RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book One, talk 54 p.405

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

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- Hello, Rikla. Ive come, having heard your Call, and Im ready to listen and imbibe the energy of the truth being spilt.

- Hello, Avetin. Its not me who called you, its your question having received no answer and hanging above your aura up to now.

- Yes, Father, you are right. Ill ask you frankly. What is it the end of the World, that prophets of all times were and are speaking about and what is ahead of the people of this civilization on Earth?

- Your question is uncompromising as well as the answer. What you called the end of the World will happen for sure and much more quickly than it may seem to many. Moreover, it is already happening. The world is collapsing and the life of the civilization is impetiously attenuating. Look around and you will see it. But if you are attentive you will see Light at the end of the tonnel and the Life-giving Fire and the Wind of the Universe carrying into non-existance ashes of decomposed forms of this World having been burnt in the Fire of the Unified Cosmos. And also an unknown breath of the next phase of the evolution of this planet. Youve asked me about the people. What about them! They remain as before only Creators of their Planet, as well as of themselves. No evolution on Earth is possible without a man. A man-devastator has already made his work and now on the remains of big fires it is necessary to grow the Seed of a man Creator. To preserve a Single thread of Awareness of Earth in integrity is problematic today. Mediators are required, Avetin. Those who will implement the connection of two worlds: the world of energy and the material world, the worlds of Heavens and Earth (as people have separated them in their understanding of the universe) mediators of two subsequent stages of evolution of this Planet, to be more precise, of the life on it. The Fire has come, son. The subtle plane of destruction, having been accumulated by the people of many generations, is burning in the Light of this Fire. Its not the Fire in the flame of which forests, mountains and seas are burning today this Flame of the sites of the fire is known. Gods punished their brother Prometheus for bringing the warmth of this Fire to people too early. People are burning their Planet today. But it wont keep silence. We have it in our memory having happened not once. And each time the doors and windows of the Universe opened and soot and cinders were blown out together with what was burnt, being turned out into the cosmic dust. And then everything became still again. And new islands were being born from the new sea. This is in general, son. Forms inherent only to Earth exist on it, and what lies beyond the forms is known to a few. Earth is a planet of comparatively not very high level of awareness, therefore its evolution is happening in such rigid forms. Replacement of levels of awareness of Earth is happening with full substitution of a certain kind of the forms of life on it. Everybody knows that man is the highest form of awareness on Earth. He is an only conscious Creator on this Planet. And in the first place he will correspond to his creative work. As a man sows, so shall he reap, for there is nobody except him to do it. Its so simple, son. A human being is a destroyer of the forms of life on Earth, including his own life. It was he who created these very forms primordially. Now he needs to get back to that point in space in order to stop the process of destruction of the forms of Earth as well as of his own.

I want you to fall to thinking, why today in the Ukraine the average duration of life of the male part of the population is sixty two and a half, and of the female seventy five? The extent of destruction of the forms in this state has reached its highest limit. Its the moment, when Earth cant stand the tension of energy having been created on a certain territory. Crimea and the region of Chernobyl are such two centers existing today. Motions of geological structures in the depths of the entrails of the earth are likely to begin, prerequisites for this have been laid already. It wont be necessary to repair the power-generating units due to one simple reason

- What reason, father?

- There will be nothing to repair, son, and a bit later there will be nobody to do it.

- But its so dreadful, Rikla. Cant anything be done to stop this process?

- All this is very, very complicated, Avetin. Its like a mine with the clockwork. The more so, its construction is unknown to a man. The main difficulty may be not even in this, but in the fact, that the clockwork has already been started up. Undulating accumulation of energy in the entrails of the earth with the increasing amplification has already started.

- Rikla, then why are you keeping silence, you know and you are silent? Its a crime against humanity.

- Avetin, its as simple as that: nobody will believe me. I have neither academic degrees nor academic status, Im unknown, moreover, Im being persecuted by a certain part of humankind. You know: No man is a prophet in his own country. Isnt it so?

- I suspect, Rikla, that much more is known to you, than you are telling me now.

- I cant conceal it from you, Avetin, any longer. In your cognition of truth you have gone so far ahead that to stop you is equal to the death of a physical body.

- Father, Im pleading with you!

- Then, son, be very attentive and pass this energy to the people of Earth:


Period of May November 1999

Euroasia. Doesnt exist in its present day form. Earthquakes, wide openings of earth, fiery lavas.

America. Is divided into two continents. Water, water, water and fire.

The north of America. The battle of the two demiurges: white and steel ones.

Africa. The lower part of it doesnt exist water instead of it.

Scandinavian countries. A range of islands.

The European part of Russia. The area of blue colour is water. Split of the shield, motions of plates. Joining of the Black sea, medite uranean and Baltic seas. Fire.

Western Siberia. Water.

Baikal region, Far East, South Eastern Asia, Camchatka, Kurils, Middle Asia. Tectonic motions, earthquakes, fire, water.

Ukraine. Chernobyl. Fire, water. Dead ashes. Displacement of terrestrial axes.

The water will start boiling and will become foam.

Shadow will fall down strong winds.

Hail of celestial bodies

- You are silent, son.

- I cant and I dont want to speak, Father.

- Listen further, Avetin.

The battle of the Gods with Armageddon had started long ago. Today people shuffling with their knees and striking their forheads against the floor in the churches can arouse only surprise and compassion. Whom are they praying for and about what? God?! But God is not there! The places where God can live (except human Hearts) are rather scarce on Earth and they can be found in places for a human being difficult to be reached. And what was left for God to do, if people, not seeing and not hearing God in their own Hearts, having been led by their headache, began ousting God out of all living, turning each other into a bloody mash and Earth into fire brands, emitting smoke? So whom to offer prayers for and about what? People erect temples in the centres of the capitals and simply towns in order to be more comfortable, i. e. to be nearer to God Sounds funny.

Those who are really saying their prayers are not there, and their prayers have true Gods power, for their prayers go from God to God through their Hearts, that is Creativity exactly, where a man is a Creator. People due to the well known reason have lost the art of being praying and meditative (its as you want). One can pray in ones own temple, discovering God in oneself.

Christs being born in his own Temple once allowed Jesus to preserve the destruction of Earth for millenniums, having pointed Paths of Creative Work to people. He who sees God in himself would never get into his head to live at the expense of something that he hadnt produced or created. Every instant of being in a state of unity with God is an only possible form of life in Cosmos. Any attempt to change this law always leads to self destruction. And todays humankind has gone too far in it.

Any religions, old or new, have exhausted their energy. The awareness of the forms of life on this Planet requires the next turn, the next level. No, son, sermon is not our lot, there wont be any preachment.

That point when you could have gone to God in parallel, near by him, not entering this flow Light, had disappeared in the course of Time. Time to wake up has come. Time to act has come for those who are already awaken and carry Light in their Hearts the Fire.

Today not only Hearts being lucid are of importance for this planet but those who can act in it. What mystics call space beyond the verge of being lucid has come to the planet today with all its immensity and power and like a mountain flow rushed into the valleys of human minds. For someone its a death, but for someone its Creativity. Each human being on this planet is facing his choice: wether the second Chernobyl will take place or not, everything is under the jurisdiction of humankind and governments. And your choice is in the following: either to let the Fire of Cosmos into your Hearts and give birth to Creators, or to be carried away by this flow beyond the aura of Earth.

Only Light can exist in the Fire, that is the difference of the Creative Work of the Fire from any other Creativity. Everything else is simply burnt down in it. Neither holiness nor sins matter any longer, because such notions just dont exist in the Creativity of the Fire. There is no duality. And if the Creativity of the Fire doesnt have duality, therefore there arent any aims and ways of achieving them. The Fire doesnt accept a compromise: either everything except the Light of the Truth is burnt down in a man, or there is no such energy, it has simply passed by. And if there is no Light of the Truth, then the flow of the Universe is sure to find something to hook a man on and to carry his body and Spirit away into an open Cosmos. In this case the death of the body is inevitable. As for the Spirit of a man, it will become the energy of Cosmos depending on the gained potential, that is, speaking the language of the Bible everybody will have what he has deserved. Those who go on setting all their hopes upon God commit a suicide, for there is no any other God except the one who lives in every mans Heart. The Fire burns down dungeons of ego-mind and God appears in all his magnificence. But one is to find force to let the Fire in and overcome pain. Darnels will burn for the sake of the Life of the Seeds. To wallow in ones own feebleness under the pressure of ones own passions, searching for a Master being able to point to you where the way out is this doesnt work on Earth any longer. The burden of self destruction is too great; the bowl of patience is overfilled and is pouring over the edge sweeping away on its way Life itself.

The turn of the Fire has come to clear peoples Hearts and the aura of the Planet of filth so that only Light can be left on Earth as something that cant be burnt but can preserve integrity in the Fire of Cosmos. This process was called long ago by foretellers and profets a doomsday. Yes, for somebody it is really the end on Earth. To more or less extent the predominating majority of people on Earth is subjected to the virus of destruction. The smaller part of people searching for Spirit is not able to withdraw the civilization from the edge of death to Light. But this is not the end, the more so, it is not the end of the world. On the contrary, its a beginning. The fire has already kindled Light, scorching rubbish in the awareness of Earth, and the flow of the Universal Wind is taking away and scattering ashes of big fires. The water will cool Earth down and impregnate it with more strength and corn-shoots will rise and a New Race of Fiery People will come into being. Our Planet and all living on it has entered this phase of existence. It is not a punishment but only a consequence, and a new phase of the Creativity of Cosmos is behind it its the right to create Life in the Fire of the universal conflagration.

A chance or a possibility to become a Creator does always exist, even now each man has got it. For as long as a man is alive God lives in his Heart, a man is only to open the door to him and share with him the same road, whatever road it could be. In order to set ones God free out of the maze of mind the Fire is needed exactly now. There is practically no earthly time left for the search of the doors and selection of the keys.

- How, Father?

- Simply. Ill answer to you, son, in a way that may seem strange for many people. One must become Buddha, Christ, Krishna and no less of it. One must set his God free and flow together with him, preserving his from of a human being. Not the presence of God is of importance today, on the contrary, the presence of a man in God. Only he who managed to become gods instrument is destined as before to be called an earthman and to continue the Path of his Creativity in this space of Cosmos.

These will be the Seeds the bearers of energies of a New Race on the Planet. The Creativity of the Fire is directed towards Earth exactly for this and only for this purpose. No compromises, and the more so, manipulations with this Creativity are possible. A man having hypertrophied ego-mind is initially expelled. He wont be able to penetrate here for any weals, neither for any agreements and contracts or for any payment everything will be burnt down in the Fire. Only in this way a Core can be born and can give corn shoots to a man of a new evolutionary formation.

And now, Avetin, Ill tell you in a more detailed way, what Creativity of the Fire is. Look and youll see. The kernel of this Creativity is equal to the reaction, where appearance of one aspect leads to the appearance of the next. This reaction was called earlier Unity in the whole, and as an example it looks as follows. Everything is simple: the Creativity of the Fire differs from everything else, as the Fire gives birth to only the Fire, what in the aggregate produces Light. This is the first cause, an absolute and an only one.

- Rikla, how is it possible for a man?

- To give an answer to you in one word is not to answer at all. Look: the Creativity of the Fire takes its course only through a Master of the Fire and nobody else. The Master of the Fire has a peculiarity being incomparable with whatever else, and Ill show it to you now. Jesus was not a Master of the Fire, though he had a perfect command of this Creativity.


- But how is it possible? Isnt his Path Light ifself?

- Yes, it is Light. But he was alone. He is light and integral but he is alone in it. Buddha is nearer, but he is also alone. Mohammed is alone too. All of them are lonely Stars, burning in different points of Earth and the Ways of its civilizations. Jesus would have become a Master of the Fire if another Christ had been lighted up next to him, and another one from that one and so on. The Path, the followers, the disciples all this is Light, but its torch was lighted up only in a single Heart. Unity of two, three torches giving the energy of the beginning of a new evolutionary phase, of a new race didnt take place. Christs energy began attenuating on his having left the forms of Earth. To tell you the truth it happens each time when a Master leaves the space of his being. As a result of it the religion of Christ. You know what it means, I wont repeat myself.

To day in order to become a Creator on Earth, its not sufficient. Paths, religions, teachings are exhausting their potential; Creators of the Ways of Light are necessary to Earth. That is the Creativity of the Fire, mystics and prophets were speaking about. In one time space of Earth dozens, hundreds of Buddhas, Jesuses will be lighted up with Light. Exactly this started to happen with the coming of the Fire on Earth, Aiins Family being a part of it. Riklovtzy will never appear anywhere it is simply impossible. But in any Heart, which is ready, the inflammation of Riklas Fire is possible. There will be dozens of Riklas. And all of them are Creators. A Master of the Fire becomes the Master only then, when by his own burning he is able to give the Power of the Fire for flaring up any other Heart ready to burn. Only in this lies the Mission of the Master of the Fire, in nowhere else. Im accentuating your attention, Avetin on the fact, that no human conventions exist for the Fire. In order to receive the fire into a mans Heart, neither his social conditions, denomination, karma nor any other conventions matter anything, except the readiness of a man himself to blend with God inside him and God outside, i. e. to reveal Cosmos to Cosmos. When it happens to a man, whenever he would appear, whatever be would do, the Light of the fire will be present everywhere.

- Do you see it, Avetin?

- Yes, Rikla.

- Thats fine. And further, you having seen the main essence of the Fire Creativity, we are going to speak with you about some of the facets of Creativity. Im saying about some of them for there is a great deal of them.

- Yes, Rikla. Im ready to be listening to you endlessly. But Ill be patiently waiting for our next meeting. My Gratitude and Blessing to you.

- Be Blessed you, son, too and till our next meeting.