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You used to work hard in order to live.
Now you will have to work hard in order to die.
This is the essence of being a Chohan.

February 22-23, 2013


This is what I can say to those seekers who, besides their own truth, seek for knowledge of the mystery of creation. The coming of Cosmic Energy of RIKLA to our universe, His path through many stellar galaxies and worlds is the mystery of the One Unknown Essence. 11

Talks of the Lord
The Philosophy of the Fire

As the soul of the fire lives in campfire embers that feed its flame, so from the Seed of Cosmic Consciousness grows the Tree of Life of the universe, whose numerous branches form the campfires of the spirit. 15


These are not people but vipers that walk the earth in human bodies. They devour each other for food because they dont even know of the existence of other food sources except for the decaying flesh of the two-legged creatures. 18

The Subtle Plane of the book The Path of the Disciple by Igor Dyakov

The image of the book dissolves. A person in the nude appears in its place. The channels transporting the energy are directed from the head down; they smoothly flow around the virtually absent spiritual center and focus at the swadhisthana chakra. 20

Zero Consciousness

People daily receive a lethal dose of information radiation, so today on Earth there exists the generation of hyper-clever neurotics with zero consciousness. 33

The Readers Findings

Einstein: There is only one road to human greatness: through the school of hard knocks.
Rikl, Singha: Now I know that the highest manifestation of the Creators Love is the right given to a man to know the pain of suffering. 68


Reading the book The Fire of the Unified Cosmos Ive learned, painstakingly, about many things, and of course, I have many questions. Now, I want to ask you just one question: How do you feel about Neale Donald Walsh and his book Conversations with God? 71

The Great, Mighty
Servant of the Cosmos, Lord Rikla!

Taking into consideration the approach of the Quantum Transition and the fact that it is possible to survive in a small town or village, I decided to move. My suggestion for Aiins is 78

The Subtle Plane of the Book
The Secret Is Out

In the pages of your book, riddled with lies and ignorance, you openly bully the people of this world of that which you yourself dont know and which will never happen. If there is no knowledge there is no truth. 80

Hello, Master Rikla and Aiins!

If you can, please explain: is Cesar Teruel enlightened? I used to watch him online, and in January 2012 I was in his Satsang class. I could feel how my mind stopped in the presence of Cesar, and to make sure my impressions were accurate, I ask Master Rikla for help. 84

To Olga Novikova!

You want the Master to know each and everyone of you the enlightened and unenlightened, the honest and liars, the fools and wise and to give each one of you with sleeping consciousness his vision of the subjects of the planet Earth that you are interested in. 87

Hello, My Dear Sisters and Brothers!

Lately I have been visiting the site Anvaya daily our online Place of Power. Let me share with you a prayer that has been born in my Heart. 91

The Primitive and Parasitized Level of Consciousness

The Teacher said to his disciples, The wings of a White Doe bisect the Sky its a good sign.
One of the disciples, sitting around the campfire, asked with irony, A doe and the wings? Are you confused, Teacher? 93

Hello, Anvaya!

It is impossible to kill someone who isnt afraid of death. It is impossible to defeat someone who isnt afraid of being defeated. Realizing this simple truth, one becomes immortal and invulnerable, which, in fact, is one and the same thing. 96

Hello, Beloved Father!
Hello, Aiins!

Reading the book written by Ariana Hava, I experienced different feelings. I dont know, maybe Im wrong, but this is a huge hook to catch the human souls. 98

To Olga Nosovets!

Rikl has put aside his Cunning, Flattery and other husks from your letter, written for depraved ears, so as not to be distracted from his main Creative Exploration, but at the same time, highlight the only and immutable truth. 99


In the wee hours, while everyone was asleep, the almost two-ton Master-Stone erected in the Place of Power, was undermined by the servants of Satan and rolled to its side, thereby the Beam, linking the Master-Stone with the Cosmic Magnet became unfocused, the connection of the worlds was lost, and the balance in the System of Magnets created by the Master Rikla for the protection of all things on the planet became disturbed. 103


Everyone remembered Yarlu Valley in 2004 as a place with a sharply increased number of visitors to the Master-Stone in the Place of Power. The tour guides regularly led the groups to the Stone, telling the myths and legends about its mysterious appearance. 106

Legends of Yarlu Valley

Yarlu Valley became a Place of Power, a source of spiritual and physical healing for thousands of people. Gradually, with the growth of its popularity, the name Rikla, the creator of the now existing energy Network of Magnets began to be artificially replaced by the spiritual moneymakers to more comfortable names deeply rooted in the minds of the people. 121

Yarlu, December 2012

Millions of monkeys put on dark glasses and rushed to one specific as Rikla already said twice geographically confined area in search of rescue. Their befuddled brain is no longer able to understand that nothing will be changed regardless of where they will be at the time of the end of the world 125


Nirvana was originally created as a space teraphim of energy that was supposed to be used for resolving the planetary and cosmic problems. No one before dared to question the appropriateness of the existence of the etheric realm of Nirvana. 169

The House at the Dawn of a New Age or the Tablet of the Future

Why is it that the lower level of the Hierarchy of the White Brotherhood not only did not support Rikla, but also continues to oppose strongly his exploration in the field of spirit? Just imagine He dared to challenge the sanctum sanctorum that has been instilled in the minds of the people for thousands of years: KARMA, NIRVANA, EXODUS, and DOOMSDAY. 221

The Planet Proserpine

What was the reason for the sudden freezing of the planet Proserpine and breaking of the protective layer, which led to the emergence of a powerful, turbulent flow of cold air in the atmosphere of the planet? The cosmic cataclysm destroyed the internal electromagnetic connections between the planets as a result of which one of the three planets came down from its orbit and began to move away quickly toward the center of the solar system 253


The gateways are closed. Taking into account the sad experiences of the civilizations that happened to take place on Earth during the beginning and end of the cosmic cycles, the Universal Mind has entered into an energy experiment. I, EtTaRiy-Chohan, confirm that the planet Earth is not threatened by the energy collapse. 283

New Years Parting Words to Humanity

Only the one who steadfastly bore all his sufferings without losing his Faith and the aspirations of the Spirit, will reap the fruits in the New Year, and will be able to keep his consciousness in the flow of the River of Time. 313

Marry Cross Christmas, Earthlings!

The Karma, in which form it existed for several Cosmic Eras, through the efforts of the Higher Hierarchies of Manvantara, in reality, goes out of human life. The time between the cause and effect has been removed. 314

Proverbs of the Master

It is unfortunate but true: it has been already for many thousands of years that the mans legs have been running ahead of his thoughts. 319

Rikla and the Sufis

The world created by the people is absolutely not real in the eyes of the Teacher, who can see the huge gap between reality and unreality. 322


Talks of the Master
A Talk about the Fairness

Once again I remind you that sometimes it is acceptable to sacrifice one man for the sake of mankind. However it is also possible to accept the opposite to sacrifice thousands for the sake of one man. Where is the Fairness? Try to find an answer. 333

A Masters Say about the Talk Hashiyoki

Matushka, this talk is for those who have been initiated. It is written in such a manner when the reality of the events on the Initiation Rock is intertwined with the energies of the past and the future. 351


The fiery river of Creativity of the Master Hashiyoki flowed through the bearer of Rikla. All that remained for the Initiator was to trust to what was happening during an unusual, seemingly miraculous Creativity. Hashiyoki went beyond the sphere of the mind, as once Rikl himself did, and now, for the both of them, there were no boundaries for the Creativity improvised from the outside of the mind. 352

Shimala Yadkhi

The mosaic of the spiritual paths of the Teacher, Shimala Yadkhi, Ammam and Akhmat again appeared on the canvas of creativity of the great deeds of Gods, to resolve finally the karma of many incarnations for many individuals. 368


From the Super-mundane Spheres
Chronicles of Transition of the Planetary Consciousness
of the Forms of Earth

On the night of 10-11 February 2012, certain events took place in the Super-mundane realm, which were directly relevant to all the conscious and unconscious forms of life of the planet Earth. 387


From the Spheres of the Unknown

People go in the wrong direction in search of their liberation. The formula that was chosen to preserve the forms of human existence on Earth is wrong, because it is the very concept of the Enemy from which humanity tries to escape that is wrong. There is no such Enemy that is being persistently imposed upon people. No! It does not exist and cannot exist.

The Golden Tablets of Dhyan

The Tablets are the point of Timelessness where all the paths of the past, present and future cross, and where the faces of all the Teachers and the unknown Workers of the Light join together. 449

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