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RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

Book One, talk 45 p.330

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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-        Master, how does it happen, that labor, a usual human labor, is becoming the keeper of Mastership Paths?

-        Yes, Avetin, labor is a universal instrument indeed. It perfoms several functions simultaneously and all of them are aimed at preserving in man’s Heart a spark of his Initiation, his Path to his own Mastership in the absence of the Master near by.

I’m accentuating physical absence of a Master beside the initiated. With the Master being near by, no other guardian is needed, for his Path will be safeguarded by the Light of the person, who has poured this Light into his Heart – by a Master. But this is another peculiarity of the Initiation Paths or Mastership Paths (the essence is the same) and we aren`t going to speak about it  now. Now my word is about Labor as a keeper of Mastership Paths.

Mastership Paths are unconditional. And the man, having stepped on this Path, is to learn to see in any sort of labor a possibility of achieving his Creativity as being unconditional. When a man begins to see it, any Labor will become an integral part of Creativity. There are several functions of Labor as a Keeper of the Paths and I will show you each separately for you to be able to see all the completeness and significance of the Labor of Initiated in the life of Earth.

The first point where the Light of the Truth is necessary to be thrown is his social conditions. No matter whether a man is Initiated or not he is a part of either this or that social community of people. The first thing facing the Initiated on his Path is to find the ways to harmony in his interaction with the society he lives in. Harmonious collaboration means interaction of two integrities with the preservation of the integrity of both interrelating sides. Nowadays this harmony on Earth between a human being and a society has been lost. Isolated splashes of this harmony don’t matter for the general picture of disharmony and chaos (in the worst meaning of this word), having seized humankind today. Therefore Heavens is sending more and more Initiation Rays into exactly this sphere of earthly existence. Not into the monasteries and ascetic huts, but into the very midst of social masses. And the first significant important step for the Initiated is the step into the society in his new status – Being Initiated into the Creativity.

His Vertical Line begins at this moment. People of Earth today are not integral. Each human being as soon as he is born represents a society and the society is not integral since its parts are not integral. This is mutual destruction i.e. it’s a circle, which is rather vicious. To withdraw a society out of this vicious circle without getting out of it yourself is impossible. But as soon as a man has a chance to do it, his social conventions absorb him like a magnet attracts a grain of metal. When going your Path side by side a Master or a Teacher it’s easier to tear oneself away from this vicious round dance, for you have a Power of Light beside you, much more powerful… boundless and unconditional. But all of a sudden a Master is to leave this planet for some other point in Cosmos, this happens pretty often, and then what will those whose string has already been stretched do, who have already tasted the fresh Wind of the first metres of the Vertical Line? In order not to plop down into the social conventions, or in case it has already happened to have a possibility to start the ascension, a man needs only one thing: to increase the tension, not to decrease it. Not the tension of the Heart, it is impossible, as the Heart is light and free. But the tension of mind – that’s what is necessary to be increased constantly. It, mind, needs a good threshing to be able to understand at last what it is and for what purpose it was created. In order the mind would not imagine itself to be a Creator and at the same time would stop being his ego’s slave and would find true freedom in itself, having as food not substitutes of ego but a pure energy of Cosmos pouring through a man’s Heart.

-        It’s possible to achieve only through Labor, Teacher!

-        Your quick wits astonish me, Avetin.

You are right. Labor is the very instrument with the help of which a man achieves the first peak on his Way, in case a man is moving in the absence of a Master beside him, absolutely “on his own”.

-        And how does it look like in the forms of Earth?

-        Quite simple. Simple and imperceptible. Much depends on the point in Space (including society, of course) where the Initiation over took him.

-        Why do you say “overtook”, father?

-        Because it becomes a little “doomsday” for a man. All those who believe the number of problems to be reduced with the Initiation are deeply mistaken. Yes, something will leave you, but not the problems. On the contrary, you will have such a lot of them, that life itself will seem to be a big prolonged problem.

Man’s attention will be attracted by what is brought by the Initiation, and the further, the more. Everything brought by the Initiation is True and Eternal That’s why all the rest is left behind the background” and becomes insignificant. Here lies the main problem for the life of the Initiated, and if he doesn’t solve it at the very beginning of his Path, it will grow more and more like a snow ball which is sure to become a heavy burden upon his shoulders and will pull him down into the horizontal levels. In order to solve this problem of choice between an Initiation and everyday life one must clearly understand one thing: there is no and there can’t be any choice, because the Truth lies in the integrity of a human being. One must penetrate into the most difficult thing – into ordinariness. And there repeatedly increasing his efforts in the ordinary labor he is to dissolve his identity with this ordinariness.

Having concentrated his efforts in labor, a man brings to light and dissolves several fundamental bases of ordinariness at once. One of which is “being reconciled”. This is an anchor, keeping your ship on a leash, a ship being coated with mould, having slightly rotted, not feeling fresh wind in its sail and clean water under its keel. You have to make this step right now. You must take up any kind of labor, which allows you to apply your efforts in this point of Space. You shouldn’t be awaiting for it, you should be searching. You must be seeking after it as if it were a matter of life and death, for it is really so. Either the true essence of a human being will blossom out in Cosmos, on Earth to develop into a flower, or its core will be buried alive in the captivity of his Ego. And it is being solved right now, at this very moment. Not in the future promising you signing a profitable contract, but here at this instant, where you have neither a contract nor profit, but life being impossible without labor. Satisfaction is a lock of mind closing the possibility of moving along a Vertical Line.

Dissatisfaction is a True Force of Ascension.

The next barrier to overcome through Labor is dependence of a human being on means of subsistence in the society. This bridle is stronger than the others, as in its development it leads a man towards one of the constituents of a “destructive virus” in Cosmos – passion for possession. It’s already a loop for any kind of Creative Work, having got into which, to get out of it back on the Way to Mastership is one chance out of a thousand. A human being whose Heart hasn’t been opened yet by a Ray of Initiation into Creativity for a hundred percent depends on the society in the means of subsistence, for he doesn`t have any other aim. An Initiation brings him a chance, a powerful and a stable one. It brings him “something”, for the sake of which. But as soon as social conditions penetrate into the creative Work of the Initiated, he can say good – buy to the Creative Work as well as to his Mastership Path at least till his next incarnations if they occur at all.  Social conventions on Earth are so strong and keen that they are sure to swallow the Initiation and the initiated instantaneously. It will become for society an exquisite food. And what is further? At best hack–work is awaiting for a man. Anyway Vertical Line remains for him no more than a beautiful fairy – tale… An initiated man is not able to stop the continuous round of life of society, but society will swallow the Initiated at once! Such is the Truth.

And again Labor comes to help the Initiated, Labor in every moment of his life. Not waiting for the Labor but searching it, a man will create a shield to protect the core of his Initiation. Labor will protect a man from insatiable belly of society, but only if a man will simply work every day of his life, not distinguishing himself out of the common flow of  people and society. Everything that is connected in a human being with the society must be left in the society. Making his first steps of “Ascension” a man must become utterly absorbed in the life of the society. He mustn’t be afraid of this totality, he himself must become this totality. And the Creative Work of the Initiation is sure to manifest itself, since the laws of the society are of no importance for creativity at all. This is an Inspiration, a meditation, a prayer. And this may become possible only in the absence of mind, to be more precise beyond its boundaries. But before a man needs to exterminate his mind and to force it to work to the fullest power till it becomes exhausted. And this can be reached only by total living of every day, every instant of social conventions. A certain moment making the further Path of the initiated more possible and his Labor more conscious lies in this point. Human mind becomes adequate to itself. Exactly this point becomes for the Initiated the moment of possibility of his Creativity as his Path along the Vertical Line. This point looks like that.

When a man realizes Labor as a possibility to protect a spark of Initiation from the continuous round of life of the society, he starts increasing his efforts in everyday Labor. This in its turn leads to the increase of an equivalent, i.e. of the payment for Labor. But all this including the equivalent refers to social conventions and don’t have any relation to the creative Work. Here lies the totality. Even when some elements of the Initiation Creativity will happen to occur in Labor, these splashes will remain, they must remain to be for a man no more than social conventions, as well as payment for them.

Everything in a man is totally moving according to the laws of the society. A man regulates participation of some moments of True Creativity in the labor of the society by not distinguishing it out of a common flow. Labor in the society is what steadily gives an equivalent and it is stipulated by the society for example in the person of an employer.

When concentration of efforts in Labor reaches its peak, mind becomes quiet. It has become tired. It doesn’t pull a man to this or that object of the society any more as if he was a marionette. A man doesn’t feel the necessity of it any longer. Since long, since the moment of his Initiation he has known and has seen other Light. Society is no longer an only aim for him. But one thing is to see and know it, quite another matter to pacify one’s mind rushing from Light in the opposite direction. A man gave to his mind by his Labor as much as the mind is possible to receive. A man left everything inherent to the society in the society, having brought his mind to the limit of its own possibilities. This is a point of a mind being adequate to itself. Now it realizes what it is useful for. And even if EGO will urge it again to “grand” affairs, mind will not be able to go beyond its possibilities. This process of mind investigating its own self will completely absorb it and nothing will interest it any more. Being buzy with Labor, tasting its fruits, mind won’t have a single chance to withstand True Creativity gaining sap – the energy of Cosmos in man’s Heart. This is exactly what is needed for preservation of opportunity to move along the Vertical Line. To preserve the Path from penetration into it the energies of the society and at the same time to remain in the society, keeping to its laws and making use of all its advantages. That is what gives to an Initiated a conscious concentration of efforts in usual daily Labor.

You know, Avetin, it is strange that this unique classical technique is not used by people in their Paths both Initiated and not. People carrying either this or that Initiation immediately get under the pressure of the society, if a Master happens to be away and today it may look quite absurd. How can you give a solo violin concert not having a command of a violin in perfection? May be a man thinks, that suffice it to call himself a violinist, he will be able to squeeze out of a violin what a Master had put into it. And it’s funny to see that such things do happen and they are thought to be True Creativity! Nevertheless all these tricks can be certainly explained. They have nothing to do with the Vertical Ascension.

RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

I’m not saying to people having Initiations that it’s very simple to throw off your mind and become a Master. But people today are not able to throw off all the difficulties of mind, they are in it. That’s why I’m saying to people first of all to go into this difficulty. But to go totally. They should plunge into the social conditions and forget there about their Initiation, completely switching the attention to the difficulties of the society, of mind. It is necessary to drive your mind to the melting point. It is necessary to give to the society everything that it needs from a man and even more. Only in this way he will be able to get free of the society to go his Path in Creativity, remaining in the society, not allowing it to penetrate into his Creativity. This can be reached only through Labor in every usual day, in every usual situation. When a man begins to use aspirations of mind making use of Labor as an instrument of achieving these aspirations he becomes aware of all this and is sure to come out of conventions of the society.

Vision, Knowledge, Action – they are still there, on the Path. One is to get first to these peaks and to get preserving Integrity, not being a Burden in someone’s harness.

-        Master, are you leaving me?

-        No, Avetin, it’s not me, but we will stop here and we are going to continue at some other point of the flow of time. What I have told you must be heard, otherwise there won’t be necessity to continue following the Path.

-        Good night, Master.