RIKLA:Milestones of Fiery Achievements

Volume Four, page 165
Rodaina, Kiev, 2009



Dedicated to the Son

You who came into this world from the womb of the Mother
You who decided to incarnate again on the Earth
It is You My Son who will carry the Banner of the White Lotus
Through the mountains of human incomprehension
Through the storms of human hatred
Through the deserts of human indifference
Through the marshy swamps of ignorance
You the Son of Cosmos were Born Free
And everyone you meet upon Your Path
will find Freedom or will increase the weight of the chains of his slavery
You the Child of Eternity born by Fire on the Earth
Came to break the Great Wall
on the path to the Last Refuge
Whats in It What Covenant What Mystery
Theres Nothing there that man expects to see
Only the Name The Five Sacred Letters
He who Knows this Name Accepted into his Heart
affirmed by his Mind and didnt fear of being
burned by It will find what he sought