Adja-Vodhar-Racana. The Fourth Racana

The Fourth Racana will summarize the topic about the Aura which has been covered by Master Rikl in his writings during the years and has been multifacetedly explored by Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann in Treatise "The Unknown about the Five Past Lives of Mankind of the Earth."

On the pages of the Fourth Racana Adja Vodhar will give a try to adapt in human consciousness a sacred Revelation, manifested in the chain of evolutionary transformations of the earth's universum, linking the phases of transition from parabrahman (septenary) to paravodhar (nonary) nature of the universe. Vac-Ahi will tell people of Earth about the unknown properties of the aura, imparting knowledge about them on the anthropoconsciousness Tree of the sixth-seventh subraces of the fifth life of humanity.

Two fundamental principles of anthropoCreation are in the aura nature of an intelligent being: the Khia-principle which is responsible for the evolutionary period of anthropogenesis and the Khoa-principle, which is awakening in the septenary nature of the aura to complete the Recrearation of a single sphere of the anthropoCreation of seven lives of mankind.

The Khoa-principle is a Coganic State of homo sapienss Reason.

The stages of the first generations initiation of the terrestrial souls and phases of the aura formation in the periods of anthropogenesis proceeded in parallel, due to the evolutionary relationship of these aspects in the nature of anthropoCreation.

The aura as the Khia- and Khoa-principles of anthropoCreation implements evolutionary Dakshi-aspect of the Soul in the Lower and Upper worlds in the parabrahman universum.

Dakshi-aspect of the Soul is an all-embracing principle of the septenary anthropoCreation.

The Aura is immortal, it was and is and will be, from the moment of creation and until it completes its evolution in the parabrahman Universe.

Adja sees Prapita?s reaction caused by his words. If Vikshyari had not entered under a canopy of silence of the Vodhars Spirit Temple, a hurricane of emotions, provoked by the latest Revelation of the Leader, would have swept the sheets of the manuscript, lying on the table, over the adjacent mountains. What caused such excitement, lanoo[1]?

Prapita: while working on the series of talks "The Unknown about the Five Past Lives of Mankind of the Earth" the Teacher Kuen-EttMann expressed one of the fundamental aspects of Knowledge about the aura nature, but asked not to include it in the text of the current conversation. I saved this snippet in the archive. Dhyan-Cogan said: "The Aura and the Soul are totally interconnected both in the Lower and Upper worlds. They are not a single aspect of anthropoCreation, but almost always inseparable, both on Earth and in Heaven." I asked the Teacher a question: inseparable on Earth is relatively clear, but what does inseparable mean in Heaven. Dhyan-Cogan replied: "It is early, for the essence of Creation hidden behind a veil of the Master's words is the heritage of future generations."

The Vodhar: Adja deciphered authentically Dhyan-Cogans words, not knowing about the Revelation left by Him to the sixth life of mankind.

Adja Vodhar welcomes Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann and the Knowledge His Cosmic Spirit (Individuality) possesses. Kuen-EttManns Thoughts and Knowledge extend far ahead, staying well ahead of the current era. Adja Vodhar is glad. There will come a time, and someday our Paths will intersect in the worlds of the Universe, uniting the Cosmic Principles (Hypostases) of our Individuality for... future achievements.

Aura and Soul as Aspects of the Parabrahman Nature of Existence

The Soul is immortal, but not eternal, that is endowed with the ability to keep its essence in Eternity after the death of its shell on the earths plane as one of the three highest aspects of the septenary Nature of Existence.

The immortality of the Soul is in the aura, the cloth of which begins to flake shortly before the death of a man: the higher cosmic aspect of the aura, which includes the fifth, sixth and seventh layers, rises up and centralizes in the chest area and above. The lower, earthly, is more dense, and therefore heavy aspect, which includes the first, second, third and fourth layers united with the ethereal body of a man, falls (flows) down (to the feet), where it begins gradually to rarefy and completely vanishes on the third day after the death of the carrier; due to this fact the body of the dead is committed to the ground on the third day according to Orthodox tradition.

In this case, Vac-Ahis words about the soul immortality should not be considered in the traditional (esoteric) interpretation of its eternal existence. It is the first time Kharu-Abhram speaks of the Khia-principle of the aura nature that does not allow the death (dissolution) of the Soul in Atman realizing (implementing) the evolutionary phase of recrearation of the septenary anthropoCreation.

The Khia-principle is the tool and the way of the anthropoManas evolution simultaneously, endowing the Soul with the mayaic (illusory) Immortality, not allowing its "untimely" complete destruction as an independent aspect of the septenary nature in the pure Breath of the Parabrahman.

Adja Vodhar makes us understand that the duality of the parabrahman nature is held in the space of existence by the Creation itself with the principles initiated by it as a way of evolution in a single recrearation of the septenary universe.

Lets follow the periods of anthropogenesis to reveal the evolutionary relationship between the stages of the soul birth and the formation phases of the homo sapienss aura, endowing it with the immunity of the mayaic immortality as a way of evolution of the anthropoCreation.

During the initiarization period, corresponding to the first and partially to the second races, in the planetary universe the laying of the preconditions was occurring to form a new energy structure - an aura, what preceded the birth period of the first generation of the earthly souls of the Lemurians evolving in the last quarter of the third family race.

"...The preconditions for the formation of the aura were laid in the second race era, but only in the period of the third life evolution, when the planetary Reason created the sphere of the general human consciousness, a sensible being became the owner of the energy-auric shell". ("The Trinosophia of the Fire," volume 2, The Unknown about the Five Past Lives of Mankind of the Earth.")

"A person should distinguish in his consciousness such fundamental milestones in the evolution of the Reason as the origin of the earthly reason in the last phase of the second life and the birth of the first generation of the earthly souls in the period preceding to the apogee of the third life of mankind.

The individual flow of the life breath was let through the forming consciousness centers of a third race representative with the development of his ethereal heart, the soul entered in a translucent body showing the power of the Reason through the primary forms of consciousness". ("The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound in the Genesis of the Nine Lives of Mankind of the Earth.")

The aura as Khia-principle endows the soul that realizes the Dakshi-principle, an all-embracing aspect of anthropoCreation, with immunity of mayaic Immortality no-mortality in the Spirit, on the one hand, and "eternal" life in Mayaic Immortality, on the other hand.

In the last recrearation phase of the septenary anthropoCreation the aura is transformed from the Khia-principle, determining the evolutionary impossibility of Buddhis dissolution in Atman, to the Khoa-principle which allows the Soul that passed through all evolution to be transformed in the Spirit: having lost its Immortality the ability to "eternal" life, to die in the Spirit.

The aura as Khia-principle of the septenary anthropoCreation endows the Soul with immunity of mayaic Immortality and the ability to "eternal" existence in Parabrahman Absolute through the evolutionary impossibility of the Soul death in the Spirit.

The aura as Khoa-principle of the septenary anthropoCreation destroys the immune system of mayaic Immortality of the Soul, depriving it of the ability to "eternal" life, and causes the death of the Soul in the Spirit, revealing the absoluteness of existence in the pure ParaBrahman Breath.

In this case, the principle of "eternal" existence in ParaBrahman Absolute assumes affiliation of the septenary nature aspect with That what gives birth to Its Breathing.

The absoluteness of existence in ParaBrahman is a phenomenon of the very ParaBrahman Breathing.

Adja-Vodhar will reveal the essence of the Illusion (Maya) and Reality simultaneously with the adaptation in our consciousness a phenomenon of mayaic Immortality of the Soul.

A Snippet of Vac-Ahis Conversation With Lanoo

From Above The Earth

...The esoteric doctrine of ancient times has created the philosophy gave humanity the way, which opened up the dual nature of the septenary Creation for homo sapiens through the knowledge of reality and illusory nature (eternal and temporal) of existence. As a result the "enlightened" person entered a desperate, frantic struggle with Maya illusion. He reached extremes trying to assert the possibility of the Reality existence without Maya, making every effort to kill, to crush, to humiliate the illusion, to prove its non-viability and uselessness by destroying all human nature in himself and even the man himself. Thousands of years have passed, but only a few saw the essence of the philosophy of the Ancients...

Maya is the illusion, but the battle against it is still greater illusion, concealing the true face of Reality from the spiritual eye.

Is it possible to struggle against something that does not exist or that, conversely, is All that only can exist the Reality itself?

The struggle against illusion is one of the forms of turning a human into a slave of omnipresent and merciless Maya.

What is Reality? Who and when realized the Reality? Who and when will be able to know the essence of Reality? The answer is in the illusion of human existence in the Lower world: No one Ever... But!..

Any experience of reality, even the highest one, is an illusion, since the very intention to realize it returns to Maya, to say nothing of the attempt to verbalize your experience.

Lets remember the words of Laozi from "Tao Te Ching": "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name".

Reality and illusion grow so deeply into each other that at some stage the Enlightened man loses the perception of the once recognized nature of concrete phenomena Appearances born by man dissolve into the Mirage of the desert oases of consciousness, and he can no longer distinguish Maya from Reality in a comprehensive flow of Creation.

What we live in is the illusory permanency of the septenary universum that represents the Reality as something incomprehensible by the human reason, according to its nature, providing anthropoManas with the ability to penetrate only into the essence of certain phenomena - existing or not existing in the space of being.

Reality is Something that reveals itself in the human consciousness as something uncertain not existing Presence, which the mind can perceive and interpret in accordance with its individual nature.

Is it possible to separate the taste or healthful properties of milk from the milk?

It is either impossible to separate Time from Eternity, Illusion from Reality! Illusion allows you to see Reality, Time - Eternity. One cannot exist without the other, such is the nature of the universe.

You can strip the milk of its healthful properties and just drink the liquid, giving nothing to the flesh, not able to heal it from an illness, to nourish with the life forces ... You can, but what for?..

Does it make sense - to destroy something that is beneficial? What is the value of diluted milk for human flesh?

What is the value of eternity and reality for the Spirit if the time and the illusion are erased in the consciousness of a man? What could give such a reality?

The Reality is NirMAnakaYA of Comprehensive Maya. The Transfigured body of Maya, its voluntary Sacrifice to the Creation.

Heed, lanoo. There is an clay vessel before us filled with water, there is a small hole in its base. When people look at the water flowing from it, they call it Maya illusion. When they look at the water inside the vessel through its open neck the Reality. The water in both cases is the same. The difference is in the consciousness state of a man interacting with it, in his perception of the water the form of its manifestation (presence) inside the vessel and outside it.

The water flowing from the hole in the vessel, and the water inside its walls of a clay, describes two evolutionary States of homo sapienss consciousness, which are realized through the phenomenon of illusion and reality in the septenary Creation.

The higher evolutionary state of consciousness the merging with the Absolute which the reason is able to reach in the anthropogenesis of human lives, is followed by the recrearation state.

While in this state, the person ceases to see the vessel: in his consciousness there dissolves a hole in the base of the vessel, which gave the opportunity to perceive the water flow (Time flows), and the neck, allowing to contemplate the water at absolute rest, plunging the consciousness in the depth of the Abyss.

Maya and Reality become a channel of one river, and then the Enlightened sees ParaBrahman in indivisibility of His Creation ...

Get real, Prapita, the Vodhar has already restored the dissolved Vessel walls, and may all you have experienced today remain with you through time (illusion) as the experience given by the Teacher to the moment until your Spirit is ready to break the walls of its Vessel.

...You still not dare to ask, lanoo, whether the Reality is the Illusion?

Undoubtedly, it is so. No one ever comprehended the Reality, for its elusive presence is somewhere ahead, beyond the world of forms and time, or, on the contrary, "here and now" the illusion, which Maya graciously opens for us.

Even the ecstatic mergence with the Absolute Nirvikalpasamadhi at which the personal human ego dissolves is nothing but the highest confirmation of the reality of illusion in the illusion of reality.

The Spirit, connecting the myriad threads of the Almighty Maya in Time flows on the canvas of human consciousness, the Planet, the Universe in a single pattern of unfathomable Accomplishments, creates with its Will the Reality of Maya Creation in the Eternity.

written down literally, 14.08.2015.

After the events on August 19 between 19:00 and 21:00, Adja Vodhar returned to the theme of Reality and Illusion, manifested by Vac-Ahi in the space of the earth's anthropoUniversum a few days earlier. The form of Limpid Denmis talk with lanoo was absolutely not typical of Adja Vodhar.

"Write down, Prapita, despite everything, write down it's your duty. Our Duty is to accomplish our Task in spite of everything. Another hard, rather cruel attempt to stop Adja in His Creation gave the opposite result Limpid Denmi has decided to enhance the flow of his Revelation from the future. This is not a retaliation, this is the next, hard, uncompromising step of Adja Vodhar to implement one of the Tasks known only to Him.

Thirteen Eons of Adja Vodhar

A Chaos to the sense, a Cosmos to the reason.

H. P. Blavatsky


Manifested (available for perception) specificity of the Illusion and incomprehensible (concealed) abstractness of the Reality are equally Maya!

The specificity of the Manifested disintegrates the Root of Eternity in the sand of Time.

The abstraction of the Uncomprehended is only evidence that It, the Root, exists or...


Any form of Theism: recognition of a Personal God (monotheism), many Gods (polytheism) or a Comprehensive God as a Single Source of Creation (pantheism) is the same Illusion as well as their rejection - aTheism.

Theism does not exist in any of its forms in Spiritual Science of the Future.

We state: both the acceptance of God and the rejection are none other than reflections of the radiance of the Almighty Maya on the canvas of human consciousness.

You see, lanoo, as a human mind, rushing in a chariot of contradictions, at high speed crashed into the impenetrable wall of the Unknown and in his consciousness there formed a "thrombus of misunderstanding and rejection" that blocks the access of the reason energy to the mind body, blocking the oxygen flow to the brain. The mind is torn, it can't, is not able to understand that to recognize God and to reject Him is an equivalent illusion.

A man says, "God exists, I can see Him."

The Vodhar answers: "Yes, you're right God exists, but it is also an illusion".

A man says, "There is no God, He doesn't exist".

The Vodhar answers: "Yes, you're right there is no God, but it is also an illusion".

"What then.......?!" once again the misunderstanding detonates with non-acceptance and rejection, causing an explosion in human consciousness. The mind finally becomes silent, and the consciousness plunges into the darkness of the void, from which the voice of Vac-Ahi comes:

Anaya (Movement) is the Only thing that unites Time and Eternity, Illusion and Reality in the Creation of universes.

This postulate is the concept of philosophy of the Spiritual Science of the Future.


The Eastern esoteric Doctrine represents the parabrahman universum by two Circles: the Circle without a Dot is a White Disc filled with compacted pre-basis of Creation, in a space of black Cosmos Sarga-Gola, and a Circle with a Dot - is a White Disk with a black dot inside Jata-Gola.

Sarga-Gola is a Circle of preCreation Self-Born from the Existing AtMayaAdi.

Jata-Gola is a Circle of Creation Born by the Creator (Ab) from the Existing MayaAb-Hi.

Adja Vodhar will reveal to mankind the third Link, without which the cycle of Recrearation of the septenary anthropoCreation will not be completed.

There is a Third Circle (without Dot) a Black Disc in a space filled with White Light Bhavit-Gola.

Bhavit-Gola is a Creating Circle consciously Giving Birth from the non-Existing AtMayaAdja.


Each of the Three Circles corresponds to the three phases of Recrearation of anthropoCreation: initiarization, evolution, transformation.

Initially there arises Sarga-Gola the Circle of preCreation, the manifestation of which corresponds to the beginning of the initiarization phase. When in the center of the Circle there appears the Dot - Theos (Logos), the nascent Creation enters a phase of evolution, due to the conversion of the Sarga-Gola into the Jata-Gola the Circle of Creation, inside of which the black Dot is evolving into a straight line the Reason evolution axis.

God is the presence of the conscious Will of ParaBrahman in a human a straight line the Spirit vertical the axis of Reason evolution in anthropoCreation, one pole of which is the Illusion, the other one is the Reality.

God reveals the Duality of anthropoCreation as a way of Anaya (Movement) of the human reason in the evolution phase.

The Theos is characterized by two states: active (creation) and passive (destruction), which are nitya sarga the state of constant creation or evolution and nitya pralaya - the continuous dissolution.

The only state which may characterize the phenomenon of Anaya in the Creation - is Presence.


Anaya (Movement) is not the highest form of the Reason (Theos).

Anaya is the River (Energy of Movement), God is the channel of this River, which let the flow of Anaya pass top-down, distributing it on the septenary universum spheres and adapting in the field of anthropoconsciousness in the Lower world of the Earth as a way of Recrearation of the parabrahman anthropoCreation.

God - the Creator and God - the Destroyer has one face.

The essence of God is a Comprehensive Action, where the rest (inaction) is one of the forms of Action.

The essence of Anaya is a Comprehensive Movement from the higher state (calm) movement as absolute stillness to the lower one the physical or visible movement.

Anaya is the Movement, from which a life-giving energy of Action in Creation God is born.

Theos (God) is the Manifestation of the Absolute in Creation (Action).

Anaya is the Presence of the Absolute in Creation (Movement).


A straight line in the septenary universum is always limited: either by poles and gives a segment (in our case the Reason evolution axis), or by the Circle of Creation, in which it can infinitely evolve to designated (extreme) Limits.

In the evolution phase the parabrahman nature of Existence implies a single direction of movement from the center to the periphery. Being inside the Circle of Creation, God in the person evolves through the building-up of a Spirit vertical the evolution axis of the Reason in arthropoCreation.

This process naturally maintains the duality state of the septenary nature, as the principle of its evolution in the second phase of Recrearation the "growth" of evolution Reason axis leads to the moving away from each other the poles of the Reality and Illusion, Spirit and Matter which is necessary at a certain stage. The magnetic field formed between the poles of the Spirit vertical is the area inside the Jata-Gola, in which the Creation evolves under the action of MayaAb-Khi the active Force of the Creator. Accordingly, the removing away of the poles due to the building-up of the Spirit vertical leads to natural (logical) increase in the evolving field of Creation and the strengthening of MayaAb-Khis action.

Reaching the borders of the Creation Circle, the Spirit vertical opens It, destroying the Duality of the septenary nature in anthropoCreation destroying (Vac-Ahis word) God by an absolute mergence with Him of the anthropoManas (the human Reason) in Anaya, whereby the axis of the Reason evolution loses (miss) the ability to evolve in a straight line (esoterically), moving into another dimension.

The further movement from the center to the periphery is hopeless, so at the next stage, marked as the beginning of a transformation phase, the straight line of God the axis of the Reason evolution in anthropoCreation is closed in Bhavit-Gola Circle Creating, constituting AtMayaAdja in which the Spirit and Matter poles, the Reality and the Illusion are connected.

A new creative ability of anthropoManas (the human Reason) AtMayaAdja is revealed when the Reason evolution axis loses the ability to evolve as a straight line with its subsequent closure in Bhavit-Gola.

Prapita ought to remember the uterine Brother of Etta-Maha-Cogany Koui - lost for eons of years in the ParaBrahman worlds. The Vertical of His Spirit has reached enormous proportions, He opened the Circle of the Planetary Creation and rushed into the unknown distance of Cosmos, increasing the capacity of his Spirit, having reached the limits of Universal Circle of Creation opened It and... Koui did not close the individual axis of the Reason evolution in Bhavit-Gola and was not born in the ParaBrahman as AtMayaAdja. He is "lost": fell out of the evolutionary stream of Comprehensive Recrearation of the septenary Creation for eons of years. Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann could find Koui and having returned him to the Point of Non-return, closed the vertical of his Spirit in Bhavit-Gola.


In the septenary Nature of arthropoCreation God is a degree of conscious manifestation of ParaBrahmans will Presence in a man on the earths plane.

Therefore Theos the axis of the Reason evolution as well as its poles: the Illusion and the Reality exist as evolutionary aspects of the septenary nature of homo sapiens only in the field of anthropoconsciousness in the Lower world of the planetary (earthly) universum.

Anaya is the constant Presence of ParaBrahmans Will in all planes of arthropoCreation as a single vector of comprehensive recrearation of the Spirit.

The depth of Anayas disclosure inside of a human defines the boundaries of Bhavit-Gola that can be indefinitely expanded within the septenary universum.

There is no Theos in ParaVodhar, there is no intermediate link between Anaya and SthirAtman in Above the Earth and SthulAtman on the earths planes.

The straight line is always unlimited in the paravodhar universe.

Anaya of ParaVodhar Ubiquitous Point of Presence is an unlimited straight line with no poles, endowed with the ability of continuous Movement in both directions: from the centre to the periphery and from the periphery to the center. (The essence of fourth dimension).


Prapita, you were looking for the contact point between the two worlds, but your search proved to be vain up to this moment, for with the gradual deepening into the nature knowledge of the discovered phenomena of the septenary and nonary universums all attempts at their generalization on the principle (the basis) of similarity were uncompromisingly collapsing by the immutability of the Knowledge adapted by Vac-Ahi.

Anaya is the only Phenomenon that is present in the nature of the parabrahman and paravodhar universes, which keeps the connection of the septenary and nonary Creations.

Anaya is the only Point of Contact, in which the parabrahman and paravodhar universes are intersected.

The Spirit, attained Anaya, can move freely between the septenary and nonary universes.


God has many humanized faces and names on the Earth.

God has Unuttered Name and Invisible Face in the Universe.

Anaya has no Names, no Faces, neither one nor many, neither specific nor incomprehensible.

Anaya cannot be anthropomorphizated as an aspect of Illusion or abstracted from it as abstract (not susceptible of a particular expression) Reality.


The theist asks: "Is there no God in Anaya? Isn't God Anaya?"

All is One in each other, and it would be a great mistake to separate God from Anaya and Anaya from God.

Theos is the manifested or hidden Life-Giving Energy of the Action of parabrahman Nature.

Anaya is the Movement (Energy), manifesting the Presence of the Indivisibility of the Creator and his Creation in the Absoluteness of the septenary Universum.


Stone is characterized by hardness.

Hardness is a property of Stone, but Stone is not only the hardness.

Hardness is a quality that characterizes a property of Stone, by which we learn its nature.

Theos awakens the property of AnthropoNature in a parabrahman man, which gives the Spirit an opportunity on the earths plane to act consciously in Anaya of the septenary Creation.

Theos is Anaya, but Anaya is not only Theos.

Action is always Movement, but Movement does not necessarily involve Action.

Man comes to know Stone through the quality of its nature.

Man reveals Anaya through the knowledge of the nature of God or his absence.


God is in All Things of Existence...

Anaya is All Existence...

Lanoo, feel fully the depth of words said by Vac-Ahi: To Be in All and Be All.

"God is in Everything" is the awareness of the parabrahman nature duality in the unity of its Source as a form of Anaya Presence in the phase of the anthropoCreation evolution.

Anaya is not the limit, but the next step (next stage on the Way) to a non-Existent Limit.

The One who is Going on the Way will not stop


I, Adja Vodhar, speak to you today not as a Newcomer from the Future, I speak as the Leader, the Chief, the Preacher. You, the Aiins, Those who took an Oath on the Altar of Service to humanity to keep purify and to carry the Limpid Denmis Preaching through the whole life, through ALL LIVES... It didnt happen right away, this sacred performance was preceded by thousands of years and dozens of incarnations.

The Vodhar does not set a mission for you to purify the Doctrine given to mankind by the Pleiad of Masters, Teachers, Leaders of the leaving era its IMPOSSIBLE by now (and not necessary he added very quietly), the Teacher makes you responsible to instill the rudiments of cosmic thinking in the mankinds consciousness and to nurture the Tree of the Spirit (Reason) in subsequent races of the septenary universum. I know that the first beginnings of a Comprehensive Knowledge will develop through the shell of human consciousness even in the present period of your stay in the Earths forms.

The substitution of Theos a principle of a Comprehensive Action, in human consciousness by Anaya a principle of Comprehensive Movement, is one of the turning points in the consciousness formation of the future civilization.

Remember: Theos is a Snow-White Top in the chain of pristine Peaks of the anthropoCreation, beyond which the Path continues...

Before the human Reason can realize Anaya, it must be realized (adapted) by Human heart...

Theos - is non-existent, but a beating Heart of Anaya.

Anaya - is what makes this Heart throb.

The Vodhar revealed in lanoos heart the stream of Anaya, that will be emerged (crystallized) over time on the canvas of Prapitas consciousness in aspects (crystals) of Knowledge of the Phenomenon unknown to mankind on the Earth, the essence of which will be consistently disclosed in Vac-Ahis Writings.

written down literally, 24.08.201507.09.2015

In the context of The Fourth Racana Vac-Ahi will pay special attention to the phenomenon of "eternal" existence of the Soul, which it endures while being in the state of mayaic Immortality, namely, to those mechanisms of the septenary nature of anthropoCreation, by which the implementation of the Khia principle occurs.

Observing the aura exfoliation process of the septenary person, one can determine the time of its transition from the world of illusion the earthly reality in the Abode of Maya, to the other world the Maya Reality of the Upper world.

After the death of the physical component, the fabric of the upper layers of the aura envelops the Soul separating from the body and as it were enveloped in a cover of immortality which allows the Soul to retain its essence when moving between the Lower and Upper worlds. Thus the Soul endowed with the parabrahman nature, conveys the information about its negative and positive achievements in the Lower world through the aura to Above the Earth .

Adja will sum up the above, which will be the next step on the endless path of the aura nature knowledge for a man.

The aura as the Khia-principle of anthropoCreation is one of the seven covers of the Soul, which the Vodhar classifies relatively to the parabrahman Nature of Existence.

(Here Adja talks about the same aspect of Nature of Existence that H. P. Blavatsky mentions in the stanzas of The Secret Doctrine, calling it a seven-skinnedmotheror "mother of the seven covers", who is Anima Mundi the Soul of the World (Universe).

In accordance with a parabrahman principle, four covers woven in the Lower world, give the Soul life on the earths plane, three covers born by principles of the Upper world, mayaic immortality on all spheres of its existence.

Four covers of the Soul Life on the earths plane:

fluid (Jiva), emitted by the physical heart;

the physical body;

the etheric body;

the astral body.

Adja will talk only about the nature of the first of the four coversof Life of the Soul on the earths plane.

The fluid emitted by the physical human heart, is the most subtle sheath, the fabric of which is woven with the first heart beats of the forming embryo. This is the first cover of Life and the most sacred of the four covers of the Lower world.

The first cover of Life woven from special fluids emitted by the physical heart, protects the Soul from grave imperfections of the animal world, a modern man belongs to. We can say that this is a kind of protective function of the organism. If there was not this thin sheath, swaddling the Soul into preserving cocoon, the Soul would be unable to withstand even a few days in the human physical body and would simply leave the earths sphere or die from the unbearable pain.

There are three covers of mayaic Immortality ("eternal" life in the Absolute) of the Soul:

aura (during the movement between the worlds);

the fluid emitted from a Spiritual Heart;

the fluid emitted from the Atman.

The Vodhar will tell you in detail about the three covers of mayaic Immortality of the Soul, giving it the ability to "eternal" life in the Absolute of ParaBrahman.

The principle of mayaic immortality of the aura in the septenary universum is in the ether, in which its component carrying the information is sealed after delivering the Soul to the reincarnation Abode and passing to the second cover of Immortality.

Etheric fields endowed by nature of the parabrahman Creation have the ability to "seal" the aspects of the septenary nature, "freezing" them in the fine annals of Akasha. This process occurs through the creation by the external source of the ice cocoon, in which the contents are stored, and is not a result of the internal state of the frozen aspect of the nature of Existence. If necessary, the cocoon can be melted and the sealed aspect will be again manifested in the worlds of the septenary universum. Becoming a component of the etheric nature of the Universe Akasha, the "sealed" part of the aura takes an "eternal" life in mayaic Immortality of the parabrahman Creation.

When the Soul enters the Upper Limit, the aura fabric (a kind of shroud) preserving it unfolds in the ether, from which the information about the previous incarnation is read, according to which the Soul is sent to the reincarnation Abodes assigned to it. After that, the aura is sealed in the Akasha (in the canvas of dense ether), where it remains forever. That is why the information about virtually any stage of the evolution of the Cosmic human Individuality can be got in the annals of above-ground world.

When the first cover of Immortality (aura) is revealed and sealed in the ether, the Soul is shrouded in the second cover of Immortality, woven from the fluids emitted from the Spiritual Heart. The Soul remains in it during the entire stay in the reincarnation Abode until it meets Atman, that doesnt connect with it in the parabrahman Universe, but covers with the third (fiery) cover of Immortality woven of fluids, emitted from His Divine Nature. The second cover does not dissolve, but continues to envelop the Soul, keeping it from burning in Atmans pure fire vibrations, which impregnate its essence. The Soul stays inside the two top covers of Immortality until its next movement to the incarnation Abode.

The highly organized Soul receives the knowledge about its imperfections in previous lives and chooses for itself a role on the theatre stage of human lives, on a specific continent, in a specific region of the Earth, in the aura of a particular community in accordance with the task of the incarnation while staying in the Teachers workshop in the Upper world. However, most Souls that have not reached the required, sufficiently high degree of perfection, are descended on the Earth en masse, according to the requirements of individual evolution.

The Aura and the Soul are diamonds of the Spirit in the Crown of the parabrahman anthropoCreation.

In the last phase of the arthropoCreation the homo sapiens will achieve the highest cosmic (paraatmanic) state of aura consciousness, what undoubtedly transforms it from the Khia-principle, determining the duality of human nature as a way of evolution, to the Khoa-principle, destroying this duality in the absoluteness of ParaBrahman.

The aura of homo sapiens will give the example of the Khoa-principle of Creation in the last phase of the seventh life of mankind, predetermining the death of the Soul in the Spirit on reaching the cosmic consciousness. The Seven covers of the Soul Immortality will split into myriads of reason threads, flowing through all planes of the septenary universum. The Dormant Creating will weave the Fabric of Consciousness from these threads, giving Keter of the parabrahman anthropoCreation the sphere of the Individual Reason.

The Aura will cease to exist as a constituent part of a dense body in the Lower world and the principle of "eternal" existence of the Soul in the Higher one with the completion of the septenary cycle of anthropoCreation.

The evolution of the eighth human life will occur according to the Nature of Givenness of the nonary universe.

"...The formation of the internal field of Samadhana, where the connection of both worlds is going to happen, will be completed at this stage of evolution (in late eighth life) inside the human body. The Higher Divine Ego of a man will exist inside the body, the representatives of the Reason will not have individual auras. In other words, the consciousness (the aura) of Homo sapiens will be spread out in the Consciousness field of the Cosmic Reason in the last phase of the eighth life". "Consciousness weaves the aura". ("The Trinosophia of the Fire," the second volume, "The Unknown about the Five Past Lives of Humanity of the Earth.")

In the nonary universum ParaManas disparates into the sphere of arthropoCreation the body of an Individual Reason Ahura, which is not a perfect evolutionary form of the septenary Aura.

Ahura the body of an Individual Reason - is Sahima-field, the properties of which Adja Vodhar will disclose to mankind in the Ananga-Sarga "The Ice Tables" ("The Trinosophia of Consciousness"). Suffice it to say that the Ice Fire is a Givenness of Creation of paravodhar Sahima-fields. If the person was given the opportunity to look at the nonary world from the Creation space of the septenary Universe, the consciousness of a parabrahman homo sapiens would take it as absolute stillness breathing (motion), stiff (frozen) in the crystal of Ice Fire.

This fact shows different states of the Fire of the United Cosmos: the first (septenarywhich the man is looking from) refers to the Tantric and Psychic spheres, the second (nonarywhich the man is looking at) refers to the spheres of Somatic Fire. This is the immutability, whether you like it or not.

In the paravodhar universum Aytkh-Ur Solar Fire or the highest state of the Divine Ether is not manifested in nature of the nonary person as one of his bodies, but as the body-shell of the Individual Reason.

Ahura is the body-shell of the Individual Reason, disparating on the spheres of the paravodhar universe Its Light, which is a Givenness of the nonary Creation.

Ahura is the thinnest Lens of ParaAtman a criteria of the Reason Purity in the paravodhar universum.

Just as aura is the preserving cover of the mayaic Immortality of the Soul as the Khia-principle of anthropoCreation in the septenary universum, Ahura envelops the Body of the Individual Human Reason, endowing it with the Continuity Consciousness of ParaVodhar Creation in the nonary universum.

In the septenary Universe one of the evolutionary principles of Individuality is Buddhi-Soul, which acts as the link between the Upper and the Lower worlds in ParaBrahman. The Soul carries information from personality to Individuality, being the instrument through which Atman adjusts and builds a line of individual evolution.

There is no division between the Upper and the Lower worlds in the paravodhar universum, as there is no Soul which being in unity with the Spirit is ParaAtman. ParaAtman has no intermediaries for his manifestation as SthirAtman in Above the Earth and as SthulAtman on the earths sphere of a nonary person. Paravodharic Man-God is ParaAtman disparated on the earths sphere in His primordial grandeur. Man endowed with paravodhar nature of Spirit appears on all spheres of the Universe in pure manifestation of ParaAtman.

Prapita should know that the Soul itself as the principle of recrearation of the septenary man does not evolve. It absorbs information (qualities) of the personality to convey them after the death of the last to its Individuality. Everything happens in reverse order in the process of incarnation: the Soul is embodied in the essence (personality) of a man at his birth in the Lower world, after it receives the necessary information the Individuality gives it.

At least two conclusions can be drawn from all the above-mentioned.

The first conclusion: the Upper world evolves through the Lower one in the parabrahman earthly universum, what Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann has repeatedly tried to convey to humanity. In other words, the evolutionary mutual enrichment of the worlds is the very basis of the septenary universum, whose center of gravity is on the Earth.

The second conclusion: the Lower world represented by personality and the Upper world represented by Individuality as well as the principle connecting them the Soul are the auxiliary tools through which the Spirit evolves as well as and the aspect of Its Divine Nature unknown to earthlings which has been identified by Adja Vodhar in a separate sphere of the parabrahman universum and named a Human.

The Soul is in unity with Atman in the paravodhar Universe, what involves the change of one of the highest (primary) principles of the evolution of the human Reason representatives.

ParaAtman "evolves" through both parts of its nature simultaneously in the nonary universum: through SthulAtman on the earths sphere and SthirAtman in Above the Earth. The link between them is the body of the Individual Reason which, unlike the septenary Soul, does not move between Above the Earth and earths spheres, but combines them within itself.

Prapita: What is the basis for a Givenness of the paravodhar universum in the absence of the karma law?

The Vodhar: If Adja answers the question, lanoo will have to start work on the sixth Racana that does not fit the period of the Vodhars stay in the forms of the Earth.

Prapita absolutely exactly knows that the answer to her question is partially in one of the skandhas of "The Trinosophia of Consciousness", she should start to work under the leadership of Rikla-Aytkhar in the near future.

Adja will give curious lanoo a rather evasive answer, which corresponds to the state of Prapitas consciousness at the moment: the absence of the karma law in the paravodhar Nature does not imply the absence of such evolutionary beginnings as Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Creation and Destruction. Chela should always know and remember: nothing comes to an end and disappears in Eternity, but only gains different forms.

While the Time rivers flow through the vessels of the Universe, the worlds confrontation is Inevitable.

[1] Lanoo (Tib.) In Northern Buddhism a CHELA or student of the esoteric doctrine. (H.Blavatsky Dictionary of Theosophical Terms,1910)