RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume One, page 132
Rodaina, Kiev, 2008

Two Jesuses. One Christ.

Not earlier than this morning we have spoken with you about the events that happened more than two thousand years ago, which are still agitating human minds and hearts. Everything turned out to be so intricate that thousands years after, humankind still cant find out what was happening in those old days in reality, when Jesus walked about the Earth, healing people and putting into life the Behests of a Single Teaching. The veritable path of Jesus from his birth in Nazareth till his crucification is unknown to history, the main landmarks of it having been noted rather approximately and very conditionally. The notes about the Lords Life that can be found occasionally in different sources cant give a clear idea of him and encoded signs on the pages of the Bible become understandable only with the discovery of the Truth.

The reason for all this lies in the lost, intentionally eliminated or withdrawn manuscripts and historical documents, once having been left in the annals of the Earth by chronologists and chroniclers of that time, also by Jesus disciples and followers. What we see today, what is preached to us by papas, cardinals, bishops, patriarchs, priests is not the Teaching having been brought by Christ into this world, but a religion of enslavement of human souls created on using the well known facts.

Before becoming the property of the whole mankind Jesus life had been many times rewritten, supplemented, cut off and corrected in conformity with the church policy of complete influence on lives of millions of people. Some facts from Jesus life and persons who had played essential role in the path of the Lord were purposefully embellished and exaggerated, some were deliberately made insipid and belittled. In this way through lie and deceit church had been trying during many hundreds of years to lead mankind to its perfection. The behests of the Lord had always been interpreted in accordance with the needs of the priests and very often statesmen. In a word, church used the Teaching with the aim of enrichment and extortion of considerable alms for building churches and provision of the necessary facilities for their servants. There were undoubtedly also the True Followers of Jesus Cause. But what happened to them? Humankind sacrificed their Exploit to its base desires.

The preserved documents of that period of time, in which the aspects of Jesus life are directly or indirectly touched upon, are kept in the storages of Vatican in deep secrecy, as presenting a serious danger to disclose a doctrine created by church utterly non-corresponding to the aspects of the Single Teaching, having been given by Jesus on the eve of a new Epoch to humankind for broadening its consciousness. The Pope of Rome Johann Paul II was very close to transmitting a part of information to humankind, but he was prevented physically and wasnt allowed to open the archives. Grounding on the previously received information I can say it for sure that the libraries in Vatican are double-bottomed. There are halls where the most valuable materials on the history of Christianity are being preserved, to which only cardinals and supreme spiritual persons of Catholic Church have access. But there also exist concealed basement rooms where one can get only through secret passages, being safely guarded from incidental or purposeful intrusion. Exactly there unclaimed chronicles, handwritten scrolls, books consisting of a great number of inserted sheets and other attributes of that time testifying to the path of Jesus and His deeds on the Earth were kept during many centuries. I know it for certain. Not every Pope, having ever existed, was permitted to visit those secret storages and touch the originals, written in various ancient languages from Arabian ligature to Ivrit. Johann Paul II was not admitted to the archives, though he knew and was seeking the ways to them, for he had in his mind the intention to make the material public.

Vatican is split into two parts, the representatives of the White and Black Brotherhoods are the members of each, and the rest is a weak-willed grey mass unable to influence any political processes inside the church. Division and antagonism in inner environs of catholic supreme spiritual persons have existed since the first days of establishing the Pope institute and have been rigidly preserving its positions up to nowadays. For many centuries a narrow circle of the initiated persons has been controlling all the actions of the church, directing through the chosen ones by an invisible hand the course of events, guarding jealously the Innermost. In the dependence of overweight of the forces of one of the sides the policy of Vatican is being built, new assignments are given, transpositions of the present-acting figures are made, some persons are heightened, the others are smoothly replaced.

In spite of taking upon himself the responsibility for many deeds of Catholic Church, Johann Paul II didnt implement the Mission having been laid upon him. He, undoubtedly, made an unprecedented step in the history of Christianity, having acknowledged the cruelty of church in the times of crusades, bearing a humiliating character for many states of Europe and Middle and Nearest East, where the smiting sword of Teutonic Orders had been sent. Under the cover of good activity of setting free from alien religions peoples, tribes and civilizations, dwelling on huge territories of Europe, Asia and Africa, these crusades were bearing aggressive character aimed at enslaving a human being in the name of serving not to Spirit, but to the power of Papacy. The Saint Francisco Asissky participated in crusades and before the chief knight ordered the Moors fortress to be assaulted the Saint had been trying by means of words to persuade the faithless to perform conversion to Christianity. As it had never had any effect, immediately after it the order to advance was usually given. The towns were ruined, the villages were scorched down, the faithless were killed mercilessly, and afterwards on the site of the fire the ritual of Christianization of those remained alive was carried out. Indo-Aryans gave their preference to Spirit, having excluded the matter as being an inalienable part of human evolution, and Christian church preferred golden decorations of their temples, rich clothes, gorgeous dwelling, land property and millions of slaves all over the world to spirit. How this experiment ended for a highly-awaring civilization is known to the present-day humanity on the example of fading away countries of South Eastern and Central Asia and South America. Time will show how the centuries-old foundations of the world religion of Christianity are going to ruin and what consequences for humankind this millennial utopia will have.

Rikla will not stop on this and will take you deeper into the cognition of the essence of relationship between Catholic Church and human society as the basic material for building up new human races and civilizations. Today the Pope of Rome demands that European Union should allocate money for the development of African countries, whereas catholic church itself possesses huge riches surmounting gold reserves of the one European state, being split into parts. Why didnt a thought creep into his consciousness to take off gold from his churches, draw out the sacks of precious metals from under insatiable priests in order to feed, dress and shelter his parishioners? Had Jesus been preaching this? Had he bequeathed to set up storages full of riches, feed hundreds of thousands of idlers living on donations, shaking space by pronouncing daily prayers? Have you ever thought of this striking non-correspondence? Surely not, otherwise millions of people would not have rushed from all over the world to the closed for them doors of Vatican to be present at the election of a new Pope. The parishioners would have demanded from church answers to many questions which none of spiritual politicians will be able to answer, otherwise, a split will overtake Catholic Church. The Teaching of Jesus has nothing in common with the policy of enslavement of human souls by church dogmas.

Elected in April of 2005 Pope of Rome Benedict XVI is nothing else, but a change of decorations, while the one who will be completely corresponding to meet the requirements of home and foreign policy of Vatican is being prepared. And here is the aspect of vital importance the representative of which of the sides will take the seat of Pontific. Will it be a protege of Light or Darkness forces? It is unknown. But one thing is known: not having managed to come to any consent both dynasties today have come to an agreement to appoint a Bavarian cardinal to a position of Pope. However, the time will come when a candidate of either of the sides having occupied the Popes mansion will start acting cardinally. Benedict will be denied in it. Im asserting once more: Benedict XVI is a temporary figure in the global political struggle of Catholic Church.

Ive consciously returned once more to this subject making alive in your memory the gist of our morning talk. Ive done it with far going intentions to show you on the living example the specification of our work, as we dont write about it on the pages of our books and dont inform about it. Ive made up my mind to let you into some aspects of Masters creativity and tell you what was going on during last hours since the moment we parted and everybody went away to fulfill the task set before him.

Rikla manifested in the space the energy the inner Knowledge he possessed and transmitted it to his disciples in the form of the words. When the Master told the main thing, Eliiya having caught that energy inconspicuously rose and went away to her cell, while all the others continued listening to the Teachers Word not noticing the changes that had occurred. The Daughter heard everything she needed to know, thats why even the unfinished Masters talk couldnt stop her and interrupt the coming flow of information. In absence of Eliiya Rikla seemed to be strolling idle in the yard, speaking with Nicolay about some abstract subjects, watching the work of bees and, as some of you noticed, joyfully mentioning something to himself. When an hour and a half later I saw the Daughter in the garden I already knew that the jug presented to her by the Lord had been drained dry. After an hours talk with Eliiya I decided to transmit to humankind the unknown pages of Jesus life and in a short summary to bring it to consciousness and minds of people of modern age.

For a period of two thousand years churches managed to keep mankind in full ignorance of what had been going on and skillfully concealed the Truth. Everything had been competently thought-out and planned already at that time and nothing seemed to be able to destroy the created empire of power. All physical sources had been isolated and forever plunged into non-existence within the stone walls of spacious dungeons. Yet one fact of extraordinary importance hadnt been envisaged that is the creativity of the White Brotherhood on the Earth. From century to century the Lords were training the servants inculcating them into the very heart of Catholic Church Vatican, who penetrated into the secret storages where risking their lives copied out and withdrew the original manuscripts of historical testimonies of Jesus path and replaced them by copies or just blank sheets of paper. A considerable part of documents had been taken out from Vatican in the XV and XVI centuries and was delivered to South-Eastern Asia and to the territory of the present-day Siberia. But well keep silence about it, for even what was left in the storages of Vatican represents colossal value for all the mankind. Weve revealed the external side of the events which took place nearly two thousand years ago and disclosed their essence which man failed to understand by himself. We were given this opportunity in order to preserve the linking thread of the energy of coming of one of the last Lords of the previous Epoch with modern times. Today, with Rikla having seen the humanity to be ready to accept the Fire of Revelation of Milestones of Fiery Achievements, we are going to tell you the story of Jesus life, which well call:

Two Jesuses. One Christ.

A young woman, without turning round and not slowing down her pace, was swiftly coming down the hill, lost in bright colors of oriental night. Moving along the mountain road she was rapidly approaching a dusk valley, sunk into early morning mist. Slight gusts of wind carried streams of fresh air, filling the space with a familiar scent of emerald river, teeming with various kinds of fish. The sleeping town with its stony houses and narrow streets was left behind, as well as a tiny window the light of which would accompany her in all the trials waiting for her in future. With one hand the woman supported a bundle fixed with a long scarf to her neck, with the other she cautiously touched a sheer rock, a narrow road running along it. She tightly pressed the bundle to her breast, bending her head from time to time so that her long dark hair concealed the bundle. Gasping, she whispered something tenderly. In the valley a rider was waiting for the woman, she had been notified of him in advance. Noticing her approach he came out to meet a tiny figure looming in the distance and pulled the second horse by the bridle, which obediently followed him. Within a few meters to the woman who was almost running to meet him, the rider dismounted and having speechlessly greeted the woman helped her to sit into the saddle. The travelers crossed the valley and soon vanished in the rocky mountains, mute witnesses of occurring secrets.


That night Mother Maria gave birth to two uterine twins, who were given by Father Josef similar names Jesus. From the very beginning the parents had been Let by the Brotherhood into the Great Intention of the birth of two babies and were aware of their Mission and knew about their own paths. Conception occurred in a usual way, an only possible way for a human being as one of the most conscious forms of the Planet.

With her firstling Mother Maria the same night left the house, having forever said good-bye to her husband and her second son Jesus Josef. With a baby in her arms she set out to a long journey about the Earth designated as a path of seven years. Several days later deep late at night Josef with his son and a wet-nurse left Israel. His path lay in diametrically opposite direction to that of Marias. The next seven years Jesus spent together with his Father in a secret abode of the Brotherhood on the banks of the Nile. During many years Maria was led and at different sections of the path was accompanied physically by the Heralds of the Brotherhood. Emerging all of a sudden on a mountain road or in a lifeless desert They always appeared at the most decisive moment, when the lives of the Mother and the Child were subjected to danger and a near outcome was evident. Wild tribes and people leading a nomads life in scorched steppes and deserts dwelling in inaccessible mountain areas and tropical forests always gave shelter to the Travelers warming them up at night, sheltering in bad weather, defending from robbers roaming along the roads. During seven years Maria walked with her son Jesus from Israel to a nameless Abode of the Brotherhood. She did everything in order to go through this path and preserve her Child. The Mother didnt save the son from severe trials predestined for him, she openly went together with him to meet the purple rising of the future coming days.

During the first years Jesus traveled in his Mothers arms, in the old poor mans saddle and on a soft horse-cloth of Arabian horses holding fast Marias hand, in ramshackle nomad tents of accidental wanderers and on high camels in the broiling sun of the deserts. Cuddling up to Mothers bosom he slept under the open sky, his gaze always being directed at far-away stars of unknown worlds. The Travelers were glad to find themselves under a branchy tree for a night or a rock having been warmed up by the rays of the sun at day time, as the whole Earth had become their home. From the very beginning of his life Jesus astounded all who surrounded him with his divine A-Nature. The boy was capable of extreme endurance, did not need long rest and sleep and was unpretentious in food. In all manifestations of life he revealed unusual for his age sagacity of ideas, rapidity of actions and firmness of spirit. By the age of seven Jesus had walked many thousands of kilometers, experienced starvation and indigence, the grand strength of nature and the rage of elements, got acquainted with the culture of different peoples and studied some ancient languages. In a word, he received an invaluable experience of living in the forms of the Earth.

On the expiry of these years the Mother took her son to the destined Abode, where they were met by the Lord Morya, who nine years before had opened to Maria her future fate. At that time the Lord together with his companions made a long journey to Israel where he had a meeting with the future parents of the twins, young Maria and a carpenter Josef. From Him they received an Initiation for their path and continued following it till their last days.

Keeping all precautionary measures Maria and Jesus through the system of connected with each other tunnels were shown into a stone hall with a low semicircular ceiling. In the centre of the hall in a huge stony chalice there was a Black stone several parts of which once a century were handed to designated people for fulfilling a special mission. One of them had been kept by Josef who on the expiry of destined years passed if to his son Jesus. The second one accompanied Maria in all the ordeals and was afterwards returned to the storehouse of the Brotherhood. To the right of the entrance at a smooth wall underground springs were spouting, filling with water the wells laid with stones.

A familiar figure of a tall man with slightly curling hair falling down the shoulders was standing in the centre of the hall. After nine years the meeting of Maria with an invisible Director and Instructor of her Paths took place. Having given all her strength in the name of fulfilling the inscribed Mission, Mother put her hands on the Stone and soon left the world of the forms of the Earth. In this lies the great Truth. Having seated the boy in front of him the Lord looked into his eyes and drew above the stone the symbol of his Path: an equally-sided cross not restricted on four sides


In the meantime on the land of Israel Father Josef was bringing up the second son Jesus. He continued laying the fundamentals of esoteric knowledge to the boy. Seven years of life in Egypt had left an indelible imprint in childs consciousness having become the entrance into the future life of the Spirit. In absolute solitude, but in the visible world of physical forms of the Earth Jesus grew, astounding those who surrounded him with his inner Nature. He was an excellent speaker, possessed retentive memory and rapidity of thought. With the birth of the child a wet-nurse Maria came into the carpenters house. She left Israel together with Josef and returned back as the mother of Jesus. Her own child was born dead the same night when the twins were born, and the mother found her consolation in little Jesus whom she breast-fed. The boy called her mother, the Father not being against it, for he knew that Mother Maria had left for a long journey and they were destined never to meet each other. Till the age of fourteen Jesus had lived together with his Father Josef and then, in accordance with the Inscription, he was sent to the Abode of the Lord to be educated.

During the years of bringing up his son Josef frankly confessed to Jesus the story of birth of two uterine twins and their Mother Maria, having stretched the first threads of the fates. Saying good-bye to his Father, Jesus Josef set off to a long journey. He left late at night by the same road his Mother Maria had gone with a baby in her hands fourteen years before. The town with its stone houses and a tiny window the light of which like a lighthouse of the coming events testifying to the present-day achievements were left behind once again.


The next seven years the brothers being followed by their spiritual Instructors, wandered about the spaces of Asia and East. Occasionally in the most unexpected places the Lord arranged their meeting where they spent together the happiest days and hours in games, talks and a tireless search of the new forms of being, then parted again, going away in unknown directions. Jesus told the brother about their mother Maria and severe trials they had overcome together. The twin brother often recalled Josef having the tenderest feelings towards his Father, who had become his Teacher and was the first to lead him into the world of energies of the life of the Earth. Each of them was going his own path, learning from the sages, studying ancient sciences and languages, perfecting his Thought and strengthening his Will. Under the intent attention of the Brotherhood the boys received all-round education. On the expiry of these years each of the brothers received from the Lord an Initiation and an Inscription of the further Path.

Jesus Josef returned to his far-away motherland Nazareth and having seen his Father and mother he set forth to a long wandering about the country. In the name of implementation of the Mission Jesus openly carried in his heart the Fire of Enlightenment to the people of the Earth. His twin-brother remained in the Abode of the Lord where he continued his preparation for the secret Mission of his incarnation.


When the twins became twenty-eight their last meeting occurred. Executing the Lords Will Jesus resided in loneliness in a little cave in the mountains, expecting the approaching of the term of his Mission. One evening he was sitting by the fire when he heard somebodys approaching steps. Soon a human figure, then the next appeared out of a narrow rocky passage. Recognizing in one of the figures his Instructor, Jesus invited them to the fire. They came to transmit the News to Jesus, the elder of them said: The term has come. Its time. The same night Jesus left his Abode and started for Israel.

In the meantime Jesus Josef also received the secret News and in absolute solitude left for the desert, where he spent several days. He went empty-handed in a common dress and a kerchief to protect him from a scorching sun. Quite a different man returned from there back into the human world. The twin-brother came to continue and complete the trials of the Holy Path, having brought to humankind the Fiery Seed of Christ awareness. In blue clothes showed himself Jesus on the horizon, a jug full of water was carried in his arms. When one of his disciples who was the first to meet the Teacher asked: What are You carrying in the jug? , Jesus answered: Ive brought you my life to give it till the last drop, and he poured the water out of the jug on the dried up ground. On that place after crucification of Jesus a tree grew up and an underground spring of purest water opened up.

All those who had known and seen Jesus earlier noticed the changes having occurred in him. He didnt recognize the wet-nurse to be his mother and frankly told when he met her: You are not a mother to me, for he knew and remembered Mother Maria, who led him through the first seven years of his life on the Earth. The woman could not distinguish that he was not the one whom she had breast-fed but his twin-brother, so great was their likeness.

One day anticipating the close implementation of his Mission Jesus set off to a long journey across lifeless spaces of desert. Many dozens of people who claimed to be his disciples followed him. On the fifth day of the journey, with food and water supplies coming to an end, one of the followers appealed to Jesus: Where are you leading us, Teacher? There is only dead desert ahead with nothing to eat and drink. Without turning round and not slowing down his pace Jesus answered: You must believe me, for only having believed, you will find. Some days more had passed before someone asked Jesus the same question and received the same answer. With every coming day the number of his followers was lessening. People united into groups and speechlessly turned back. To all those who enquired Jesus told the same words: You must believe me, for only having believed, you will find. He continued walking not counting those who had left and not preventing from leaving those who remained. On the expiry of many days with no more than a dozen of people remaining behind Jesus back, the Lord brought the people to a beautiful oasis. Then Jesus stopped, turned round and looking intently at his remained companions said: Now I know who is destined to go with me through the whole path till the end. That night Jesus told his closest disciples about the impending betray and the events in which they were to participate. He told what was to happen to each of them and how their lives were going to change when the last word of the Lords Revelation would get dissolved in the night. The disciples beseeched Jesus not to return to Israel, but to escape to Asia under the protection of his co-brothers. But the next day with the first rising sunrays Jesus woke his companions up and they started their travel back.


The Bible tells about the further events quite authentically, but it hushes up the fact of existence of the second twin-brother Jesus and his further fate. Jesus Josef did everything he could to implement and put into life the Intention of the God and passed to the earthly level of being. He continued his path in Asia, having reached Mongolia, Than-Shan and Altai and left the forms of the Earth at a very old age. They say that on one of the cemeteries in Kashmir, India, there is an ancient grave overgrown with moss and grass. An inscription on the gravestone runs as follows: Jesus from Nazareth was buried here.