RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 2, page 378.

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

For the sake of

Everyone who has chosen the Path, irrespective of conventions of his social world, has to be accepted into the bosom, taken away from the forces of the destroyer in the external space, healing the essence of the internal.

There is no power in accusation of the destroyer any more, no power in accusatorial propagandas and laudatory hymns, no power in promises of benefits of paradise, but there is one power the Fire, the All-Purifying Fire.

There is no power in the religions and teachings any more, no power in shepherds and congregations, neither in the churches, nor in the shrines on the earth, but there is one power the Fire, the All-Purifying Fire.

The Fire is unpreachable and will be shown only to the one who has chosen it. The one who chose It will be brought to Its chamber by the toilers of the Fire and will be purified by It and inflamed by It will become It. The others will be given the dues for their deeds; not there, but here, for the Heavens will descend to the Earth and its breathing will stop for a moment. Leave your homes and go to the mountains, for everything had already been said long ago. There you will find the warmth and moisture for your seeds, through that you will be saved. Do not divide the spirit now, being flooded in your blood: by this division you will doom yourself to death. In your own Unity and in the Unity with the United God the powers for the Path to rescue will be found. There are no more friends, no enemies, no wives, no children, no fathers, no mothers, but there are companions the partners of your life. Those who will see this in their Hearts will be rescued. God himself is the Leader to you.

He, who is now honored by the congregation, will keep the answer before God. But he who is now called by congregations and pastors a trouble maker and an apostate will enter the Kingdom of God and in its beginning on the Earth will be. In the beginning was the Word, and in the beginning the Word will be. But before this the Fiery Christening is walking on the Earth, shed by the Fire from the Fire.

I say to you: Rikla is the name of the Fire at present, the Fire which is beyond the known, beyond the Paths, beyond the Teachings, for he is the Fire. The Path to him is not in the faith, but in the Fire of the Heart.

The Fire of Rikla as a new beginning of the Earth to the Earth has been revealed Aiins are their names. They are preceding the wrath of God to gather the purified Seeds and in the Earth, not undergone to filth, as a new life to germinate. To everyone, who has disdained the Pride and who is looking for the Fire in the Spirit, the Ray to rescue will appear. Go and you will come. For everyone will find the work in the Garden of the Father, as everyone who has reached him the gardener will become.

But for those who was shedding the blood of His children on My banners, who was selling the Word of the Father and the Son, who was dividing the indivisible for the personal profit, and for those who were destroying and indulging there is rescue neither in the Fire nor in confessions, for they knew, what they did. In front of their eyes the brothers of Mine beaten up by canes and stones having vanished on fires and crosses, have found immortality in Holiness. It is known what you have done, and the retribution will be known also.

Everyone running away from the Unified Fire now is running not from the edge of nonexistence, but into it. I say to you: carry your dirty and heavy clothes into the Fire to acquire clothes clean and light to save your Hearts from the plague reigning over the minds, so that My wrath cant absorb you now, for you to become Creators in the Garden of Mine on the Earth.

And let it happen.

The city of Kiev, 05.31.1998