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RIKLA ęThe Fire of the Unified CosmosĽ

Book One, talk 42 p.314

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

- Hello, Teacher! I see You and I donít believe my eyes. Youíve opened to me the Gate of your Temple, or are these only my human fancies?

- Hello, Avetin. These are not your fancies. Youíve really entered the Temple of Riklaís Creative Work. But it wasnít me, who opened this Gate. Itís you whoís opened it in your own Heart. So you are here. Iíve been sending a call to you since long and now youíve heard it. Iím glad to see you and Iím ready to take you by the paths of the unknown.

- Teacher, a flow of questions and not only them is ready to break throughÖ

- Take your time, son. An only condition allowing such Creativity to happen is quietness of your Heart. There are no other conditions, for everything is visible and known. Iíll slightly refresh in your awareness some moments, having already taken place in Cosmos. You know them, Iím only going to manifest slightly some facets of these crystals in order to make up the deficiency connected with imperfection of your attention.

- Thatís exactly what I wanted to ask You in the first placeÖ

- I hear all the muddle in your subtle bodies, thatís why I say to you once more about the quietness of the Heart, otherwise no Creativity is possible. Just keep it open. Silence always lives there. It will fill in all your being, if the doors are open. The one, with whom for the first time on the Earth we plunged into this Creativity, had a perfect command of the quietness of the HeartÖ Iím speaking about Laark. From now on the part of Creativity he was dealing with on the Earth will be taken by you. This has been caused by a number of reasons. And even the fact that you replaced Laark in his body is not the main one. A body is only a body. Creative Work flows through Awareness living in the Heart of the body. You both have different awarenesses. Moreover, you came to the Earth through the forms in Cosmos absolutely different in their structure. Before coming to the Earth you lived on the planet of Avetina, and Laark came from the planet of Proserpina. Laarkís awareness before giving his body, i.e. the earthly form, had followed the Path of hundreds of incarnations long. As for your awareness, it came to the Earth for the first time. Now Laark is a disincarnate disciple of the Chamber of the Fire. He is toiling in the Ray of my brother, the Teacher of Cosmos, whose name on the Earth was Osho. This is the way his pupils called him. Now Laark is dissolved in His Fire in order to imbibe His Light and continue the PathÖ

The main reason to transmit to you the Ray of Creativity in Unity with me was the energetic ęcrisisĽ of the body, in which it got in the result of the operation on the replacement of the awareness. Your body was burning down, because it has a colossal memory of the previous incarnations of Laarkís awareness. The body wasnít able to accept the new experience of Avetinís awareness and didnít want to part with the previous experience. Itís a unique situation and weíll speak about it separately some time later.

Its uniqueness is in creating energetic vacuum. As soon as the powerful Ray of Elliokka penetrated this vacuum, Enlightenment of the body occurred. The Ray got in connection with the new Avetinís awareness, knownun to It as well as to the Earth. The explosion of the body was inevitable. It couldnít give way to the form of the energy streaming from the Heart because this energy came from the beyond Cosmos and it has no experience of giving forms in the Aura of the Earth. It was necessary either to block the admission of Avetinís energy into the consciousness of the bearer or change the bearer itself. But you canít call either of these actions Creative Work. Then the Chamber of the Fire through the energies of Rikla and Osho created an impulse of Creativity. The ęmediatorĽ between Avetin, the Chambers of the Knowledge of Heavens and Riklaís Chamber was removed.

- Laark?!

- You are right, son. Laark remained in Oshoís Ray, Avetin Ė in Riklaís Temple. And the Lords of the Seven Rays Morya and Florentiyetz brilliantly performed this act in the Heavens and on the Earth. Avetinís energy was given the way out, i.e. the possibility of Creativity. Thatís why God Knows what we are going to deal with in my Temple, so, to call it a part of Laarkís Creativity or someone elseís will be absolute nonsense. There is a Teacher and there is a disciple. This is quite sufficient. At our first lesson I will teach youÖ how to make a ceremonial tea and how to correspond exactly to the energies of our talks inÖ choosing jamÖ

- Thank you, teacher, it is truly a magical experience of the Earth and Iím going to master it painstakingly. Will cowberries with sugar suit us today?

- Fine. You are making progress.

- Teacher, I feel as if Iím weaven out of small encounters of some ęmilitary actionsĽ inside myself. What is it? I canít be in peace with myself. This state is familiar to me, but I canít catch those holes through which emptiness and quietness flow away and a hurricane of questions and aspirations taking me away from my centre substitute for them.

- This is more than normal, for you are a human being now and what sounded in your address to me is characteristic of humans. The fact that youíve traced this ęwarĽ in yourself tells that you are Awaken. Millions of people today live on the Earth not suspecting that they are in the state of ęmilitary actionsĽ. There are neither winners nor defeated in this ęwarĽ. They just canít be! Manís mind puts on this performance to him, thus taking him away from contiguity with the true existence of human essence on the Earth. This is not profitable to manís ego, because a man having learned his own true Essence in Cosmos doesnít need ego. It just stops existing in him. Thatís why ego clutches on every protuberance, every crack in manís Integrity. It doesnít let him go even when a man sees the Truth. The mind of a contemporary man has learned to manipulate even with this. The mind claims: ęI can seeĽ, ęIím a supermanĽ, ęIím a MasterĽÖ

Enlightenment has become an aspiration and ego is sitting upon this aspiration firmly and comfortably. Ninety nine percent of ęspiritual tutorsĽ today donít care of the people who follow them. They are just the material, stones, with the help of which the leaders pave their own way to Enlightenment. But they can see the energies! Otherwise nobody would have followed them.

Truth is energy. Any form is its consequence. The Path to the Creativity of the Truth is opened to the one who sees and knows it, but at the point of seeing the Path is only opening. Manís ego has been ruling over at this point since long. The one who sees energies is becoming a manipulator today. The Path into oneís own depths becomes further impossible than it was before, and a man goes away from a Master inside himself for many incarnations. At best, vision brings a man today to the craft which he believes to be Mastership, but this is merely a beautiful copy. In most cases a man becomes a manipulator Ė a stone in the River of Cosmos Creative Work. But this is half the trouble, ęconstant dropping wears away the stoneĽ. Most terrible is conscious manipulating, for in its essence it brings destruction. Self-destruction is no less destruction than the destruction of somebody or something. Atom splitting didnít become Creativity, though the scientistís vision was the basis of this discovery. The scientist by himself, having been able to see the creative process, is certainly a Creator. But people were not ready to accept the Gift and as a result theyíve brought the situation on their Planet to the verge of death. It is a sad, but vivid example showing what happens, when energy gets into the hands of craftsmen and manipulators. It is a big problem which is needed to be dissolved in Cosmos today. There exist a great number of small cataclysms and catastrophes, which people drive themselves into, flirting with the energy. One neednít necessarily be Enlightened in order to see itÖ

ReikiÖ Micao must be toiling hard in order Jesus permits him to be incarnated once more to deliver people with his own hands of the Gift, which he brought from the Chamber of the Teacher. The Gift of self healing has turned into the ęGift of self-destructionĽ today. Looking at any part of this Creativity today you will see either hackwork or manipulation or destruction. Receiving the ęfirst degreeĽ of Reiki (this is how the acquaintance with the energy is called) a person is sure that he is a tube, a channel. He should only put his hands, it is the task of the energy to heal. Of course, the man ęwas initiatedĽ into this for a certain charge. Reiki is a self awaring energy, and it knows what to doÖ Yes, Reiki is an Awareness, as any other Cosmos energy. It doesnít care of a man, if a man doesnít care of it. It is very convenient to attribute oneís own lack of correspondence to the Creativity of Cosmos Energy to the energy itself. Well, itís the first degree and the responsibility is inessential, though itís the greatest delusion! If a person invites energy, he must correspond to it. When a man invites a guest, he welcomes and treats him, otherwise, the guest will never visit his house again. People know this and honour. And what about the energy? Isnít it worth attention? Does it need only a tube, a channel and not a manís heart, not his consideration?!

With the receiving of ęthe second degree of the creativityĽ a circus show starts! But looking at this circus frankly, there is no intention to insult the circus, for circus is joy. And you canít call joy what is happening in this ęsecond-degreeĽ world. The criteria for ębeing initiatedĽ into the energy is the term of ęworkĽ in ęthe first degreeĽ and cash money, preferably in currency. One year period of work, money availability and Ė come in! You are going to listen to ęmasterísĽ delirium for a week, then learn the symbols well, better write them down into your note book(!) as if it were a phone number, and you can receive one of the Highest Initiations of Cosmos!... If to receive an Initiation today has become as simple as to call at a store for some purchase, then why people havenít cured themselves and their planet? Where do wars, diseases and destructions come from? Why not gather together and ask Reiki to stop this flow of death, having provided for that several hundreds of mastersí tubes? And the second degree army numbers already thousands of tubes for the ęcreativityĽ of energies! I suggest to try! Such a show it is going to be!

- Teacher, what is an initiation, that a Master gives? What is happening during it? How does it influence the one who received this or that initiation, and what is the point of possibility, the criteria for the initiation?

- There is no additional criteria for any Initiation, except an only one Ė life in a human form. An initiation is an earthly notion and all possible initiations had already happened to a man long ago. When awareness enters a body, an Initiated is born on the Earth. All children are Initiated till a certain moment. A true Spring of Cosmos Life Energies seethes in Spiritual Heart of every little man. In some moment a Pure Spring gets under a stonefall of rude forms Ė emotions, passions, raging around him. The spring closes and a man sets forth again in order to find and clean It. This Path is a manís mission on the Earth. And his Mission on the Earth is a constituent part of his Mission in Cosmos, but as a Mission of Awareness. If a man succeeds in purifying the Spring on the Earth, he can start the Path of the Mission of his awareness in Cosmos being in a human form. This is the highest manifestation of manís Initiation. He becomes a Master of Light on the Earth Ė an Enlightened Master. This used to happen and is happening to all who attains the point of Enlightenment, having preserved the human form. Iím telling it in a very easy way to you, speaking exactly, Iím showing the Gist of the Truth. In reality it is a long Path of a man on the Earth lasting hundreds of incarnations. Itís a long and difficult Path until he will be able to bear his Enlightenment in integrity with his body, in harmony with the forms of Life of Earthly World. It is simple, but a Path to this simplicity is hard. Before a man reaches his highest Initiation, he passes stages, landmarks along his Path. Exactly these landmarks are the essence of the initiation. An Initiation and a Master are an inseparable pair. A Master is a surgeon and an initiation is his instrument, for what happens with application of an initiation is the subtlest operation which is made on a manís Aura or on something that has an Aura. A Master using in his Creativity an initiation must be able to see the Aura absolutely, otherwise he is not a Master, but a craftsman. Before starting an initiation a Master investigates the Aura of what is going to be initiated. Be it a man or any other form of life, a situation or an idea, it doesnít matter at all. This process is mostly important in this Creativity and requires Masterís absolute scrupulousness and exactness. He can make an initiation without any difficulty, but where, at what point of going a Path in Cosmos, in what place, at what moment?! These are the questions facing the Master. And until he finds answers an initiation wonít happen in its true cleanness Ė in its essence. Now we are going to speak with you about a manís initiation, for a manís Aura is most significant for the Earth. There are no two identical persons or Auras. The ceremony or the ritual of an initiation, i.e. the technique of the initiation can be changed, but what is happening during it is always unique and an only one in its kind in Cosmos. Thatís why the situation or the point in Space where the initiation may occur for each man is his own. Someone will be initiated by the Master without even having time to open his mouth with the request about it, for another one it will be days, months, years of preparation, and to somebody a Master will offer the initiation himself and, moreover, he will follow the man to any place on the Earth so that the initiation can happen. To call it a degree of readiness or unreadiness of a man, having come to the Master is, to put it mildly, out of place. If a man happens to meet a Master (that is he saw a Master and came to him), it means that he is ready. The further events will be developing according to other Laws different from manís readiness or unreadiness.

A Master opens up Manís Aura in a certain place with a technique known only to Him. And certain Cosmos energy comes in though this window.

A ritual or an Initiation Ceremony is created with the aim of ensuring the Cleanness of the Space. It is necessary in order not any other energy could get into the process of the Initiation, passing Masterís awareness. In the moment of opening the window in manís Aura a Master becomes One Single Whole with this man, he merges with him. The energy penetrating manís Aura passes through Masterís Awareness, as if receiving a direction. This energy doesnít appear all of a sudden. It has been living in Masterís Heart since the moment he became its Creator and at the moment of an Initiation an impulse intensified by Cosmos comes into this energy as a splash into manís Aura through Masterís Awareness. The form of the channel of this impulse may be Masterís hands, a word, i.e. a sound, a look, a crystal, a rod, a staff or any other form, filled with this energy or chosen by the Master. It doesnít matter. Then, as in any other operation, the place of opening is healed and closed. But unlike operations in the physical world no trace is left. It simply canít be left, as in the case of getting a drop of water into a glass of water, for example.

Iíve shown to you the essence of an initiation. There is no necessity to innumerate peculiarities of this or that initiation, as well as no possibility to tell about every initiation separately in our Creative Work. There is a great deal of them on the Earth.

- And what happens next? Is there any difference in the Aura of an Initiated and not initiated man? In what way does the Life in the Initiation differ?

- To see the difference in the Auras wonít be difficult for you, as well as for anyone who is able to see the Aura. But we are going to speak about it in our next talk, for you must haven not noticed, that an evening flew by, and a night, a day and one more night, have you?...

- I have, Father, but I canít part with you!...

- And who says that we are parting? We are just going to get down to another Creativity Ė mundane affairs.

- Then, Good morning, Teacher?!

- Good morning! Letís go and welcome the SunriseÖ