RIKLA The Fire of the Unified Cosmos


Oh Lord!

Shed Your Power to me,

so that I can give body of mine

to Will of Yours,

so that it could be only an instrument

in Providence of Yours Earthly.

Cool the mind and burn with Your Fire

pride and self-conceit of mine,

fear and weak will.

Burn hazy look of mine,

with the Light of Your Fire,

so that I could see You in every matter:

In thoughts and deeds,

and every step of mine

in every moment.

Burn my heart,

plunged in desire and carnality,

And awake the True Heart

the Spark of Your Eternal Love.

Indicate the unbitten Paths to You,

so that I can go not taking,

but giving.

Lead with Your voice of Revelation

to the Fire that is Great and


Amen (Om)