RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 44 p.324

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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-        How do you do, Avetin? Are you ready to follow further the Path that we have already started?

-        Yes, Master.

-        I can hear a question inside you. Is it so, son?

-        Yes, Father. I dont like this question, but I dislike it even more for it has been hanging upon me like an obtrusive grumbling shadow since long.

-        Its a fantastic situation, speak up.

-        I cant get rid of a doubt that making notes of our talks is of no importance. Why shouldnt I just be your disciple, flying together with you in the space of Cosmos imbibing the Light of the Truth, the Teachers Light

-        Fine. Then answer me the following question. Have you over tried not to write?

-        Yes, I have

-        So what, have you succeeded?

-        No.

-        That is the point. You may not write, but you cant help writing, for you are Initiated. The Wind of Inspiration takes you away into this Creative Work and you cant resist it. That is the essence of the Initiation.

A Master or a Teacher on Earth or in Heavens to be more precise in Cosmos opens mans Heart towards one or another Cosmos energy and the man becomes its Creator. But the Master does it exactly in the point of readiness of a man to accept this Initiation. This moment is a very subtle and filigree work of a Master Creator. And if the sending of the Initiation is precise, the man who received it, vanishes in it.

The Ray of pure Cosmos Energy penetrates into the Heart the aura center of the Initiated. The place of passing of this energy thread is no thicker than a hair (exceptions are rare) and a Master sees this place. The man who is ready to accept the Initiation has just designated this very small area of his Heart. The Master sees it, helps him to become Empty, for only through absolute Emptiness the pure Ray of Energy can be spilt. Only after the Emptiness having been formed in the Heart, the Master by means of subtlest operation in mans aura allows the Ray to penetrate into the Heart and lets the Initiation happen. The Initiation itself is only an entry into this or that Cosmos Creative Work. The way to Mastership lies further. The Ray of Energy placed by the Master into the Heart the mans center is a thread. The man is to string beads of his life on it in the forms of Earth. That is the Path of Initiation as it is, for these beads represent every moment of mans life. The Initiation enables the man to see the Creative thread in every moment of his life and living every instant of his life in the Initiating Ray that is the Way to ones own Mastership. It requires Labor, the farther the man is moving along his Path, the more difficult is becoming his movement forward as it means the Ascension. The Ascension to the Top of Mastership. The Initiation itself is no longer significant for a man who had received the Initiation. It is a Creative Work of a Master having been born already, of the Creator of Cosmos Light having already come into existence. What is important in this Initiation is the path. Masters Violin will turn our to become a squeaking piece of wood annoying ear in the hands of a non-violinist. However Mastership of the Creative work of this instrument in the hands of Master Violinist gives birth to the energy of Cleanness and Power of Music on Earth.

There are a few peculiarities in following the Path of Initiation. A man always has a Choice. Absence of Choice is also his Choice between acceptance and non-acceptance of this absence. Ill show you these peculiarities, to be more precise those of them, which can be illustrated by using a Word.

One of the peculiarities of movement in the Initiation is the movement in the absence of the Master. Its a situation when a man has his Initiation, but he has no opportunity to proceed along his path beside the master in Masters energies. There can be many reasons for that: from the absence of a Master in his human body up to social conventions. To see the Truth of such movement is a matter of vital importance for Earth. Thats why I decided to transmit this energy to you, Avetin, exactly from this point of view.

-        Master, why is this side of the Creative Work in the Initiation so important for Earth? Are other forms of movement in the Initiation less important?

The Orchid of an Initiation.

-        Everything is simple, Avetin. When the Path in the initiation has brought a man into the point of Seeing, the Path changes its contours and inner content rather drastically. Well speak about it later, for one should reach this point first. And while a man is moving towards it, presence or absence of a Master is significant.

The particularity of Movement in the absence of a Master beside the man is significant by the fact that it is a most widely spread phenomenon today among the people on Earth, having accepted into their hearts this or that path of Initiation.

The reception of the energy of Initiation into the Heart means the beginning of the end of human minds power over a man, of the power of a part over the Whole. Somewhere at some point along the Path of Initiation as soon as the Ray of Cosmos clean energy gets into the mans Heart, dissolution into non-existence is on the watch for mans ego and the ego is aware of it. Thats why a Master and a servant, Ego and mind start a battle for power. They declare war to the Ray of Light, which is able to dispel their bulwarks of power by means of true Creativity of a man. Mans ego is terribly afraid of Creative Work, for it is not supposed to deal with it. Today on Earth in the Space of the Paths of the Movement of the Initiation in the absence of a Master Ego-mind succeed in coping with the sparkles of True Creativity, but prevent them from flaring up with Light on Earth in the Hearts of Creators, with Masters Light.

Millions of threads Beams of Initiation radiating to Earth stick and harden today in the labyrinth of mind and in the bogs of ego. Only a few are capable of going their Path up the Vertical Line, not spreading along horizontal sliding. The moment the Initiation reveals itself; ego gives evidence of itself too. It reacts instantaneously by the actions of a man in the opposite to the Initiation direction. Pedestals and tribunes are set up, shopping centers and shops are opened, where a man is erected, though his Creative Work has only slightly designated itself in Space. Moreover, on this smallest core of light no-way-out labyrinths are erected. Someone is being left in this row of trade stalls for longest rings of incarnations, someone sticks in the quagmire of power and possession, but where is a Master? Where is a Creator of Light? Where is the way to Mastership? There is no Mastership, but there is a competition: whose goods are better and he whose lust is subtler, he turns out to be the Master. But there is neither Light nor Truth in this Mastership.

-        Master, one question how?

-        Very simple. In this point of Cosmos Space for people on Earth there is only one possibility of moving towards ones own mastership along the Path of Initiation without physically contacting the one, who had poured the Ray of this Initiation into the Heart of a man Labor. Through his usual daily human labor the man will be able to preserve the spark of Mastership in his Heart and will help it to flare up with Masters Light. The most important thing to know is that the way to Mastership is unconditional. It is in itself clean from social life, mind and ego.

The only task facing the Initiated is to keep his Path safe at the very beginning from penetrating into it everything that is not inherent to him. This can be achieved only by Labor. Labor will block the access to a temptation to sell the Creative Work, for it is impossible to sell it! Labor will take upon itself all the blows of ego, disclose them and dissolve them. Labor will make mind do its own business, perform its functions.

All the dirt similar to the equivalent for the Creative Work will remain behind the other side of the Creative Work and wont touch it. The equivalent to Mastership is Life, no more and no less of it.

Nobody will pay money to be present at the rehearsal of a symphonic orchestra or a theatre cast. But when they have their first-night, it will be impossible to get the tickets.

None of the actors or musicians will sell tickets for the rehearsal, for it is absurd. None of the listeners, who came to the concert will ask the first violinist how he was leading his family during the preparation period for this concert. All this will remain over there behind the other side and the Light will pour, and the Creativity will pour.

Labor, a usual daily labor that is the Power able to preserve the Path of Initiation in its cleanness and primordiality. The more profound and saturated the Creative Work of a Man becomes, the more voluminous his everyday working life is to become. Otherwise, Ego-mind will inculcate upon the clean Creative channel again.

For a man whose Heart was visited by the Ray of Initiation, Labor becomes conscious. The essence of realization is simple: labor becomes for a man a universal device and a defender in social life. The main quality of the Labor of the initiated is that it satiates mind with food, makes it lighter, and dissolves mans ego. When mind gets tired of fulfilling tasks having been arranged for him by mans labor, it will no longer care for anything else. It will not care any more for Creative Work, for the ways of using it with the purpose of being satiated. At the beginning of the Path mind will be tired and replete.

At some point mind will become a creative instrument, but this will happen only when Creative Work will pour into it and not visa versa. The labor of the initiated is the Keeper of his Creative Work, the Keeper of the Cleanness of the Path to the Master in oneself. Suffice it for a man to see and understand it only once, then Realization will occur. Inspiration and lightness will enter labor, it will become Creative. This will become the first step towards integrity of a man in his Initiation.

So much for today, Avetin. Well go on tomorrow, if you are ready.

-        Thank you, Master. Good night

-        Good night