Adja-Vodhar-Racana. Racana 2

In "Adja-Vodhar-Racana" the Teacher repeatedly refers to the unique spiritual Heritage of Rikla that was not understood and needed by mankind during the short stay of the Master in the forms of Earth (1995-2012).

As Prapita has already remarked, expanding the theme the Vodhar uses the terminology of Master Rikla and Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann claiming it as the basis for the doctrine of Spirit of the coming era, and also introduces absolutely new concepts by which imprints on the consciousness matrix of future lives of the earthly mankind the essence of the processes of planetary macro - and micro-genesis which was beyond the Unknown for the earths reason over millions of years.

Adja has approached Prapita to such a concept as an inversion of the poles of the planetary axis of the Reason evolution and revealed the essence of this phenomenon in the septenary nature of the universe in the first Racana.

In the macro-aspect of the supreme nature of a reasonable being the inversion of the poles of the evolution's axis is considered as a process of getting higher density emanations of Pure Reason and the dynamics of subsequent phases of its refining.

Adja knows what question emerged in the consciousness of Prapita as a barrage on the way of the Vodhars flow of thoughts passing through. She repeatedly asked Master Rikla and Dhyan-Cogan this question, but Their responses were so vague, that just added the fuel to the fire of "thirst for knowledge" of the disciple.

What is the mind?

To answer this question the Vodhar will conduct Prapita by a shorter way towards the time spent on the transmission and interpretation of the flow of Knowledge in the annals of the Lower world of the Earth, and yet extremely difficult and long in relation to the time to be required to mankind to realize the essence of Revelation of "Adja-Vodhar-Racana".

The key to the perception of the sacred aspect of the Knowledge is hidden in the scheme proposed by the Vodhar which demonstrates the relationships of the Magnet of Spiritual Consciousness of the Upper world and its lower aspect - the Magnet of the Lower world with the evolutionary principles of a septenary human.

As it has already been mentioned by the Vodhar, the interpretation of Knowledge flow is largely dependent on the proper human perception of terms used by the One Who Gives .

So before we delve into the explanation of this scheme, Adja will give his interpretation of well-known terms of the Eastern esoteric doctrine. At the same time, the Vodhar will propose a number of new concepts that will become for a septenary man a guiding line to the world of Nature of nonary universum.

The first Revelation: Spiritual Consciousness unites together the three supreme principles of a septenary man, but at the same time it is not the Supreme Individuality endowed with the spiritual nature of the Upper world components.

Spiritual Consciousness as a Magnet of the Upper world creates the Field that combines in itself the Principles of the Divine Nature: Atma, Buddhi, Manas. The reflection of this Field in the mirror of the Higher Reason is an Individuality.

In other words: Individuality is a Field (envelope of Spirit) arising as a reflection of Spiritual Consciousness in the mirror of the Higher Manas on the earthly and cosmic spheres of the septenary Universe.

The second Revelation: on the higher sphere of the septenary universe Atma, Buddhi and Manas three highest principles of the septenary Nature of Existence are not related by Individuality.

They do not permanently exist inside the Field but are united by It with the purpose of manifestation of certain qualities of the higher Nature of Individuality to concentrate the energy, and then to disengage again in the worlds according to the directions of the activity of Individuality.

The Spiritual Consciousness selects ripened aspects of three higher principles of the septenary Nature of Existence, resulting that in the mirror reflection of the Higher Reason a Field uniting them is born - Individuality.

Thus, the Spiritual Consciousness is able to create an infinite number of Fields-Individualities combining various aspects of the Higher Nature of Existence (Atma, Buddhi, Manas) which are three highest Principles of a septenary nature of Spirit.

Scheme of the mechanism
for the evolution of
a septenary man


Scheme of the principles
for the evolution
of a septenary man

Higher Ego-Magnet

Individuality Field

lower ego magnet

(includes two aspects:

the higher belongs to the upper triad,

the lower - belongs tothe lower tetrad)

personality - field

selfishness - magnet

mind - field

Spiritual Consciousness
as a Magnet of the Upper
world of a septenary man

The Lower aspect
of the spiritual Consciousness
as a Magnet of the
Lower world
of a septenary man



 Manas (the Higher


the Lower)

Body of desires (kama-rupa)

Astral body (linga-sarira)

Physical body (sthula-sarira)

The highest Principles fertilize the Field filling it with individual content resulting there can not exist two identical Individualities in the Universe, and as there can not be two absolutely identical people on the Earth.

Individuality as a Principle of Parabrahman (septenary) Universe is not directly Atma, Buddhi and the Higher Manas, but represents a set of properties and states of Their Divine Nature.

The Higher Reason (Manas) is not synonymous with Spiritual or higher aspect of Consciousness.

The Spiritual Consciousness and the Higher Manas act as a Principle and a Mirror at the same time.

The Spiritual Consciousness as a Principle is the Source and the Individuality is born from its reflection in the Mirror of the Higher Reason.

The Spiritual Consciousness as a Mirror reflects the State of Individuality in two directions: in the instance of the Upper world giving rise to the Higher Ego, and on the earthly plane, giving rise to the lower ego.

The Lower ego as one of the internal magnets of the Lower world creates a field that manifests itself on the earthly plane as a personality.

Simultaneously the Spiritual Consciousness is reflected and reflects a derivative of its reflection. This principle is identical to the formula of existence of Adja Vodhar: in any Present moment He will always be from the Future.

The Higher Manas as a Principle is the Source, which being reflected in the mirror of the Spiritual Consciousness is projected on the earthly plane as the principle of the Lower Manas.

The Higher Manas as a Mirror reflects the Principle of Individuality on the earthly plane, giving rise to spiritual personality endowed with the highest principles of the lower ego.

The Higher Ego is the Individualitys garment in the Upper world of the septenary Universe.

The Lower ego is the garment of spiritual personality in the Lower world of the septenary Universe.

The third Revelation: the Lower Manas is not synonymous with the consciousness of the Lower world.

The consciousness of the Lower world forms the nature of four lower principles of a septenary man.

Personality is a field born of the internal magnet of the lower ego which combines four lower principles endowed with qualities of their individual nature and projects through the reflection in the mirror of the lower Reason on the material plane as the lower aspect of a septenary nature of a physical man.

At the same time the Lower Manas is not directly a mind on the earthly plane, but a principle that implements the mental aspect of a septenary nature of the Reason.

By reason of the mind is a part of the earthly nature of personality, we will have to go back to the question: what is the mind?

As a result of refraction of the ray of the higher ego-consciousness of the Cosmic Individuality, passing through the prism of the ego-consciousness of the Individual, a reflection of the ego-consciousness of a Human in the mirror of consciousness of the Lower world is projected on the matrix of personalitys consciousness showing the nature of mind that has already been adapted in the Lower world.

The state of consciousness of Personality is the constantly changing States of mind, i.e. the mind is the source of Personalitys formation.

Adja allocated in a separate niche three main principles of a septenary human from the seven ones: Individuality, Human and Personality.

Remember how Rikl when addressing his followers, had constantly repeated: "Don't you dare to touch the man, but be intolerant of his negative manifestations. A man is the only one where entrance is forbidden for a man."

Decades have passed. Hardly anyone was able to comprehend (to understand) what the Master meant.

The Vodhar has revealed the essence hidden in these words: negative or positive manifestations are related to personality, behind that hides the true nature of Human his ego-consciousness.

Ego-consciousness is the highest principle of the lower aspect of the Spiritual Human Consciousness in the Lower world.

The Personality does not have access to ego-consciousness of the Human , but its states are reflected on his matrix and are projected onto the physical plane through the manifestation of mental and rational human activity.

Ego-consciousness is a property of the Human, the selfishness - is typical of personality.

Initially a spiritual personality endowed with the principles of the lower ego, was not selfish and had a spiritual nature.

Prapita: Vodhar, could you tell me, where are the origins of selfishness?

Vodhar: The Birth of selfishness became the result of immersion of spiritual personality endowed with the higher principles of the lower ego, in brute matter and assimilation of animals principles of the lower kingdom by the dual nature of the intelligent being.

At the same time there occurred the selection from a common aspect of the nature of Reason the ego-consciousness of a Human and consciousness of a personality.

When the spiritual aspect of the lower ego of personality interacts with its animal aspect of matter, the second one devours the first one and there appear the beginnings of selfishness with the ability to get thicker, turning into a stage of the bald egoism. However, this process is entirely in the power of human consciousness, his will and spiritual potential. Accordingly, a personality whose spiritual aspect prevails over the principle of animal matter is free of selfishness.

Now pull yourself together, Prapita, the Vodhar is waiting for you to be concentrated to the utmost.

The fourth Revelation: at a certain stage of the development the Personality is able to kill a Human in itself , without which its connection with Individuality is impossible.

Way back on Island Olkhon, the devotees from the first circle of followers of Rikla-Newcomer repeatedly asked Him a question: what is the third world? Perhaps Adja Vodhars answer will not bring clarity into the consciousness of modern civilization over this issue, however, it may become a cornerstone in the structure of the worldview of a man of the future.

The third World is a Man, the Supreme Creation of the Universal Reason (God).

Today on Earth there are billions of personalities, but it is rarely possible to meet a Man among them.

When a personality dissolves in a Man and the lower consciousness - in the Higher one, the mind will disappear, because the source of reflection will instantly fade and it will be nothing to project outwards.

No one has succeeded yet to penetrate beyond the veil of meaning of the words tirelessly repeated by Rikl to his followers for many years: "Kill your mind". The literal perception of Teachers words has not allowed a man to get into the key formulas of the earthly reason evolution. Maybe now the Masters words will gain the true meaning for the reader.

To kill your mind means to get the mind to a such state of consciousness when the personality is not reflected on the matrix of the ego-consciousness of your Man.

Regardless of change of personalitys states on a conscious and subconscious levels, the mirror will remain blank. There is a personality but no reflection.

Remember the Master?s Osho meditation with mirror which Rikl told all generations of disciples. In the context of our conversation, Adja will give it his interpretation unpredictable to the human mind.

When the mind comes to a state of absolute rest, the mirror remains blank, the man doesn't see his reflection in it.

When the sensory-emotional nature of the personality goes over from the mental egoistic sphere to the spiritual one, where it is connected with the Cosmic Individuality, its reflection disappears in the mirror of the ego-consciousness of a Man pantries of mind become empty.