RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 9, p.185

Rodaina, Kiev, 2005


Mass Psychoses of initiations continues to blossom out with poisonous flowers on the fields of human weak-mindedness (it should be read as narrow-mindedness). And it doesnt matter at all, in what way hundreds of shades of the far-fetched ritual actions (mysteries) are called, having been transformed out of a single Higher Meaning of the Ancients, laid in the word INITIATION. Be it Reiki from any branch of the source (Micao Usui), be it stages of E. Marchenko or pedestals of G. Grabovoy all of them are based on the system of extorting money for notorious initiations. Ive named some big sharks of Russian esoteric world, whose range of activity has gone beyond the life spheres of local meaning. Their absurdity ought to have aroused long ago the just anger of God, as well as of the state, on the territory of which they sow poppy and hemp (its an allegory, in esoterical meaning). Their ruinous effect on mankind may be compared with soap operas, many stage serials, being shown on TV. The above mentioned instruments have such a harmful effect on the psyche, that very soon this fact will go beyond the limits of understanding of a narrow problem and will make scientists, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, psycho analytics pay their attention to the existing phenomenon. But again only as postfactum. The voice of Intelligence hasnt reached its aim yet. I wont even mention small fish swimming in clay waters of esoteric ocean, for everything was said long ago, and everybody was named individually. Many of them successfully sank into oblivion. Many transformed into other spheres of life. But what is notable: some leaders were banished from their cities by people (clever people are sure to have remained still in some places). This fact made me unspeakably glad. But everything in nature is happening only according to Its laws. One fades, the other comes instead. Here is a vivid example proving it. Conjuncture Angara pine on the banks of the great river was cut down (by plunderers) and thistle, the so-called underwood: bushes, secondary species, marsh ledum (in esoterical meaning) immediately grew on the place resembling hempen state of a man. Perhaps the time has come and youve learned to discern whether the new types of trees, having been born in the field of your blindness, bring you something sensible or ruinous. Even I became interested in one of the newly born systems of underwood. A birr No, not a birch is its name, since a birch can be used in mans daily life. He can build a house, heat Russian baths and take a steam bath with a switch of green birch twigs.

Tamara and Alexander Bely have congested the cleared place with their plantation. But you can neither build a house, nor take a steam bath (in esoterical sense). Not a word more. Poisonous smell of this plantation is far from medicinal properties even of marsh ledum.

Not in vain Cain killed Abel, who was esoterically a feminine character and represented the first woman in the third race after gender division. I hope that you understand now that physically Cain didnt kill Abel. Neither was Prometheus chained to the Caucuses Mountains. His personal Passions became the chains, having fettered his legs and arms on the Paths of Spirit. Stop being silly and slow-witted. Dont you see that your Liberation is in yourselves? In your thoughts, words, deeds, way of life.

Dont pray in churches and synagogues like hypocrites do in order to show off before people. Pray in your Soul, in your own Temple, for God lives There. A human being is an Only Gods Temple on the Earth, where Saint Spirit lives.

Your selfishness continues to remain the main, dominating force of this century and the Millennium. But lets go back to the times, when and what it began from. And why humankind continues accelerating rapidly in its degradation. Although I must also note some positive factor of involution phenomenon of contemporary civilization. However

Its well known that everywhere in Ancient World besides a folk cult, consisting of formal and wholly eksoterical ceremonies, each nation had its own SECRET CULT. Strabon among many others confirms its existence. Nobody had an access to them, except those who had gone through special training. Neophytes, who received instructions in upper Temples, were Initiated into final mysteries in far-away caves. Such instructions were the last preserved heritage of Ancient Wisdom and they were carried out under the Guidance of the Supreme Initiated. The instructions were given only orally and only in the caves in absolute silence and secrecy.

Big masses of people witnessed great performances during celebrations of mysteries, and a lot of people blindly worshipped personified truth. And only the Supreme Initiated understood that language and its true meaning. All this must be well known to the world. All ancient peoples were convinced in one common thing, that the true mysteries of what is non-philosophically called a Creation, were transmitted to the elite in our race through its first dynasty of divine Rulers Gods in physical bodies: divine incarnations or the so-called Avatars. The last information which is given in the book Dzian tells about those who governs the descendants, coming from the saint family and who came down again and Established peace with the fifth race and who taught and instructed It.

The way it sounded established peace says, that there existed certain disagreements. The fate of Atlantes in esoteric philosophy and the lot of antediluvian mankind according to the Bible confirms the idea of discrepancies in the Being of Ancient People. But lets confirm once again: many centuries before the dynasty of the Ptolemeus the same abuse of sacred knowledge penetrated the environs of the Initiated in Egypt. The knowledge, having been preserved in all its Cleanness during many millenniums, sacred teachings of Gods were perverted due to personal ambitions and selfishness. The meanings of symbols were often defiled by improper interpretation. Very soon only ELEVSIAN Mysteries alone remained free from false and sacrilege interpretation of the Teaching, which had lost its purity. As it became necessary to preserve KNOWLEDGE the chosen ones among the Initiated began isolating. Supreme HIEROPHANTS had begun doing it in every next coming century since the time, when sacred allegories began to manifest the first signs of profanation and degradation. In the long run the Great Elevsins shared the fate of all the others. Their original outer qualities and intentions were described by Clement of Alexandria. He showed mysteries revealing the secrets and the ways of the Universe formation, which are the Beginning, the End and the Final purpose of human cognition. For the Initiated they express the nature of all the things as they are. Epiktet said about those instructions: All that is ordered here was created by our Teachers to instruct people and correct our traditions. Platoon asserts: The aim of the mysteries was to re-create a soul in its original cleanness or in the state of perfection, which it had lost.

The year, the day and the last hour came, when mysteries deviated from their Cleanness the same way exoterical religions did. It began since the moment when in 520 B.C. on the advice of Aristogiton the state made up its mind to turn Mysteries into a permanent and abundant soarce of PROFIT. A special Law was published. Since that time nobody could receive an Initiation without having paid a certain sum of money for this privilege. The Initiation Gift, which could have been reached earlier only at the cost of incessant and really inhuman efforts aimed at virtues and higher qualities, now must have been sold for a great amount of gold. Receiving this profanation, both a layman and a clergy-man finally lost their Esteem to Mysteries, which led to more defilement of Sacred Knowledge. This payment charged secretly spread with every century, and Supreme Hierophants were more than whenever afraid of final divulgation and profanation of the most sacred secrets of nature. They undertook measures in order to exclude the fundamentals of the Teaching out of inner programme, having left a full knowledge of It to a narrow circle of the Initiated. They were that very Elite, who soon became the Only Preservers of Divine Heritage of millenniums.

We were very attentive while reading ancient soarces of a Single Teaching, which are transmitted once a century in the name of execution of the Teachers Will. Synthesizing this Knowledge with modern times we can get by a narrow, boggy road to a Sought-for-Path a wide, made by Ancient Teachers, smooth road of Knowledge. There is always the one, who will execute the Lords will, arousing anger of having become tired of its own impotence mankind. He will transmit the Happy News.

Not once during the last nine years Rikla showed to you the essence of mans initiations by a great number of leaders, masters of modern days. I can understand pretty well those, who sell the energy, but Im not able to understand those, who buy it. The glitter of gold and the rustle of banknotes have overshadowed consciousness of a man, who sells what doesnt belong to him. What has darkened the consciousness of the one, who buys, remains the greatest secret for Me.


All the rest is insignificantly worthless. It bears external sham of selfish human superiority over the universal Intelligence. One day the teaching sank into oblivion only by the reason that somebody decided, that a Single Teaching could be sold at a set equivalent. The profanation of an Initiation through an equivalent is so obvious, that sometimes it becomes unbearably painful for mankind having fallen so low. Substitution of the hardest labor on the ways of formation of the spirit by material welfare will only push away the Spiritseeking man for many years, decades and even incarnations.

An Initiation is a sacrament of the Teachers Mysteries who possesses Secret Knowledge. Laborious toil mixed on bloody disciples sweat during many years is an only road leading to the Initiation rock. There isnt any other one. And if you have chosen the second road out of the two existing ones and have toiled a lot in the field of your Master Spirit, you will be called into the Chamber of Service. For it was said long ago: When a Disciple is ready, a Teacher for Him is ready too. The Path of the Heart is opened to you. Go ahead! Dont be afraid. Have a try! Turn back: there is nobody in the queue behind you, the next one can hardly be seen in the light blue hare of an empty space. Many years of his Path later at the Gate of the Temple of the Heart he will take off his armour and naked will step over the secret threshold of the Abode of the Lord. The burnt rags of his clothes and lacerated desultory thoughts, left behind the other side of the fortress walls of the Teaching, are no longer obstacles, they just confirm firmness of the Spirit and Readiness of the Heart ripen for the Exploit.

What else should I write to you to stop the destructive tread of the army of evil-doers and bribe-takers on the planet?

How else can I disclose all the cruelty and banefulness of heavily weighted vibrations of lie and hypocrisy for your psyche?

How should I reveal superiority of Spirit over the knowledge of mind, an acquired external instrument human shackles?

How can I make you become firmly convinced that God doesnt dwell in Temples erected with human hands?

A certain ruler gave his servants an order to find at least one man being satisfied with his life. For a long time such a man had been looked for, finally, he was found. That man turned out to be BLIND, DEAF and DUMB. Do become such a man towards all external circumstances and you will discover inside a big world being unfamiliar to you. There you will find God, you will see the beauty and harmony of the Creator of Microcosm. You must understand that only the Hearts gift is shining in the darkness. That is enough. He who has understood the Teaching will not hesitate to apply It in life. He who has agreed will nod his head extolling the Teaching, but he will not apply it in life. There will be many of those who have agreed, but they are fruitless and liable to decay. There are a few of those who have understood, but they are imbibing precious Knowledge and are ready to shatter all the filth of the world. So, lets not waste time on those agreed. Intellect is not Intelligence. Intelligence is from God. Intellect is from Mind. Two roads two Paths. Its up to you to choose.

Olkchon Irkutsk, 5-8.12.2003.