Adja-Vodnar-Racana. The Fifth Racana. Part 1


At the last formation stage of the third volume of "The Trinosophia of the Fire" Vac-Ah-Khi has deepened and specified the energy interconnections of spiritual research (writings) of Dhyan-Cogan Kuen EttMann "The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound", Adja Vodhar "Adja-Vodhar-Racana", Rikl-Aytkhar "The Trinosophia of Consciousness. Parabrahman Universum" and Adja Vodhar "The Trinosophia of Consciousness. Paravodhar Universum", that revealed a single monolithic foundation of Spiritual Science of the Future.

A competent Builder knows that one of the most important conditions to grout a solid foundation is a proper perimeter bond of the future building, consisting of super-strong reinforcement. Four Teachers’ Creative Works are the four sides of the foundation square of the future Universe, on which the Temple of the universe of the coming Era will be erected, all segments of which are linked by a strong energy framework — Knowledge, adapted by  Vac-Ah-Khi in the field of anthropoconsciousness of earthly mankind.

In the fifth Racana, the last one, Adja Vodhar will tell Prapita what the axis of the Reason evolution is and how the inversion of its poles - Spirit and Matter - occurs there in comparison with the evolutionary stages of the class of reasonable beings in a comprehensive Recrearation of the planetary Creation, will deepen and extend the Knowledge about the nature of such fundamental aspects of the parabrahman universum as Deus (God), Chaos and Reason.

                                                        God and Chaos

The preconditions of the poles inversion of the Reason evolution axis with the obvious (natural) tendency of top-down Poles displacement became manifested in the last phase of initiarization of the parabrahman anthropoCreation caused by the formation of Jata-Gola that corresponds to the end of the recrearation period of the Hyperborean race existence. Consequently, the Pole of Matter, located in the hyperborean’s body in the area of throat, began to descend, and the pole of Spirit began to rise from the Cavity of Creation up.

Anaya of the Spirit endowed with the septenary nature of Existence is the immutability of the Movement up, regardless of the direction and the shifts cycles of the Reason evolution axis (anthropoManas).

In the last quarter of the Hyperborean race, the first pulses of life-giving energy of the Anaya Spirit began to move from the Cavity of Creation into the area of realization of the primordial roupic Principle of a potential human, inspiring the nascent matter.

In the evolutionary Recrearation phase of the parabrahman Creation, God lets the flow of the river of Anaya  — the Energy of comprehensive Movement — “top-down”, spreading it on the planes of the septenary universum, while Anaya of the Spirit embodies the immutability of a “bottom-up” Movement.

The Spirit of a parabrahman person in the cycle of rebirth is the reflection of God —the energy of Action on Earth. The Ray of Theos moves "top-down", the Spirit takes (adapts) the Anaya River cosmic flow carried by it in the Lower world, transforms it through the evolutionary achievements of Reason into the Force of Action and raises the energy generated as a result of the action of this Force “bottom-up”.

Thus the Circle of Creation — Jata-Gola – is formed, where God is the arc of  emanation: conducts Anaya — the Energy of Comprehensive Movement — on planes of the septenary universum “top-down”. The Spirit is the arc of evolution, transforming Anaya in anthropoManas forms and raising the derivative of transformation "bottom-up". The energy, lifted by the Spirit along the axis of the Reason - the Ray of God — is an evolutionary experience, intensifying the Vertical of the Spirit within Jata-Gola.

Anaya of the Spirit — is an evolutional property of the parabrahman Spirit nature in arthropoCreation that leads to the Movement immutability of the energy of Action (God) transformed into the Force of Action “bottom-up” through the Reason potentialities.

An incorrect interpretation of this aspect of a single Knowledge by a certain category of High Priests of the fourth life of mankind caused apocalyptic split between matter and spirit, when a certain part of the Atlantic civilization  if taken literally rushed up to the Heaven, trying not to identify themselves with the Earth.

Here is an excerpt from the Master’s Rikl Talk "The Equilibrium" ("Milestones of Fiery Achievements", volume two):

"On the cusp of III and IV millennia BC, respectively, a "Type" was born among the Priests-Protoiranian - a most advanced in the field of harvesting (allegorically, with esoteric hint). All began with him. Having received education in higher circles of Priests-Protoiranian he renounces all material and purposefully directs to the development of his mental capabilities. The world is arranged according to the divine plan. Matter is a manifested Spirit. And if one separates the Spirit from matter, it will undergo big changes, moving away from the divine Beginning. Harmony must be in everything. Breach of Harmony is an imbalance. This is the death for the Spirit, because they cannot exist apart. Life is one and Indivisible. Naturally enough, that soon our advanced seeker finds among the Priests the like-minded ones and followers. As a result, due to the contradictions with the Masters and Teachers, a new caste of Priests come up  who were forced to leave their native lands and rush to the places of promise, where one can adapt the new doctrine to different social environment. They began to call themselves Priests-INDOARYAN after penetrating into the territory of modern India.

…The priests of India believed that first of all it was necessary to determine the highest divine concepts (Brahma, Absolute, Atman). The meaning of life is in the aspiration for their gaining an insight into the knowledge of themselves. The material world was given a secondary role. There was a loss of a whole section of Knowledge: Matter - is the manifested Spirit. These NEW stipulations identified the further spiritual and social development of the peoples of India and Ariana (Iran). It was then, in ancient times, that one should seek the roots of modern spiritual failure in India, Iran and Tibet. But why almost all the countries of the Asian continent should be enumerated , if it can be defined in just one word — the East. The balance was disrupted, without which two concepts can not exist: Matter and Spirit. The Spirit in isolation from the Matter resembles a Bird with a broken wing. Will this bird fly? No!  It may live long and run along the ground, dragging a wounded wing, but take wings — never. So it happened after five -seven thousand years. The bird would have to take a run and jump into a bottomless abyss to fly. The bird of the Spirit of the East plunges into a gorge. Now both wings are broken. What is left in the middle, will inevitably perish. Equilibrium - the basis of existence, once rejected by an advanced student of indoaryan - is echoed in the Fiery worlds of the formation of the Spirit. The higher Teaching should be built on a fertile basis — Upbringing, Culture, Harmony of every person and of Society as a whole. The heading for the stars are stood out from created space of the Matter and Spirit Balance and go to other worlds — Fiery."

There is one little nuance that was not considered by Indo-Iranian Priests, who neglected the flesh of Mother that gave them birth and mercilessly extirpated from the Ground grown Life Trees of the Spirit aspiring to the Sky: to rise from the bottom to the top and reach the Heavenly Abodes of Light is possible only through the bowels of the Earth — through its Heart, a part of which lives in the breast of every human, and which they pulled out from their hearts.

If the humanity can find the strength to realize the essence of what happened, it will gain a tremendous evolutionary experience. If not, it will continue its rapid decline into the Abyss of Nonexistence, on the rocks of which the exhausted body of the Spirit Bird of civilization will be broken.

Adja Vac-Ah-Khi will deeply immerse in a knowledge of nature of Anaya — energy of comprehensive Movement - explaining its essence (value) in the comprehensive cosmic Creation, the Knowledge about which was encrypted by the the Leader in the cosmogonic allegory about Chaos and Creator’s Fist on the pages of "The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound."

"Try to imagine an infinite space — Something, in which plasma is tossing about chaotically like in a huge cosmic bubble. All is born from this Something: worlds, planets and even Time:the past, present and future... (But at the same time Something is neither one nor the other, nor the third one – the comment of Vac-Ah-Khi). The Hand of cosmic size – the palm of Creator - appears suddenly in this space of the eternal chaos as if out of nowhere, which gathers in a giant Fist a handful of rushing plasma of chaos by volume with the future Universe, and throws it into the vortex of a Black hole - a "window" of the future Universe, beyond the "bubble". The "window" closes, the infinite movement of chaos continues inside Something, and the Universe, endowed by the Creator with the Cosmic Consciousness, thrown into the vastness of Cosmos, begins to vibrate – to live. At this very moment the newly formed Galaxy, the Universe enter the Time streams of Eternity, subjecting to the immutability of the Whole - cosmic universe.

...The Creator endows the plasma with the Cosmic Consciousness of Self-Creation which literally is thrown out of the space of Chaos.

...When the Creator opens his fingers and throws the future Universe into the space of the cosmos, He alters the original motion vector of the plasma seized by Him from the chaos of plasma and endows it with the Consciousness - Uncreated and Unborned Thought of a potential Creation."

Continuing on the topic, let’s refer to the “Isis Unveiled" (I-341), where H. P. Blavatsky writes: " The Hermetic, Orphic, and Pythagorean cosmogonical doctrines, as well as those of Sanchoniathon and Berosus, are all based upon one irrefutable formula, viz.: that the ether and chaos, or, in the Platonic language, mind and matter, were the two primeval and eternal principles of the universe, utterly independent of anything else. ” 

Adja Vac-Ah-Khi affirms combining the aspects of a Single Knowledge that came to modernity through different times and spaces of the earth's universum:

Two primordial and eternal principles of the parabrahman universum —Reason and Matter — are preceded by Anaya — energy of comprehensive Movement, which is thrown out by the cosmic Fist of the Creator from primordial Chaos to the Cosmos vastness.

One should have a notion of what Chaos is in order to get closer to understanding of the comprehensive nature of Anaya through the allegory about Chaos and Fist of the Creator given by the Leader.

The word "chaos" is an extremely wide range of phenomena for a man, covering all the planes of Creation from the primitive household to the macrocosmic, - all the processes based on random motion. Thus the true essence of the Chaos remains unknown to the fifth life of humanity in the septenary Creation and beyond it. Ancient wisdom preserved only a hint of its sacred nature in the Greek word "Chaos" — (ancient-Greek Χάος from χαίνω —gape, be wide open) — category of cosmogony, the initial state of the Universe, which the ignorant modernity has limited to understanding of the lack of order.

This means that the concept of "chaos" in the philosophy was originally born in Ancient Greek mythology from the name of the initial world state, a "gaping void", from which there arose the first deities— the Logos, rather than  from abstract chaotic state of the movement, the sense of which has been acquired in the flow of Time.

In 2006 Master Rikl revealed to mankind the unknown nature of Chaos that anybody had never spoken aloud because this aspect of Knowledge has been referred to the section of the Teaching during millennia, the essence of which was transmitted exclusively by "word of mouth" from Master to disciple:

Chaos — God.

"I. God for me - is my “I am” that is the essence of the Single.

II. God for me - is Life itself.

III. My Temple - is my body and God – my Spirit - lives in It, which is a little part of the Single.

IV. Chaos is God, the One and Indivisible. Chaos is beyond time and space. Everything else that came from it and is living its evolutionary cycles, up to the moment of return, lives and develops according to the Law of Time – Evolution.

...It – Chaos - is God, and we are all Its children, for all inhabiting the worlds, galaxies and universes, and they themselves, were born by It.

                                                                                                18-24.09.2006." *

* ("Milestones of Fiery Achievements", volume two).

The three states of a comprehensive energy of Action — Chaos, the knowledge of which was not available to mankind throughout the evolutionary period, remaining the belonging of a narrow circle of Devoted Followers, manifested covertly in a few lines, revealed by Master Rikl over nine years ago.

Adja Vodhar will extend the river-bed of the Knowledge laid by the Master.


Chaos is God out of Creation — Deus exPlasmo.

God out of Creation (Deus exPlasmo) — is an energy of a comprehensive Action keeping neutrality regarding any Creation, namely, any form of Space endowed with a dual nature.

The energy of a comprehensive Action (God out of Creation) remains neutral due to the lack of Reason exPlasmo in space - the Creative Beginning, capable of transforming it into the Force of Creation.

It is possible to identify the nature of Deus exPlasmo inside of the septenary universum only as the Impulse of Action, in fact - Nothing, for only by being perceived by the Reason-Creator, this impulse can be realized in the Creation through the birth of Deus inPlasmo — the energy of a comprehensive Action – of God in Creation.



Chaos is God (the Creator) in the Creation - Deus inPlasmo.

Deus inPlasmo – is an energy of a comprehensive Action, which is the evolutionary belonging of the septenary universum and manifests itself only in forms (states and principles) of Creation, the recrearation sphere of which involve the duality of Nature of Existence.

The humanity defines the essence of Deus inPlasmo energy with the meaning of the word "God."

God in the anthropoCreation is the vertical of the Spirit, evolving inside Jata-Gola.


Chaos is God inside Creation (self-Creation) - Deus introPlasmo.

Deus introPlasmo inside antropoCreation is a man - a form of the septenary universum, the dual nature of which is characterized by a duality as one of the principles of the Reason evolution.

Deus introPlasmo - is the energy of a comprehensive Action, the great Pastors of the peoples imbued with a sense of it at different times tried in vain to instill the humanity the idea of the God’s presence in every particle of Existence. We will return to this subject in the fifth Racana.

Limpid Denmi extends the boundaries (limits) of human consciousness, adapting in it the idea that chaos is not something abstract that exists somewhere outside the universe. Chaos - God in different states - is present in everything, in every particle of Creation.

Chaos – is the state of God.

All aspects of the septenary Creation, from the highest to the lowest spheres of existence: the atom, the molecule, the body, the person, the reason are born from Chaos.

The next step in the knowledge of the nature of God is the classification of states of Chaos presenting inside and outside the space of the parabrahman Creation.

Chaos has several gradations.


Chaos, Adja-Vodhar has told in the allegory on the Chaos and the Creator’s Fist about, is ChaosCoorti - Chaos of Occurrence - the Chaos out of Creation, arising from Anaya – the energy of comprehensive Movement out of Creation - Anaya exPlasmo.

Chaos of Occurrence doesn’t have prototypes of Creation.

ChaosCoorti is a "bubble" of Adja Vodhar from which the Fist of Creator throws out a HANDFUL of chaotically tossing plasma, initiating the emergence of Anaya inPlasmo – the energy of Comprehensive Movement in Creation, which is Plasma, endowed with the Cosmic Consciousness of Self-Creation.


Chaos, which is mentioned in the ancient sources, is the ChaosCreati — the Chaos of Co-Creation — the primary state of Chaos, arising as a consequence of the Anaya presence — energy of comprehensive Movement — in the Creation — Anaya inPlasmo.

 ChaosCreati contains in each atom all recrearation prototypes of the septenary Nature (septenary Existence).

Anaya is neither creative Beginning of the Creation – Reason, nor its foundation — Matter.

Anaya implements principles of the parabrahman Creation in Nature of Existence through Deus inPlasmo — life-giving energy of a comprehensive Action in Creation, which gives the Anaya Impulse — energy of comprehensive Movement to Ether - the Creating Reason, and ChaosCreati (the Chaos of Co-Creation) - Matter.

How the allegory given by Adja Vodhar is consonant to the Knowledge passed on to humanity by the Master Rikl:

 "- Master, what is Chaos?

  • Chaos - is a kind of certain concentrated space in Cosmos that blows away or throws outside energy clots.

The energy emitted from the space of Chaos, gets into the nutrient environment and is inseminated. So there begins the development of the fetus, from which, after many billions of years, a new Unit of Cosmos is born, for example, the Universe. The Universe is endowed with Reason. Further construction inside the Universe continues under the control of Reason."


The following state of Chaos is ChaosNati — Chaos of Birth — the secondary state of Chaos, arising as a consequence of the Anaya presence – energy of comprehensive Movement — inside the Creation — Anaya introPlasmo.

ChaosNati is responsible for the organization of biological life forms in Creation.

Rikl also mentioned vaguely about another the most sacred phenomenon of Chaos in the Talk "Chaos". Nine years later, in the light of Knowledge, adapted by Vac-Ah-Khi from the spheres of the Future, the Master’s words acquire in lanoo’s consciousness the meaning and depth not known before.

"A human can give birth to a Void in himself — Chaos, a particle of that Great Chaos — the ancestor of all, but he will remain a human in this particular case, since we are talking about Earth, but does not become God. A human will create new forms of life, work, creativity from this Void — Chaos..."

The Talk   "Chaos" ("Milestones of Fiery Achievements", volume two).


Chaos BhaktiAh-Khi is born by the human Heart from the energy of cosmic Love it is filled with.

Adja Vodhar will show for the first time the essence of this Phenomenon in nature of earthly anthropoCreation on the pages of the Chronicle of the earth Book of Knowledge.

The Spirit that reached Bhavit-Gola creates from the Heart, filled with the energy of Cosmic Love, Chaos BhaktiAh-Khi, from which it consciously evolves ("creates from a Non-Existent")  advanced forms of recrearation of the septenary universum in the space of an individual, planetary or Universal space of Creation as a result of occurrence of a creative ability of the Reason — AtMayaAdja.

The first three States of Chaos are two circles of the parabrahman Creation: Sarga-Gola and Jata-Gola. Chaos BhaktiAh-Khi is a belonging exclusively of  Bhavit-Gola — Creating the Circles of ParaBrahman.

Next, we come to a very important point — someone may think that the Vodhar contradicts himself.

In the allegory of the Chaos and Creator’s Fist, Adja Vac-Ah-Khi mentions the Fist of the Creator, that throws out tossing plasma from the space of ChaosCoorti, whereas in the definition of Deus exPlasmo, the state of which is the Chaos of Occurrence, the Leader asserts that in the space out of Creation there is no Creator - the Creative Beginning, capable of converting the energy of Action into Co-Creation Force.

Thus, Vac-Ah-Khi has brought Prapita to the next revelation.

One should start with the fact that people quite wrongly perceive the concept of "Reason" and "Creator" as synonyms, for there are spheres inside and outside the parabrahman Creation, where they are different aspects of the comprehensive Cosmos.

The Reason of inPlasmo is always Creator — SatorBhadj – Creator of Involvement — Power of Action, creating or destroying the worlds of the septenary universum.

SatorBhadj — Creating Reason — converts the energy of Action —Deus inPlasmo — into the Power of Action as the principle implementing the recrearation plane of the parabrahman universum.

There is a Cosmos, where there is no Reason – the Creator of  Involvement, where the oscillation of Aloofness breath of exPlasmo Creator - Creator out of Creation, out of Knowledge, out of Consciousness, out of Reason, out of Presence, Lasts continuously...

SatorVayrAdj — Creator of Aloofness — is a Continuity of the Lastingness , even excluding abstract comprehensibility of the phenomenon of Presence as the highest form of energy in Creation.

The Lastingness (the verbal noun, from the verb "to last") — a new word formed and introduced by Adja Vac-Ah-Khi, as the only energy relevant definition, suitable to convey the essence of the phenomenon of the Creator of exPlasmo Aloofness.

SatorVayrAdj is not the exPlasmo Reason — there is no such a gradation in Cosmos, for even the highest form of Mahata can manifest its Presence only to in- or introPlasmo — in the septenary Creation or inside it.

Accordingly, the Creator of Adja Vodhar, whose Fist throws out Anaya – “tossing plasma” -   into the Cosmos, is the Creator out of Creation — SatorVayrAdj, rather than  the Higher Reason— SatorBhadj — Creator in the Creation.

The word “oscillation” used by Adja Vodhar to express the essence of the phenomenon of Aloofness of the Creator, which is not a synonym for vibration, as well as the concept "the Lastingness", introduced by the Leader, characterizing the phenomenon of SatorVayrAdj do not have a semantic equivalent in esoteric terminology. The essence of these concepts will be gradually revealed in subsequent Works of Vac-Ah-Khi.

"Aloofness" of the Creator is not the estrangement or alienation, for the latter are the result of conscious separation of themselves from something. SatorVayrAdj initially belongs to nothing, for His essence — is the Lastingness.

Existence — Being — Dwelling — Presence — Lastingness.

The first four links in the chain of Creation are the essence of the verb "to Be".

The Existence is the Circle, Being is an ellipse, the Dwelling is a straight line, the Presence is the Dot that shows a varying degree of penetration deep into the Creation and a varying degree of "coupling" with space and time.

Existence, Being, Dwelling, Presence are the essence of different forms of energy of Action — Deus inPlasmo — God in Creation, by whom they are limited, whatever It cosmic scale is. Even the paravodhar Continuity of inPlasmo is limited to continuity of nonary Creation.

The Lastingness is neither a parabrahman principle or state nor a paravodhar Givenness.

The Lastingness is not coupled with the space of Creation.

SatorVayrAdj is the Continuity of the Lastingness - the Source from which the Void of Cosmos arises, the only property of which is Anaya — Movement.

Emptiness is not what the man understands by this concept: complete (total) lack of everything.

Emptiness is fulfilled by the Presence of Anaya — movement outside of the Movement, from which Deus exPlasmo occurs— God out of Creation and its initial state — ChaosCoorti.

Prapita, we will focus on what is not SatorVayrAdj, because it is not possible to tell you today what is the Creator of Aloofness. Lanoo will take years of painstaking work in the field of the Spirit in the direction pointed by Vac-Ah-Khi, before the Knowledge Non-Existent and not yet Born in Present gains images and concepts (forms) in the consciousness of the One Who is Leaded through which it can be adapted in the field of anthropoconsciousness.

Let’s continue sequential immersion in the abyss of the Knowledge Ocean of cosmic Nature of such phenomena as God, Chaos, Creator at anthropoCreation of the parabrahman universum.

All states of Chaos are united by the Movement — Anaya, the criterion of which is the absolute Orderliness.

A particle of the universe, differentiated from the Chaos Orderliness, is able to perceive it as just a random Movement.

The properties of the manifestation of Chaos Orderliness in the parabrahman Creation and outside are different.


Deus exPlasmo (God out of Creation) — is a non-directional energy of Actions arising in the Lastingness of SatorVayrAdj - the Creator of Aloofness in the Orderliness of ChaosCoorti.

The Orderliness of Occurrence Chaos cannot be converted into a state of directed Chaos — the Chaos of Co-Creation — due to the lack in exPlasmo space the Reason - a Creative Beginning of SatorBhadj (Creator of Involvement) as well as the pre-images of any Creation.


Deus inPlasmo (God in Creation) – is a directional (not closed) energy of Action (a straight line) resulting from conversion of the internal orderliness of ChaosCreati by the Reason - SatorBhadj — into state of directed Chaos as a principle of construction of the evolution forms of the parabrahman Creation.

The implementation of this principle is carried out through ChaosNati— the Chaos of Birth.


Deus introPlasmo (God inside Creation) — is a directed closed energy of Action which is born as a result of converting the ChaosNati Orderliness by the differential anthropoBeginning of SatorBhadj into the closed Chaos state — the Law of Cause and Effect as the evolution principle of the septenary Creation.

The law of karma applies to all forms of the septenary Creation, which are inherent in the state of Duality, existing on the principle of cyclicity, unlike the paravodhar Givenness of Unity and Continuity.

The phenomenon of "Directed Chaos" is no longer perceived so contradictory if we consider the Knowledge given by Adja Vac-Ah-Khi in combination with once lost concept of Chaos. Despite this Prapita has checked several times whether she had heard the Vodhar’s words coming from the distant worlds of the Future, not yet existing in the consciousness of the Earth’s matrix, bursting through the turbulence of the present spaces, contaminated with waste of human thoughts.

"Directed Chaos" is a conscious transformation of ChaosCreati (the Chaos of Co-Creation) energy by Reason into the parabrahman Creation forms.

Depending on recrearation state of consciousness, High Spirit is able to discern this comprehensive Movement Orderliness, "boiling" in the yawning abyss of Co-Creation (Chaos) like the lava in the crater of a volcano, to identify (see, recognize) on the planes of the septenary Creation (inPlasmo) and beyond It (exPlasmo), consciously to select and convert through the Reason into the basis of the septenary Creation.

The direction is not obligatory condition as a criterion of a certain order for Orderliness, Adja Vac-Ah-Khi says about.

Relying on the Vac-Ah-Khi’s Knowledge about the multifaceted nature of such phenomena as God and Chaos in the Parabrahman Creation (inPlasmo) and beyond It (exPlasmo), we return to the Adja Vodhar’s allegory already with the understanding that a tossing plasma handful "thrown" out by the Fist of SatorVayrAdj - the Creator of Aloofness from ChaosCoorti — Chaos of Occurrence - is Anaya inPlasmo — the energy of comprehensive Movement in Creation.

Anaya inPlasmo is a vortical, swirling Movement in the space not yet fertilized by the cosmic Thought of Creator, initiating the occurrence of two Vortices – spirals moving in the opposite directions, which initially developing independently of each other, are connected (combined) at a certain point and form Sarga-Gola —Circle of Pre-Creation. In this case, one spiral, rotating clockwise, is the material basis of Creation – ChaosCreati — the Chaos of Co-Creation, the second, rotating in the opposite direction, - is SatorBhadj — Reason as a Force for Creation.

There are three Vortexes inPlasmo of the parabrahman universum: Anaya, Reason - the Creator of the Involvement and ChaosCreati.

In the fourth volume of the "Milestones of Fiery Achievements", in Chapter "The Secrets and Legends of the Cosmos", Rikl tells about the dragon Atiosh, that by his “imprudence” has created the world of the parabrahman Universe. The allegory through which Master Rikl gave his disciples the Knowledge about the co-creation Source of the parabrahman universum, amazingly echoes the theme of the fifth Racana. Here is a "Tale about the Time" in full with our comments.

“This was before the Beginning of all Times, for time itself did not exist yet and the very Cosmos was just beginning to know itself as a Creative Force.

The Great Dragon Atiosh (Anaya exPlasmo — the energy of comprehensive Movement out of Creation) was flying through the empty Cosmos, when a little speck of dust got into his right nostril. This is one of the innumerably many specks of dust that are the basis of any form of life in the Universe. But back then nothing existed yet, for there was no force capable of organizing and uniting the particles chaotically rushing about the Cosmos.

Atiosh stopped, took a deep breath and, turning his head to the right, sneezed furiously.

The space of the Cosmos stirred up and started vibrating from the inhalation of the Dragon and the first wave of the awakened energy arose.

As Atiosh sneezed, the wave that had been given the direction and acceleration, whirled into the first spiral from his loud exhalation. (The first Vortex – ChaosCreati – Chaos Co-Creation was initiated by Anaya).

The speck of dust continued to tickle the nose of the Dragon and, taking a deep breath again, Atiosh turned his head to the left and sneezed once again. Everything was repeated. The new wave of energy acquired a shape of the second spiral. (So there was initiated the emergence of the second Vortex - the Creating Reason — the Creator of Involvement).

The Dragon, who had been fascinated by the little speck of dust, did not pay any attention to the two spirals, located on the right and the left side of him.

Looking forward, Atiosh took the third breath that pulled the two streams to each other, and sneezed again, uniting the spirals into a single stream by his breathing. (Combining of Vortexes in Sarga-Gola – Circle of Pre-Creation).

 Thus one spiral began to revolve inside the other, the first one—to the right, the second one—to the left. The infinite flow of swirling energy of Chaos, that penetrated the entire Cosmos, was called Eternity.

And that which was born inside the flow as a result of friction, appearing between two spirals revolving in opposite directions, was called Time.

The speck of dust flew out of the nose of Atiosh on the third time and  he, without possessing of self-consciousness, continued the interrupted path without being aware of the essence of his own accidental Creation.”

Let’s turn to one of the chapters of the talk on "The Ma-Tush", where Master Rikl tells of three Vortices, that have caused the creation of the Ma-Tush world, and also gives a very broad definition ofthe Chaos nature.

"Autma-Sorbi cried out to the Great Mother for help. He told Her his Plan and asked to specify the path to his incarnation. In response, the Universe has called the three Vortices from its depths and directed to Ma-Tush...

...The Mother Universe directed to Ma-Tush the three Forces brought to sequential movement to help Autma-Sorbi to create an objective world with forms of reasonable life. All three Forces came to the Planet in the form of three Vortices, which transformed its world and brought the breath of a new unknown life.

...In countless eons of years, the Chaos creates Cosmos, the basis of life of which, is in the causeless nature of the Chaos existence.

Chaos does not know what is beyond the sphere of its Creation, for it has no reason, and therefore knowledge. Chaos is the eternal basis, embodying in itself the causeless principle of Being, and everything in Existence that comes from it, closing the Eternity line into the Circle of evolution (Creation), begins to develop according to Reasonable Cosmos laws, losing the connection with its initial Source.

Everything endowed with Reason suppresses in itself the natural manifestation of Chaos, as the principle of eternal Life.

...The whole plan of Autma-Sorbi was to be implemented in the period of full disclosure of each of the three Vortices inside the Circle of Creation. That is all the stages of origin of reasonable life on the Planet Ma-Tush from the creation by Autma-Sorbi of the projection of future world to the last brick completing the entire universe, were combined and interrelated with the action of three consecutive Vortices in subtle and physical spheres of planetary universum."

Adja Vodhar will expand an undeniable aspect of Knowledge concerning the meeting of the energy of Chaos with SatorBhadj - the Creating Reason, the result of which is the loss of the former of its integrity and, consequently, leaving from stream of Eternity, and diving into the river of Time.

ChaosCreati and ChaosNati are liable to this phenomenon, whereas the energy of Chaos BhaktiAh-Khi does not lose its original integrity and does not acquire a duality when meeting with the Creator of the Involvement due to the unique features of the nature of the human Heart.

As the Leader said, these "unique features of the human heart nature" are the cause of the aspiration of many Great Spirits of the parabrahman Universe to incarnate on Earth in human form and by giving birth in their hearts to the Source of Cosmic Love, gain the ability to generate energy of Chaos BhaktiAh-Khi.

ChaosCoorti does not lose its integrity even in the Fist of the Creator of Aloofness, for SatorVayrAdj is not the Reason — Creator of Involvement, the manifestation of the force of which is possible only in the dual Nature of the parabrahman Creation.

Completing matripadhi of Sarga-Gola, Anaya initiates inside the Circle of PreCreation the emergence of Point — Deus inPlasmo — the forerunner of the origin of Jata-Gola — the Circle of Creation.

Matripadha (from Skr. MatriPadma —MotherLogos or Womb of Nature) — conversion of Sarga-Gola — circle of PreCreation in the Mother’s Womb (the Bosom of Co-Creation) — ChaosCreati, the birth of the Creation Circle of the septenary universum will take place in.

Disclosure of Deus inPlasmo inside the Mother’s Womb - ChaosCreati indicates the septenary Nature to acquire Dual and the parabrahman Creation to transmit from the initiarization phase to the longest recrearation phase of evolution.

 The Creator of the Involvement - SatorBhadj - Creating Reason of Maya-Ab-Khi, and ChaosCreati — the basis of Co-Creation, combined together by Deus inPlasmo are at the poles of the axis of Reason evolution.

Between the poles of the axis of Reason evolution inside of Jata-Gola the field is formed, in which SatorBhadj realizes its creative Power.

Adja Vac-Ah-Khi deepens lanoo’s perception of this aspect of Knowledge with the following allegory.

Imagine the whole path the Grain passes, beginning from plowing the land and sowing the arable land to baking bread in the stove of a Baker, and compare the aspect compiling it with the Beginnings of ChaosCreati and Creator of Involvement, which differentiate on the planes of the septenary universe, constituting the basis - Matter and Force of the Creation in recrearation of the septenary Creation.

Emanating states of matter – are on one pole of the axis of the Reason evolution of ChaosCreati, SatorBhadj — differentiating principles of the Creator of Involvement (Reason) – are on the other.

ChaosCreati                                  SatorBhadj — Creator of Involvement

  Earth                                                                   a Plowman

  Grain                                                                   a Seeder

  Ears                                                                     a Reaper

  Grain (crop)                                                        a Miller

  Flour                                                                    a Baker

  Bread                                              The Seeker of Knowledge (Spirit)


Thus, Deus inPlasmo is the principle of interaction of the poles of the axis of Reason evolution, connecting the earth to a Plowman, grain with a seeder, ears with a reaper, grain harvest with a miller, flour with a baker, Bread — with a Seeker of Knowledge (Spirit).

Mind, Consciousness, Reason.

Developing the theme, Adja Vac-Ah-Khi considers it is necessary to focus the civilization on the fundamental aspects of the Parabrahman anthropoManas Nature: mind, consciousness and reason, — the modern man’s knowledge about which is very superficial.

These concepts are used as synonyms in modern linguistic field, despite the fact that reason, consciousness and mind are endowed with individual nature of Existence in the parabrahman arthropoCreation.

The first attempt to divide in the consciousness of civilization these aspects of anthropoNature of the septenary man was made by  Master Rikla.

"Milestones of Fiery Achievements", volume fifth, "The Philosophy of Consciousness":

What is consciousness?

Let us assert: consciousness is not a mind. You cannot, and it is even dangerous, to confuse or equate these two concepts; they are like the roots and the trunk of a tree which are interconnected with each other, but rise to different channels of life support and life creativity.


An intellectually developed man is not the same as a clever one.

A clever person is not the same as an aware one.

Mutation of a thought is caused by the loss of the creative principle by a man, the lower limit of which is the seventh level of the Earth. If people exist on the lower levels, creativity is latent, they just don’t have the energy to awaken it and give an impulse to its development.

The two highest aspects of consciousness are connected by the vertical, one end of which is the Centre of the Circle of Creation, and the other, opening this Circle, goes beyond it and takes away a thought into infinity.

The lowest, material aspect of consciousness, associated with the mind, and the mind itself reside inside the Circle and can influence only the changes of its borders. Being detached from the highest forms of consciousness, they are unable to take a thought outside of the Circle of Creation.

Only by uniting with the highest duo of consciousness, the mind is able to participate in the process of evolution of a man’s consciousness through a thought created by him.

The mind as the material aspect of a man’s existence is still limited, but a thought is able to evolve in the vertical, reaching the areas of cosmic awareness. It is the highest state of Consciousness, when a thought creates new worlds. Thus, the mind, connecting with the highest aspects of cosmic existence, is the material basis of Consciousness.

The awareness human (Homo sapiens) – the one who left behind the spheres of the intellect, breaking the roof of the consciousness repository.”

By adapting the text of "Adja-Vodhar-Racana" for the English speaking part of the world's population, we have managed to bring the definition of a sequential (evolutionary) states of anthropoManas that reasonable creature experiences being incarnated in the Lower world of the Earth in accordance with the stages of anthropogenesis of seven lives of humanity, which are a part of the process of the universal recrearation of the parabrahman Creation.

In English texts of the “Secret Doctrine” H. P. Blavatsky refers to the mind and reason using one word — Mind, but the Upasika herself does not use them as synonyms, and assumes that, judging from the context of the studied fragment, the reader will perceive Mind as one of the above aspects.

The experience of several generations of Truth seekers has shown that this approach can be considered productive only when a reader is at least partially familiar with the subject of the research, that is, let into, to some extent, the nature of the occult Truth of the Secret Doctrine. Otherwise, the human inability to grasp the essence of what is written gives him the privilege to interpret the Scriptures according to his understanding, which in most cases does not bring the Seeker to an open Oasis of Truth, and leads deep into the barren desert of the human intellect hesitation.

To avoid conflict of terms in different language groups of civilization, Adja Vac-Ah-Khi highlighted inside the sphere of anthropoconsciousness the concept of "mind" and "reason" as separate aspects of human parabrahman nature specifying for each of them its own word with an appropriate meaning:

The unawareness mind (Intellect) — is an evolutionary state of mind of the representative of the earthly reason, who is not aware of himself in the space of planetary Creation (Primate state).

The awareness mind (Mind) - is an evolutionary state of mind of the representative of the earthly reason, who is aware of himself in the space of planetary Creation (Homo sapiens).

Thus, it is necessary to understand clearly the following:

The mind belongs exclusively to the anthropoconsciousness sphere of the Lower world.

The Reason — Creating Origin of the parabrahman Nature — SatorBhadj as the Creator of Involvement is endowed with the ability to transform the Energy of a Comprehensive Action — Deus inPlasmo, into the Power of Action , creating worlds of the parabrahman universum.

AnthropoReason — the human reason — the differentiation of SatorBhadj in the sphere of anthropoCreation.

Intellect, Mind, anthropoReason as evolutionary potentials (abilities), which a human attains in the process of a multi-million recrearation period of anthropogenesis, correspond to the three states of reason of a sensible being.

Homo sensiens — a human of reasonability— a thinking human (intellect unaware) —  the kama state of consciousness.

Homo sapiens (homo cogitans) — a reasonable human —a cogitative man (aware mind)— the buddhist state of consciousness.

Homo Cognitus — a Man of Reason — Cognized Man (aware reason) - the atma state of consciousness.

Due to the fact that in the Russian dictionary of synonyms there is a variety of disparate words to the concept "reasonability”, we tried to formulate a definition which would give an understanding of what Adja Vodhar puts in the word "reasonability".

Reasonability — is an evolutionary state of the human mind that consciously manifested in the sphere of anthropoconsciousness; a Sign identifying one of the primary qualities of the reason.

Reasonability is the first glimpses of the conscious activity of the awakening reason, the forerunner of the man’s transition from evolutionary state of homo sensiens — a thinking person - into the state of homo sapiens —a cogitative man.

Here is a simple example, Prapita. When the Sun's rays fill the room, a man perceives the presence of the Sun. A solar beam is not the Sun itself, but a Sign, by which we recognize the presence of the Luminary and what it radiates.

Using the allegory we can say that the Sun - is the Reason, the sun's rays, illuminating the room - reasonability, impregnating with the light of reason the canvas of human consciousness — a Sign of the Reason, indicative of its presence.

Reasonability endows the evolving intellect of homo sensiens with the ability to think — to realize (to act consciously), but not the ability to be aware of, which is associated with the ability of the human reason to be cogitative.

We associate the reasonability - the primary quality of the Reason— with the ability of the intellect to think and with all personal qualities that come with it: intelligence, rationality, logic.



The neuter pronoun – “It” - is used in the terminology of the “Adja-Vodhar-Racana“ in relation to the concepts “God” and “Chaos”.

“God” - is a transpersonal aspect of the septenary Existence; this is the Energy of a comprehensive action, the essence of which cannot be anthropomorphized and reduced to the male or female principle, hence cannot be designated by “He” or “She” pronouns.