RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

Book 1, p.24

Rodaina, Kiev, 2003


Appear to World as a Messenger
Tell about its Insignificance
Affirm its Worthless Existence
Show its total Failure
But reveal the Bright outbreak of Daring
Having Revolted against this world
Manifest as messenger Their Fiery Path
In the forms of the Planet
In the World of invisible Cosmos
Indicate to blind mankind
The Inflamed Flares of Spirit
Stretch out the rescue thread
Forgive innumerable times
Caress the children
Who denied You before the judgement
Wash their Brows
With the Tears of All-Forgiving Love
Start everything from the beginning
You are to become such a Messenger

Ardent and Devoted to the Great Plan
Movers of Evolution
Dont let your Lights go out
In the gray fog covering the Earth
Let your Daring
Alert the minds old and
Unwilling to flow into the Accelerating Stream
Let the Revelation descend from your lips
Burn the vice hampering the Movement
The open Word is Sobering the Consciousness