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RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

Book One, talk 28 p.167

Rodaina, Kiev, 2006

- Hello, Teacher. I’ve come to You having heard Your Call, though some confusion touched my Heart. The Call of the Teacher – it is something inexpressible, it is like a rose bush fragrance that happened all of a sudden in the middle of a winter snowy forest …

- Hello, Laark … Are you still in confusion?

- I’m not already. Your voice having filled my Heart with emptiness and silence has returned back Laark, a Blessed listener and a Disciple of Yours.

- Then accept my Blessing … And I will explain the cause of your confusion. You are worried because you feel the Creativity with Micao «not to have been completed». Don’t be deluded, Son. There was no beginning, neither will there be end to true Creativity. In reality this is happening. For you it has become possible to be aware of several energies simultaneously, but your attention is not yet quiet enough. There still exist the limits of your channel. This is exactly what designated in Space an impulse that you called a Teacher’s Call. All right, let it be so. The Call and your readiness will give the form to a new Knowledge. We’ll speak about what is called a channel.

What I’m going now to tell you, people call differently: a channel of communication, a channel of vision, a channel of communication with Universal Reason, etc. All these names are absolute nonsense, now I can tell you about it.

Everything is simpler. I don’t say «easier», I say «simpler». There aren’t any channels and any connection. Cosmos is Unified and It needs no connection and no channels.

Cosmos – is a part of You, equally as you are – a part of Cosmos. So, who has to connect whom? And for what? Before we come closer to the gist of our talk, I want you to realize what I’ve told you about.

Cosmos is Unified and Absolutely Integral. A human being on the planet Earth – is a wonderful part of It. There isn’t any connection, there is only presence, constant and indivisible. Throw off the notion «a channel» with all that was stuck on it by clever people, only then we will be able to Create now what we’ve been inscribed to. The word «inscription» is also just a word. There happened the appearance of the energy and our Creativity is its inspired form for the planet Earth. The starting point in this Creativity is but one – the emptiness of the Heart. For a human being it’s an only place where any kind of true Creativity can happen. No goals … not a single breath of wind … The Creator’s Path is from the energy to the form, and a Path to Creativity is from a form to energy. In the center – is the emptiness of the Heart. Beyond – is the Infinity, but we are not speaking about it now.

What I’ve called up to this moment a channel has a much subtler content and I used this heavy and coarse word, because you were heavy and coarse. In real existence a subtle and deep Creativity is hidden behind this word. A channel is a case. And inside it there is what I call a technique of entrance . Of course, you don’t need to enter anywhere. But what is going to happen can be called exactly in this way. It is not a technique of throwing oneself into open Cosmos – that would mean a suicide. It is called entrance into the Hall of Creativity of Cosmos.

So, this technique begins in the center, in the Heart, to be more exact in Its emptiness, where there is absolute silence and absence of whatever. Meditation is a door. When your awareness enters it, you get into a world having no forms. At this moment everything arousing the slightest sway, i.e. the form will become a hindrance, even be it all kinds of faces including those of Saints and Teachers – it doesn’t matter. Everything will become a hindrance to absolute absence. No colors, voices and the like can take place in this point. No expectation of anything whatever, including silence. Mind is always expecting. In this point nothing can happen, as everything has already happened there. It is simple, but it is the most difficult thing, it is a door.
And further – you happened to be a human being. There are two words: Attention and Inspiration. They are words – cases, inside – is the energy inherent to man. For example, a flower doesn’t have this peculiarity, that’s why, it is a flower …

… Attention … We spoke about this energy during one of our meetings. And you already know its peculiarities. It is as if being weaven out of infinite weightless bits of fluff ready to follow any slightest breath of breeze or just a breathing, and at the same time it is inactive. Its action – is its inactivity. It just testifies. Now you testify, i.e. you see.

If you see something at this moment, be sure that you have been carried away from the Truth far aside, for the Truth is in the center and there, as far as you know, is emptiness. All the fascination of the energy of Attention is that now you can observe where you are, what is flowing through you and in what part of you it is taking place. In other words, you’ve become aware and mind is now in the sphere of your vision. It keeps on functioning as usual, but you are not involved in it totally. You can see the movement and the places where you happen to be in the result of races of mind. I would call Attention a mirror of awareness. Being in the center and having realized the energy of Attention, you have a possibility to be Existence itself, i.e. all Existing on the Earth without identifying to it. So far that’s all I can say about it.

… Inspiration … This energy also appeared on the Earth because of existence of human awareness on this planet. I said «awareness» not incidentally, for only awareness can manifest a human being to a human being. Awareness is an efficient Cosmic Laboratory on the Earth. So, Your Heart having become empty and you having realized the energy of Attention in It, you are given a chance to act – to Create. And here begins «the most interesting». Fortune-tellers, clairvoyants, contactors, «super healers», spirit exorcists and snake charmers, karma correctors and encoders, black and white sorcerers, extrasensors of all kinds and so on. All this can be given several definitions, I like one of them: schizophrenia, gradually transforming into a suicide.

So, what happens to a man who has got into this point of space? A man having received a possibility to see the energy immediately starts to give it a form, but he doesn’t realize the essence of it …

It is as if a child having hardly learned to walk finds himself on a busy pavement at rush hour. You can imagine what is going to happen to this child in a second. In this point a man is sure to be inevitably involved into energy actions, because he has a possibility of it and nothing else interests him any more. It is a schizophrenia leading to death …

- Where is the way out, Rikl?

- There is no way out, for you are involved, i.e. you have already designated yourself in the Space of energies as potentially being able to give forms. Entrance is required. And it is there. It is entrance into the Creativity, which is much farther and deeper than the point of possibility. Inspiration – is that very energy, that very force which is able to bring man’s awareness to the Gates of the Halls of the Truth and give birth to a Creator on the Earth – not a trader, to a child of Cosmos – not a self-murderer.

Do, note, that obsession and passion – it is you, inspiration – it is absence of you. Have you grasped the difference?

- Yes, I have.

- Then we’ll go on. Inspiration is a Force which will help your awareness to draw nearer to the Halls of the Truth and its subtlest energies without being stopped by any temptations and tricks.

- Teacher, how to discern, how not to lose one’s way in this boundless ocean? How not to find oneself a golden cage?

- It is simple, Laark. Everything that you can aspire to and attain in this point of Space is sure to become a golden cage again. But everything that simply happens here and doesn’t involve will turn out to be an impulse of Inspiration. If you are attentive, you will notice that there is nothing except some force behind these impulses. Exactly these moments are precious. They will help to see all the stupidity of what attracts your attention taking your awareness away into a rotation of energies, for which only he who is able to give forms is significant.

The energy of Inspiration is directed vertically upwards, speaking more precisely into the depth. It doesn’t search in horizontal layers of the same level. And the energy of Attention will help you to keep it. These two sisters will help you to see everything, to be cognizing on your Path being not involved, to remain empty. There are no goals, no decisions or actions. There is but a fact testifying to what has happened.

It’s hard to remain not involved. It’s difficult not to yield to temptations of Space. But if you succeed in preserving silence and emptiness in your Heart, you will come. And Inspiration will unmistakably bring your absence into the point of your and only your Creativity. You will know and see many threads of energies, but only to have a possibility of using or not using them in your Creativity.

The main thing necessary at this stage is to remain not involved.

If you entered this point of vision remaining not involved, the next step on the way to Creativity becomes possible.

Inspiration – is the energy coming from the Halls of the subtlest energies of Unified Cosmos. And if you invited this energy through the energy of Attention into your center – you have come. Inspiration – is the beginning of any true Creativity. It is a thread, uniting man’s awareness with the One Creator – Cosmos. The energy starts flowing through the emptiness of your Heart and come out of it as a Created form of the Earth. The only thing you have to do is to be absent and out of this absence to testify what is happening. The energy of the Truth doesn’t make heavy and doesn’t clutter up your Heart. On the contrary! It brings more emptiness, cleanness and liberation. Any other energies can give a man nothing of the kind, as they themselves represent a form subtler for the Earth, but heavy and coarse for the Halls of True Creativity. Here lies the difference, Laark.

Everything that leaves in you the slightest trace and by the slightest breeze calls you somewhere – all this will be silly games taking place on the surface of the point of Space where vision is possible. The Truth remains in silence. It is not dual, it is One, that’s why it will cause you nothing but silence and absence, as exactly only in this Space of yours of silence and absence it is possible. This energy doesn’t search for anybody or anything in Space. Only empty Heart can come in contact with it and only integral and undivided awareness can see it behind the created form of the Earth.

I can hear your question, Son, and I’ll try to give an answer to it, if you let me. The question is connected with your Creativity, nobody else’s and the answer will be for you, though not only for you …

The Halls of the Truth could otherwise be called the Halls of God, the Halls of the Spirit and the Halls of the Teacher. The word «the Hall» is merely a word like water, fire or a tree, or a man – they are all words. Behind the word «a Hall» there is a Space. The Hall of the Truth is a Space where pure energy, the Truth, is possible. When your awareness visits this Space, your contact with the Truth is possible.

And if you are absent in it and your Heart is filled only with emptiness, this energy will flow through it and be born on the Earth as having forms.

In order to grow a flower, one doesn’t have to persuade the Earth or anybody else to produce this miracle. One needs to prepare favorable soil, put a seed into it and water it. And that’s all. This miracle will happen irregardless of whether you were trying to persuade the flower or danced around it, cried or laughed, wanted or didn’t want it.

In true Creativity everything is as simple. I’ll give you a technique, though, you already have it.

A Meditation

… Become quiet. Leave everything human beyond this quietness. Just watch the world, just listen to it.

… Attentively testify all that is happening to you inside and outside… Let the world inside and outside you merge… And be very attentive.

… Don’t close your eyes and don’t prevent them from closing if they want to. Don’t put anything in front of you or behind… There is only an instant right now. It is becoming longer and longer, it isn’t divided by breathing… An Instant – an Eternity… You’ve started a journey into your depth. There is nothing there – just great Emptiness… You are growing light and empty… Keep your Attention. You are an attentive witness… Let your expectation, let the time go, as for you everything has stopped moving, you are in Eternity… A new, unknown, unreal world is appearing somewhere very deep in your being. You begin watching it with new unfamiliar eyesight, living also there. The borders of external and internal, of real and unreal have vanished.

… But you are still a Witness… There is no you, as you are dissolved in Attention… All that you see and realize outside merge with all that you see inside… The world is integral… and real… Don’t divide it, just testify.

Testify everything, but remain motionless. You can fly, but don’t do it, for you are already flying, but flying in the vertical line… Be attentive and quiet… All that you see is not emptiness, all that you see is sure to stop your flight, if you go after your visions, be they the most wonderful ones.

… You should only testify… Disarray or bliss, tears and joy – these are only feelings of your body. Let everything pass by your silence – only testify – and don’t stop anything… You are inactive, but you are moving in a single flow with Eternity. You don’t feel that you are moving, you are dissolved in this movement… The clouds are passing by, the same river is carrying them, but it is their Path and you are just testifying it. You watch everything, but you are not involved.

… As the river becomes rain in order to become a river again, so Cosmos becomes the Earth to become Cosmos again.

… You’ve cognized the Main Thing… You’ve felt it. It visited your Heart and now you know this Main and One and Only. The touch was soft and hardly noticeable, but you testified it, you were attentive and you didn’t miss that moment… Now you know it and you’ll discern it… You’ve come…

… You are leaving this world… This non-existence. You can’t retain it, neither can you remain in it… You are leaving it, but now you know this moment. Don’t worry and don’t go away farther than you could… Now you can enjoy your having acquainted and having felt it… You are returning into the world of earthly forms to bring it the fragrance of an instant of your contact with the Truth… Now you’ll be able to live on the Earth so that to have a possibility to return, for you know the Way…

… Be Blessed the Path, as well as the One who Creates It…

… As before, I’ve brought you to the door itself. Once having started this journey a man will sooner or later come, he will learn the Truth and will be able to give It the forms of the Earth. More exactly not to give, but to pour in the form acceptable for the Earth. Every man is able to be the Creator of the Truth, moreover, everyone has come to the Planet exactly for this. And every Heart, every awareness is unique in what is poured through each of men to the Earth. The Truth is but One, but there are lots of forms of its manifestation. Inspiration, the driving force towards the Hall of the Truth, opens up for each of the men his individuality, his uniqueness. But this Creativity of revelation lies far beyond the limits of human mind and ego. It just happens, it is not fabricated. It is mind that fabricates, the energy gives birth. On entering the Halls of the Truth a man becomes its Creator. There isn’t anything defined or conditioned by something. You can Create only one thread of it and you can Create ten of them and so on, until a man dissolves his human form in it and finds himself in the next point of his Path – incorporeal ether. There everything is going to be a little bit different. But till he is on the Earth, he is able to Create the true forms of it.

- Teacher, tell me about the energy of the Halls of the Truth. And what is…

- Laark, you are not corresponding now in your forces to what is behind your question. That’s why I’ve stopped you and suggest going on with our talk during our next meeting, so that you could correspond to what your question is to entail. Do you agree to my suggestion?

- Of course, Teacher!

- Be Blessed and quiet, Son.

- Thank you, Father. Good night.