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The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound

The Treatise on the Evolution of Sound in the Genesis of Nine Lives of Mankind like most Writings which are created today in co-creation of Teachers of the Epoch will be a priceless folio of the Spiritual Heritage from which reasonable mankind of the succeeding races will learn the basics of the Universal Being.

Dhyan-Cogan Kuen-EttMann



Through the Revelation given on the pages of the Treatise, Sound will gain completely new meaning in the life of a man

Chapter 1

The Atlanteans could densify the pure breath of Nature to physical matter with the Sound being generated from the Tantric Fire spheres. In a period of rise of the consciousness and the Spirit of the fourth race the Word as one of Sound forms had the material nature

Chapter 2

I - Consciousness of Sound as the Morpheme of the Evolution of Spirit

II - Cosmic Consciousness

III - Crystals and Centers of Consciousness

The Consciousness of Sound is the fundamental principle of the Universe, which always remains unchangeable, for by its nature it is not differentiable likewise Akasha and Prana Primordial Matter and Primordial Power. The consciousness of Sound is the morpheme of evolution of the Spirit.


In the future for the representatives of the sixth life of mankind The Theogony of Sound will become just as natural and integral constituent of life, as the alphabet for people of the fifth race.


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