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RIKLA «The Fire of the Unified Cosmos»

Book 4, talk 1, p.232

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003

A Master.

Hello, Father. There wasn’t any distance from one meeting with you till the next one, and I’m already having another question.

- Hello, son. It is not a question, it is a penetration.

- Into what?

- Into the Creativity of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos.

- I’m listening to you, Teacher.

- To listen is not enough. You’ve called me a Teacher – let it be so. It is your right. But behind that energy I can see your heightened responsibility to all the events and actions of peoples sounding in your question.


- Hardly had I opened my mouth to ask a question, you are already warning me of correspondence to it and responsibility for the received energies. Father, you have changed the form of our talks, there is something behind it, something unknown to me. Each time you talk to me like that, my desire to ask questions vanishes. I become scared.

- Yes, son, some circumstances, having formed in Cosmos of the Earth and beyond it, make me, not yet entering the creativity of the Fire, in this way warn earthmen of these two basic factors of existence – responsibility and correspondence. We will reveal comprehensively the essence of these two energies in our next talk. Many people from the spiritual world predetermined not only the birth of this energy, but also helped me to give the form to the events and actions connected with publication of the books «Anastasya» by V. Megre and «The Fire of Unified Cosmos» by Rikla. I’ll call our next talk «Anathema». And now, son, my warning having been done, let our readers hear your question. I hope the answer to it will help you in striving for learning the Laws of Cosmos and the Paths of movement towards those energies, and not only you.

- Rikla, tell, how in our usual perception the birth of a Master of the Fire occurs on the Earth, and what are his forms like? Is it a usual man, having hands, legs and a head? What about his content, his aura?

- Stop, son. Not the laws of cognition, but a usual ineradicable human curiosity lies behind your questions. I leave such energies without any answers, you know it.

In our talks with Laark and later – with Avetin we have paid much attention to the aspect of the birth of the Master of the Fire on the Earth. There are no dark spots on the clean firmament of this unique energy any longer. This is going to be the last talk from the cycle «a Master». And you know, why.

- Remind me, Father.

- Be listening and be attentive.

On the twenty-second of August 1998 in the Temple of the Supreme Priest (the Olkhon Island, the Sea of Baikal) an Initiation of the First Master of the Fire on the Planet took place. By the moment of the Initiation she was thirty-three and seven days old. Her name in the Initiation is San-Ria Rikla.

Once in a remote year of 1995 she was the first among the Aiins to receive on the 14th of June Christening by the Fire. The place of Christening was the City of Kiev, Vladimirskaya Gorka. Prince Vladimir himself watched that solemn performance from the height of his position and was greatly content with it.

Twelve thousand years ago being in Hindu incarnation and following the inscription of the Lords of Shambala she arrived together with her civilization at the region of up-to-date Sea Baikal. The transition lasted seven years. The training in priest’s school was interrupted by the leaving of the Aiins’ Family the forms of the Earth. They left in order to return. At the age of eighteen, not having been initiated yet into the energies of priest’s service, she left beyond the Earth aura. Karma ordered so that Rikla gathered his disciples again, but already at the joint of the second and third millenniums. In our next books we are going to speak about it. And now we are to get back to the energy of your question, son.

I’ve already told a lot about the energy of the Master of the Fire, but like all people you need obviousness. This is rather a difficult task: to describe in words and show in the forms the whole process of Master’s birth. But we’ll have a try, son, shall we?

- Of course, we shall, Father.

First of all I must tell you, that it is not a conveyer and it will never be, even if Rikla leaves beyond the Earth Aura. Masters of the Fire can’t be made by usual methods known to you. You can’t find anything of the kind beginning from Lao-Dzi to Osho Rajneesh. Agreement and Love are not enough here. Any man on the Earth is in his essence an Enlightened Master. Only a few can be Masters of the Fire. They are by no means the chosen ones, on the contrary, they are deeply unhappy, doomed people. You certainly understand, son, that I’m telling it to you with a far going aim, and our readers will understand it soon, too. By the way, there will be attempts to clue a label «a Master of the Fire» in an absolutely different interpretation, but these are fruitless attempts and they won’t bring an expected result. Don’t waste your energy, you need it yourselves – simply to survive in such severe time, to say nothing of taking the Path of the Fire. It’s useless. But I’m saying again: «There are only a few Masters of the Fire and not only on the Earth».

Any man having got into the sphere of vision and actions of the energies of the Fire can become a Master of Light or, if he is not late, will leave for reincarnation as being able to see the Light. As you see, we absolutely differentiate these two notions and I ask you not to be wandering in ignorance. Sometimes the situation comes to such energy paradoxes, that hair stand on end. At the end of January 1998 the sannyasa group leader, «the teacher of emptiness of the heart» – this is how it is called on her placards – Ma Vitt Asmito announced at the group meeting about her «semi enlightenment». As she put it herself, she saw the light, but as if through muddy glass. The situation turns out to be so, that Asmita has been enlightened for fifty percent. I’ve at once recalled an anecdote of the times of developed socialism. It was called: «To satisfy for fifty percent». For those who are interested in the content and the meaning I advise to visit «Privoz» in Odessa and ask the first trader you meet to tell it to you. You will immediately understand the essence of Ma Vitt Asmito’s «enlightenment». And to those who have no money to get to privoz I will secretly tell: madam Asmito approached the vision of the energies of Light for the first time, but so far as if through muddy glass, here I ask you not be deluded. First one is to enter the Chamber of Light and become its co-worker in the forms of the Earth and only then you can think about your enlightenment. I hope you’ve understood that in the light of her deeds on the earth it was shown to Ma Vitt Asmito – the teacher of something that Light does exist.

During these four years of my being on the Earth I have already met many people planning their enlightenment in this incarnation, I can even call the dates when they are going to do it. As a rule, they are neo-sannyasa group leaders. They must have pledged themselves to doing it and now have to fulfil their commitments, as they can be called to account some time. That is why, I ask you not to be deluded concerning these two notions so different in their energy capacity: the Master of Light and Able to see the Light. There are many ways and possibilities to clear one’s Heart and get back to the normal state of Enlightenment. The energies of the Fire don’t impede but promote, enhancing the burning on any of the paths chosen by a man. In life it happens in a very simple way. Any man having come in contact with the creativity of the Fire will start burning only because he’s got something to burn. As you’ve understood Asmita is already burning, as she has got not only into the sphere of the vision of the Fire, but also… The Fire doesn’t involve and doesn’t flirt with anybody, it doesn’t need anybody or anything. Moths fly to the fire at night themselves and are burnt in its flame. The same happens between people and the Fire of the Unified Cosmos with only difference: people are more aware than moths and the Fire of Cosmos is not the flame of the bonfire. When you get into the Fire or approach the energy of the Fire of Cosmos, everything happens at first sight in its usual way: ordinary life, ordinary labor. As time passes on, sooner or later through widening of your awareness you come nearer to the flame of the Fire. Only at simple mentioning of the Fire a man feels pain, shivering and runs far away from this mentioning with might and main. The paradox lies in the following: the Fire doesn’t leave man’s awareness, no matter how far he has run away from it. The Fire searches for the places that have already come in touch with it. It’s impossible to forget or not to forget, to leave or run away from «the burn», though in reality there wasn’t any burn. On the contrary, the places where the aura got in touch with the Fire remain in their original cleanness. None of the tricks of man’s ego-mind with be able to bring dirt into this place, as everything will be dissolved and burnt. If a man is hopelessly stupid, dissolution of the dirt will happen together with the physical bearer – his body. For the entered energy it’s of no importance, but the dirt is sure not to get into this place again.

- Why does it happen, Father?

- It’s very simple, son. Burning takes place on all the levels of the Cosmos of the Earth: be it a tiny point in the aura or the whole aura. Everything depends on what kind of contact it was. Every time man’s attention is focused on this point, it will either shine or burn. If a man is conscious in this point of the aura, he will see the Light and will get energy in the form of joy that he hasn’t got this sore any more. But if a man is not conscious, it will hurt and he will avert his attention from this place. Man’s mind will eat up his master’s energy from the inside, in vain trying to bring in its own corrections, as it used to happen earlier. But besides the loss of physical strength of a bearer nothing will happen. A man is not able yet to resist any kind of energy, no matter with what sign it is. One must beware both negative and positive energy. You know that only a well balanced energy potential of bearer’s awareness and consciousness is able to get you out of all life labyrinths. Quite naturally I differentiate these two notions, and this is one more part of knowledge accessible to very few people on the Earth. I ask you to be very attentive and not to mix up these two absolutely opposite in their meaningfulness notions:


Awareness is all the gained in incarnations energy potential of an individual. Precious plates bearing cryptography of each of your incarnations are always in your belt, but you can hardly always read them. Only in case, if…

The word «awareness» is rarely mentioned by Great Spiritual Instructors of human civilizations of different times. There is a special sense in it. We construct our talks in such a way that a man is to come to understanding of the undertold or veiled forms of the energy. The path forward, «to the Mountain», envisages minute work of both forms of human existence – awareness and consciousness.

The truth can be learned only through labor.

Consciousness is a concomitant or inalienable part of your stray bearer or physical body – the energy of accumulation of information by the brain apparatus. Moreover, it is its most dangerous part. When a man brings his aura into the space of the Fire Creativity, he can be seen wholly, as if he has been turned inside out. But such Creativity may occur only according to the degree of man’s readiness to open himself to the process of bringing to light this or that part of his existence. Separate problems of such contact is only a consequence and in the given case they don’t interest us. What is of interest to us is the whole aspect of a subtle invisible plane of energy movement in a certain situation. You already know that vision of the subtle plane is the first and foremost precursor of physical events. If you see the situation happening to you on the subtle plane, it means that a thought-form has already been created and you are to wait for the moment when the situation will take place on the physical plane. The time of manifestation of these actions depends directly on the degree of your being prepared for the perception of the invisible world. Vision of energies and acting in it allow you to exclude completely any physical aspects aimed against you. Seeing – not seeing, believing – not believing: these two energies have been laid into us since the moment of birth and accompany our life like faithful companions. They help us to hesitate or not hesitate, rush about in life or be self-confident, enhance or weaken our emotions and feelings. Everyone receives what was laid into him.

Let’s imagine an ordinary lifelike situation. Two children were born in two different families. One child is born in the family where material valuables, money are above all, where even to God they pray with the aim of receiving certain notorious privileges. The other child is born in a normal family, where before having a meal they do justice to their labor: «let’s taste what we’ve earned today by honest labor». In the first case it sounds like that: «let’s render gratitude to our God for everything that we have on our table». And the table overflows with viands, having been got for criminal finances. And there, where they eat what have been earned that day by honest labor, they have absolute Vision. You may not worry for the child in this family, for the companions like vision of life and belief in his own labor are born in him. Hypocrisy and deceit live in the place where sitting at the table they give thanks to the God, therefore vision is perverted there. In this family non – vision and absence of belief become child’s companions. Thus, those who are able to see and not able to see appear since birth. Their paths in Cosmos diverge diametrically since their childhood, subsequently the same process takes place on the Earth. One lives in the harmony with energies having been laid from the very beginning by the Creator for developing the Earth forms. The other lives in the energies created by a man himself, i.e. perverted (selfish, hypermaterialised, power-loving). The list of them is large, there is no sense in repeating what you have created yourselves. So, the one praising his labor lives with God in his Heart. The one PRAISING GOD lives with God in his head. The one who lives with God in his Heart goes straight to his god. The one who lives with God in his head goes in the opposite direction. Hence ensue all natural events, accompanying these two energies in life. Developing differently they later adequately to this factor perceive the influence of Light or the Fire of Cosmos on them. One can model a great number of situations and all of them will be related to some personality or a group of people, to a family or a nation. All depends on what kind of energies you usually create.

Before a Master of the Fire begins to work with a man he must clearly determine what kind of surroundings a man has come to him from. I can tell to an inexperienced person that there is a certain category of people that you can’t deal with, including healing. Let it be our secret so far, people themselves will have to pave the way to it. It lies entirely in the vision of the Master, whether your relationship with Cosmos will be born in the Light or in the Fire. Obviously, it depends again on the degree of man’s readiness. Energies of Light envisage all kinds of forward movement in horizontal and vertical planes. Energies of the Fire mean only a vertical line and there can simply be no roll back. A roll back means death. But let’s return to the world of energies in order to understand better the actions of the Master in concrete situations. One small problem not noted for anything is a whole world of accurately built energy interlacements functioning precisely. This allows the virus of destruction (in the given case in are speaking about its negative aspect) to keep under its control a part or a whole aspect of energy relationship. By whom and in what way these worlds of energy are built I’m going to show you a little later, and now we’ll speak about the forms known and visible to everybody, so that you could «feel» them. Man’s faith lacks this aspect so much.

Till the moment of the virus intrusion into the Earth aura people didn’t know diseases. Nowadays a hundred of people out of a hundred are ill. But nevertheless with all its destructive influence on a human being an illness is a boon, since it is always an indication that a certain variety of the virus has penetrated your aura. I will show several episodes from a healing practice in the Creativity of the Fire. Sick children – are the most vivid manifestation of how far the present-day civilization has gone in its ignorance and inactivity. Very often parents, having lost their strength in the result of their mistaken deeds, replenish their energy potential at the expense of their own children. To accuse somebody of what is happening – means to go away from the truth farther. Not to accuse, but to see and have strength to act in it – that’s what is necessary today. Here lies a certain part of creativity in the Fire energies.

- Why exactly the Fire, Father? There are hundreds of healing paths existing today on the Earth.

- Yes, son. But they all are not able to eliminate the energy of the virus from man’s aura along the whole vertical line of his lives. This is only in the power of the Fire. A child can be healed in several ways. One of them is a joint Creativity together with the parents after receiving their preliminary consent. By the way, it is not necessary for the parents to be present after giving their consent. In any case, it is an act of co-Creativity of all concerned persons, taking into account that the child’s physiological processes are already in contradiction with his awareness. He has lived only three-five years of his life, but he has absorbed so much negativity, that… At the same time you can’t but take into account different penetrating ability of the «molecules» of the virus into a child’s aura and difference in perception. This is not new. Before getting into a physical contact of healing, you’ve got to burn on the subtle plane the firm relationship between a child and his parents. Though in life this aspect of the two energies relationship: a child – a mother and a father has outwardly a very beautiful and noble form, called parents’ love. Who or what makes people remain in this ruinous for one of the sides ignorance (as a rule it concerns more children)? Who or what and in what point guides the feast of devouring the energy of people so close to each other? How to show this mechanism and make people realize it? Not every healer or the one who is able to see can answer these questions, as well as many others. To see the problem or the energy is half the matter and even less. But to eliminate the destruction in an only right way (by an action) on all the levels of human being is the energy scarcely to be solved by anyone (a task, if you like). Entering to Karma may become one of the ways of solving this situation. There are too many energies of different content and character standing on this way. The most important criterion must, probably, be admission, penetration into a human karma. Admission into karma without permission received from a corresponding instance of Cosmos of the Earth aura is a consciously performed act of violence over a human being. In all times on the Earth admission to karma was allowed to only a few, but in the given case we are speaking about Gods, even though not all of them, and about almighty holders of energy channels. I’ll give an example for you not to wander in the thickets of your minds. They are Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus. It’s clear, isn’t it? Lao-Dzi, the Lords of the Seven Rays, Micao Usui had such a right being the supreme almighty holders of energy channels (the Rays). Further – comes a full stop. Their followers in all generations don’t have any rights, for this right can’t be inherited, neither is it liable to an initiation. Today’s press is gay with announcements like: «karma correcting» and the like. I’ll interpret it into the language of energies at once, so that you don’t have a false impression that Gods have descended on the Earth. It sounds as follows: «violent intrusion into karma, those who are ready to grant their consciousness may turn to the following address: Moscow, phone number… Welcome». Your money is needed so much there. None of the holders of master’s degree of magic with heavy chains around their necks have any right to enter any man’s karma – IT IS VIOLENCE. A man can make a correction of his karma only by his own labor. Everything else is the greatest delusion. You must know and remember: the devil is also the most skilful healer and his demonic hordes succeed in it greatly. Don’t cherish vain hopes. Not much time will pass after their treatment, when you will find yourself under a medicine dropper. You must know that up there every step of ours is being watched by Seven Lords and a great number of their disincarnate coworkers possessing all instruments of influence on the forms of human life activity.

Admission to Karma is closed.

For always and for all. Everything else is a sweetly veiled lie with a definite aim.

Let’s conditionally assume that you managed to enter man’s karma, i.e. Jesus happened to be beside you or at least Micao Usui. Then a question arises. How to carry through man’s awareness his karmic deeds without letting him go mad? It is impossible. I remind you once more: admission to karma is the right of Gods. Man’s mind will boil, and what’s the use of it? But further, suppose that horizontal karmic connection is broken, how and by means of what energies to eliminate the negativity having been accumulated in vertical movement. Not doing it means doing nothing at all. Let’s assume, conditionally again, that we were able to gain the necessary energy potential and entered the karmic vertical line. It will take us years and years, may be even incarnations of painstaking labor to settle only one situation. Be it bronchial asthma or pyelonephrites. Look, what a scrupulous time consuming labor. But they are magicians, and what about people? They correct karma within a few days, and within a few weeks they will teach this skill (temptation in lie) the newly-made «magicians» for very good money. In a month or two «magicians» having become skilled in talk and formulating will be receiving patients, shamelessly intruding your karma for very good money. I remind you, people, once more:

Karma – the holy of holies is individual!

A forbidden zone! Run away from such correctors as far as possible, you’ll be able to correct it only by your painstaking labor. In no case I belittle merits and progress of many other healers blessed by God, they don’t violate karma. I speak about healing, not a hint of it! About healing not only people’s auras, but also the aura of the Earth through people’s auras due to their similarity. The Fire energies flowing through the Master is an action aimed at dissolution of negativity or the virus, taking place simultaneously on all the levels. A man having illnesses and problems is potentially a bearer of destructive energy. This fact must be definitely used by the Master. First of all, he is interested in the virus in Cosmos or the energy of destruction on the subtle plane and only then in the bearer of it – a human being. This is one of the aspects of appearance of the Fire on the Earth. Not to relieve people of the results of their laziness and sleep, but to kick out into non-existence the virus, ruinous for the forms of Cosmos. The healing practice in the energies of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos is only a consequence of intrusion of the virus into the planet aura on all the levels. Man’s illness in any form indicates that the virus or a destructive energy has penetrated into a human being. An illness is a signal. A master doesn’t cure an illness, he is looking in man’s aura for a destructive energy on the subtle plane and the causes of its appearance.

- Father, what does the vertical line that you are speaking about mean?

- All right, son, let’s look at the so-called vertical line. I told you earlier that a healing practice doesn’t exist separately in the Creativity of the Fire. But there are people’s illnesses being sent into ether as SOS signals about appearance of a destructive energy in a concrete bearer. This is already enough in order to be creating in the energies of the Unified Fire. A vertical line is a space from the world of the earthly forms to the Earth aura. This is for earthmen. For awarenesses having come from other planets and incarnated in the forms of the Earth this space is increased to the energy of the beyond Cosmos and, further, of the Unknown. There is also the so-called black Cosmos where you will not see the light of the stars, moons and suns. All these spaces must be strung on to a single bar and you will get that very vertical line. And further everything depends on who has come, where from and with what purpose. At the first stage of healing the Master of the Fire cuts off all the threads and channels of destructive energies having penetrated the patient’s aura. Then he burns these channels through up to their source on all the levels and very often together with the source itself, if the task requires it. Don’t think that it is very easy. The energy can resist, sometimes very strongly. Unskillful Master’s actions in Cosmos can lead to the loss of patient’s energy, as well as of Master’s himself. Then with the help of Words and other instruments a Master burns the contamination in man’s aura. The awareness of a patient himself is often used in such cleaning. In this case a certain preparation is needed. It may take some time from a few minutes to several hours. It depends on the degree of perception by man energies of Cosmos invisible to physical eye-sight, or at least just perception of the fact of their existence. The essence of the preparation is to reveal, to show to the patient the cause of the virus intrusion into his aura. In other words to awake man’s reason.

The awoken man’s reason is a process of connection of the mind of the physical body with the centre of energy cocoon of the bearer. As soon as this process begins functioning in a necessary direction and with a due intensiveness, we can say that half of the business is done. This moment of healing is of vital importance, as you’ve got a conscious assistant now – a patient himself. Then one of the basic aspects of the healer – a Master of the Fire, his body of vision comes into operation. The body of Vision is one of the essences of the Master of the Fire, it is absolutely developed, as well as absolutely active. The body of Vision doesn’t sleep twenty-four hours a day – it is an initiation into the second level of the Fire – the Gates of Vision. The body of Vision doesn’t «fly» anywhere, but it can be present simultaneously in many points in Cosmos. Having become a Master, a man dissolves his Heart in the Fire of the Unified Cosmos and since that moment his body of Vision acquires an absolute penetrating ability. It is not a witness any longer, but a part of the Fire. This notion «the body of Vision» in the Master of the Fire doesn’t mean what it is called, it means «something». It doesn’t have a form, a content, it can be whatever it likes and still remains a Fire. I’ll give an example clear to any man, where there are three factors: a blacksmith, a forge and a sword. A blacksmith on the stage of tempering puts a hammered sword into the forge. The Fire embraces the item from all the sides, but the arm itself, the essence, is still of dark-blue color. Possessing strong penetrating power the Fire first incandesces the sword from the edges. Then in the process of heating the sword in the flame of the forge the fire gets into the centre (the heart) of the hammered arm. Now the sword has become a part of the Fire, the Fire itself. In the given case all this happens in the physical terms, but it doesn’t change its energy essence. In the same way a man is going to his master Initiation, burning in the Fire of the Unified Cosmos, until he becomes a part of it, that is the Fire itself. Giving this example I haven’t deviated from the forms of the Earth comprehensible to a man, otherwise it is difficult to compare and understand the energies of the subtle world of the Master of the Fire. The Heart of the Master, as well as the sword, disappeared, dissolved in the flame of the Fire of Cosmos, having become a part of it. The further we deepen into the energy of the talk about the Master of the Fire, the more is the world of unexplainable human opportunities opening to us. But coming to the Earth I definitely knew, that I was only to kindle the light-houses in different points of the planet space. As for this talk, I have not only kindled them, but began illuminating from beneath every step of yours on the way to the Fire. I’m not going to repeat the mistakes of my foregoers, when they used to give you knowledge and you would abuse it. All used to end at that point. The bearer of the knowledge would become a prophet, a saint, but nothing happened to you. Such a process of abusing energies weakens you, makes you unable to function. And as for you, you already don’t want to remain on the same place, you’ve gained much strength. Time has come to shake yourselves and start to give back, to return karmic debts. The light-houses are shining and though it is night all around, you can move, the guide-lines have been already indicated.

And in quite an earthly manner: good luck and God bless you on your path.

So…I don’t want to continue suggesting that you should enter the world of Cosmos energies on your own, I only want to remind you what we’ve begun with. The virus of destructive energy, as well as any other energies in Cosmos, has its own vibrations. Having cleared the outer cover of patient’s aura of the vibrations of the virus, a Master goes on working with the aura itself, moving simultaneously along all the channels of virus spread in Cosmos being present in the given situation…

Our talk has come to its logical completion. Your time has come. The time when you can «feel» the energy or see it. You are fond of feeling and touching, aren’t you? In these minutes of revelation I’m going to confide to you to the end. I will confide and you will accept, probably then something will come out of it. Humankind, while you are «feeling», another civilization will replace you, where the given aspect will be of no importance. And now, let’s «feel», though your time is coming to an end, but you are still its rulers.

On the twenty-second of august 1998 during the Initiation of the Supreme Priestess of Aiins’ Family San-Ria, the Fire of the Unified Cosmos penetrated into her Heart. From now on her name is San-Ria Rikla. We took a picture immediately after the initiation and decided to publish it together with this talk. In the photo you can clearly see the physical bearer of the Supreme Priestess and Cosmic essence of San-Ria Rikla. Looking at this picture an Austrian medium from sannyasa Svami Deva Svargo said rather indefinitely: «some cosmic creature». He didn’t want to acknowledge what he had seen, and we can’t accept lie in ignorance and inability to see. This cosmic creature, mr. Svargo, is San-Ria Rikla – a part of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos. And not otherwise. You already felt her Fire during your last meeting. You felt uncomfortable, didn’t you, mr. Svargo?

By the way, there is some more information for you, but not through your interpreters who do the translation according to their personal interest and ambitions. In accordance with your request to visit the laboratory on the Island of Olkchon a call was drawn up to you which you didn’t make use of because of a number of merchantile reasons. Although you sent one more enquiry for the summer of 1999, there will be no answer. A chance can be given only once, Svargo, and you are not an exception. You’ve already chosen. But even if Rikla deviates from his rules, you will have to come alone without your «baggage» and «suit-cases». I mean your interpreters and servants. Let them measure the degree of their curiosity to the degree of their relationship with the society they live in. Nobody will allow rubbish and dirt to penetrate into the laboratory, be it mother – abbess Aiiya Rikla or the Supreme Priestess San-Ria Rikla. This energy is for Svargo – a human being, and now see the energy for Svargo, a medium.

If you are a medium, mr. Svargo, we won’t need interpreters. And to complete this situation I’ll tell you an incident, concerning the above picture and one of my youngest disciples. His name is Alexander Fadeyev. He is from Kiev and now, when you are reading the fourth book, he is already three years old. In august when he saw the picture immediately after San Ria’s Master Initiation he strained himself, as if concentrating, then lit up with light and accentuating definitely the subtle plane, i.e. the Cosmic creature, said: «S-a-a-na». He became absolutely enraptured repeating again and again: «S-a-a-na, S-a-a-na». He loves her very much and he will never learn to tell lies even to himself. Every year of his so far short path in this incarnation he lives for three-five months in the priest’s school on Olkchon Island. This little one is sure not to deceive, for he is a little one being able to see.

So, we testified appearance of the first Master of the Fire, born by the Earth for the Earth. I won’t conceal, one more Initiation is being prepared. One more Master of the Fire – Aiiya Rikla will be born soon. I’ve already testified her energy in Cosmos and today I’m not able physically to perform this solemn ceremony. Now she is fulfilling her Mission in Charkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetzk, Moscow and I’m writing these lines being thousands of kilometers away, fulfilling my inscription. They are my firstlings, now they are co-workers, i.e. Riklas. There will be enough of them to spread the Fire of the Unified Cosmos all over the Earth. We will not allow to make a spiritual direction or a religion out of the energy of Rikla. It will be right. Only in this way the Fire will be effectual within the limits of the Earth aura. Masters do not have the right to initiate people into the energies of the Fire, the more so, to charge money for it.

The equivalent of the Initiation into the levels of the Fire and Master’s solemn Performance can be only but one criterion, one energy – Absolute Cleanness of your thoughts and deeds.


P.S. By the way, earthmen! We are having a great occasion today. In November 21, 1995 together with my first followers I landed on the island of Olkchon, Lake Baikal and founded the first cosmic laboratory on the sacred for us land. Today we are three years old. Twelve thousand years of work in Cosmos preceded this meeting. We all, Aiins, send you our Love and Blessing.


1999 – 2014. All major nuclear powers on the planet Earth will be neutralized. The centre of a Single Axes of Awareness will go through: Baikal – Tibet – Australia – the Island of Java – Mexico – Argentina – the Netherlands. Auxiliary functions must be designated to Rikla and in these points creative power laboratories are to be founded. True creators can’t be interested any more in people’s gossip about them, about their non – typical images in society. Leave it to human beings, this is not for you. Time passed when you could go merely learning the gist of things. Time of Light awakening has come. The energy of Action for Fiery people has come.

  The Fire!
Eye-opening of Earth
From sleepy dampness of times
Is drawing nearer
The Fire!
       The Fire!
              The Fire!