RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 47 p.346

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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A Sledge hammer stroke against the anvil

A Sword was forged out of the

Fiery metal

Strong wind started to blow

The Sword has become tempered

The clouds have dissipated


Yelena a Child of Earth a Human Being.

At this moment you are opening the gates of Creativity of the Unified Cosmos and stepping on the Path of service to Truth. Cleanness of your Heart, fearlessness of your Spirit and disinterestedness of your thoughts have brought you by Earthly Paths to this moment Eternity. You are free! Theres no your past any more, theres no your future, there is only an instant a fly in the Eternity. Since this moment the Unified Fire a Breath of Cosmos has been living in your Heart. Carry this Fire, present it to people. Follow the Paths of its Creativity to any point in the space of Cosmos, for you are a Toiler of Earth, a Toiler of Heavens.

The Ray of your Service is known. It carries Light to wayfarers having lost their way in the Ocean of Universe in their movement towards Truth.

Your name is Ilaana Dissolved in Truth. Your name is a call of the Lord of the Ray of your Creativity it is a thread, bringing your Hearts together. Its a true connection.

Be blessed, a companion and a sister of Earthly Family Heavenly Brotherhood

Such is the beginning of the last talk in the cycle a Master an Initiation. In this way the channel of Initiation of an Aiin Ilaana into a Priestess of the Paths of the Family of Creators on Earth is opened by Heavens. With these words the Lord of the Ray of her service SaintGermain is greeting the servant of the Temple of his Chamber on Earth. The year that had preceded this Initiation ended up with the Creativity of Sarcophagus. The years of preparation for meeting the Fire turned out to be childish games, which had to be left behind the gates of Riklas Temple. This is the first and the most rigid demand of the Lord. All previously accumulated experience, having become useless, is thrown down off the shoulders of the one who managed to reach the laboratory, and is left in a common heap of useless rubbish. Having gone through the years of trials, having become a part of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos, a Priest, a Priestess, a bearer of the knowledge, stepping on the Path of service may rummage in this dust hole taking with himself all the best and necessary, once having been left there. With the aim of making use of this unnecessary rubbish his experience in work with people, but in full vision of what is happening. There is great deal of those who wish to receive an Initiation into the Aiins Family. There are hundreds of letters from sannyasins, from the followers of a spiritual practice of Reiki (they make up the majority there are thousands of them), followers of the teaching of Porphyry Ivanov, of the science of Reason, from the followers of the greatest bearers of Knowledge, collaborators of the Shambola of Earth Yelena and Nicolas Roerich.

By the way, in the fourth volume of our book we are going to show you a splendid facet of mutual Creative Work in absolute Unity of Yelena Roerich and the Aiins Family. Probably it will happen nearer to the year of 2000. Its simpler with Nicolas Roerich. I have got an impression that he is already working on Earth. What about you? Be attentive and you will hear these energies.

And all those having wishes I send to Bodhidharma. He will remind you: A man, who has wrong wishes, who has wishes at all is condemned for a fall into Hell. The energy of a wish is the energy of wretchedness, which is shaked out of those who have reached the Aiin Chamber like dust is shaked out of a straw mat of a dzen buddhist, which he uses for sleep and meditation, perceiving wisdom in solving a Coan. Well, you can see it yourself, there are thousands, hundreds, dozens, but a few are toiling today in the Temple of the Fire. Where are those who wish? In spite of all this Rikla doesnt take any money for the Initiation into the Aiins Family, for opening the healing channels, for the Initiation into the levels of the Master of the Fire there are five of them, and they all are confirmed with symbols and mantras. The answer is simple and you will find it here in this book, reading attentively the energies given to you. For today, for January, 29, 1998 only one person has been initiated into the third stage of the Fire, one into the second stage of the Fire and four people have been initiated into the first stage. The equivalent of the stage of the initiated is adequate to the level of his awareness and cleanness of his thoughts. The cleaner are these indices, the hotter and the brighter is the Fire, especially during the healing séances, the results of which are astounding. In the current year three women three Aiins, having unselfishly given their Hearts to the service of the Fire of Cosmos of this beautiful Planet will become the first Masters of the Fire. Today they are undergoing trials by social conditions beyond the walls of the laboratory. Their passing of this section of their paths is being rigidly controlled by a specially trained group of those who can see the energies of their movement. Such a process enables to correct in good time the energy of their movement in the forms of Earth.

Having become Masters each of them will become a servant of the Temple of the Ray having been defined by the Fire in various points of the space of Earth. New Laboratories will be organized in the Places of Power known to Aiins for the new masters and priests to be trained there.

Let be restored in the Fire those who once stepped into Its Flame and Fiery People will carry to Earth their Hearts love.

Having shown to you, an initiated, and to you, not initiated, one more of the facets of Aiins Creative Work, I will come back to the main intention of our talk. The energy of this creativity will come to an end, the second volume of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos will be published, all the points in the space of misunderstanding of occurring processes will coincide in your awareness, and Rikla this is unknown. Probably he will be far away from the dear Ukraine, having received him in the Places of Power for long months of preparation of this publication. Thank you, country and its people, having given to me and to a part of Aiins nucleus a refuge and your hearts love from November 1997 till May 1998. Be blessed by the Fire of the Unified Cosmos.

More and more often on the pages of newspapers and magazines we come across the articles about anomalous phenomena, something is happening with Earth and people in their relationship. On concrete examples you will be shown the essence, the kernel of it, and conclusions you are to draw yourselves. Further comes a short digression. Not in vain Im obstinately delaying the moment of concrete continuation of the talk Initiation in its second part. Everything is simple, you are being prepared for the acceptance of energies which we undoubtedly have approached very close. Lets for a moment find ourselves in another space, Lake Baikal. An inexhaustible source of existence of many civilizations, a storehouse of knowledge. A part of land close to the Sea and the Sea itself is a shelter for many energies of extraterrestrial origin both of subtle and physical perception. Lets take out of this immense space a small piece of land the island of Olykhon. We wont speak about it being multidimensional, about civilizations existing in a parallel world, as well as about it being visited by extraterrestrial awarenesses on the physical level. Local population know it very well, as they get into such kinds of places quite often. They are lucky enough if they manage to get out of such places, in other words, they are allowed to go away. By the way, such cases are rather rare, more often people dont return, they just vanish. But all this is in plural, and we are speaking about only one situation having been formed around the GillLoss civilization.

It is strange, isnt it? The parallel world. The neighbors. The main city, their Chamber is situated right under the very north extremity of the island, cape Hoboy, in the thickness of Earth covered up by the waters of the Sea. We, the Aiins, are working in the Unity with this world and its inhabitants. You, hundreds and thousands of visiting this sacred place on Earth, you must Know there, underneath, life is gushing up, the noise of the cities and the rumble of the traffic are heard. Put your ear against the Earth, listen attentively, stop your running thoughts, eliminate emotions of your importance of being the governors of the planet and you will hear, yes, you will.

The Gill Loss civilization is asking you to stop the works on deep drilling of Lake Baikals bottom within the given boundaries. The center is cape Hoboy. Seventy five kilometers long zone in the north, one hundred thirty kilometers to the South. Two hundred fifty kilometers in the East and thirty five kilometers long zone in the West. The scientists of your world lack sufficient knowledge to be able to carry out such investigation in the given region. You must stop.

The Gill Loss civilization is warning you:

Knowledge on the destruction of the island in relation to many aspects of human activity on this land had been given to lamas and shamans of the native Buriat population. They warned you against possibility of sinking of the most part of the island under the water. Only uninhabited northern part will remain. The balance of energies has been violated. By this drilling you are sure to accelerate the possibility of islands disappearance, but in the first place people participating in these works will begin to suffer. Everything depends on you. Whether to go on working or to stop it. Each bore hole within the limits of the given boundaries is sure to entail the destruction of the integrity of the energies of your space. For you to make it clear we will show it on the example of the problem of your civilization.

An ozone hole. What will happen to you if the number of such holes increases? Give an answer to this question and get down to solving the problem of your integrity preservation. The time has come to give up your personal ambitions, dissertations, big money, thrown away on the bottom of the sea. We wont let the invasion happen.

We were shown the picture of disappearance of the island in case people continue destroying it. This is not only the case with the concrete scientists, drilling the island. This also concerns the islanders themselves having been left to the mercy of fate by their nation, and also businessmen, and administration of the national park. The island is being robbed. Non- organized tourism is very profitable to private owners, but to a large extent it contributes to land pollution. Every summer hundreds of cars encroach upon nature reserve, destroying cowberries' areas, trampling down relicts, medicinal herbs, mud springs. One thing is not taken into consideration, that this sacred place is under intent attention of Cosmos.

And now coming back to the picture of disappearance of the island. The cataclysm, i.e. opening wide of Earth, eruption of mud-stone lava will continue for nearly thirty minutes. There is practically no probability to save the inhabitants of the island. Today there exists only one possibility to stop the destruction of the island and to prevent its disappearance, that is cleanness of your thoughts and deeds.

Human beings, dealing with vital functions of the island, stop wrecking the integrity of your home - a tiny piece of land, though very significant from the point of view of Cosmos for the preservation of life on your planet. We know that this concrete information will reach scientists in Irkutsk, and the voice of reason will prevail over personal ambitions. I can hear your question. I am answering it. When we came to know about it today at the end of January 1977, we wouldn't be heard, moreover, we would be oppressed in every possible way with the aim of elimination of the given information. We hade analyzed all this closely and saw the book to be an only source of perception.

Initiation. Yes, we have initiated you into the certain aspects of life creativity of the energy of Cosmos on one of its small parts - Earth.

Another side of man's activity, but in an absolutely different point of space. The aim? To show how the pure energy of Cosmos in the "hands" of "masters" of certain spiritual traditions, masters liable to avidity, love of power, gaining material welfare is becoming devil's instrument. Hack-workers (masters) of the tradition of Reiki seem to have paid their attention to us, an intent attention. Don't you believe? We didn't believe either, when we learned that the Ukrainian "master" Anand had forbidden his disciples to read the Aiinsbook The Fire of the Unified Cosmos". We didn't say anything special in it, the only thing we did, we gave a brief introductory course into the world of energies of Cosmos. Try to guess, why he acted in such a way?

Ah! Your civilization is gaining strength. Of course, money.

We have begun to take it away, in other words, we don't allow to take it out of your purses. May be thats why not a single person came to a joint group of "masters" Anand and Chandira in Donetzk at the end of 1997?

No, Rikla, not because of it at all. The matter is that earlier than anybody we managed to see that there was no energy in their "creative work". Each time everything is the same. Don't they see it themselves?

They do! Money, that is what stands behind it, big money.

Oh, I see. That is why when Anand rang up to a group of yoga massage in Donetzk he said: There must be no less than thirty people, honey. And each of them must have in his pocket no less than one hundred and ten dollars. If I'm not mistaken, this is how national currency of the Ukraine is called?

Oh, now I understand, what Chandira deplored at that failed group: We are bringing you spirituality and you And then tears, howl - according to the scenario, familiar to you.

The background to this act of manipulation sounds like that:" and I'm loving money, I'm loving money"

Another city - Moscow, Christmas. Characters and performers are the same.

But in the circle there are already thirty - four people, three Initiated Aiins among them. You were present at this performance lasting for three hours, having preliminary paid for attending it twenty dollars, weren't you? If I'm not mistaken, this is how national currency of Russia is called? What was Anand speaking about for three hours? It wasn't even an Initiation. Oh, you don't remember, many of those present were openly sleeping. But you do remember what initiated Aiin Aveyna told you afterwards. Your tears testified to it.

In this circle the question of initiation was touched upon. We've already given to people the talks from the cycle "A Master - an Initiation" not waiting for the publication of the second volume. When the circle was over Chandira came up to Aveyna, thanked her and told (it would have been better if she hadn't):" When initiating my disciples I'm trying to be quiet and attentive." This is word for word. What on Earth arent people doing in their ignorance! But they are people. And what about "masters"? I will only give you an explanation of the energy "attentive", the rest you will understand yourself. "I am attentive". The energy of a physical plan is of a warning character. Look, and you'll see what is happening. Your aura has already been opened up. A thread of the energy of Reiki is invited there, which is to connect you with Cosmos, with the Teacher Micao Usui. Absolutely sterile channel of a subtle plan and physical energy of a subjected "master" rush into one and the same channel. In the given case a "master" is subjected to the energy of accumulation of material welfare, love of power. This is already enough and your dependence is guaranteed for many years.

And what if "the master" is a man, and you are extremely attractive, can you imagine, what sexual program it is possible to put into you?

And into a successful businessmen to be fleeced of his money? To ruin him is a child's play.

And into an experienced solicitor? She is sure to protect any of your interests.

And into a man possessing power? He is certain to overwhelm this Rikla

Today initiations have taken mass psychoses. They can be lend, they can be given in installments or for providing some personal services with the aim of making use, gaining profit, enrichment.

Generally speaking, what is happening Micao Usui? Had you for this been dieing up the Hill for twenty - one days?

Generally speaking, what is happening, Jesus Christ? Had you for this been crucified?

There were times when you threw traders away from the Temples, today "spiritual leaders" bring the counters back into the Temples. Yes, I'm talking about you, "spiritualists", Anand and Chandira, trading in goods of Mark Hews in the Temples of Micao Usui and Master Osho Rajneesh.

People, is it enough for you, or you are as blind as before?

In Alma - Ata there is a "master" of Reiki Olga. Soon after the Initiation her flat was robbed. The black forces turned out not to be sleeping. Damned are they! Only Rikl doesn't agree to it. He always says to his Aiins: "You, only you yourselves are to blame for your troubles, don't be searching anywhere else but in yourselves."

Diipty, a "master" of Reiki from Kiev, licking the leavings of a chicken ham, is telling: "I've received my initiation in Puna (it's hard to speak, having choked with the chicken) from a Japanese master of one and only independent branch of Reiki". Sounds fantastically, I didn't know that there was such a branch.

-How much did it cost you?

-Thirteen thousand dollars.

It seems to me, this is how national currency of India is called? Mother, where do people take such money? one odessit is asking from the other.

As simple as that! Just look! The newly born "master" is initiating the next day two more "masters", andhe becomes rich. Playing too long.

MAY BE - Finishing badly?

The energy of Reiki has been sold to devil by Reiki "masters" themselves. It's easier to earn money in the Chamber of the Lord of the Forms, cleanness is not required there, quite the contrary. As a result of it - today your soul is sold to devil through an initiation into the channel of Reiki. Of course, there are but a few Masters, trying to preserve Reiki in its cleanness, but these attempts are fruitless - the channel is the same. Here is its strength and here is its weakness in it. That is why, may be, the followers of the Teaching of Yelena Roerich are so closed from the whole world. Yelena Roerich experienced treachery on herself. People who had been following the Ray of her service for ten - fifteen years went to Lucifer's Chamber, having been tempted by the easiness of making money, by the depravation of the body. And today the followers sacredly fulfill the testament of Yelena Roerich - "be it less, but better", they don't let into their rows everyone being able to buy an entrance ticket. Only of proved worth warriors are allowed to carry the banner of the Teaching of Yelena and Nicholas Roerich towards Light.

Micao Usui has made only one mistake. He allowed to make initiations to all masters. Though, probably, it must have been his far going strategy. To return back to Earth the lost Knowledge, showing by this act the vicious essence of a man, having let him sell this Knowledge. Don't fall into illusions, those, wishing to be initiated and to become masters of Reiki tradition - this Knowledge is no longer on Earth. Keep your purses safe. The army of gipsy - hachworkers fully armed is ready to manipulate with your souls, covering themselves with the Light of Micao Usui.

At the conference in Moscow Phyllis Lei Furumotto wasn't able to answer many questions of "masters" concerning the loss of Reiki energy. Turn it over in your mind, why? You have a good deal of examples taken from life, but you prefer moving with your eyes closed. Wake up, shake yourself, sink into the very depth of your and only your being, and you will begin to see clearly.

Let me give you some brief analysis of some moments of spiritual activity of a contemporary man. I will give you only introductory energies, all the rest you will understand yourself. One and the same energy can be given either "in a compressed spring", i.e. in a few lines, or "in an extended spring" on several pages. I prefer a compressed spring, think it over, why?

One of the leaders of Ivanovs movement from Moscow region Valentin Lunyov all of a sudden became lucid and announced about it to his group.

That group does not exist on Earth any longer, and in Heavens there is no energy of mr. Lunyov's becoming lucid any more. What do you think, why? The answer is given in the book "Taiya's Path - a Priestess of the Aiins Family from the series of books "The Fire of the Unified Cosmos". At present the book is under publication, and in a rough computer variant is being read in the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.

One man lives in Donetzk. His name is Vladimir Solomin. One day on one of the sections of his path he met a metal tube and he had a brain - wave. What if to ask a tube to strike his forehead and he became terrified Osho fell down the tree with his head to the ground at the age of twenty - one and became lucid. Nowadays he is known all over the world, he owned nearly one hundred Rolls - Royces. And it doesn't matter that he was born to a poor family, sometimes life can play an interesting game. People are silly, they are sure to swallow everything you give them. And here comes a "full stop". Vladimir was even taken aback. The tube refused him. Either it turned out to be obstinate, or it became afraid of judiciary responsibility, who knows? But you are laughing for nothing, because every stick has two ends. There are two ways out of any hopeless situation. If you don't then I'll oh! An absolute loss of memory. So, everything is coinciding. At first there was darkness in the eyes, but now light has appeared. U-u-f! Everything has happened, I have become lucid. O.K., now I need a separate office, from where I will prophesy to people. I am going to take as much money as they will give. Do I need to be in touch with the authorities? Of course, I do. So, now. Let me remember, aha, Ulyanov in October of 1917. Oh! Thank you, press, i.e. newspapers, radio and even television. Then I also need to inform people of my ideas about life in Cosmos, everything what is happening there can be rendered according to the time table. If so, let conditions for this creative work be provided for me.

You've already guessed, our dear readers, what is going to happen further, that's why, there is no use wasting ink and paper.

And now I will give a short explanation - a diagramme of Vladimir Solomin's becoming lucid. This man really lives in Donetzk, and he really happened to come across a tube, but the tube turned out to be of the wrong caliber. At the moment of the blow the impulse of lucid interval really occurred. The first impulse of energy, having come out from Vladimir's aura, not reaching the aura of Earth, rushed back. Entered Vladimir's aura, rushed up again, but with attenuation, and so forth Look at the diagramme, and you will understand everything yourself. I'm not going to describe you the process of becoming lucid, you'll have a chance to experience it yourself. By the way, to strike ones head is not necessary. Surprise, joy, love, hatred, simple human feelings can cause a flash of Light. So, bear it in your mind, the next son or a daughter of a lieutenant Schmidt. Or otherwise there is a danger to remain there, above, and that doesn't enter your interests.

Through a stress situation Vladimir received an anomalous shift in his awareness, no more of it. It allows him today, having studied carefully the world of Ostap Bender, to get into relationship with people with the utmost profit for himself.

And I wouldn't write this article, if the obscured consciousness of the injured hadn't announced himself to be the energy of beyond Cosmos. There is a limit to everything. If we are able to think analytically through the factors of our own physiology and to see intuitively the movement of energies in the well known spiritual practices, we can make the following conclusion. A new kind of business, spiritual, came to birth on our planet. "Masters of Reiki", all without exception, can be considered the fathers of it. There's no need to innumerate them, the most skilful of them are known to you, so why to repeat?

And here is the last address in the frames of our talk.

The UFO specialists. You have good intentions, your interest to anomalous events and energies is great. But once upon a time it had already been written about good intentions and a hell. Incredible adventures at the cost of your lives - is it a worthy price for insufficient Knowledge? And you lack so little in order to enter this world as equals, not as rabbits under the experiment. Give an answer to only three questions and we shall finish up this theme - the energy.

When you come to see somebody, do you knock first?

If the door is not opened to you, do you break in?

If you are breaking in, what is happening to you?

Study the ethics of man's behavior on Earth, and you won't be scared to come across anomalous phenomena. I wish you Vision, Vision and once more Vision, my dear investigators of the unknown and you are certain to enter the world of invisible Cosmos. Show to the people of Earth that it is as real as they are themselves. Be blessed those, who have sacrificed their lives to uniting the Worlds into an indivisible Whole.

So, it's time for us to say good - bye to you, our dear readers, on the pages of the second book. The third book is under completion, the new experience, the new knowledge, the new meetings and the further deepening into the world of energies are awaiting for you. Now Rikla's way is leading him to Puna, India. A new energy is being born - the analysis of the events taking place after a lucid Master Bhagvan Shri Rajneesh had left the Earth.