RIKLA: Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Two, page 89
Rodaina, Kiev, 2007


- Master, please, lets return to our unfinished talk about FEAR. I keep thinking of what FEAR is and I cant calm down. In one of the talks with your disciples you told that there didnt exit such energy as fear. The other day you told us how the energy of fear influenced a man. Please, Father, explain!

- Its you, Daughter, who can leave me in piece neither at daytime, nor at night. How can it be possible? Im speaking with Djaaved and you are insistently knocking at the door. Im going to have a meal and you prevent me from raising a spoon to my mouth. So much for this! Today Ive called you myself, quit all your affairs, be seated at the fire and listen.

The energy of FEAR, as it is, doesnt exist in Cosmos. How can mans ignorance or weak will, in other words, human vices be an energy? Stupidity, ignorance, in other words Lack of Knowledge become the sources of deeply rooted fear, a panic fear of the unknown and uncertainty, a fear of changes, a fear for life and a fear for death. It is guiding a man, making him its hostage. Mans actions, thoughts, words and so on are the derivatives of fear. They represent the energy, but not fear itself.

There is also another kind of fear, which I called the energy of fear. And here lies the difference.

The fear, having found itself outside, i. e. having left the one who had Created it, begins to live and breathe in space. And this fear having been issued from a definite source is already an energy, for it is spreading in subtle worlds setting layers after layers on physical objects, influencing conscious forms. It is that very fear the energy, used by the Keepers of Somati Caves in Tibet, India, Siberia, South America and Africa. Accumulation of such energy causes animal fear in a man, which leads him into a state of being not answerable for his actions. This is exactly the energy of fear.

The most widely-spread form of fear of a highly-organized (which means, being aware) personality or a nation in general is Aggression. Fear and Aggression are practically inseparable. Moreover, Aggression is nothing else, but Fears child. The most vivid example of being struck by the virus of fear is the United States of America the state, pretending to play the role of the worlds leader. What are we to see here? The USA and Aggression live in great friendship. What is the USA afraid of?


In a pure heart there is no place for FEAR.

In all base feelings having been acquired by man there lies fear! Jealousy is Fear, Envy is Fear, Hatred is Fear, Anger is Fear!!! Aggression is Fear!

- Only a pure heart free of fear can be Creative!

- Behind Cleanness (Light) there is always Love, not knowing Fear.

- Behind Ignorance (Darkness) there is always Fear, not knowing Love.

If Fear lives in the Heart, It will never be able to breathe in unison with the nature of its Creator Universal Intelligence.