RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 48 p.361

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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Aiins, hello!

The energy without which the further movement of the Priestly Core is impossible is Love.

San-Rias doubts and hesitations testify to the absence of a free and uninterrupted stream of Love through the Heart the centre. The state of being closed to Love is a distinguishing feature today of each of the Priestess without exception. Youve been born for the Fire. You all conduct its anergy in various forms, through different situations, to different people. But you lack Love. There is no Love not in the impulses or the energy of the Fire, being conducted through you, but exactty in you. So time has come to show you that there is something without which the Creative Work of the Fire is impossible on Earth. It is Love. My brother Lord Jesus is the permanent the Almighty of Earth and in this sense we all are his servants. We are in the Sky, and you are on Earth. And you are the vivid manifestation of Love of the Lord.

Before sewing the seeds, the soil should be prepared. If one sews the seeds into a dusthole, nothing is to grow. First, one should clear the soil of stones, broken trees and rotting stubs, and only afterwards one can sew the seeds. This clearing is exactly Love in Action. Sunshine, watering and nursering the shoot is already a Path, but first of all one was to prepare the soil, that means to pour it Love.

Creative Love

To conduct to a man the Truth of the Fire not hoving Loved him, not having connected through ones Empty Heart the Heart of a Man with the Source of Love in Cosmos is like to build a castle on the sand. If Love doesnt flow through your Heart, you are going to repulse the world of the people for sure. This will happen inevitably because you can see it clearly with all its dirt, stinking sores of the virus, with all the cruelty and brutality inherent to the human world today. To the world you were destined to carry Light. If your Hearts are closed for Love, no matter whoever you were in Cosmos, the Creator of the Fire on Earth hasnt been yet born inside you.

Firstly, giving a portion of the Truth to a man right away without having warmed him with Love, you take the risk of never seeing this man again in the Chamber of your Creativity; secondly, the deeper you penetrate into the Creativity of clearing the Awareness of a man who came to you, the clearer you will see the impossibility of this Creativity. The only reason for this lies in the absence of Love in your Creativity. Love is the first to come to a man through the Priests Heart and is the last to leave him if he is not ready to meet the Fire. The Creativity of Light is in the constant Ray of Love.

Its rather simple to come to the state of constant Love to everything living on Earth. Suffice it to open your Empty Heart to the flow of Vision and Knowledge of the Truth. You are efficacious in it, and this is the essence of the Fire. Being in the flow of Love Efficacy has a different content and a different form, though this flow is the essence of the Fire as well. Its Efficacious Power lies in the Vision of It. One doesnt need to know It in order to show its Efficacy, for there is nothing to know in it. Its sufficient to see it being empty at this moment then the Action will occur by itself. Irrespective of where the Priest is and what is happening to him, he is capable of Love, because he sees the flow of this energy and is open to it in every moment of his existence. Love is the Priests breathing. It is something that is unconditional and he cant live without it.

Love is the Beginning of all the Starts, the Truth of all the Truths. Not having got to know it, its impossible to get to know the Creativity of the Fire on Earth, for there will be no Creator, there will be its disciple as before.

Love is the energy the presence of which is sufficient to cause the tears of the purifying Fire, the tears of realization of your Unity with Cosmos. A Priest or a Master does nothing. He loves nobody and nothing, he is simply Love itself. And everywhere where the Priest has designated his presence Love is streaming out of his Heart. And further the Creativity of a Priest or a Master becomes unconditional, that is, True. And when the body of the Lord was put to severe tortures and Death, he remaind the unconditional Creator of the Truth, he didnt love his excutioners, he was Love itseef. When Heart is visited by Love of Cosmos there remains no room left for fear, dislike, doubts or any other feeling. All these emotional constituents of a human body remain in the head and cant be projected outside in the form of the energy, there will be forms of emotions, but they will lack energy. And all the strength and essence will fill in all the area of Presence. This is the Power of Love. One cant but notice and accept it. Thats why a Priest is free in his Fiery Creativity. Though the Fire is anguish, sufferings and labour for the one whose Heart has approached the point of the Priests creativity of the energy of the Fire. A Priest neednt draw a veil over the Truth, as it is going to fall into a mans Heart, having been warmed and purged by the Love of Cosmos, streaming continuously through a Priests Heart.

(from Riklas talk with his disciples San-Ria, Aiina, Zarina, Elliya-Ri, Amedeya, Aveyna, Ma-O-Lika, Avetin, Kami-Dominey, Ley, Rajneesh on the eve of the Initiation).

31.07.97 Olychon.