RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 46 p.339

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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Hello, Avetin. I see that you are ready to continue our Creativity, thats why I called you. But before that Im going to show to you the point in Space where you are now, in other words, Ill tell you, what is going on with you. Youve gone through a certain period under the conditions of Earth aura, in the form of Earth as a man. This part of the Path of your awareness in this body turned out to be probably the most difficult for both of you out of everything you had already gone through. I mean awareness of Avetin and his body. That was the period of formation of your aura. Till this moment you were subjected to any draught on the part of the world surrounding you. Thats why neither I nor Moria left you alone for a single moment strictly safeguarding cleanness of your space. You were in our energies as if in a cocoon aura created from them. Wherever did you try to carry your body, be it mountains or social conditions, all these attempts were stopped at once very strictly and uncompromisingly. At some moment your Awareness intensified its presence pulsation so strongly, that stable, saturated energy form aura formed itself around coarse energies. In its cleanness it consists of the energy of Awareness. It is custom here on this planet. Thats why your aura don't differ much from the aura of Earth and its inhabitants, but well speak about it next time Meanwhile your aura required tempering from inside, for outside it is not subjected to the Space of Earth, because it lives according to laws of energy movement of Cosmos unfamiliar to Earth And then an only person dear to you in the whole world, being luckily the Teacher of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos, took a risky step with the blessing of the same unknown. I took the energy of Aiins'Family, the Teachers energies away from you. And into the very centre of ego of your body, pride, I threw a powerful sheaf of the Fire and left you alone burning in it. An only Ray of mission left to you by Light became a lighthouse to you accompanying you during this section of your Path. In our previous talk we met at this point and at this point we are continuing

Today we will speak with you, son, about what is going on with the aura of a man at the moment of his Initiation and further. Be very attentive, Avetin, for we are going to speak about energy movement in the Initiation and its laws. The word Law is not very correct here, wed rather call the ways of energy movement as the probability of the Initiation energy spread, since this process can be influenced.

- Master, does it mean that there are several peculiarities in this process: Masters presence or absence, for example?

- Yes, Avetin, an Initiation is an integral action and its processes are not divisible on all levels.

For the language of energies the word Initiation is a big word, having a slight suggestion of human pomposity. In Cosmos its simply a labor of form creation out of pure energy of Cosmos. Its a usual thing for a usual life of Cosmos on Earth. They call it also Gods Providence Well, if its a custom, let it be so, regardless of pomposity, they call it correctly. Earth is not an exception and the Ray of Initiation is a pure energy of Cosmos, a possibility of creation into the forms of the Planet. Two sides of one and the same act are present in the action of Initiation, they are: invitation of energy and the act of Initiation into the Knowledge how it can obtain this or that form. These are the two forms of the same whole, thats why one doesnt act without the other. Any of the two forms, having visited the mans Heart, will be waiting for its half. It vividly manifests itself in the case of a chain of incarnations of a certain man, taken separately.

Somewhere in some point he received an Initiation, which remained unrealized or was realized partially. In the course of transition from body to body one of the halves was lost and creative work will not have its continuation until integrity of the Initiation is restored in one of the incarnations. Its a usual thing today on Earth. You can hardly find a man, who didnt have at least one Initiation in the chain of his incarnations, as experience of Earth is noted for replacement of civilizations, and duration of mans life on Earth today is very short even compared to the life of his ancestors. And so rush people about Earth, having no idea how to use their next incarnation, wasting it. Its a blessing if lightning or any other powerful stress strikes a man, after which all of a sudden his eyes become opened or he begins to write poems or a dissertation, or starts painting, or just becomes able to see the world not with the eyes of a user, but a Creator. What is happening at that moment? Nothing special, except that something that had been lost long time ago is returning to him.

- And how is it happening, Master?

- Very simply, Avetin. In the course of his movement on Earth, it means in Cosmos in some point of Space, a man comes across one of the halves of his Initiation. A powerful force of attraction arises between the two halves. This force makes a hole in the aura of a man through an extreme or stress situation, and in case a man remains alive, he acquires a chance to continue his Path of Creativity and Mastership in it, having been interrupted in the course of his incarnations, as the Integrity of the Initiation has been restored.

So, I will show you the essence of the two forms of the Initiation. The Initiation itself is a moment of penetration of a thread of pure energy of Cosmos into the centre of man's aura. A moment an Initiation. Mans feelings here can be absolutely different: they can range from absence of any feelings to euphoria. It may seem a flow coming down from Heavens, or emptiness, or abyss, having absorbed his whole being. For how many people are there, so many can there be not resembling each other feelings. The reason of it is a thin thread of energy of Cleanness of Space.

Im emphasizing one moment in Initiation Cleanness of Initiation. Its an important moment, and Im going to dwell on it especially, Avetin.

Cleanness of space of Initiation is an absolute condition; it is a law for the Master. If a Master cant observe this law he is not a Master. The suitable place of such a master is not in the Chamber of Initiation, but in the Butchers, and to allow him to come close to mans aura means using violence against a man. At the moment of an Act of Initiation a Master is swaddling into his own aura the one he is Initiating. If something except the Ray of Initiation, no matter how little, is present during this Act, this something will inevitably get into the aura of a man, who has come to the moment of Initiation. This is called violence, violence graver than the physical one, for its trace hurts mans Awareness. Only absolute Emptiness of a Master allows the Initiation to happen. It concerns any Initiation into any Creative Work. Bear this law always in your mind, son, and in relation to this be strict and unconditional with yourself.

- Why are you talking to me about it, Teacher? Im not a Master.

- Well, Avetin, Im going to give you an answer by one statement existing on Earth: The ways of the God are unknown.

I wander myself: Whats the reason of my talking to you about a Master? May be, youll answer me, Avetin? No, you wont Then well go on

After the Ray of the energy of Initiation reaches the centre of mans aura, a Master covers up the aura, and the Initiated is left face to face with the energy, which visited him. A Vertical Line is opening from this point. What is happening to a man at the moment of his dissolution in the Ray of the Initiation is a peak, the Highest Point. And ones Path to this Height is his Vertical Line.

The Highest point of an Initiation is a moment of absolute Creativity. Absolute Creativity is Creativity in the absence of a Creator.

- Teacher, everything has mixed up in my head! If True Creativity takes place in the absence of a Creator, then what for is the whole procedure with the Initiation? And why are you laughing, Father?

- Your innocent question has made me laugh, and if you saw now your face in the mirror, you would be laughing together with me

Everything is simple, just look, a flower doesnt know anything about its own existence, but everybody knows about its flowering. It doesnt exist for its own self, but it exists for Earth, dissolved in its Creativity Flowering. Pollination, thirst for Light, need of water, etc. all this is left somewhere behind the other side of the Creativity of the flower. Flowering thats what is mostly important. If it doesnt flower, it ceases its existence on Earth as a flower. On the other level of existence it becomes transformed into anything else but a flower.

- Thank you, Master. Ive caught this fragrance of the Truth

- Well, thats fine. Now without any difficulty you will find the lost thread.

There is a Path as long as there is a traveler. No traveler no Path, they both are dissolved in each other. Exactly at this point True Creativity takes place, and all the Paths of all Initiations bring exactly here. The point of absence of a traveler and a Path, whatever or whoever it might be, is an absolute stop. Emptiness. At this moment something is happening for the sake of which it had all been arranged: a Man an Initiation Creativity and so on. There is nothing any longer between the energy and the Creativity of its forms. No conditions, no obstacles, as the one who might have brought them remained somewhere on the other side. A Path of Initiation is a Path towards the point of Emptiness in the Heart. At this point the energy can be developed into a form. It's essential that a man gets into this point from time to time, but it's important only for the Path and not for Creativity itself. The more often a man gets into this point, the closer he is to Realization of it. And only when a man realizes the Point of Emptiness in his Heart and will be able to live with it remaining a human being, only then a Master will be born and Creativity will pour.

Out of thousands of instants of presence in his absence landmarks of the Path along the Vertical Line to the Top are formed. Everything is simple, but at the same time difficult. There is only one reason for moving along this Vertical Line, that is the Wind of Inspiration, and there are a great deal of reasons not to pass it through.

In order for you to be able to see the whole picture of a Vertical Line, Ill show you the flow of energies in the aura of an Initiated. First of all most important is the Initiation itself, the instant of it. The further Path depends on what kind of instant it will turn out to be. This is extremely important today for the present-day people.

One didnt question the quality of the Initiation earlier. But nowadays owing to many reasons it has become actual, as hack-workers began to create instead of Masters. They may be brilliant experts of their business but none of them can display strength and Cleanness of a Master. And youll see now why.

The essence of an Initiation is in bringing the Ray of energy of Cosmos into the Center of mans aura, nowhere else otherwise the initiation wont happen. The sending of an impulse of this Ray must be Precise and Strong, and this Creativity is only in the power of a Master, whose Heart has the presence of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos. And no other levels of Mastership are able to place the Ray of the energy into the center of mans aura, because in order to do this one needs the energy of the Fire of the Light of Cosmos. Without the Fire with the help of which a Master fulfills the operation, the Ray is likely to get into any place in mans aura, but not into the center of it, and this in its turn will lead merely to the acquaintance of a man with the energy of his Initiation, but not the Initiation itself. A precise and powerful sending in absolute cleanness of space that is mostly important.

But before the energy of the Ray of Initiation starts again its Path to Cosmos through the aura of an initiated man and his Creativity as a Master, this Ray first must get into the very center into the Heart of this aura. For a Lucid Master or a Teacher of the Mission of Light such an act does not represent any difficulty, as the Fire of the Unified Cosmos is burning in their Hearts. All attempts of people to make an Initiation will be merely an acquaintance with it, which happens today nearly in every tradition of spiritual paths as well as in any other Creativity. There are a lot of reasons for that, but nevertheless Truth remains Truth.

A mans Path in the initiation is a Path of an impulse placed into the Heart back to Cosmos through the birth of a Master in this man, who will be able to give a form to this impulse of energy. And through this form the energy will be sent to Cosmos, but in a transformed, not in the original way. This is the essence of the Creative Work of Cosmos. The Wisdom of todays civilization on Earth tells, Avetin, about this Path, and Im not going to repeat what is already known. Ill tell only, that until all hindrances are removed from the aura, until all her systems begin functioning in Integrity and Unity, True Creativity wont take place. There can be some fragments of it, some flashes, but for Earth today they have become insignificant. Processes reverse to Creativity are dozens of times more powerful and mode stabilized today. But this is not something unchangeable. Much has not been said yet in the Light of the Fire in this turn of Earth in Cosmos