RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 50 p.380

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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So, diagnostics. Everything begins with it. This energy of disincarnated Master of Light Kchlaid, a toiler of the Chamber of Healing in the Heavens at present has already sounded in our previous talk. It will become a starting point in our next journey into the world of invisible Cosmos. Aura this Word can be met more and more often on the pages of various publications, speeches on the radio and television. Famous Lama Lobsang Rampa carrying out the tracing of the Teachers showed it in his published works. Rikl widened and deepened this energy on the pages of the books having already been published.

Aura is an energy formation or a clot of energy, following any form since the moment of its appearance (birth) till the moment of leaving the forms of Earth (disincarnation). In our case we are going to speak about a human being, because the suggested and executed diagnostics with the patients preliminary consent was carried out exactly with this form. In two cases out of great majority we decided to offer this material to Your judgement. This is one side of our cherished dream, on the other hand, we want to show to refractory medicine, not accepting our methods of healing, that whatever modern medicine can be, it cures only a consequence.

Im absolutely sure that they know about it, but how can you give up an offspring, providing academic degrees, authority, employment, material welfare. And still in its practice medicine deals only with a consequence, since absolutely all causes of physical indisposition of people lie in their auras. Diseases start accumulating in the energy membrane since the moment of appearance of embryo in the womb, that is since the moment of appearance of energy.

Embryo, energy its impossible to separate them, for there wont be an embryo if Cosmos energy doesnt enter the womb.

A future mother led by her carnal desires (food, wine, cigarettes plus the whole world of emotions, being present in her life), starts exerting influence (starts destroying) the energetic cocoon of her baby, though his first cry will sound only in nine months.

Now you see that Makarenko was mistaken in his answer to a woman a mother for nine months and the question then sounded like that:

-        Tell me, please, when shall I begin bringing up my child?

-        When was he born?

-        Three days ago.

-        Then you have been late for three days.

The great educator knew the life of a physical bearer on Earth with all its vices and ailment very well, but he didnt see or didnt want to see the subtle world of Cosmos. Here lies the mistake of not only present-day medicine, exactly of present-day, since in the times of Avisenna and much later when Healing was based on his treatises and teachings, the subtle world the invisible world was still present even in Europe. Then under the pressure of the church (especially Christian) and in the rays of personal ambitions of leading lights in medicine the notions of energy, disincarnation, return were eliminated. But its impossible to throw away something that appeared on the planet much earlier than the form of a human being itself energy.

Today when the lost experience is coming back to Earth through many sprouts of creative attitude in healing, through the notion of energy in Cosmos it has become possible to talk about diagnostics and treatment of such inveterate diseases, the roots of which lie in previous incarnations.

Roughly it looks as follows: a man lives, works and is ill today, in 1997, but the cause of his illness is hidden behind in 1117, when he was incarnated on quite a different continent with different skin color let alone his incarnation on a different planet. The reason lies there in 1117 and we see it in our work with the patients, and what can a present-day doctor see, driving a thick syringe into a certain place thus violating in the first place the integrity of an aura, and then disfiguring the physical body. Very often we have to deal with the traces of injections being preserved in the human body for decades. But this is half the trouble. The real trouble is in something else. Who will restore the integrity of an aura, saturate it with the energy exactly of the quality inherent to exactly this very individual. There are about seven billion people on Earth today, but there are no two identical auras. There can be similar ones, but there are no analogs. The matter is that aura has several aspects of its existence dimensions, energy density, range of color, richness, form. Once a millennium you can meet a person, whose aura and center are absent, no matter low long you will be watching his subtle energies, you will not discover anything. It is already a Ray in Cosmos. This very individual in his evolution has gone so far, that his aura and the center of his being are constantly in Cosmos, and it doesnt matter at all whether he is incarnated or disincarnated. You have heard about such people from the history of evolutions of Earth, where incarnations of Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Magomet, Ali Moria, Helena Roerich, Porphyry Ivanov, Micao Usui, Osho Rajneesh can be called as the main landmarks. They brought Knowledge to people The Light of Cosmos Energies. They lived in this Light, as they were the Light itself and spread it to people. When leaving Earth they hoped each time that the knowledge brought to people will be used for the sake of preserving our planet Earth, once a blooming Garden of Eden. Today we speak about preserving a certain part of this garden and only that part of its inhabitants who can reasonably eat its fruits.

Micao Usui is a Master who was able to see the Light, who brought to the people of Earth the energy of Reiki. But his followers turned out this gift into a means of profit, they went too far having started to trade in the energy. Today Cosmos regards such display of peoples avidity quite differently. The healing Cosmos energy of Reiki doesnt exist on Earth any longer, none of the initiated masters today (let alone their so-called pupils) can be conductors, or as they call themselves channels of Reiki. If you are still initiated, cured, taught that is a physical manipulation aimed at extorting money from you with the purpose of personal enrichment.

A thin thread of energy of Reiki is preserved to a few masters including Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the Keeper of the tradition.

Why did it happen? Dont search for the answers at your seminars, meetings, dont dispute against Cosmos its right to take money from people for the energy that doesnt belong to you.

Only your labor can be charged!

Osho Rajneesh a Master of Light gave to his sannyasa such a lot of meditative techniques, that one can evolutiate with a cycle of incarnation in five years and today from the Chambers of Heavens with the utmost surprise he is watching sannyasins who, having successfully mastered the whole complex of techniques, are not able to rise above the first chakra they have stuck having forgotten about observation. And for the people ignorant of this Ill explain that this creativity corresponding to the level of the first chakra is sex. It is impossible to distinguish preachers of sannyasa energy from their disciples followers. Fornication is hereditary, there is no energy in it, here is only a physical act.

Porphyry Ivanov A Saint, a Master, a Teacher imbibed in one incarnation a great deal of energies of Cosmos and turned his eyes towards Land, the Mother, to prolong its agony, and probably to make a revolution in peoples consciousness, to kindle many fiery sparkles in the aura of the Planet, giving it life. But what happened to the followers of his teaching on Earth you know from our previous meetings with you. The army of soldiers.

I gave these examples in our conversation about diagnostics not accidentally. Diagnostics of subtle energies or of mans aura isnt possible without an ability to see the energies, their color, composition richness. The same we can say about the healing practice in Reiki, or extrasensual healing and other spiritual directions. Certain people are sure to possess this ability, but this in not sufficient. To see is one thing, to cure in this vision is another. And it begins liver, kidneys, pancreas, hands on here, hands on there, but My Aiins dont follow this way, as it inevitably takes you back to the consequence. They scrupulously séance after séance will restore the aura of the patient, will feed the center of the physical body and cosmic center with energy, enabling them to redistribute the energy flow according to primordial needs of a human organism. Layer after layer of dust and dirt that a man had absorbed during his incarnations is scraped off. As a result of it the initial cause of a disease, hidden in the farthest corners of a human being, becomes evident. Only then both karma denouement and operations on the subtle plan are possible as well as direct contact with the physiology of a man. When the cause is removed, the man is capable of curing himself by going his earthly Path purely. Each mans life is a Path. But if he is lazy, if he doesnt want to be preoccupied with himself, then he will pay money, a lot of money, waste his time, seventy years of his life, its so much. We all are so fond of being cured. People, bear it in your mind if your soul is clean, your body will never be ill. Cleanness means absolute absence of lie, emotions, pride, love of power, coercion, greediness, consuming attitude to your planet. Whats the use of innumerating all the vices of humankind, you know them quite well, as you are their creators. Today you can hear more and more often from doctors about some unknown diseases. But it is as much nonsense, as the fact, that they are incurable.

Everything can be cured without interference of medicine and energies. Cleanness of your thoughts and deeds guarantees it.

And then you will live not seventy, but seven hundred years in the form of a human being, in the way it was planned by a Creator.

But while we are ill, there is such a notion as Diagnostics. We will come back to it with only one purpose to show you, that such Creativity of Heavens does exist on Earth and my Aiins are its Creators. Aiins doctors get this knowledge in bottomless depths of universities and academies of Cosmos, visiting Chambers of Heavens, its laboratories and workshops.