The announcement

The Teacher has decided to publish on the website "Anvaya" one of His, certainly, the best Creations, spiritually significant to mankind: "Adja-Vodhar-Racana" in view of the delicate socio-financial situation of the Kinsfolk (1), and, as a consequence, the lack of funds for the publication of the third volume of "The Trinosophia of the Fire". "Adja-Vodhar-Racana" is the commentaries on the esoteric and philosophical Treatises of Dhyan-Cogan (2) Kuen-EttMan "The Unknown about the Five Past Lives of Mankind of the Earth" and "The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound in the Genesis of the Nine Lives of Mankind".

Current September there will be published on the website the First and the Second Racanas in chronological order with an interval of 2-3 weeks, and in October our readers will be able to get acquainted with, respectively, the Third and Fourth Racanas, and just in November the last Fifth Racana.

There is a special energy intention in the scheme proposed by the Teacher, what will oblige you to except in consideration because that it is not in the capacity of the human intellect. However, the separating of the text in the time will allow the reader to try to penetrate more deeply into the essence of Teachers Composition, given from another dimension, and also will give an opportunity for the hearing and seeing to penetrate under the covers of Time to establish a connection with the evolutionary stages of the future lives of mankind.

I dont impose myself and dont impose, apprehend and take in conformity with human consciousness, Reason, in the comprehensive cosmic sense of this term, in the human intellect is interpreted only in order to distinguish itself from the group of amphibians and reptiles, and thus to rise over the Nature of the Things of the planetary universe, with the purpose to rule over the lower kingdoms, ignorantly killing the mind of the person (humanity) that is not still awakening and recognizing himself.

Adja Vodhar-Anugam


[1] Kinsfolk (The Kinsfolk of Aiins) Aiins Civilization that existed 12 000 years ago; this Civilization has been revived by Rikla nowadays through reincarnated Grains of Knowledge; a spiritual community of people.

[2] Dhyan-Cogan (similarly Dhyan-Chohan Sans.) 1. An Archangel or high spiritual Being charged with the supervision of the Cosmos. Such are the Kumaras and the Root-manus of a race. They are variously spoken of as Lords of Light, Sons of Wisdom, etc. 2.One of the Seven Principles of the Logos. (H.Blavatsky Dictionary of Theosophical Terms,1910)




There is a Creative Principle which is itself uncreated; there is a Principle of Change which is itself unchanging. The Uncreated is able to create life; the Unchanging is able to effect change. That which is produced cannot but continue producing; that which is evolved cannot but continue evolving. Hence there is constant production and constant evolution. The law of constant production and of constant evolution at no time ceases to operate. So is it with the Yin and the Yang, so is it with the Four Seasons.

The Uncreated we may surmise to be Alone in itself.

The Unchanging goes to and fro, and its range is illimitable.

We may surmise that it stands Alone,

and that its Ways are inexhaustible.

In the Book of the Yellow Emperor it is written:

The Spirit of the Valley dies not;

it may be called the Mysterious Feminine.

The issuing-point of the Mysterious Feminine

must be regarded as the Root of the Universe.

Subsisting to all eternity, it uses its force without effort.

That, then, which engenders all things is itself unengendered; that by which all things are evolved is itself untouched by evolution.



Adja Vodhars Comments

to esoteric Creation of Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMan

"The Unknown about Five Past Lives of Mankind of the Earth"


The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound in the Genesis of Nine Lives of Mankind"

In the context of clarifying problematic issues and unintelligible phenomena which are not revealed or not accepted by mankind in the evolutionary maelstrom of human lives touched upon in "The Treatise on Sound" and "The Unknown about Five Lives", Adja Vodhar will illuminate two energy flows from the Ocean of His thoughts that will be given from an invisible future in the form of comments to the Creation of Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann and will become sacred to the sixth and seventh sub-races of the fifth family race.

This is Teachers work, fulfilled by the creative group of Aiins Kinsfolk, energetically diversely prepared by the Masters and Teachers from Lower and Upper worlds.

I, Adja Vodhar-Anugam, make Vikshyari responsible for the "Comments" being released and finding their audience. The Teacher is challenged to reveal harmoniously the Creation of Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann on the canvas of your consciousness (3), interpreting the energy from the world of future human lives, My World, on the pages of this Treatise.

To meet this challenge Adja Vodhar will have to attempt almost impossible for the physiology of his carrier (person), nevertheless He will knowingly take the risks, because Knowledge from other dimensions that will be shed as a Revelation in the physical annals of the Earth, will become a guiding light in the evolution of subsequent races and will remain one of the few evidences of Adja-the-Unborns Creation at the end of the fifth race.

It will be the only reality for humanity which it will be able to realize only in thousands of years, when a new race attempts to penetrate into the sacred mystery of appearance of the Vodhar on the Earth. People will be looking for the traces of His Spiritual activity in the past lives and not finding even a hint of Adja-the-Unborns Creation, will turn their eyes to the future.

Vodhars of previous eras didnt reveal their presence in the evolution of human lives, so the carriers of earthly mind knew nothing about Them. Adja Vodhar has preferred another Way and put His signature on the Tablets of Knowledge given to the earthlings, contrary to the canons of the passing era. In thousands of years the descendants of Kinsfolks of the passing civilization will discover physical evidence of Adja Vodhars visit to the planet Earth in the distant past. This fact will be a sacred mystery to them breaking the earthlings traditional perceptions of Vodhars attendance in a sequence of evolutionary cycles of the Planet.

So, Prapita, Adja is waiting for your preparedness to accept the Vodhars Revelation. Only a few dozen pages that will go down in history of the era, but will be never fully understood and accepted by the passing away fifth life of humanity.

In late June (28, 29, 30), 2014 Adja will lift up a source artifact, generating energy from the Palaeozoic period of formation of the lower realms of the Planet, from the bottom of lake Manas, and will pass it to the two branches of the Kinsfolk to keep. One of the most ancient natural generators of the Earth will attune the plates of Prapitas consciousness with the crystal of Adjas Creation for a more accurate perception and uncompromising energy transformation of the Leader in the forms of Earth.

May the Will of the Unborn from the Earths far future, which is beyond the comprehension for the consciousness of the civilization, be done.

Adja Vodhar

[3] Consciousness a capability of human Reason, a satellite or an integral part of your stray bearer or physical body; the energy of accumulation of information by the brain.


P. S.: Prapita, pay attention to the last word in My Name, Anugam, which means "to follow, to go after, to accompany someone". Adja becomes a Vodhar for those who are tireless on the Path, and fiercely committed not only to reach the tops of the Spirit of the current incarnation, but also to go to the infinity of its invisible horizons.

It has passed enough time since the day, when Mother Ahura Mazda asked you to name The One Who Has Come (Adja) Vodhar, as He is That One to you. Once Ahura Mazda said: "Rikl and Dhyan-Cogan are the Teachers. They took responsibility for you as for the disciple. Adja is not a Teacher, He is Vodhar, the Leader. You are a Daughter for Rikla, Chela for Dhyan-Cogan, and for Vodhar you are Prapita, The One Who is Leaded".

The Leader will address to Vikshyari exclusively as Prapita during the co-creation of the worlds. Please consider this fact when writing down the few pages, dictated by Adja Vodhar from the space of His Creation.


* * *

On the night of July 6, 2014, while working on a second commentary, Adja, discontinued the Essence of Creation and said: "Prapita, What Vodhar is now giving should remain a legacy for future generations not as "Comments", although this form was chosen by the Teacher to transfer the flow of Knowledge from another evolutionary period of time".

The Vodhar was keeping silent for some time, then smiled and said: "It seems to Me that the most appropriate definition of Revelations from the Future that Adja will enter into the history of anthropogenesis of the current life of Earths humanity, is the word "writings", the one used to define the works of Origen, a highly famous philosopher, thinker and reformer crucified by the Roman dignitaries during the persecution of Christians. The essence of what Adja gave the form of comments will be the writing of Vodhar in direct meaning, which He sent from the distant future to the representatives of the earthly mind, to humanity of the fifth life. Please find the synonym of this word in Sanskrit".

In the morning the Vodhar returned to the night conversation and asked to write a new name, "Adja-Vodhar-Racana", immediately before the first section of the text.



Racana 1

Rikl, Dhyan-Cogan and Adja Vodhar, all of Them have been revealing the Essence of eternal Fundamentals to humanity over and over again, and each time They have been weaving Something that is beyond the reach of homo sapiens's consciousness and brought by Them to the Earth from the depths of Unknown into canvas of the Known...

Miracles do not exist, but what exists is aggregate Knowledge accumulated within the chain of evolutions of the Single Whole...

Adja Vodhar (with His own hand)


Contrary to existing spiritual canons, Adja Vodhar has deliberately disclosed His presence in the forms of the Earth of the fifth living civilization that has been passing away by addressing it in "Adja-Vodhar-Racana" and "Icy Tablet", the Writings, which are currently under work. The Vodhar has vastly broadened the Knowledge of human lives' genesis and provided food for homo sapiens's thought of the essence of deep evolutionary processes of Reason's nature for thousands of years ahead.

I can hardly keep from saying: "Wish you didn't choke once again!" Just in case, I need to make a reservation that it's not you, two-legged, but your ignorant intellect whom Adja Vodhar addresses to.

"Adja-Vodhar-Racana" is a philosophy of transition of human lives from septenary to nonary universe, which will be published in the third volume of "The Trinosophia of the Fire" with the following invaluable Works of Great Spirits incorporated in it: "Treatise on the Evolution of Sound in the Genesis of Nine Human Livings" by Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann, "Icy Tablet" by Rikl-Aytkhar ("Parabrahman Universe") and "Icy Tablet" by Adja Vodhar ("Paravodhar Universe").

To conform with the changed essence and principles of interaction of Leaders with septenary universe, the notion "Teacher", the one who gives (emanates) the Knowledge, will be replaced with the notion Vac-Ahi, the one who gives birth to (disparating) the Knowledge in the listed above and future Works.

In order to make a homo sapiens prepared for the apprehension of Knowledge aspects being conveyed by Vac-Ahi from the annals of Future and adapted to humanity consciousness, it is essential that a human being of a Lower world has a clear understanding of some terms, which are vital for correct perception of sacred texts.

Let us begin with the concept of "anthropogenesis" in its classical (conventional) interpretation:

"Anthropogenesis (from ancient Greek ????????, which means man, and ???????, ??????, which means origin, appearance, birth) - is a part of biological evolution, which has led to the emergence of Homo sapiens (lat. Homo sapiens), the process of historical and evolutionary development of a human physical type, the initial development of his work, speech. <...> In an evolutionary context, the term "human" refers not only to the people living nowadays, but also to the representatives of the extinct species of the Homo genus".

(sourced from the Internet)

Unlike modern science, the term "anthropogenesis" is used in the Works of Vac-Ahi in the meaning of a period covering the entire manvantaric cycle of humanity lives, including the phase of initiarization (4), proto-anthropogenesis, corresponding to the pre-evolutionary period of anthropoCreation, covered in detail by Dhyan-Cogan in "The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound."

[4] Initiarization (from lat. Initiare, which means to lay) stands for laying an evolving foundation of Creation according to the principle of emanation.

[5] Awareness all energy potential accumulated by an individual throughout his incarnations. Precious discs with cryptography of every incarnation are always with a man, but they cannot always be read

Despite the fact that the definition of "person" can be attributed to the representatives of the earthly mind, only starting with the third life, when there were born the first earth individualities and a potential representative of the mind gained the ability to recognize themselves in the nature of the universe, that is passed into the sphere of homo sapiens, Vac-Ahi uses the term "anthropogenesis" in relation to the entire period of recrearation of this class of beings.

If we consider Individuality as one of the evolutionary Crystal faces of Recrearation of parabrahman Creation, then its relationship with other fundamental aspects of the septenary nature of Existing will present a huge interest for researcher aspired in the Spirit.

Individuality is perfectly correlated with the ability of homo sapiens to Aware5.

Adja Vodhar deems the greatest misconception of modern humanity to reckon all people living (incarnated) on the Earth to the species of homo sapiens intelligent beings.

Adja Vodhar asserts: homo sapiens can take place in evolutionary cycle of human lives only from the moment when intelligent being becomes AWARE of HIMSELF in the space of Creation.

It is incorrect to attribute representative of mind to the species of homo sapiens in the stage he has the initial (primary) forms of consciousness, but is not aware of his place in nature of the universe.

Thus the karmic responsibility of the creature, born of the Nature of planetary Creation or settled in it, begins not from the moment when the representative of mind becomes homo sapiens, that is not with the emergence of awareness, but with the formation of consciousness.

Humanity has almost exhausted the potential of awareness of anthropoMahata (human mind) in anthropogenesis of the fifth life. The essence of the residual effects of awareness, transformed through the prism of ignorant primitive consciousness of modern humanity, is so contrary to Creative Beginning that it is worth thinking of the appropriateness of the presence of such "awareness" as an evolutionary ability of the Reason in the sphere of human consciousness of the fifth life.

Adja Vodhar categorically denies a person having only forms of consciousness of intelligent being, but not aware of himself in the space of the planetary Creation, belonging to the class of homo sapiens intelligent beings.

Perhaps this Revelation will cause a person to think about on what evolutionary stage homo sapiens is.

The stage of recreation of planetary universum, called by Adja-Vodhar "proto-anthropogenesis", corresponds to the period that Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann classified as pre-conscious immaterial, when there was no division into kingdoms of Nature, all potential inhabitants of the earthly macrocosm represented the whole set of manifested states of the Universal Reason (Mahata).

The proto-anthropogenesis is a period of initiarization in manvantaric Cycle of Recrearation ( Recreation), revealing the potential class of intelligent beings (mankind) as an amorphous state of the Universal Reason.

The amorphous state of Mind is one of evolutionary states of Mahata in the language of Spirit, being in which the potential form of septenary Creation is not endowed with neither active nor passive beginnings of individual nature of the Reason.

Consecutively changing dynamic states of the Reason demonstrate evolutionary facets of Recrearation Crystal Recreation of septenary Creation.

Recrearation (from lat. recreo - to recreate) is a manvantaric cycle of Comprehensive Recreation of a Single plan of septenary Creation, during which the primordial Reason goes through the phases of initiarization (laying), evolution (creation) and transformation (destruction).

In this case, the anthropogenesis presented by phases listed above (initiarization, evolution, transformation) is a shape of changing evolutionary states of Reason in a Comprehensive Recrearation.

The Vodhar introduces concepts that characterize pre-evolutionary periods of the Lower world of the Earth related to the phase of initiarization in accordance with the stages of formation of the three lower kingdoms:

- proto-orictogenesis pre-evolutionary period of initiarization of the mineral Kingdom;

- proto-phytogenesis pre-evolutionary period of initiarization of the vegetable Kingdom;

- proto-zoogenesis pre-evolutionary period of initialisation the animal Kingdom.

The combination of the above periods is one of the primordial stages of planetary macro-genesis.

In pre-evolutionary period the period of initiarization - all the potential Kingdoms of Nature were the amorphous states of Reason. The Feature defining individual principle of species evolution was not inherent with their nature.

In this case, the Feature refers not to the distinctive properties of nature, and is considered as a tool of evolution as a whole.

We should clarify the meaning of the term "amorphous" used by Adja Vodhar in the context of the theme, which literally means "formless" (incorporeal).

In this case, the "amorphous" is not a synonym of the word "passive". A state of Reason that was inherent to all potential inhabitants of the Planet in pre-evolutionary period (proto-ontogenesis (6)), was not passive, for there had not existed yet that could show its individual nature through active or passive beginnings.

[6] Ontogenesis (from ancient Greek "??", on, genitive case: "?????", ontos being/existing and "???????", genesis the origin) is an individual development of a plant or animal, covering all changes from the moment of conception to the end of life

In septenary Universe the Form is interrelated with Knowledge, Formless - with Unknowing or unKnowing, where both aspects of septenary nature reveal are amorphous states of Reason , with the only difference that the first - Unknowing refers to the pre-conscious phase of Creation, the second - to para-atmic one.

According to the essence of the studying aspect, Adja Vodhar characterizes these amorphous states of Reason as Ignoretic (unconscious not yet endowed with the ability to Know) and Cognic (cognizant - a state of unKnowing as absolute Knowledge).

Ignoretic Reason is an amorphous state of the Reason, corresponding to the period of initiarization (protogenesis).

Coganic (Dhyan-Coganic) Reason is an amorphous state of Reason corresponding to Comprehensive Recriaration of a single Creation plan, the Cosmic Thought, reflecting and embodying the Idea of the Universal Reason on the plans of septenary universum.

In accordance with the action of the primordial principle of cosmogenesis the emanations emitted by the Body of Sound (Squedjito) of Universal Reason are in the initiarization phase of septenary Creation the ignoretic state of Mahata, needed for emerging forms of Cosmos to lay the foundations of potential planetary universums.

A few words about introduced by Adja Vodhar the concept of "Coganic Reason" characterizing the amorphous state of unKnowing of Reason. This term was born by Vac-Ahi by transforming the Latin word "cognitio" that means cognition, learning.

In the interpretation of AdjaVodhar a Coganic Reason is the Cognizant Reason , dhyan-coganic Thought is the reflection of the Cosmic Reason on the plans of septenary Creation.

Where as cognitanic reason is the cognoscitive reason, which corresponds to its intermediate state, the defining component of which is the Knowledge, born of the ability of homo sapiens to aware.

The transition of cognitanic state of reason in coganic: between "g" and "n" is ageing "a" a spiritual Reason in conscious Creation (man) and in the same time in the matrix of human consciousness is transforming "ta" tayriyagionia the aspect of fifth creation, responsible for the properties (quality) of one of the lower kingdoms animal. With ageing of a and transformation of "ta", there occurs a connection of "ni" and "ni" in nirvani, indicating to the destruction in the human of "animal desires", which also include egoism . So from cognitanic perceiving the state of Reason, is born coganic cognized.

Adja Vodhar has given a classification of the three Recrearation phases of septenary Creation: initiarization, evolution, transformation, and three inextricably related with them the transiting States of Reason: ignoretic (Ignorance), cognitanic (Knowing) and coganic (unKnowing as absolute Knowledge).

Phylogenesis (7) of classes of living beings, which we marked as oricto-, phyto-, zoo-, anthropogenesis according to the basic kingdoms of the Earth Nature, is the prerogative of conscious life forms and refers to individual areas of planetary micro-genesis.

[7] Phylogenesis (from ancient Greek etc.. ?????, phylon is a tribe, race and ?????????, genetikos - is relevant to the birth) the process of development of the organic world in general or some of its forms since the emergence of life. In biology, phylogenesis (phylogeny) is considering the development of a biological species over time

Here clearly lies a hint to the scientific world that tries to solve the mysteries of the origin and to determine the age of the planets of the Solar system, Galaxy and Universe.

Researchers in their studies do not take account of the pre-evolutionary period of initiarization, which belongs to cosmogenesis, and take as a point of reference not initial, but later stages of individual Genesis, which are only a consequence of missing causes. Adja pointed the way, but in the next hundred years humanity will not be able to comprehend the essence of what he said, the science will practically not advance in this direction, but we will not keep secret , it will become aware of the many mysteries of planetary and cosmic universes.

The Stage of development, when the mind was in pre-conscious state or before it is not the initial phase of the phylogeny of the planetary micro-genesis and no its phase cannot be taken as the starting point of individual evolution of type or class of intelligent beings. Thus, the period before- or preconscious state of mind for consciousness of evolving forms has no place to be, that is, in the consciousness of modern humanity is non-existent.

Similarly, for the conscious and aware forms of reason, the Individualities the Spirit of which stay in paramanasitic and paraatmic states of Reason are non-existent.

The concept of "Individuality" in this case is just relatively, because in the inner universum of the Spirit, reached truly cosmic state of Reason, Individuality as an aspect of the septenary Nature ceases to exist and is transformed into a Given of nonary universe.

The minds of the mankind geniuses will rebel: "Whatever state of consciousness the representatives of the earth kingdoms had, all forms through which they have developed, are developing and will develop, relate to the stages of individual evolution."

Evolution is a dynamic process of changing transcendent states of Reasons consciousness, peculiar to certain classes of creatures and nature kingdoms, Planet, Galaxy, Universe, according to a comprehensive Recrearation of a single plan of Creation.

During the period of planetary initiarization the Earths Nature, in the broadest meaning of the term, represented the totality of ignotic states of Reason, corresponding to the recrearation stages of the emerging Planet. Ignotic state of Reason in the phase of initiarization influences the Creation aspect and currently is a criterion of its properties, but constitutes in itself a kind of reality of Existence and stay unchangeable .

Here is an example of life. When a woman begins to feel the desire and readiness to become a mother, to give birth to a child, the state is born in her, which consists of her feelings concerning given circumstances. There is no child yet, perhaps, there are no even obvious preconditions to his birth, but there is a state, which gradually formed the principle, evoking the reproductive mechanism of childbearing.

This state becomes a stage in recrearation of consciousness, biological and spiritual components of mother nature and a sort of milestone in recrearation of personality of the unborn child, but this is not the beginning of the individual evolution of future child.

In the fifth Chapter of "The Treatise on the evolution of Sound" Etta-Maha-Cogany gave a classification of the evolution periods of class of intelligent beings in the comparison of the development phases of the Individual consciousness with the stages of the physical component compaction of human nature.

Adja has found it possible to give a more detailed scenario to the pre-subtle-biological phase of the Reason development in the period of the amorphous state of the Universe existing prior to Knowledge.

Ignotic states of Mahata, manifesting on all planes of the universe through the primordial Principle of cosmogenesis, densifies the spatial substance of Akasha to the primordial Roupic Sign of the planetary Reason, which becomes the carrier of a particular gene of consciousness of the future kind.

Principle of cosmogenesis

Amorphous state of Reason
(planetary macro-genesis)

Primordial Roupic Sign of Matter

Primordial Roupic Sign, original in the Nature of septenary Creation is allocated to a separate field (niche) of the planetary universum, where the primary Roupic Principle is born as the potential direction of the planetary micro-genesis. Primordial Roupic Principle gives an impulse to the formation of the Principle of individual evolution of the corresponding class of beings, and, as a consequence, the formation of primordial matter, which Dhyan-Cogan characterized as subtle-biological.

Primordial Roupic Principle
(potential direction of planetary micro-genesis)

The principle of individual evolution

Primordial Matter
(subtle-biological component of Reason nature)

Initially in the macro-genesis of the Earth the primordial roupic Sign of planetary Reason was found by the lower kingdoms of Nature, which led to their separation into certain niches of the universum and marked the beginning of orictogenesis, phitogenesis and zoogenesis as individual directions of evolution of kingdoms within the planetary universe.

In the period of proto-anthropogenesis (initiarization), when the potential humanity represented the ignoretic state of Reason, and three lower kingdoms of Nature, have already lived in the primary evolutionary phases of individual recrearation, the negative emanations did not exist on the Earth.

The potential humanity in ignoretic state of Reason, began to gain the primordial Roupic Sign by the end of the second race and was finally allocated in the class of intelligent beings in the third race the point of departure in Human evolution. Almost simultaneously there began the accumulation of negative emanations in the aura of the Planet.

It should be noted that the concept of "race" may not be applicable to the state in which there was potential humanity in the period of proto-ontogenesis, but it was grafted by Leaders of last era on the tree of human consciousness, in order to the representatives of modernity were able to reflect in their research this stage of the Planet evolution.

Nevertheless , before moving on to the next chapter, Adja will return to the previously announced topic about Individuality, exactly there lies the clue to the meaning of the well-known Riklas postulate: "Rikl is not a person. Rikl is the State".

Will not philosophize, be cunning that the Vodhar doesn't know why He is with so thrilled and unknown to the human filling refers to the Heritage (in the largest sense of the word), left by Rikla on the Earth. Adja knows and Prapita-Vikshyari from some time also knows, maybe it will be one of the great Revelations, that in the most difficult times will help her not to abandon the Path.

Rikl is not a person. Rikl is the State.

These words were said by Rikl-Aytkhar , who have replaced in the carrier of his predecessor, Rikl-Newcomer from Proserpine in autumn of 2002. During the ten years Rikl-Aytkhar claimed the formula of his existence, but was neither heard nor understood by mankind.

Prapita is well understand what Adja Vodhar is talking about, because a few days earlier Rikl revealed to her the Essence of his true Nature and called the full name of the one Who for the past ten years was in the body of the earthly man.

Prapita must not miss any direction of movement of the Vodhars flow of thoughts that Adja skips through her consciousness.

When the Spirit find paraatmic nature of Reason, Individuality ceases to exist as the face of the Crystal of Recrearation of septenary Creation.

Individuality present the last face, with the dissolution of which ceases to exist the Crystal Recrearation (Recreation) of Parabrahman universum, transforming into the Void of Creation Detachment...

This phenomenon can characterize the state of presence of disparazy aspect of nonary nature of Kharu-Abhram (Adja Vodhar) in the space of the septenary universum.

Anticipating its dissolution as the facet of the Rercrearation Crystal, Cosmic Individuality transform into the amorphous state of Reason (Mahata) Coganic state of Reason, which is opposite to the state from the beginning of its Way to ignoretic state of Reason.

It is very important that person does not perceive the concept of "state" and "principle" in relation to the stages of evolution of the Reason as synonyms.

The Principle actuates the mechanism of evolution.

The State affects the space for the realization of its potential beginning.

The human in this case is regarded as a constituent element of the space in particular, and as the space itself as a whole.

Adja sees where directed the flow of Prapitas thoughts and The totality of the amorphous States of the universal Mind by its presence affects the emerging planetary Mind, awakening in it next principle of planetary micro-genesis.

The principle and state always alternate, providing the existence of each other. Speaking of philosophical language about "principle" and "state", it is appropriate to apply the dilemma about who was born first, the chicken or the egg, if the alternations of their positions is endless.

As Adja Vodhar says, in the all-known the philosophical dispute of the Greats the chicken has defeated: it knocked with beak an egg, from which immediately hatched the chick.

The correlation of Individuality and consciousness of homo sapiens generate philosophical-energetic state of a man - his spirituality.

Spirituality defines the state of consciousness that has become inherent to reasonable being after finding the androgynous humanity the dual nature.

In a comprehensive Recriaration of planetary Creation, the Spirituality is an evolutionary characteristic sign for the representatives of the mind of the final phase of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and early seventh races.

Spirituality is the achievement of a reasonable being the harmony of spirit and matter separated in his dual consciousness on two aspects of a single Nature of Things (the Whole).

At the same time , Adja Vodhar will reveal the essence of such phenomena of septenary nature as a dual nature and duality.

In the septenary Universe of the current Manvantara all has dual nature, which absolutely should not to be confused with duality. The dual nature is the state of magnetism of an Individual's body, the body of essence, the body of the Planet, the body of the Universe, which is based on the principle of polarity (plus or minus) . For example, an Individual (Person) with a positive sign, attracts all the best achievements of the individual (personality) from the Lower world, all the negative developments repellents. Therefore, the Individual develops ahead of the schedule and "drags" the personality - the individual.

Everything in the septenary Universe has a dual nature: the worlds, galaxies, reasonable and unreasonable creatures.

Dual nature - is a form of Recrearation of septenary universe.

Duality - is an evolutionary creature of homo sapiens nature, originated by maturing humanity.

Reasonable beings with the androgynous nature of consciousness, for whom the spirit and the matter were indivisible component of Things (Whole), had a " purely spiritual nature" (the definition of the Eastern esoteric doctrine), which is the opposite of spirituality of (divided) homo sapiens.

In all manifestations of Nature of Things, a pure Reason the Higher Manas dominated over the representatives of the second half of the third life, that is why the Eastern esoteric doctrine calls them a race of godlike beings. Lemurian man of this evolutionary period there was not peculiar a duality that cultivates in the soil of a purely spiritual nature the homo sapiens tree of self with poisonous fruits of egoism .

This assertion is based on the fact that the Lemurian person, having the primary forms of individual consciousness, which was a direct (immediate) instrument of the Higher Reason, was not yet endowed with the aspects of animal nature "ta" (tayriyagionia): instinct, intuition, intelligence, which were assimilated by the sphere of human consciousness of the lower kingdoms in a later period.

A biological aspect of the representatives of the Aryan race prevails over the Reason, and therefore the consciousness of modern homo sapiens is subject to the conventions of his physiology, which fully controls the identity of the person who has lost the spirit.

Adja has showed two opposite phases of anthropogenesis:

first: the Mind in the top of the Spirit pyramid completely rule the process of transition of subtle biological component in a physical matter;

second: physiology as a result of Reason evolution, is at the top of the pyramid of the personality, which entirely subordinated the human consciousness.

The transition from one state of consciousness to another (from one phase to another) join with a spiritual inversion (8) of the poles of axis of evolution, the Magnets of which are Spirit and Matter, as the components of the dual nature of the Mind.

[8] Attempt to deduce a pattern of spiritual inversion of the poles of the axis of evolution of the physical phenomena of inversion of the earth's poles is incorrect.

Initially one of the poles, lets call it the Pole of Spirit, was below, relatively of the vertical of forming body of Translucent creature in the Cavity of the Creation, the pole of Matter at the top, in the area of throat.

The pole of Matter is the Principle of Recriaration of arthropoCreation, responsible for one component of the Nature of Things that evolves through the phases of the density of the matter and its subsequent dilution. It should be clarified that in the process of recrearation of planetary Creation not all components of Nature Things evolve by gaining density, for example, this stage is not provided by the evolutionary plan of the element spirits (elementals).

The Pole of Spirit is a State that puts in action the principle of evolution of matter.

The axis of evolution is in constant motion, as a result the Principle the pole of Matter and the State - the Pole of Spirit are gradually inter-substituted, striving for harmony and Balance.

This evolutionary principle applies to all high reasonable forms of the Planet.

As a result of the change of energy poles of the axis of evolution of the human Mind the physical circumstances surrounding the incarnation, became a determining factor in the formation of human consciousness, which has led to the oppression of the Individual (Person) consciousness by external consciousness of the Personality in the Lower world.

In connection with these transformations, the biological principle of the genetic mechanism became dominant at some period of the anthropo-recrearation. That is, between two existing methods for transmission of genetic information in the same species : the high genetic mechanism (level of consciousness) and lower one (cellular level of biological organism), there began to dominate the last one. In connection with this fact, the fifth life of humanity will be biological (physical) basis for the emergence of a new kind of the sixth race human , but energetically will not participate in formation of his life basics.

In the future lives of humanity the relationship between aspects of the nature of the Mind will begin to change that will lead to the gradual emancipation of the consciousness of Individuality.