RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume One, page 43
Rodaina, Kiev, 2008

A talk about Equilibrium

Since long the Master has wanted to show you the essence of disturbance of energy equilibrium on the paths of Spirit, but somewhere deep in his inner self he realized the prematurety of manifestation of the basic factor of harmonious development of a personality. In this talk Rikla is going to show macro and microconsequences in the involution of a separate individual and of the whole civilization of the planetary union. One not very important factor, as one would think, can radically change the course of evolution of the whole mankind and negatively influence consciousness of intellectually and spiritually highly developed society for many thousands of years. In our investigation lets turn to the sources of the Teaching both far and inaccessible to an inexperienced Seeker. What we begin our talk with cant serve as a Beginning. The preserved part of the most ancient Teaching only marks achievements of the epoch that dates back to 5-7 thousand years remoteness, having been transformed into the later periods of humanitys evolution. Probably, it will sound more contrasting and fair, if we say not transformed, but reformed. Why? Reformation ruined the Teachings of Buddha and Jesus, Masters of many times and peoples. How could one admit thinking to rewrite according to his taste the Great Teachers and Original Masters once having visited our Planet? Can anyone answer this question? Rikla can, but as we are speaking about some other things, lets quit this deeply negative moment in the history of Spirit in order to return to its elucidation in a later period of time. However, lets remind about some landmarks of reformation that had changed unshakeable sources of existence of once totally isolated from the outer world state.

TIBET! Yes, Tibet is fond of reforming teachings of both Masters of its sects and Great Teachings of Buddhas. They have gone too far in this reforming. Corruptibility of Spirit led to degradation of the Titan hidden in the entrails of many epochs on evolutionary ways of the strongest Place of power Tibet. We are going to trace in the thoughts and worlds how the loss of the chief factor on the paths of Spirit formation had taken place, i.e. of the basement on which the building of that very Spirit is built. The Master you are cooperating with now, reading his books, has been asserting on the Earth for ten years already his Trimurti, his Saint Trinity regarding as of paramount importance Cleanness of Thoughts, Cleanness of Words and Cleanness of Deeds. A man having reached such state has already paved the way for his enlightenment. Now a Master is to appear on his horizon, as the soil is already prepared for growing in it the Seeds of Knowledge. Are you ready for such a turn of events, my dear Reader? Are you ready for a Great Sowing? Be sure not to overestimate your capabilities and dont forget the ancient rule: Its as dangerous to overestimate your capabilities as to underestimate them. The Golden Mean is between the first and the second ones. Do become aware and you will be able to estimate your state correctly. We will return to awareness once more on the pages of this talk of the Master, which could be called From the far past to nowadays. But everything has already been written and we are not going to change anything. In our travel to the sources of the known landmarks of the Teaching Priests-Protoiranians and Priests-Indoaryans are waiting for us ahead. The Old and the New. The lost and the reformed.

The protoiranian teaching is considered, probably, one of the oldest Doctrines known in our times. But we wont delude ourselves thinking that it is really so. The sources of a Single Teaching are rooted much farther than the period of five-seven thousand years of passed epochs. But on the existing example we can also convincingly show the essence of reformism or rather the essence of misrepresentation of Ancient Knowledge, which many thousands years later led to devastation of the Source.

I can give a vivid example easily comprehensible even for a not very perceptive man. Once in tropics and subtropics of Hindustani there were growing about forty six, forty eight thousand kinds of vegetation. A wood-cutter came and a lifeless desert was left after him. The same happened to spiritual heritage of Tibet, India is drawing nearer to it, as well as the whole Asia in general. Perhaps, the Sufis still carry a certain shade of mystery, for the reason of inaccessibility of physical territories of their dwelling. Im speaking about the Sufis of deserts, not the cities, although, they are also too big rationalists, trying everything to their Wisdom Tooth.

So! The Teaching of Protoiranians is one of the most ancient teachings having been preserved till present times, originating from the One Source. The Vedy is a basic factor of the Teaching, in part having been preserved owing to the Priests being faithful to the Teaching. Something cant exist a long time alone, competition is the mover of progress of not only material world, but as it turned out of spiritual, as well. Dont mix up with Synthesis. The Master will not show you the difference in these two notions, otherwise your thought will get weakened and turn into a certain appendage of conceit a vice.

At the turn of the III-IV millennia, B.C. naturally, among Priests-Protoiranians a certain men was born rather advanced in the field of harvest carring (allegorically, with esoteric hint). Everything had started from him. Having been brought up in the midst of supreme Priests-Protoiranians he gave up the material world and concentrated totally on the development of his psychic capabilities. Everything in the world is arranged in accordance with the divine plan. The matter is a manifested Spirit. The Spirit having been separated from the matter will undergo great changes moving away from that very Divine Principle. Everything must be in Harmony. The disturbance of Harmony is the disturbance of equilibrium. It means death for the Spirit, for they cant exist apart. Life is One and Indivisible. Well, its quite natural that our advanced searcher found in the midst of the Priests the followers and persons holding the same views. Consequently, a new caste of the Priests was born, who in the result of contradictions with Masters and Teachers had to leave their homeland and rush at the Promised Land, where they could adapt the new teaching to different social environment. Having penetrated to the territory of modern India they began to call themselves Priests-INDOARIANS.

Priests Arians (protoiranians) believed that the Teaching was based on three whales of Knowledge. They thought to bring up in a man first of all highly moral principles of formation of a free personality an Individual. In accordance with these principles beginning from his childhood a man should be brought up in harmonious attitude towards Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds, so as to comprehend the essence of this divine Trinity in his own life. The higher aspects of Vedic Knowledge must be concealed, for their essence can be transmitted only to an individual having reached higher level of consciousness so that he could comprehend its High Esoteric Meaning. How deeply this thought is related with what the Master has been writing and speaking about since that very twenty-second of May, 1995 after his installation into the physical envelope. Try to find the most vivid confirmation to that, even if you have to reread anew all ten volumes of the Fire of the Unified Cosmos.

But lets return to Priests-Indoaryans, I daresay, that they have become tired of waiting for what the Master is going to write about their Creativity from the other epoch and how he will feel the energy of a new trend, having been separated out of a Single Teaching.

The Priests in India considered that first of all the definition must be given to the higher divine notions (Brahma, Absolute, Atman). The sense of life is in aspiration to cognize these notions in order to learn oneself. The material world was of secondary importance. The loss of the whole part of Knowledge had taken place: The Matter is a manifested Spirit. These NEW tenets determined the further spiritual and social development of nations of India and Ariana (Iran). Its there in high antiquity that one should search for the roots of present spiritual failure of India, Iran and Tibet. One neednt innumerate practically all the countries of Asian continent, we can say it in one word: the East. The equilibrium was disturbed, but the Matter and the Spirit these two notions cant exist without it. The spirit being separated from the Matter looks like a Bird with a broken wing. Will this Bird be able to fly? No! It can live for quite a long time running on the earth and dragging its wounded wing, but it will never fly up. Thats what had happened five-seven thousand years after. In order to be able to fly a bird would need to take a strong run and jump into a bottomless precipice. Now both wings are broken. What is between them is sure to die. The equilibrium the foundation of existence once having been rejected by an advanced disciple of indoaryans echoed in Fiery worlds of Spirit formation. The Higher Teaching must be based on beneficial foundation Upbringing, Culture and Harmony of a separate man and Society on the whole. And only out of this paradise the Aspired towards the stars come out and go away to other worlds the Fiery Ones.
With the origin of Hinduism and Brahmanism India divided people into castes. The priests being the bearers of secret Knowledge separated not only through castes, they founded a state inside the state and made even higher estates worship them. Not even all the Bramines could interpret the Vedy, only the higher chain, the rest were assigned a part of owing a small estate priesthood attached to aristocratic elite of the state. The main Teaching was the property of a narrow circle of Supreme Brahmins. Not everyone was allowed to receive access to the holy of holies the storage where Vedas were secretly kept and read the sutras of the Teaching. We can admit that its exactly this factor that influenced so miserable material existence of arising nation of Hindus. Was a hungry beggar able to turn his eyes on the Heavens if his place in social sphere had been predetermined beforehand? A slave having been chained to the place of his being was deprived of the possibility of joining the Fiery World. Although the notion a slave is quite conditional for India and in no case can be compared to that in Ancient Rome, it was exactly this country that permitted the hardest forms of slavery. Spiritual slavery. A Roman slave having once raised his sword against his Master learned freedom and could aspire to Spirit. Hindu-slave has been dragging out a miserable existence up to now, in which a Spirit-seeking path had been placed within the limits of prohibition beforehand. And only a very few who have dared are able to make a breakthrough on the boundless fields of Spiritual Kingdom. Such an example may be Ramakrishna. The events having been laid in millennia through perverted Teaching have brought their results today. Neither Dalai-lama fighting for secular and spiritual Power today, nor modern Himalayan mahatmas are able to grow the wings of Freedom of the lost Spirit of the East.

Everything was predetermined at the time when Priests parted in their opinions, having separated Spirit and Matter into two different independent of each other aspects of a Single Teaching. The disturbance of the equilibrium of persons aura leads him to death in the succession of incarnations. The disturbance of the equilibrium of the states aura will inevitably lead to the death of epochal fundamentals of existing regime and finally to the change of civilizations. This process is a long-lasting one and practically not noticed by man. Ill give the most widely-spread example of equilibrium disturbance of peoples auras. Embracing when meeting each other is quite common for practically all trends of modern spiritual movement. Intrusion of aura into aura and their blending take place at that moment. Can one imagine how different you all are concerning your inner and outer content and what is kept in your energy storehouses? Of what color and tints are your Thoughts, Words and Deeds? Having once embraced the aura of base desires you can keep running very long about hospitals, visiting chiromantists and sorcerers, but fail to find in the long run the source of contamination. You dont see the main thing why it has happened to you. The energy envelope as belonging to a physical body is absolutely adapted to your form and the slightest intrusion into its space caused by desire to embrace a brother or a sister is sure to affect negatively the aura quality. We can develop this theme endlessly. Regretfully I recall the times of XVIII-XX centuries when gentlemen used to greet each other by nodding their heads or slightly touching the edge of the hat with their fingers. When greeting ladies they used to kiss their hands keeping enough distance between their physical covers. I dedicate this episode of my talk to those who are fond of embracing, particularly, women. I know a certain man from the city of Kcharkov whose name Im going to keep in secrecy so that not to deteriorate more his rather weak position in the society. This man seems to be spiritually aspired only because all the women when meeting him give their energy to this irrepressible and voluptuous man. Rikla is not subject to this factor. Like a vessel filled with shungit and silver he purifies the turbid water coming in touch with him.

The text of this talk is given to an inquisitive mind, sensual heart and deeply intuitive intelligence that have cognized the sources of the wisdom of being. One should read it not in the mirror-like reflection of the thoughts of the Master, but go deep into the consciousness of ones own accumulations. Not everyone will understand the motivation which made Rikla write this talk. Moreover, I admit absolute misunderstanding on the part of philosophically inclined searchers of the Truth. To understand the text you will require that very silence of your inner content the Master was speaking about in the previous ten volumes of The Fire of the Unified Cosmos. One should make himself attain the required profoundness of understanding not by his mind, but by his state of spirit. It is a key aspect in persons spiritual development.

Why is Rikla making an accent on the meditation in every instant of every usual day, not trusting very much to the out-of-date forms of ritual meditation in special poses? In the first case the state of enlightenment can be reached spontaneously through the Masters talk with a disciple, through a device of labor or through inner contradiction of a man with external world. In the second case the state of Samadhi can be attained in most cases artificially, through perception of the Fiery World by mind by means of time-consuming trainings and quietening down ones thoughts. Devastation of the envelope by mind, by intensifying thoughts is a process of forced freeing. Devastation by means of thoughts is only an episode on the paths of spirit and is an achievement of mind, but not the spirit at all. Reinforcement of mind by means of meditation is a factor restraining the process of inflammation of the fires of the spirit of a certain individual. Nothing can substitute the meditation of life, of labor in every usual day. Theres one inalienable rule (a condition): you must become aware of any of your manifestations. Otherwise it threatens with automation of performance of high quality and yet it will remain automation. Be awaring in all manifestations of your life, then you are sure to come to your enlightenment. It doesnt matter what you deal in cooking meals, working on the land or cleaning toilets. Do become in the greatest awareness not only a part of your labor, but a process of labor itself. Then a full blending of material world with your spiritual aspirations will happen and a Great Equilibrium ENLIGHTENMENT will occur.