RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume One, page 199
Rodaina, Kiev, 2008

Masters say

- Rikla, youve spoken today about the six coming years in the history of evolution of Russia and the whole Planet. Mentioning this term, you havent revealed to us what is in store for humankind on expiration of this term.

- Eliiya, I knew that you would certainly find some reason to continue the talk consciously not finished by the Master. Having stolen like a fox to the vineyard which I was preparing for the winter and having caught a suitable moment, you are asking a question, a chela is interested in.

The next six coming years, Daughter, will determine the course of the history of the whole world for centuries, may be, even for millenniums. The other day I saw in meditation my staff, which four years ago I stuck into the Mausoleum and left there in the name of settling the situation, having been manifested in the worlds, on burying the body of Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin, the former leader of the proletariat revolution in Russia. The staff began rotating around its axes, dispersing the streams of plasma phenomena over Russia. If only yesterday the radius of the staffs rotation was no more than a meter, today it has increased to five and rose in the space over the Mausoleum.

In the coming three-four years Lenins body will be buried. In governmental circles there appeared the politicians whose consciousness was pierced by the Lords thought and they again submitted the question of committing the body of the former Leader to the earth. They are a whole circle of persons holding the same views, only one link is missing in the chain of events. Which one? you may ask. And I will answer: Time. President took this question under his control. Not on the paper, but in his head. Do, remember, Daughter my words: Great changes are approaching in the world and we are going to witness them.

And yet, how Great is the Power of the Lords Thought! To make a breakthrough in the period of time of one hundred years and hopes of dozens of millions of people, being influenced by colossal accumulations of destructive psychic energy in the very heart of Russia on the Red Square is the greatest confirmation of the Might of the Will of the Light, having been expressed through Its Masters.


In the name of the victory of justice we decided to remind our readers about the talk that was given by Master Rikla in December, 25, 2001 in the first book of the seventh volume of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos

The Mausoleum

In august 11, 1999 the Lords of the Rays revealed a Mission to Me which was of absolutely confidential character. Speaking frankly, a very delicate one. It happened in the Valley of Yarlu, that is near the Belukcha Mountain in Altai, when the Master was working on the Inflammation of the Chalice of the Altar of the World. There were supposed to be several versions of its fulfillment.

The Corner-Stone on the Way of Creative construction and Flourishing of Renovated Russia is a Mausoleum. At first sight it may seem quiet naive and even silly, that a small building and a sarcophagus set up in it with a mans mummy can globally influence the situation not only in our country, but on the whole continent, as well. Lets make a laughing-stock of me, but at the same time lets listen to me very attentively and seriously.

We will not violate once more the Cosmic Laws of Origination and Spread of Energies that influence all living in the forms of the Earth. Lets at least turn to the Primary Sources: As above, so below. Lets recall the Lessons of history of the most incredible chances in your lives and also on the ways of human development, when Gods Laws were violated and the whole civilizations disappeared off the face of the Earth.

We wont touch communist infection, Rikla has nothing to do with it. Thanks God it had been done away with before me, but behind all this tinsel nobody could discern an enormously powerful Funnel of concentrated negative energy with the centre on the Red Square in the very Heart of Russia. The Funnel is absorbing and sucking in negative emanations of people from all over the world, who came to pay homage to such a significant phenomenon as balsamised Leader (leaders).

The erected tomb of the leaders of proletariat has become a Teraphim of colossal accumulations of destructive psychic energy.

Lets return to a not too distant past, when multimillion endless human streams were forming in the course of decades layers of their own thoughts, as a rule far from being creative, on the leaders bodies, sarcophagi, on the building of the Mausoleum itself. Just imagine to what extent those thoughts multiplied and darkened, when Stalins body was taken in there. The body of a Murderer, not a Mahatma. You can guess yourselves, what kind of thoughts were crowding there taking necessary shape.

History affirms that every first man in the USSR suffered from Genocides and other antihumane forms of governing, and not only in it

Ulyanov-Lenin was and is being accused of many sins. One cant strike out of the history dozens of millions of lives during the bloodless revolution and Civil war and cant raze it from human memory by any good deeds. There were, there are, and there will always be those who havent lost their Honor. Even if you grip them in a vice, they will still reveal the truth to people. And here the father of all the peoples managed to find the room nearby. What a gloom!

The energy of gloomy human thoughts didnt choose, it was forming layers on everything surrounding it as the newly fallen snow in the mountains which dont practically melt becoming firn in the course of time. The Tornado of negative energy was gaining height widening its boundaries. The moment came and it reached the Earth Aura and rushed beyond. In that grey-brown Ray the wars were accumulating (Afghanistan, Chechnya), morals and manners, mode of life, family foundations were changing. I think, that the aspect Ive told about is clear to you. The Teraphim of the Mausoleum has become a huge Monster a devourer of a light, creative Principle, and as a result of it, an accumulator of negative psychic energy of Thoughts of a whole generation of the Russian state with all its adjuncts. Now the Monster is not only accumulating, but absorbing, sucking in all the abomination of human thoughts and deeds from the huge territories, distributing the accumulated negativity and widening his possessions.

Im, Rikla, quite conscious and I realize what Im exposing myself to. To give you only half of the knowledge not saying the main thing means to deceive, to be cunning, to slip out of tenacious arms of my persecutors from the Black Brotherhood. They are following my tracks all the time. Sometimes I can hear their breathing in Space, but Knowledge is Leading me and Takes Away in time.

Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov (Lenin) is Alive! To be more precise, he returned to life having imbibed so much of psychic energy.

Not once have we asserted that Soul and Spirit as belonging to the bearer (the body) live their own lives.

The soul three lower Lenins bodies left for reincarnation. Lets leave in peace the marginal condition of the fourth (the broken one).

The Spirit three upper Lenins bodies is alive and didnt leave the Earth. It has built its nest in the mummy and is waiting for its hour.

The seventh body often travels about in the Worlds, as if looking for somebody or waiting.

The Bearer and the Keeper of the Spirit breathes with skin. Take an expertise. The Spirit is waiting and looking for an Alive Human Body and if it finds Him it will penetrate Him immediately. To put it in a simpler way it will incarnate!

Then no balsams will be of any help to Lenins body, it will become predisposed to decay.

Obtaining the body, the Spirit will get down to implementation of the Inscription, having imbibed all the strength of the Tornado. What a source of Destruction! And that man is quite close!

His Mission is known, but its better to keep silence. It is horrible! For everybody living on the Earth, which means for the Planet too. He will strive for power and one never knows, but he may win.

Possessing the most perfect instrument a Thought, and not having lost the Cleanness of the Path, I turned to the Heavens asking for the Permission to Destroy the Teraphim of Evil.

But I sent the Thought into the space and created the Forms only a year after. I worked in the place of the Power Yarly. The Chalice of the Altar of the World in the mountains of Altai. July of 2000.

Although the place of the Power supported me with Its Cleanness, My own possibilities were not sufficient. In October of 2000 we could observe enormously powerful concentration of the energy of Black Brotherhood over the Forms of my Thought.

In this hopeless for me and for the Aiin family situation my Teacher Dhian came for help. But for him, I would have perished.

In January 9, 2001 during our meeting He handed me the Staff of Extraordinary Possibilities, having taken mine away. Descending from Ether Worlds my subtle Plane stepped on the roof of the Mausoleum.

I raised my Staff and struck heavily against the granite. Having raised myself a little I watched the Mausoleum go to pieces. And SUDDENLY the Land YAWNED and ABSORBED the Teraphim into the fire of magma. And merged again like a crack in the waters of Baikal.

Today on the first day of Christmas I Strengthened my Thought.

And what about the Staff? That Staff is the Thought of the Lords of the Seven Rays and Light Brotherhood of the Earth and all the people who havent lost Their Faces. I left It in the space of the Mausoleum. It will not leave the forms of the Earth, until everything has been settled. Im, Master Rikla, who Performed the Will of the Light.

Everything has been said, but I will repeat:


To crash the Mausoleum to the heap of stones
And to scatter all over the Russian land!
To burn the Body (Teraphim) and to disperse the ashes
That is in the best case. In the worst to bury.
In that place to build a Temple from white marble,
The Pyramid of Thirty Three Meters of Golden Section.
Or to plant Cedars as an octagonal Star,
Which is absolutely equivalent.

All this is possible to execute with the agreement of peoples. Authorities should speak to the Nation and ask the Russian people for help. He who will speak will be believed. All the rest have been described. A very Powerful and Uncompromising Step of President will accelerate the countrys flourishing and strengthen the Power of the State. Then the shadows of the members of the Central Committee and Politburo will leave the Kremlin Halls and the Spirit living in the space of the rooms will burn in the Universal Fire. Peace, Quietness and Justice will be issuing from Russia. Nobody will be able to belittle the Energy of the Power of Light. The Deeds of the Lords are the Bail to it. The whole point is in performing the Inscription!

If President lingers short-sightedly, Lord Rikla will intensify the Thought and everything will happen. The process has started! We are watching!

The Coming of the Blessed out of karmic bowels of Russian Earth is approaching!

Time has come to share Responsibility for the destiny of the world with the Lords of the Rays and to revive as a White Bird!

Russia! Russia! Russia! Do, Hear me!

Rikla the Lord