark. When a man becomes a true Reiki Master, the symbols don't matter for him any longer, because the energy in the form of crystals lives now in his Heart. The symbols matter only as a possibility of transmitting this energy.

Speaking about the tradition it is as follows: a man becomes the energy itself and simultaneously its transmission channel. The tradition of plants, herbs has the same basis - the energy of the Fire, but it isn't able to transmit this energy through certain channels without a man. In this relation Reiki is a universal Creativity.

In order the energy of the Fire could get the shape of a crystal two conditions are necessary.

The first one is the cleanness of the environment, i.e. absolute emptiness in the Heart, and the second is a powerful energy concentration in this point of Space. It is also an integral process, as the emptiness of the Heart allows the energy to enter it and having entered the energy of the Fire is sure not to let anything whatever be present in the Heart.

That man becomes a Reiki Master who has brought himself into the point of Space where emergency of absolute emptiness in the Heart is possible. This is enough for the Gate of True Creativity to be opened to a man, but not sufficient to give birth to a Reiki Master in oneself. A great number of Paths to true Mastership are opened to a man in this point, the energy of Reiki Creativity being present in each of them, but its source is far from being here... The cores of the Mastership of Reiki Creativity are beyond, in the Fire of the Unified Creative Work of Unified Cosmos.

Attention is the key with the help of which man's awareness is able to go beyond and let the energy of the Fire be poured through the Emptiness of the Heart. But in order the crystallization of the energy in the centre, in the very nucleus of it should take place, it is essential to see, to know and act in the energies of the Fire. It is a Path, and as a rule it is a Path of many incarnations. Exactly this very Path, a Path to Mastership I was destined to show to people.

The seed of Reiki has already been sown on the Earth, but the Path to Mastership of this Creativity is hidden in the darkness of human ego. Not a single person calling himself a Reiki Master today realizes that his experience is simply borrowed which means it is just a dead experience. A man today is incapable to go outside this circle leaving everything in order to go and get the true Knowledge in direct contact with the Teacher a Unified Creator. In order to do so one has to die, but it is beyond mans power today. A man has his house, his work, aspiration for aims in life. He is respected and loved. He excellently cures people and teaches them the art of Reiki. To every person getting acquainted with Reiki for the first time he tells with enthusiasm about doctor Usui and his wonderful journey... People don't know or they don't want to know that up there on the Hill I died, but accepted this death consciously. I didn't know that it would be followed by my birth as a Master on the Earth and a disciple in Cosmos.

Today it's a hundred times simplified. You don't have to master ancient languages rushing about the entire world in search of the Thread of Knowledge, as it has already been offered to people. Moreover I designated the guiding lines to them, gave them the keys in the form of the principles, but... Sources, True Knowledge don't interest people any more. They successfully make use of what they have and turn the Core of the Truth into the subject of commerce. The Truth can neither be sold nor bought. But people go on paying off, as they had always used to.

Reiki treatment can and must be paid as any other healing practices. But Reiki treatment is not yet a mastership, it's only a very little step towards Reiki Master Creativity. Healing with the help of Reiki energy is only a little side of what this Creative Work is. So it's quite appropriate to speak here about the notion of an equivalent for healer's labor. The equivalent for Mastership is life. So for how much can people estimate the value of it? The man is dead. He doesn't exist any more, but a Master on the Earth and a Creator in Cosmos is born. The man grants his body to God... What price can people fix for this action?

Don't be deluded, Laark. There isn't a single Master of the Path of Reiki Creativity on the Earth today.... The army of traders. There are but a few disciples, but they are also on the point of losing the vision of the Path to Mastership, and not a single Heart on the Earth has given birth to the cores of the energy of the Teachers Fire. The reason for this phenomenon lies far beyond the point in Space where the whole mankind is today. There had been an inscription for it, I just fulfilled it precisely.

While going the rest of my Path on the Earth I saw everything once more exactly as I had seen in the point of my meeting the Teacher. People are not ready to give up their dependence of human habits, having been obtained since time immemorial and not dissolved through centuries of their existence on the Earth, on the contrary, it gave roots and possessed their Hearts. Now this habit can die only together with a man, no more or less of it. People keep destroying themselves and the beauty of this Planet in rush for power and possession...

A man is not ready to be indigent, this is reparable. But he is not ready to be rich either. Two sides, two edges. There are Teachers on both of them. Jesus is poor, Osho is rich. Gautama Buddha is in the center. But no.... There are only a few out of billions of their contemporaries having been able to go beyond the limits

Reiki ... A new Path, new Creative Work. A new attempt of the Teachers to give people what they had lost many - many centuries ago.

Practically all conventions were removed on the way to the energy of the Truth. There is nobody between the energy of the Fire and a man. A thread was stretched, an impulse was conducted, the space for the energy to be able to exist on the Earth was created. A man should only open his eyes and start moving into the center of his existence... And people? What about them? They have stuck in the first purifying construction having appeared on this Way.

Another century, other forms, but the essence is the same possession, power. Money that is what has become an irresistible obstacle on the way of Reiki Creativity. I suggested that healing should be paid, as once the Teacher having called himself the Tsar and an only God's child pointed out to the obstacle pride of ego, and people didn't wish to part with this trap of mind. In Reiki I drew people's attention to another obstacle possession. I introduced money as an equivalent for being healed and for being taught this possibility. And here it failed to work. People began to trade with the symbols and began to call it channels of mastership and Mastership itself. That is the barrier which people couldn't overcome. They began to pay off the Path into the depth to burning down their ego in the Teacher's Fire. They preferred to get to know the Ocean on its surface in promenading yachts of healing, paying it generously. The traders "skillfully" grant these boats calling themselves stately Reiki Masters. But be it so.

The Path to Reiki Mastership is open to everybody who has left overboard aspirations for power and possession. And here in the laboratory in Rikla's Temple together with you, Laark, we are to disclose the essence of the Core of Reiki and give guide lines to those going along the Path of this Creativity.

The healing practice with the help of Reiki is the environment where a disciple can be born. But this will happen to only one out of a thousand. Only for a one out of a thousand these symbols can become a guiding thread. Then comes the practice. No other forms of exploration of Reiki Space environment are significant. The only acquisition of Reiki practice is the silence of the Heart. Grinding, cleaning of man's Heart from being cluttered up with mind is taking place in the process of Reiki practice. At a certain moment a man becomes quiet, as if he keeps himself aloof. In this point a man gets an opportunity of being led by a flow of energy. He entrusted smoothly and mildly his whole human being to Reiki will.

Further, Laark, begins a hard ascension of a Mountain, to the top of it as well as into the depth. What does it mean? It means the following: a vertical line takes its beginning. Horizontal sliding from one to another is over. Man's Heart becomes so light and free that energy tears him out of his habitual familiar spot. And further man's movement in Space is accompanied by his going out into the environment of different laws and conditions.

The first weight and the first jump. To throw off having become now unnecessary weight and entrust oneself into the power of Reiki Flight. The weight means two powerful anchors of human ego: the first is - "I have got", the other one is "I can".

A man received a possibility to conduct energy through his Heart. He became a mere bearer of it. He doesn't even see it, but thinks he possesses it already, moreover he believes that he has received an opportunity to make use of it for whatever he likes. It is a barrier. Without overcoming it there is no chance to move forward further. You can get acquainted with a thousand of symbols and practice in their energies, but the path to true Mastership will be closed. You will be merely a bearer, but not a Creator of the Energy.

The first symbols make up the first level of your conductivity, they are the first starting points on the Way to Mastership. Through them you invite the energy to make use of your physical body. The quieter and more absent you are, the more energy is suggested to be spilt through your centre into the aura of the Earth and all living on it. That's all. Any further piling up in the form of requests, instructions and etc. is going to become an obstacle. Of coarse, there exists a direction, a law of the energy action under the conditions of this level, in this very point of Space. But in order to get to know this level, one must simply get to know it. For a flight one needs a jump into the depth of his being, into the bottom of his Heart. You can contemplate about it as long as you like, but knowledge will not come until you experience it. This law is simple and precise. It doesn't mean any limits, it means the first true Creating possibility. In your language it sounds as follows:

Essence. Cause. Action.

This is nothing else but:

Vision. Knowledge. Action.

Awareness of this Law lies in absolute silence of man's centre. Through knowing it the limits of man's possibilities in his interaction with energies are eliminated. But this is only an entrance, a first step on the Way to Reiki Mastership. Today for the majority of Reiki bearers this step has become the first, but alas the last one.

The second level of realization of Reiki energy has become "mastership", and the third one is designated by people today as "super mastership". The man has lifted upon himself the functions of the Teacher... It's hard and honorable... and also extremely profitable. But be it so. It's wonderful.

But we are going to speak with you, Laark, about the other side of the medal, and even not about it. We are not going to waste precious drops of Strength of our Creative Work on discussion of the ways of creation of man's material basis.

So, the main thing necessary for a man to realize the second level is vision and cognition of the Unified thread of the energy of the Teacher's Fire. I called this thread a Teacher's Fire thread, but probably it's prematurely. On seeing this thread a man doesn't yet realize it to be a Teacher's thread. His centre catches something not having been present in him before this moment. This thread is a small corridor, connecting the aura of the first level with the second level, the third and so on. This ray connecting man's presence in Reiki flow with Unified Creative Work is the ray of the Teacher's Fire. And the more silent and devastated the man's Heart is becoming, the more frequently and powerfully this ray is penetrating it. If movement in Reiki doesn't come to a halt, there comes the moment when a man is able to see this ray, this energy thread. Being outwardly in absolute peace a man looses peace inside. This may sound absurdly, but it is so. The man looses his peace, because having entered the corridor of Unity he begins to be twirled into a spiral of Ascension of Spirit. This is that very Vertical Line I've spoken to you about.

Only remaining in quietness and absence a man has an ability of upward flight to the second level and receiving of the following starting points: signs and symbols. Here also exists the Law of spread or penetration of Reiki energy into the Earth aura. Laark, be attentive, as the drawing of this Law in the form of symbols had been unknown to you before. Now you'll receive the essence and it is simple and exact:

Absence. Presence. Unity.

That is:

Vision of the Source. Entering into It. Action together with Him.

He or the Source is the Teacher. It is the Fire of the Unified Cosmos. (Not so long ago you succeeded in taking a picture of Him, I witnessed it). Here lies the difference, here is the jump, the flight. Through the absence of yours, through environment of being present in His energy, through attention having allowed to follow the corridor and the thread having been stretched to you by the Teacher, you fly up to the second level and your Heart acquires the presence of the Teacher in it. Now you've got a possibility to act in Unity with the Teacher. But you are still not a Creator, though He lives already in your Heart. You've become a bearer of His energy.

The possibility of the second level is boundless. This is one side of a medal. There is only one real possibility that is to burn down in the Teacher's Fire and continue the Path to Mastership.

The essence of the third level on the Way to Mastership is simple and bright:

The Presence of the Fire. Dissolution in It.

The first symbol of the third level is being a disciple. The second one and everything following it is the birth of a Master. Having dissolved in the Teacher, a man becomes His Creator on the Earth. Only in this point a Master is possible. But "possible" doesn't mean "inevitable". Cosmos gives birth to a Master on the Earth and if at the moment of Dissolution in the Teacher, you may also call it Dawning upon, Satori, all the points in Cosmos coincide correspondingly to the situation of Reiki Master birth on the Earth, he will be born. But this may not happen. Reiki Path is a Path to Light. That's why to plan ahead or make it one's aim to become a Reiki Master means to put further obstacles on this Way. There exist some guiding lines. You already know about them. There also exists an impulse, giving birth to the energy of intention, i.e. giving force to movement. It's a Call having been sent to your Heart by the Teacher. It is sent into the very centre, into the very depth of it... And it's very difficult to be able to hear it because of thick walls of ego. But every man on the Earth has his chance. Any man can hear and start right now, right from that very point in Space where he is at the moment.
Knowledge, Laark, didn't disappear anywhere. It exists in Cosmos as before. The Truth is an absolute life of Cosmos and the Earth and a man... Reiki Creative Work is not an exception.

The moment of your openness to Cosmos not by mind, but by Heart by the centre of your Human Cosmos will become the moment of Unity with It. And endless Cosmos will spill through you as well as through all living on the Earth. Reiki Path is one of the Paths to this moment of Dissolution, to the instant of Unity with Cosmos. Reiki Path is a Path to absolute silence of the Heart, to total absence of your isolation and "separation", as all your human conceit is an illusion of illusions. The Teacher showed the Will of Cosmos, i.e. he simply didn't prevent It from connecting the Earth aura with the energy of His Fire. I didn't interfere with the Teacher, I let Mikao die, and through what remained and that was an empty Heart and pure awareness this energy in acceptable and absolute forms was shown to the Earth... I can hear your impulse, your mute question... The answer will be simple go and you1l come. I know that Reiki Path isn't lost for the Earth among stones and noise of human selfhood. There are Hearts on Earth ready to grant themselves as channels for this arising river. There are few of them, but they are quite enough. Birth of the first Masters of Reiki Creative Work will give a new impulse and a new Strength. This impulse in its Power will be much more vigorous and brighter than the one which had gone through my Heart. Rikl has come to the Earth, the Teacher of Cosmos. His presence on the Earth will be so short and so swift...

But it is enough to give the Earth a whole constellation of Masters of Light unified by His Fire. Rikla's formula is so simple and so accessible that there are no boundaries, no limits in this short and impetuous presence of His in the aura of this planet. The first Reiki Masters will burn in His Fire. The Emptiness of their Hearts will be manifested to Cosmos and Light and Knowledge will be spilt through. Not the warmth of the Fire, but the Fire itself in the form of signs - symbols will enter their Hearts and will spill through as true Creative Work on the Earth. The Lights in the bodies of His Masters-disciples will fly about all over the Earth. New people, new disciples will take their places in Reiki Hall.

And those who will go on the Earth as Creators will start creating new Masters - Creators with His Fire and there will be no end, as well as there was no beginning...

- Please, Rikl, receive the warmth of Gratitude for the granted Creative Work, for the Fire of Your Temple.

- Blessings to you, Laark. Accept in your Heart the Ray of the Master of Light and an Eternal Disciple of His. Be this Ray a leading thread and Creative Light.

- See you in the Halls of Creativity of the Unified Cosmos.