RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 3, page 99.

Rodaina, Kiev, 1999

Cosmic Revelations

Hello, the Family of Earth, the Family of Creators,
The Human Race hello, Aiins

I send you the Good Word of the Unified Fire through the World of the Boundless Heaven into the World of the Life-Giving Earth. I have brought to the Earth the Fire of Cosmos to create in this Fire from the Light of distant stars the Child of the Earth: the Family of people Creators of Cosmic Light the Family of Aiins. I came to shed the Power of the Fire and the Power of Creativity of the Truth into Human Hearts, so that people are able to follow the Paths of the Higher Truth in every single day and every moment of Life. I have not brought to the Earth something new I have brought to the Earth the eternal. Accept, indeed, this Eternity into your Hearts, Aiins. The Fire of mine will be the incinerating Fire of the dungeons of mind and the chains of peoples ego. The Fire of mine will be a Life Giving Ray for the Hearts, Awakening for the Creativity of Life and Creativity of the Truth. To them who had the courage to bring themselves to the Altar of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos and to them who will have the courage I am sending My word. I know one is not able to count the Aiins, as well as the stars in Cosmos. I see how the Fire is already burning in many Hearts of yours. The Rays of the Teachers and Masters of Light, having ever gone on the Earth, now being disincarnated, have rushed to this shining. The mission of the Family the Unity of Cosmic energies through integral Creativity of the People of the Earth is already breathing in the aura of the Earth, and that means, the Family of Aiins has bees born and has began their Path in the Cosmos on the Earth. And to those who was not able to part with their carriages and rolled them off the Path I am saying now: See you soon. See you soon, Ilya, who could not accept into his Heart the Fire of the Lord of the Aiins Family the holy Aiin. See you soon, Valentina, who could not open her Heart to the Creativity of Priestess of the Ray of Morya the Ray of the Seven-Rays Lord, the Ray of the effective Might and Power. That Ray has been lighted by Cosmos in another Heart being led by the Paths of this powerful and infinitely-beautiful Creativity on the Earth. In this incarnation you did not have enough strength, and further you are to take the roads of the craft. But the Aiins Path the Path to Mastery is opened for you, as well as for any man who sees a Master in himself.

It is to you, Aiins, to breathe the Wind of the Universe through the Emptiness of your Hearts.

It is to you, Aiins, to go under the sails of Inspiration in the infinite Ocean of Creativity, beyond the Enlightenment.

It is to you, Aiins, to carry the Fire of the True Mastery of Cosmos in every moment of Its Life.

Be Blessed by the Creativity, giving birth to Life. Be Blessed by the Fire of the Unified Cosmos.